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This is a blitz archetype from “The Ingraham Angle,” October 19, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I’m Laura Ingraham and this is “The Ingraham Angle” animate tonight from Washington. Admiral Trump is captivation a huge assemblage at this moment in Mesa, Arizona, which we’ll accompany you in aloof moments. Newt Gingrich, Dinesh D’Souza, Matt Schlapp, Raymund Arroyo, Corey Lewandowski will be aing me to animadversion throughout this hour.

And remember, Mesa is aloof 150 afar from the U.S.-Mexico border, a breadth area added than 5,000 migrants, of course, acquire their architect on. And today the Mexican government conceivably fearing avengement from Admiral Trump, accustomed to block the accumulation from arch into the Mexico-Guatemala frontier, but as you can see here, the army broke bottomward the gates and started animate in.

Police application pepper aerosol were able to assuredly stop the blow of the caravan, but not afterwards abounding got through. Now, “The Ingraham Angle” batten alone tonight with a Mexican official who told us the afterward — the migrants are application women and some abundant and accouchement at the advanced of this band in an accomplishment to alarm the Mexican police, so acutely they’re not activity to use force adjoin women and children.

And the aforementioned official relayed to us that there are currently 1,000 Mexican federales at its bound with Guatemala. Reinforcements are actuality beatific in as we speak. And abounding the badge are cogent the antecedent that abounding of the bodies central the band grew agitated today, abasing 67 Mexican badge admiral who themselves acquire no weapons except bouncer and they do acquire some batons if things get bad and breach gas.

The official broke his chat with “The Ingraham Angle” adage the following, “We will not acquiesce our country to be absolutely invaded from the south. It is analytical now to booty a angle because if this archetypal is the clearing archetypal activity forward, you will see a band of this admeasurement advancing every week.”

So Mexico has its own absorption in endlessly these caravans from aerial through Mexico. And now what you see appropriate actuality is not from the caravan, but booty a attending at this video Fox Account obtained. This is bygone morning at 3:30 a.m. in Yuma, Arizona. Now, you can see four altered groups of illegals aggressive over the bound wall, bottomward appropriate into the United States. And as Admiral Trump said aftermost night, this could be the acclamation of the caravan.

And I capital to accompany in appropriate now aloft Abode Speaker Newt Gingrich. Newt, acknowledgment for actuality actuality tonight, a big night. Let’s alpha with this band issue. The admiral said this, you know, this could be the acclamation of Kavanaugh and the caravan. Kavanaugh, we acquire because of candor and due activity and men feel like they’re actuality targeted unfairly. Why is this band affair important both to Mexico and of advance to the United States?

NEWT GINGRICH, FORMER HOUSE SPEAKER: The band brings into active absorption that the Feinstein Accessible Borders Bill and Speaker Pelosi’s attitude about clearing are such big dangers to the country. The Gallup poll uploaded a analysis and in Latin America and the Caribbean, there are 179 actor bodies who would like to appear to the U.S. A 179 actor —

INGRAHAM: Well, our country is 320 million, right?

GINGRICH: That’s deal, were bisected the citizenry And what we acquire to accost is absolutely what that Mexican official said. If we’re not able to stop this caravan, how big will the aing one be? How abounding will there be? And I anticipate this puts Democrats, frankly, in a actual difficult box.

They don’t like to ascendancy the border. They don’t like to stop immigration. In fact, Stacy Abrams, the Democratic applicant for governor of Georgia said she admired the undocumented and the accurate as according so she is basically adage you get actuality illegally you are allotment of her majority coalition. San Francisco has anesthetized a aphorism that allows bodies actuality illegally to vote. So the Democrats are now bent in that as bodies watch this —

INGRAHAM: It was adverse images, Newt. Attending at these images. They’re devastating.

GINGRICH: You allocution about mobs adjoin jobs. You’re seeing absolutely the affectionate of mob behavior that the Democrats acquire led to.

INGRAHAM: But two blocks from here, Newt, there is a abandoned shelter. Any accustomed night, there are individuals alfresco cat-and-mouse to get in. There are not abundant beds. They’re on the streets. They’re destitute. Abounding of them aloft military, they’re veterans, bottomward on their luck, some with breadth brainy bloom issues, some not. Some aloof bottomward on their luck.

A lot of, I anticipate Americans and I noticed this on radio today. They accord to assorted organizations, all-embracing organizations that advice accouchement in need, including in Central America, like aliment for the poor, all these abundant organizations. They say, look, we acquire a lot of problems here. We’re compassionate people. We do not appetite to feel like we’re bad bodies or abhorrent bodies because we don’t appetite to say, anyone who wants to appear in can appear in.

But aback you see these pictures, this is the affidavit of what no after-effects for arch into our country illegally will bring. These individuals (inaudible), you can’t alike accusation them. They apperceive if they get a ballast into the United States, Newt, what happens.

GINGRICH: No look, they are accustomed the Honduras flag. This is an invasion. This is an act of advancing the United States’ ascendancy and the actuality —

INGRAHAM: Appropriate now, Mexico. And I appetite to acknowledge the Mexican admiral and the Mexican badge who are putting their lives on the band and accepting a lot of affliction from advocate politicians who are blessed to accord Trump a affliction in the, you apperceive what over this issue.

GINGRICH: Well, I anticipate absolutely this is the best Mexico’s anytime been.


GINGRICH: And I acclaim that to Admiral Trump and Secretary Pompeo. But additionally I anticipate the Mexican government actuality —

INGRAHAM: Pena Nieto

GINGRICH: — that this is activity to be a crisis. Yu can’t acquire bags and bags and bags of bodies chief to breach the law and acquire any apprehension and acculturation is activity to bear it.

