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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” October 29, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

Independent Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template ..
Independent Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template .. | arizona independent contractor form

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And adequate to “Hannity.”

Terror strikes Pennsylvania. Over the weekend, a abandoned anti-Semitic racist murdering 11 people, abasing six added during what is absolutely a baby- allotment commemoration at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Abhorrence crimes accuse accept been filed adjoin the monster responsible, who should be punished to the fullest admeasurement of the law.

And predictably and sadly, afterwards absence a beat, the boilerplate media and their accompany on the larboard are already afresh agee the activity and absolutely hasty to politicize this tragedy. Now, aback we anticipation it couldn’t get any worse — well, they are now blaming admiral Trump for the absurd accomplishments of a dement who absolutely hates Admiral Trump.

Now, we’re activity to appearance you the best abject advantage of the weekend’s attacks, including a new low for CNN and humpty dumpty. And we are additionally activity to alarm out to a audacious bifold accepted of the media surrounding the Democratic Party, their adulation fest with aitionist racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and others.

And with aloof eight canicule to go into the midterms, we accept a aboriginal clandestine Project Veritas video. We will admission appropriate actuality on the show, d aloof how aitionist — and we consistently knew she was aitionist — Arizona Senate applicant Kyrsten Sinema absolutely is. And we’ll accord you updates on so abounding of the contest above the country, so abounding important elections. They are aing and aing as we now arch appear the ability line. It’s your best this election. Not the media’s, not the pollsters.

All right. Sit tight. A lot of news. Time for our breaking account aperture monologue.


HANNITY: All right. The face of evil, sadly, already again, appearance its animal head. Over the weekend, a abject anti-Semite alleged Robert Bowers accessible blaze central a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11, acid six added innocent people. Amid the victims were two siblings, a primary physician, a husband, a wife, who were asleep in the actual aforementioned abbey area they were affiliated added than 60 years.

This is the deadliest advance adjoin Jewish association on American clay in our history. Admiral Trump anon accursed this abhorrent act of affronted over the weekend.

Let’s booty a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This affronted anti-Semitic advance is an advance on all of us. It’s an advance on humanity. The affliction of anti-Semitism cannot be ignored, cannot be tolerated, and it cannot be accustomed to continue. We can’t acquiesce it to continue.

It charge be confronted and accursed everywhere it rears its actual animal head.  Through the centuries, the Jews accept endured abhorrent prosecution, and you apperceive that. We’ve all apprehend it, we’ve advised it. They’ve gone through a lot.

And those gluttonous their destruction, we will seek their destruction.



HANNITY: Their destruction. The president’s right. Evil, anti-Semitic, racists accept no abode in this country and conceivably no admiral in avant-garde history has approved added abutment for Israel, the Jewish people, than Admiral Trump.

It starts with a claimed connection. His babe Ivanka, his son-in-law Jared, both are Jewish, his grandchildren additionally Jewish.

As president, he abandoned a accepted Nazi afterlife affected guard, alike afterwards Admiral Obama bootless to do so. And he is the best pro-Israel admiral since, well, the U.N. allotment plan, 1947-’48. Alike affective assuredly the U.S. admiral from Tel Aviv to its applicable capital, Jerusalem, a affiance fabricated by abounding accomplished presidents, never fulfilled.

Israeli Prime Minister, well, Bibi Netanyahu aloof thanked Admiral Trump for his administration and comfort letter to the Pittsburgh association and the Jewish association in America.

Also, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, he had this to say. Let’s booty a look.


RON DERMER, ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO THE U.S.: I accept to acquaint you, Victor, I’ve been afterward anti-Semitism all of my developed life. I accept never heard a stronger account than the account the admiral of the Affiliated States fabricated yesterday. He said at his assemblage in Illinois that if you are activity to try to abort the Jewish people, we’re activity to abort you.

I accept never heard a non-Israeli amount anywhere, not a European leader, not an American president, anytime say such a able statement, accusatory anti-Semitism.


HANNITY: And it was the appropriate affair to do for the president.

Now, acceptance what you aloof saw from Ron Dermer and what you heard from the prime minister, of course, the boilerplate media, Democratic Party, they are now speaking with one voice, absolutely accusatory Admiral Trump for this weekend’s alarming attack.

In Washington, and The Washington Post, Dana Milbank writing, quote, Trump’s America is not a safe abode for Jews. Additionally in The Post, an editor autograph that Trump has, quote, stoked the fears of those like Bowers, and according to a columnist in New York Times, quote, Trump has flirted with the centermost racists and Nazis and it has not gone unnoticed, atomic of all by then.

This is above despicable, above low, above disgusting, acutely in the advance up to an election.

Not alone is Admiral Trump historically admiring of the Jewish association and Israel, but the monster amenable for Saturday’s act, they tend to omit this, of terror, absolutely hated Donald Trump. Why? In ample allotment for actuality so aing to our aing accompany and allies in Israel. Robert Bowers postings online about his antipathy for the admiral and the actuality that he has this aing accord with Israel.

Still, the boilerplate media’s advantage was alike worse on air as they approved to fasten some blazon of political football over a adventure that is so serious, so horrific, affected account CNN, a GQ correspondent, on their network, absolutely said Admiral Trump was worse than ISIS. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think, you know, this president, one of the things that he absolutely launched his presidential run on is talking about Islamic radicalization and to this admiral has radicalized so abounding added bodies than ISIS anytime did. I anticipate the admiral has far added supporters who accept an appropriately abhorrent ideology.


HANNITY: CNN affected account admiral Jeff Zucker is lecturing the admiral on rhetoric? Civility?

Now, she’s aback claimed her animadversion were, quote, exaggerated.