INGRAHAM: I appetite to apprehend from Mike Pompeo acclamation the affair of women and accouchement actuality used, Newt, as a blazon of animal shield. Let’s watch.


MIKE POMPEO, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: This is a ample accumulation of people. They are putting women and accouchement in advanced of the band to use as bouncer as they accomplish their way through. This is an organized accomplishment to appear through and breach the ascendancy of Mexico. And so although we can to abutment the decisions that Mexico makes about how they’re activity to abode this actual austere and important affair to their country.


INGRAHAM: Newt, I anticipate this is aloft claiming as you said to the Democrat Party. They acquire accepted accessible borders. They acquire accustomed in low- accomplished workers, low-wage workers as acquire some Republicans. Let’s be actual ablaze about this, over the years because it keeps accomplishment bottomward and a lot of businesses are blessed with that. They get bargain labor, pay them cash. They don’t complain. They animate 10 in a house.

And it’s acceptable for some of these architecture assignment crews in D.C., best of them speaking Spanish, accomplished people. But about it has aching American industries from agriculture to beam to plumbing, the account goes on. I’m cogent you, this is a aberration for the Democrats to embrace this. A huge mistake.

GINGRICH: I anticipate the accomplished adumbration that you now acquire these people, I beggarly aboriginal of all, they’re political activists. They’re not refugees. They are political activist. You aloft the catechism aftermost week, which I accumulate adopting on Twitter. Who’s advantageous for all this? As you mentioned to me aloof afore the show, this has gone from 3,000 to now we anticipate 5,000 people.

It takes $7,000 a person. That’s a $35 actor activity (ph). Now, who’s advantageous for it? And by the way, if it’s an American accumulation advantageous somebody to appear and breach the law, that’s alleged acceptable and abetting and that’s a crime.

INGRAHAM: The Lutheran Abbey and the Catholic Abbey does get about $90 million, the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Abbey — abbey not absolutely so abundant to displace migrants in the United States. So a lot of the migrants aloft the border, we can’t accumulate them, we don’t acquire any housing. Drop the buss abysmal (ph) as (inaudible) launched (inaudible) did a abundant address on this yesterday.

And afresh they’re transported all aloft the United States, aboriginal in shelters paid for by the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, added organizations. They do get an astronomic bulk of money to do this. So there is an absorbing like revolving aperture of banknote from the federal government to these NGO’s and 501c3’s. I appetite to comedy a soundbite from tonight the president, Newt, talking about this actual issue. Let’s watch in Mesa.


TRUMP: Appropriate now, as you know, Mexico is on their southern border, their southern border. And they’re affronted — and they’re affronted some bad bodies in that group. You know, you see the bodies appear up and you acquire to the affected account aback there and you anticipate they’re all — you anticipate they’re all admirable people, right?

No, no. You anticipate — I’m serious. You anticipate they’re all admirable people. You’ve got some bad bodies in those groups. You’ve got some boxy bodies in those groups. And I’ll acquaint you what, this country doesn’t appetite them. OK?

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INGRAHAM: And I think, again, America is a affable country. We adulation merit-based acknowledged immigration. True refugees, a lot of Christians in the Average East who acquire a relly adamantine time accepting actuality and western Europeans aggravating to get the acceptance lottery, which a lot of us appetite to do abroad with, but Newt, he’s right. America — they see that this has gotten absolutely out of ascendancy and it’s aloof a catechism of candor at this point to the American worker.

GINGRICH: No, it’s additionally a catechism of candor to bodies who acquire obeyed the law. Remember, we acquire added acknowledged immigrants —

INGRAHAM: One actor a year.

GINGRICH: — than any added country in the world. So those association acquire all obeyed the law. They attending over actuality at somebody who’s breaking the law and I anticipate there’s a lot of acerbity of why are these bodies actuality able to breach the law.

INGRAHAM: Newt, this was Jen Psaki, of course, aloft Obama administering official on CNN talking about job growth, speaking of the midterms, I appetite to comedy this.


JEN PSAKI, FORMER STATE DEPARTMEN SPOKESPERSON: The job advance has been the case for six years. The job advance was absolutely bigger in the aftermost year of the Obama admiral than it was in the aboriginal year of the Trump presidency. So he’s benefiting from that. The absoluteness is, that a acceptable abridgement is acceptable for backroom for the actuality in charge.


INGRAHAM: It was bigger beneath Obama. Was accomplishment job —

GINGRICH: She had a bigger job beneath Obama. Let’s alpha with her. I mean, I anticipate she had a bigger job.

INGRAHAM: It’s a Friday night here. It’s absolutely fun.

GINGRICH: No look, I mean, everyman African-American unemployment in history. Everyman Latino unemployment in history. I anticipate we are now the everyman accepted unemployment aback like 1969. It’s appealing adamantine not to accept that Admiral Trump and his behavior acquire fabricated a actual absolute impact.

The alone aloft abridgement that’s growing appropriate now is the United States. None of the others are growing. And I anticipate that we’re accomplishing article right. But I additionally anticipate it comes aback to this question, you know, we appetite to be a country that is affable to bodies who appetite to become Americans. And we appetite to become a country that’s affable to bodies who appetite to obey the law and comedy by the rules.

And I anticipate this accomplished angle of jobs adjoin mobs is real. And you’ve apparent it actuality at home with Democratic mobs. You’re seeing it now aggravating tp appear up from Guatemala with a mob and this is a actual austere question. You’ve had some actual aberrant comments. The agent from Virginia who said that we affliction to be punching and affronted in the streets, the aloft advocate accepted said we affliction to be blame Republicans.

INGRAHAM: Hillary adage we can’t be civilian until we win afresh because they were so civilian aback then.

GINGRICH: So we allegation to admit that bodies allegation to booty a abysmal animation and ask themselves what affectionate of America do you appetite to animate in, and do you absolutely appetite to animate in an America breadth mobs are activity to appear into your restaurant to drive you out of it. Is that absolutely what you’re adequate with? If you are afresh you affliction to go Democrat.

INGRAHAM: I’m allurement them to do that to me, Newt. Accompany it. That’s all I can say. This is Admiral Trump tonight speaking about what America ultimately over time turns into if this continues. Let’s watch.


TRUMP: They will try to attempt our country into a daydream of gridlock, abjection and chaos. You apperceive that. It’s activity to be a mess. Democrats appetite to accession your taxes, appoint socialism on our country, about-face us into a Venezuela, about-face us into addition Venezuela.


INGRAHAM: Now, Newt, is that aloof overstatement?

GINGRICH: No, I don’t anticipate so. I anticipate if you attending at (inaudible) for example, the Democrats say they appetite to acquire accepted healthcare for everybody and in California, Gavin Newsom, the Democratic applicant for governor says, and he would accord it abroad to every actionable immigrant who showed up. Well, if chat went out worldwide, get to California and they’ll booty affliction of your healthcare, the arduous amount of that would breach the American system.

And I anticipate we allegation to understand, these are association who don’t acquire a clue about the absolute world. What they’re focused on is power. They appetite ability over you and me. They appetite ability to ascertain how we’re accustomed to behave, you know, annihilation about creating jobs and annihilation about bread-and-er growth.

INGRAHAM: Well, the Democrats today are all up in accoutrements because of Admiral Trump’s comments aftermost night about Gianforte, well, he’s my affectionate of politician, anatomy slamming the anchorman (inaudible) at a time aback Khashoggi was murdered at the admiral in Turkey and the admiral is sending a abhorrent bulletin about abandon of the columnist at a time breadth the columnist was attacked acutely in this murder.

GINGRICH: Yes, and I anticipate that the columnist will consistently be awful sensitive. You don’t apprehension aback we allocution about how alarming it gets, how generally the columnist are able to say there was the Republican whip Steve Scalise who was shot, that it has been Republican afresh in Nevada who’ve been baffled up. That it was a Republican address in New York that Antifa destroyed. You don’t see abundant compassionate in the columnist about the akin of abuse from the left.

INGRAHAM: Joaquin Castro who is advised one of the animated ablaze lights from the Democrat Party. He’s the agent from San Antonio. He said this about Jared Kushner. Let’s watch.


REP. JOAQUIN CASTRO , D-TEXAS: Let me get to the point that I anticipate is best advancing appropriate now. The advertisement that Jared Kushner may acquire with U.S. intelligence delivered a hit list, an enemies account to the acme prince, to MBS in Saudi Arabia, and that the prince afresh may acquire acted on that and one of the bodies that he took activity adjoin is Mr. Khashoggi.


INGRAHAM: So Jared Kushner basically ordered a what hit?

GINGRICH: That accurate animadversion is insane, absolutely insane. The actuality is Khashoggi is a accessible figure. Everybody in Saudi Arabia knew who he was. The abstraction that an American had to alarm and say, oh, gosh, you may not acquire noticed this guy. You mean, you absolutely acquire to admiration sometimes, re these bodies aloof active in some fantasy angel with no affiliation with reality.

INGRAHAM: We’re activity to dip into Admiral Trump’s assemblage in Mesa. He’s acclamation clearing appropriate now. Let’s watch.


TRUMP: No too good. You apperceive what, the awful politicians, they acquire abhorrent policy. They do one affair well. They stick together. They absolutely do. They stick calm bigger than the Republicans. The one affair they do, and they stick — they don’t appetite us to acquire the achievement of a wall, alike admitting we’ve got abundant added money for our military. Many, abounding times more. We got money.

But they don’t appetite us to acquire the bank alike admitting they apperceive it’s the appropriate thing. They will action to the afterlife because they don’t appetite us to acquire the wall, but we started the bank anyway. And we’re activity to get that done. We’re activity to get it done. And now it’s as a point, aback you look, it’s absolutely at a point, aback you attending at what’s cloudburst over in these caravans.

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Power Of attorney form Indiana Luxury Free Indiana Power attorney .. | free power of attorney form indiana

When they alpha saying, we don’t appetite to change those clearing laws that are so bad, t and release, we don’t appetite to change acceptance lottery. Anticipate of acceptance lottery. They aces names out of a hat. Acceptance lottery. Anticipate about it. Do you anticipate that this country or whichever country it is, are they activity to put their finest in there? I don’t anticipate so. I don’t anticipate so.

Chain migration, you appear over and afresh they acquire — we had a guy on the Westside Highway. He goes bottomward the highway. He’s activity 60, 70 afar an hour. Radical Islam. Terrible. Makes a appropriate about-face into a park, kills nine bodies — abominably injures that cipher anytime talks about. Bodies that are active forth the admirable Hudson River because they appetite to breach in shape, they end up activity home six months afterwards with no legs, with no accoutrements because of bodies like this, ailing people. These are ailing people.

And they has allowed, this guy had 22 people. He brought in his mother, his father, his brother, his sisters, his aunts, his uncles, because of Democrats’ policy. That’s alleged alternation migration. It’s a chain. It sounds so good, like appropriate out of school. Sounds so beautiful, the chain. Everyone comes together. Nope. We’re catastrophe it, folks. And the Democrats don’t appetite to do it, but we’re catastrophe it, folks.

And t and release, how about that? That’s my favorite. Catch. You t a abuse killer. You t a bad hombre. You t a bad one. You booty the name. And we’re declared to accompany them to court, but we acquire hundreds of bags of people. And it’s all my fault. You apperceive why?

Because we, I, you, altogether we’ve fabricated this country so strong, economically so good, jobs, everything, that everybody wants to appear in. So it’s my fault. But you apperceive what we’re not absolution them in. We’re alone activity to let bodies in based on merit. We allegation bodies to appear in based on merit.


So you acquire t and release. They put one foot. They don’t allegation two — one foot. We acquire the greatest people, ICE, Bound Patrol, law enforcement.


And the law doesn’t acquiesce us to bandy them the hell out. We acquire to booty them, we acquire to address them up, and afresh we say, appear aback in three years for a cloister case. In the meantime, they’re appear into our society. And you apperceive what the allotment of bodies that appear aback for the case? Three percent. No, you’re wrong. He said zero. You were hardly off, three percent. Three percent appearance up three years, four years, bristles years later.

It’s a abasement and the Democrats do it. And we don’t acquire abundant votes, we don’t acquire abundant Republicans to override their (inaudible) because they do stick together. And bethink this. They’re alone afraid calm because they appetite to accomplish abiding that I and we don’t get what they apperceive our country needs.

But I anticipate they may be affected politically to do it because I’ve got to acquaint you, anybody that votes for a Democrat now is crazy aback you attending at what’s advancing up. It’s crazy. Got to be crazy. The Democrats don’t affliction about what their agitator clearing calendar will do to your communities, your hospitals. How about your hospitals are actuality overrun? Your schools. California, they wants to accord you chargeless education, chargeless healthcare, accessible borders.

I mean, we could acquire 10 actor bodies move to California. This is the craziest thing. So here’s what we do. Let’s get these bodies out of there. There’s article wrong. They’re cuckoo. The Democrats don’t affliction that a flood of actionable clearing is activity to absolutely broke our country because all the Democrats appetite is power.

And don’t forget, everybody that comes aloft the border, for the best part, they’re activity to vote Democrat. They’re not voting Republican. They’re activity to vote Democrat. So cipher said they are stupid, but it’s bad for our country, but they’re activity to vote Democrat no amount what we do, they will be voting Democrat and they acquire that.

That’s why Democrats abutment programs like t and release. That’s why Democrats appetite to accord actionable aliens chargeless welfare, chargeless healthcare, and chargeless education, accord them a driver’s authorization — accord them a driver’s license. Aing affair you know, they’ll appetite to buy them a car. Afresh they’ll say the car is not acceptable enough. We appetite — how about a Rolls-Royce. We appetite a Rolls-Royce. Fabricated not in America. So therefore, I achievement that’s not what we do.

That’s why Democrats appetite to accord actionable immigrants the appropriate to vote. How about in California, breadth actionable immigrants took over the boondocks board and now the boondocks board is run by actionable immigrants in the town? I mean, is this alike believable? You acquaint this stuff. It is sick. That’s why Democrats appetite to abate ICE, the best adventurous people. These bodies — I wouldn’t appetite their job. Cipher up actuality wants their job. I can acquaint by looking.

They go into the toughest situations. We alarm them nests. Nests of actual bad people. They don’t like application guns. They would abundant rather use knives because it’s abundant aching and slower. These are absolutely bad people. And ICE goes in there and it’s like a day at the office. No problem. And they chargeless towns, like in Continued Island. They deliver towns. It’s like liberation from a war. They deliver towns. And the Democrats anticipate that ICE isn’t nice. We acquire to get rid of ICE. We admire Ice and we admire Bound Patrol and we admire our law enforcement.


The casualties in the Democrats’ accessible borders cause are innocent American families and lives. And we acquire some of these absurd bodies with us tonight. Democrat clearing behavior acquiesce poisonous drugs, abandoned assemblage associates and MS-13 killers to cascade into our country. And we acquire done a abundant job. We acquire removed bags of MS-13. Get them the hell out — bags — bags and thousands. And Democrat altar cities absolution alarming predators out of s bastille and beeline into your community.


INGRAHAM: We’re activity to get aback into the president’s assemblage in moments, but I appetite to get to article abroad the admiral ability appear on tonight. Long-time abettor Philippe Reines cogent Politico — of Hillary’s abettor — wouldn’t aphorism out Hillary active for admiral in 2020.

In fact, he alike brags about how abundant abutment Hillary still has. Aing me now is Al who was on Hillary Clinton’s attack accounts committee. And aback with me is newt Gingrich. Al, I appetite to alpha with you. Would Hillary actively accede addition run? She’s attractive good. I mean, I saw her on assorted shows. She looks actual vigorous, healthy. She seems like she’s still in the fight.

AL MOTTUR, FORMER FINANCE COMMITTEE, HILLARY CLINTON: I anticipate she’s still in the fight, but I don’t anticipate she’s activity to run for presidential again.

INGRAHAM: Why is Philippe so assertive that he — she’s still cerebration about it?

MOTTUR: Philippe is cardinal one on the aggregation of pro-Hillary, but I aloof think, look, she’s done a lot in her career. She’s accomplishing a lot now to advice Democrats about the country. She’s adopting money appropriate now prolifically for Democrats beneath age 35, which is a abundant affair for our party. But I anticipate it’s acceptable carapace angle a and let others run for it.

INGRAHAM: So like the active adolescent Joe Biden? Is that what you’re saying?

MOTTUR: I don’t anticipate it’s acceptable for America to go to the past, to be candid. I anticipate we allegation new administering in this country.

INGRAHAM: Yes. The Trump White Abode (inaudible) at the anticipation of Hillary because this afresh because I anticipate they anticipate Russia gave it to Trump the aboriginal time. And bodies aloof didn’t acquire abundant information. So now if Hillary gets a additional chaw of the apple, she’s actual smart, she’s actual seasoned. She knows Trump. She knows how he plays in these debates so, why not?

GINGRICH: Well, the affair I’m best addled with in this chat is Admiral Obama’s attack administrator who tweeted the added day, why can’t we breach on message? If you acquire all these Democrats authoritative account that absolutely distracts from acceptable the off-year election.

So the aftermost affair the boilerplate Democrat’s needs, brainstorm you’re a red-state Democrat in Indiana or in Missouri and now you’re activity to be asked about Hillary Clinton active again. I mean, it’s a nightmare.

INGRAHAM: Here’s Clinton’s favorability. We acquire the Gallup, the latest on this. In September of 2018, her favorability is at, well, 36 percent — that high? September 2016 it was 38 percent. So, it’s not activity absolutely in the appropriate direction. But, Al, let’s say that the guy who has the number, you know, is the accomplished in the acclamation — Hillary is not in the acclamation appropriate now (inaudible) that it matters, is Joe Biden. He is about what, 33 percent —

MOTTUR: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: — of all Democrats. He’s out there, he’s hitting Trump appealing abundant every added day and he seems like he’s athirst for it. He seems like he’s tanned, rested, and ready.

MOTTUR: He’s absolutely all of those things and I anticipate he does appetite to run for president. I aloof anticipate it would be a boxy race.

INGRAHAM: Do you think, Al, that these visions of bags of bodies apprenticed up adjoin the Mexican bound on the arch — and aloof so bodies understand, our sources are cogent us that none of the migrants acquire absolutely aloft into Mexican breadth proper. There’s affectionate of a average arena breadth area some acquire burst into.

But Mexico claims that it has not accustomed the migrants to accomplish it into Mexico. I aloof appetite to accomplish that account and AP has a altered booty on this. Do you anticipate those images are acceptable for the Democratic Party? You’re seeing it appropriate now — breadth the angle up is on the (inaudible)

MOTTUR: Yeah, I see the pictures, and I don’t. I anticipate we’re accident the bulletin action on this issue. The funny things is Democrats absolutely are for aegis and borders and the aphorism of law. They wouldn’t apperceive it if you acquire to the president. And we’re not acceptable at responding. And we allegation to do in 2020 and 2018 is acknowledge with added ability on these things. We’re not bad on these issues. We’re aloof not acceptable at arguing about them.

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Power Of attorney form Free Printable Beautiful Free Indiana Power .. | free power of attorney form indiana

INGRAHAM: Elizabeth Warren, Newt, this week, I anticipate took Democrats way off bulletin with a DNA test, you know. I accumulate cerebration of that. Was it (inaudible) Cherokee people? Who was that? I can’t remember. But she’s badly aggravating to prove something, which was acutely a huge mistake.

GINGRICH: Look, see, you acquire to admiration — my affair on breach has gone through cycles breadth it was terminally insane. And it took sometimes four, six, eight years to get out of to go aback to the 1930s, for example. But this has about been an imagining.

First of all, you can array of see why she and her able consultants would acquire said if you’re anytime activity to run for president, you’ve got to prove that in actuality you acquire not been lying about whether or not you’re Built-in American, not aloof Built-in American, whether or not you’re Cherokee.

So afresh she goes off and aboriginal of all the timing afresh is abhorrent because it absolutely fits the amiss thing. Allocution about it the anniversary afterwards the election. Afresh she goes off anyhow because (inaudible) and they booty the analysis and the analysis comes aback and basically says that best Americans are at atomic as abundant built-in American as she is and that there is aught achievability that you could prove that she is Cherokee based on that test.

And in fact, the breach assume to be that if she has any Built-in American blood, it’s absolutely Latin American, not North American. And knew things she’s affectionate of smarter afresh she does this affair and it’s aloof aloft dumb. I mean, she’s activity to go from Pocahontas — I acquire no abstraction what Trump’s new name appellation is activity to be, but I’m assured that he’s already animate on it.

And the Cherokee Nation by the way formally protesting. These are Democrats who acquire absent the blow they already —

INGRAHAM: I bethink and, Newt, I ability acquire been with you. This was some years ago, like 20 years ago maybe, with Cory Booker. Aback Cory Booker was advised affectionate of a third way, Al, from affectionate of Democrat, remember, he was at Newark, He was the mayor. He’s air-conditioned He was animate with the Republicans. What the heck happened to that Cory Booker? I mean, I anticipation he was appealing interesting. He was added of a Bill Clinton Democrat and afresh he’s altered now.

MOTTUR: I absolutely anticipate Agent Booker could affiliate the party. I do anticipate he’s absolutely gone to the larboard to breadth he was. You’re appropriate about. He’s got amazing charisma, aloft analysis one athlete. Ambassador of Newark as you said. I anticipate he’s one of our top bristles or six association who could run —

INGRAHAM: Newt, can he affiliate the party?

GINGRICH:  Who knows? The Cory Booker who showed up as Spartacus (inaudible) at the assembly audition couldn’t. I alone anticipate it’s activity to be Kamala Harris. I’m activity to stick with that unless she goes and run. I anticipate an African-American woman, aloft advocate general, from California —

INGRAHAM: Law and order.

GINGRICH: — aloof has astronomic assets and I anticipate she clears the field.

INGRAHAM: And the Obama’s actual aing with her. That’s the Obama abject —

MOTTUR: Bottom band is whoever can win.

INGRAHAM: Obamas are the baron makers over in this party.

GINGRICH: She alone nominates whoever is (inaudible) bare amplitude in 2020.

MOTTUR: Hey, appear on.

INGRAHAM: All right, gentlemen, acknowledgment so much. And we’re befitting our eyes on the Trump assemblage from Arizona, and we’ll be dipping into it throughout the hour, so breach appropriate with us. Aing me for that Friday Follies articulation you’ve all been cat-and-mouse for, Raymond Arroyo is actuality with a academy mob and a Halloween advance that will affright you. Breach here.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: You couldn’t blaze them. We were stuck. We anchored $700 billion, and afresh aing year $716 billion to absolutely clean our abundant American military.


TRUMP: And our aggressive will actual anon be far stronger, far added powerful, modern, the best in the world. And also, it’s job. Aback it comes to the military, I don’t affliction about the job so much. I appetite the able military. But as a accessory benefit, every ounce of it is congenital in the United States, and we accomplish the best planes and the best ships and the best rockets.


INGRAHAM: All right, we’re ecology that Trump assemblage in Arizona. We’ll accompany you any account that comes out of it. But it’s Friday. That agency it’s time for, all right, Friday Follies.

The advanced larboard strikes again. A advance for the new “Halloween” reboot is hijacked. And an amend to a adventure we brought you beforehand in this week, the Kavanaugh witches. For all the details, we’re aing by Raymond Arroyo, Fox Account contributor, New York Times bestselling columnist of the “Will Wilder” series. All right, Raymond, acquaint me about Henry Kissinger’s appointment to your alma mater, NYU, beforehand this week. He’s 95 years old.

ARROYO: He went to NYU earlier. Added bodies acquire alma maters, the affair songs of the campus. And it’s a nice song, a ditty. At NYU the alma academy was affronted choir through a balderdash horn. So aback I heard this moment the way Henry Kissinger was accustomed to NYU, it brought aback balmy memories. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Henry Kissinger, you are a war bent You committed genocide adjoin the peoples of the world.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don’t accord here!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You deserve to go to bastille and afresh rot in hell!


ARROYO: The man is 95-years-old. He’s the aloft secretary of state. But what you see actuality is alike aloft GOP admiral are not allowed from this affectionate of aggravation and upset-ment, anger. Why they would acquiesce this — this was a clandestine event, by the way, allurement alone event. They addled him from 5:30 to 8:00.

INGRAHAM: Why weren’t these bodies befuddled out?

ARROYO: They were. They abject them out. You could see that on the video a little bit. But this went on and on. He about got through the evening. But I acquire to say this, an official that works for the president.  The admiral makes the accommodation to bomb Cambodia or aish a dictator.  That’s not up to the secretary of state. Why are they babble at him? Go bawl at Nixon’s grave over in Whittier.

INGRAHAM: Best of these bodies weren’t alike alive.

ARROYO: Yorba Linda.

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INGRAHAM: Yes. Best of these bodies weren’t alike animate aback this was happening. This is reflexive.

ARROYO: Accept it or not, Laura, “Halloween,” the slasher, is aback in theaters. It’s the 11th blur in the franchise. I apperceive you’re accepting your tickets now. But over on Pico Boulevard in L.A., the advance that featured analgesic Michael Myers is cutting a new affectation tonight. The artery artisan Sabo has replaced Michael Myers’ arch with Maxine Waters. He’s additionally absorbed the chat Uncivil Democrats to either ancillary of the image.

INGRAHAM: We see it now. I see it. There it is.

ARROYO: This guy routinely, for a moment aback I saw it, Laura, I anticipation it was Tyler Perry’s Boo, a Maxine Halloween.

INGRAHAM: How did that breach up, do we know?

ARROYO: It’s still up. It’s still up.

INGRAHAM: How did he get up there.

ARROYO: He’s a aloft marine. He punks Hollywood. But the ability of image, he’s application angel to drive home the message, and he said he was aggressive by Maxine Waters June aggravation alarm to go out and annoy bodies at the supermarket, at the gas station.

INGRAHAM: He’s done all sorts of absolutely funny things. All right, and afore we go, we acquire an amend on the Brooklyn witches. They’ve been putting a hex on Brett Kavanaugh, a coven.

ARROYO: A accomplished 60 of them are accepting calm in Brooklyn at the bookstore to hex Brett Kavanaugh. An exorcist, Ancestor Gary Thomas out in California, apprehend about this. He’s activity masses for Kavanaugh, has alerted a accomplished arrangement of exorcists in the United States who are additionally praying for him. And allegedly online bodies are praying and abnegation for Brett Kavanaugh to area off that hex that you’re seeing.

INGRAHAM: I fasted for six hours today. I didn’t eat until at atomic 1:00 this afternoon.

ARROYO: You didn’t do it for Kavanaugh. You aloof forgot to eat.

INGRAHAM: Yes, I aloof forgot to eat.

ARROYO: Well, I achievement Brett has the angelic water. They’re praying for him.

INGRAHAM: How abounding exorcists are there in the United States?

ARROYO: Added than you’d know. I’m not speaking. I’ve interviewed a few.

INGRAHAM: Is my arch activity to —

ARROYO: I’m activity to move over here.

INGRAHAM: I was activity to see if I could get one of those Halloween active to spin, about but Alexis couldn’t get it in time.

ARROYO: They’re training a lot of them in Rome, and there are bigger numbers than you anticipate in dioceses and accustomed by bishops. So angry is real.

ARROYO: All right, Raymond, acknowledge you so much. And we’re befitting our eyes on that Trump rally. But next, if Democrats bare advice awkward themselves, Cory Booker stepped in and lit a bout to the haystack. What he said about America advancing up next.


TRUMP: These adventuresome Arizona patriots did not afford their blood, sweat, and tears, so that we could sit at home while others try to aish their bequest and abort our appreciative American heritage. For the account of our abandon and for the account of our children, we are activity to work, we are activity to fight, and we are activity to win, win, win.



INGRAHAM: New Jersey Agent Cory Booker is on a mission to advice the Democratic Affair become alike added abject than it already is. During a accent in South Carolina Thursday he said this about how un-American our country has become. Watch.


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J.: Canada, I can’t angle how they’re out-Americaning us in Canada. Trudeau, accord me a break.


BOOKER: It costs about six to seven percent average assets to go to college. What does it amount in America? It’s 52 percent average income.  And why are added nations out-Americaning us?


INGRAHAM: Cory, I’m abiding they’ll booty you at any moment, anytime. This is one of the best and brightest amid a Democratic 2020 hopeful. Aing me now with reaction, administrator of the American Bourgeois Union, Matt Schlapp, aloft Trump attack administrator and columnist of the accessible book “Trump’s Enemies,” Corey Lewandowski, and bourgeois commentator, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. His blur “Death of a Nation” comes out on DVD and Blu Ray on October 30th.

Matt, I appetite to alpha with you. Are these absolutely the blazon of candidates that are activity to move the aggravate for the Democrats? Aboriginal of all, you can’t use “American” as a verb, but he did. So Canada, accepted bloom care, all the Canadian — they aloof legalized marijuana. Speaking of marijuana, there’s not activity to be any problems that axis from that, of course.

MATT SCHLAPP, CONTRIBUTOR, THE HILL: It absolutely is acrid because actuality you acquire Cory Booker, this accelerating voice, right. He’s activity to run for president, activity to advance this charge. He’s advancing these aristocratic colleges for costing too much, about all run by liberals, bags of government pushes the amount of academy up, all the analysis menu, all of the banking aid money. And he’s criticizing basically the abject of the Democratic Party, all these colleges and universities. So I anticipate he needs to affectionate of analysis his own abutment and what’s happened here. I would adulation the amount of academy to appear down. Every bourgeois would too. We would like to blaze a lot of those professors.

INGRAHAM: Get the government out of the business of subsidizing college.  Corey, if the admiral activate himself in 2020 up adjoin Cory Booker, what would he anticipate about that match-up?

COREY LEWANDOWSKI, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER: We alarm that the dream ticket. We’re acquisitive that it’s him and Bloomberg on the admission adjoin Donald Trump and Mike Pence because that’s a 48 or 49 accompaniment achievement for the Trump/Pence administration. That’s a dream match-up. Cory Booker has absent his Spartacus moment because it wasn’t a Spartacus moment. He’s absent absoluteness of what’s absolutely activity on.

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Look, Canada is a abode that has an clearing arrangement based on the allegation of the country, which is absolutely what Booker doesn’t want. He wants to acquire accessible borders. He wants to let everybody who is advancing up from Mexico appropriate now into the country so they can become their aing voters. He wants added altar cities. He wants to adjourn ICE. It’s aggregate that the Democratic Affair stands for, which is not what the American bodies angle for. We appetite him to run in two added years.

INGRAHAM: Dinesh, I appetite to put up a photo, and I don’t apperceive if you’ll be able to see it breadth you are. This was accustomed to us tonight by addition on the arena in Mexico. This is the bridge, Point International, breadth 4,500 migrants are in a collision adjoin about 1,000 federales, Mexican police.  No Mexicans acquire aloft that arch yet and gotten into Mexico. A.P. allegedly is amiss about that, but it’s a ambiguous situation, 4,500 bodies spending the night on that bridge, 300 acquire been candy into Mexico, refugee applications. Dinesh, how does this issue, those images tonight with the abandon that has burst out in this army as well, how does this comedy today in the midterm politics?

DINESH D’SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE FILMMAKER: I anticipate that the Democrats are headed for a disaster, we can about alarm it Kavanaugh proportions. In added words, they acquire gone from a action in which a man of categorical acceptability was accused after a distinct ounce of corroboration, article that helped to arrange the Republican Party, blaze up the Republican base, accomplish the Democrats attending like they accept in accusable until accurate innocent.

And now they move to this, which is a band of bodies affective atrociously to the United States. It’s the axiological job of any government to assure its own citizens. If we anticipate about why, in advanced theory, why do we acquire a government at all, its primary assignment is to assure us from adopted and calm thugs. And actuality we acquire a accumulation of adopted bodies affective appear our border, who knows how abundant drugs, who knows what crime, and to acclamation this on as if it were some affectionate of benefaction to the United States, I don’t anticipate it makes any sense. No Democrat would accessible his home if these kinds of bodies were cat-and-mouse alfresco clamoring to get in.

INGRAHAM: Mike Pompeo, Matt Schlapp, the secretary of state, and Mexican admiral are adage that at the advanced of this band they’re putting abundant women and children, application them as beheld shields, because bodies see that, the badge aren’t activity to — what are badge activity to do?  It’s acutely an abundantly difficult situation, putting women and accouchement in harm’s way, bedraggled and alarming position tonight. Yet the admiral is alleged heartless, callous, anesthetic because we don’t accessible our borders to anyone who says they’re an bread-and-er migrant.

MATT SCHLAPP, CONTRIBUTOR, THE HILL: Which is crazy, because if you absolutely attending at these kids that they grab, ample percentages of them aren’t absolutely those people’s kids. The animal trafficking that’s complex with the kids that are in these caravans is really, absolutely alarming and scary. They dosage the adolescent women up with a agglomeration of bearing ascendancy because they apperceive the incidents of abduction is through the roof. So the altruistic costs of this spectacle, for those bodies —

INGRAHAM: Congress has got to act on that because the admiral cannot do everything. Congress has got to act and stop this madness. This has to stop.

SCHLAPP: It has to stop. A bound has to beggarly something. It agency you cannot appear unless you’re advancing legally. And this is all a stunt. And it’s paid for by somebody. And I anticipate we’re all accepting ailing and annoyed of it.

INGRAHAM: Big money. Big money. And we acquire that, Corey Lewandowski, Honduran advocate action politicians, at atomic one of them was pulled out of the casual caravan, and he was anchored in with a few others. They were arrested, taken out, anxious that Venezuela and added advocate politicians in Honduras could be allowance this band because they appetite to try to abash Admiral Trump.

But, Corey, the admiral won on the affair of immigration. That was, I think, aloft all else, that was the affair that he won on. I appetite to put up a clear for you. This is aftereffect on communities of clearing in the United States. And it’s activity to abruptness a lot of people. Clearing change fabricated by community, fabricated it worse, white voters says clearing has fabricated it worse, 58 percent, atramentous voters 45 percent said that clearing change has fabricated their association worse, Hispanic voters, 44 percent of them, say it has fabricated their association worse, added 51 percent. These are the numbers the added networks will not accompany the people. We accompany them to them regularly. Corey Lewandowski, this is a champ for Republicans.

LEWANDOWSKI: Of advance it’s a winner. And this was a quintessential attack affair that the admiral apprenticed to fix. He apprenticed to body the bank on the southern border. And the acumen the numbers are so staggering, whether you’re in the African-American community, the Hispanic community, or any added association is aback you acquire bodies cloudburst aloft the bound and demography jobs abroad from bodies actuality illegally, it has an bread-and-er appulse on those bodies who are actuality legally, who are American citizens, who appetite to go to work.

And what we’ve apparent from this admiral is the everyman unemployment amount for African-Americans and Hispanics and women in almanac cardinal of years, in absolutely best people’s lifetimes. And so the arrival of actionable clearing into our country is not activity to advice us. It’s not activity to break a problem. This is article that we allegation to control. And it goes aback to what Ronald Reagan said some 30 years ago. A country that doesn’t ascendancy or can’t ascendancy its borders isn’t a country at all. This admiral has stood by this, has been a hallmark. And now we acquire to get Congress to act to accord him the money to accomplishment the bank on the southern border.

INGRAHAM: We’ve got to aing those loopholes for asylum, et cetera.  Panel, breach appropriate there. I’m activity to acknowledge the winners and losers of the week. That’s next.


INGRAHAM: For a blanket on the Trump assemblage and our winners and losers of the week, Matt Schlapp, Corey Lewandowski, Dinesh D’Souza, and Raymond Arroyo are aback with us. Gentlemen, acknowledgment for afraid around. I appetite to activate with a abject anniversary for two bedrock stars of the Democratic Party. OK, Matt, losers, two bedrock stars of the Democratic Party.

SCHLAPP: I’m activity to aces one. Beto O’Rourke. He ain’t activity to be a senator, for sure.

INGRAHAM: OK. So he was a appealing boy that didn’t accomplish the cut. Raymond?

ARROYO: My aces is Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA analysis was a flop. No one believes she’s a Cherokee, alike the Cherokee nation. She acutely is the also-ran of the week.

INGRAHAM: And she doesn’t attending acceptable in feathers. No Elizabeth Warren jokes. I saw those emails today. I absolutely acquisition them offensive, absolutely offensive. Dinesh D’Souza, Dinesh, winners of the week, who are they?

D’SOUZA: I anticipate it’s got to be Trump. He’s on a cycle and he continues to be able to badinage his opponents with such effectiveness. They acquire accustomed badly to get aback at him but with absolutely no acknowledged result.

INGRAHAM: Corey Lewandowski, champ of the week?

LEWANDOWSKI: Josh Hawley in Missouri, the U.S. Assembly applicant in Missouri. He is acceptable that campaign. Claire McCaskill’s attack is imploding from the hidden camera being that our accompany are doing, and Josh Hawley is activity to be the aing U.S. agent from Missouri.

INGRAHAM: What happens to this caravan? Matt?

SCHLAPP: I like the bodies who are on the case. I like Pompeo and Bolton animate with DHS, and I anticipate it’s activity to get stopped.

INGRAHAM: Raymond?

ARROYO: Well, the Mexican government acutely is captivation aback this caravan.  We’ll see how continued that lasts, but don’t belittle the president’s access here. He pressured them, and it’s working.

INGRAHAM: Dinesh, is Mexico activity to authority the line?

D’SOUZA: I achievement so. I anticipate it would be a breakthrough. Anticipate of it, if the Mexicans are the ones who draw the band and say, listen, aloof as we don’t let foreigners into our country after activity through a process, we’re activity to block these guys, that’s activity to be a huge embarrassment for the Democratic Affair and this country.

INGRAHAM: Corey, Mexico authority it?

LEWANDOWSKI: If they don’t authority it, I affiance you we will. They will not be in our country illegally, that I can assure you.

INGRAHAM: All right, everybody, fantastic. I adumbrate Mexico and the United States are activity to acquire a bigger animate accord on a aggregation of issues because of this president’s leadership. Pena Nieto and AMLO, Orbrador, is absolutely activity to assignment absolutely able-bodied with this administration. That’s my prediction.

All right, we’re activity to be aback in aloof a moment. A appropriate advertisement about Monday’s show. Don’t move abroad from here.


INGRAHAM: All right, tomorrow night Trump is activity to be in Nevada, addition assemblage in the afternoon. So you’re activity to appetite to analysis out that.  And Monday we acquire a appropriate announcement. Raymond Arroyo will be in Texas with the president. Outside, he’s activity to be interviewing the people.  We’re about out of time, but Raymond?

ARROYO: I’ll accelerate you some sound. We’ll see what’s on people’s minds as they move appear the midterms.

INGRAHAM: All right, fantastic. Accomplish abiding to aces up my new book, paperback, out aloof aftermost week. See you Monday.

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