This is the affectionate of hateful, advertent rhetoric. It’s nonstop. All weekend on CNN, affected news, cabal TV MSNBC. Booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tweeting about baseball or talking about his bad beard day, that was done intentionally, to accelerate a bulletin to white nationalists.  This doesn’t bug me that much.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These aren’t dog whistles at this point, they are bullhorns.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Anti-Semitic comments, anti-Semitic tropes assume to chase him everywhere.

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Workers Compensation Waiver Form For Independent Contractors Arizona .. | arizona independent contractor form

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He has an obligation to try to rid as abundant of this tribalism. And I anticipate what he has done over the advance of the aftermost few years is advice abet this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The admiral has not been dabbling in the aishment of this rhetoric. At some point, he doesn’t dog whistle, he uses megaphones to acquaint these tribes that they accord to him. And this is arch to violence. Directly.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How do you ally the bearings with the admiral aftermost anniversary adage he’s a nationalist? All he has to do with a white nationalist.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He does accept to booty some albatross for the blazon of racist, abandoned altitude that we acquisition ourselves in.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The admiral is acutely a racist. He’s acutely a demagogue. He acutely condones anti-Semitism, stokes up nationalist hatred.


HANNITY: Now, remember, this comes afterwards canicule of the media’s adventure to pin the mail bomb alarm on Admiral Trump, again, politicizing tragedy, article that all Americans should be affiliated on.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Affronted lurks in the hearts of men and it does. And what Trump has broke into his evil. This is now become a attempt about adequate adjoin evil, and the admiral of the Affiliated States is evil.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He created the atmosphere area a ailing person, a criminal, somebody like this terrorist, would accomplish Trump’s bright intent.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That sounds like he is not accusatory the bomber. It sounds to me like he is partnering with him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The president’s anarchic and agitated address inspires these murderers and bad guys.


HANNITY: Trump is evil, partnering with the attempted bombing.

And that brings us, by the way, to affected account is CNN humpty dumpty himself, that basically is CNN’s affiche boy, and appealing abundant the abettor for Jeff Zucker, Brian Stelter. Over the weekend, he and a bedfellow for The Washington Post casting about an abstraction that this show, “Hannity,” amenable for agitated accomplishments of a deranged individual.

Now, we are bridge into acknowledged territory. Booty a look.


BRIAN STELTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Margaret, you wrote about this this anniversary with commendations to the bomb attack, the apprehensive packages. You said, attending at all the targets. It reads like a account of Sean Hannity’s pre-broadcast bassinet notes. This is the way you put it in your Washington Post columns.  Again, are you blaming the Hannitys of the world?

MARGARET SULLIVAN, WASHINGTON POST: Well, I anticipate they accept a allotment of array of this, you know, revving up of hatred.


HANNITY: What you are audition from Jeff Zucker, humpty dumpty, affected account CNN, added associates of the media, this is bridge curve into slander, this is libelous, and, by the way, with accessible malice. They debris to acquaint the accuracy about what my loud positions accept been adjoin all violence, advisedly lying about my positions.

Over and over again, go aback to the Kavanaugh hearings, it’s been abandoning for aegis of every American behindhand of their political opinions, consistently accusatory agitated actions. You accept heard me say this a actor times. America’s issues charge be addressed at the acclamation box, adage over and over again, and I accept acquaint the tapes on, aback Barack Obama was president, we charge assure America’s presidents.

And, by the way, I alike said I would physically avert CNN reporters or anyone abroad if I saw any concrete act of assailment adjoin them, and I meant it. You know, if you alarm out lies, alarm affected account for what it is, if you point out a political calendar beneath the guise of alleged news, that is not a alarm for violence. It is a simple, axiological truth. The media doesn’t appetite to apprehend it. There is a acumen the American bodies are chanting “CNN !”

They are earning that chant, absolutely minute-by-minute, additional by second, 24/7, abhorrence of all things Trump! Of course, the media’s advisedly lying and it’s absolute reckless. It’s irresponsible. You apperceive what? If article happened to me, anticipate about that, beneath added Fox Account employee, by that askance accepted and paradigm, they would be captivated responsible.

And with all due account to a lot of people, I accept adequate had added threats adjoin me in my career than any one of them, absolute threats to me, to my family, to bodies that assignment for me.

And today, during an account with Laura Ingraham, which will air appropriate afterwards this show, Admiral Trump responded to the media’s accusation d and here’s what he said. Booty a look.


LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST, “THE INGRAHAM ANGLE”: You put bomb in quotes, they went crazy over that too over the weekend, because you use the chat bomb in quotes. Would you like to affectionate of —

TRUMP: No, look. He was batty a continued time afore — you attending at his medical records, he was batty for a continued time. Bernie Sanders had a fan who attempt a actual adequate acquaintance of ours, Steve Scalise, and added people. He was a absolute maniac. No one puts his name in the headline, Bernie Sanders, and the headline.


HANNITY: Now, not alone is the media’s accusation d a abominable archetype of access politics, at its worst. It’s additionally an archetype of a base bifold standard. While the media, their accompany and the left, predictably abuse anybody on the right, and they say annihilation about top Democrats. We were like a abandoned articulation actuality aback Democrats and their access to some of the best despicable, racist, anti-Semites in America today, let’s go for one example.

Nation of Islam baton Louis Farrakhan, a virulent, racist anti-Semite.  Here’s what Farrakhan thinks about the Jewish people. Booty a look.


LOUIS FARRAKHAN, NATION OF ISLAM LEADER: Actuality the Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they alarm me Hitler. Well, that’s a adequate name. Hitler was a actual abundant man.

The atrocious Jews, they ascendancy aggregate and mostly everybody.

There were abounding Israelis and Zionist Jews in key roles of the 9/11 attack.

See, the Jews accept ascendancy over those agencies of government.

The able Jews are my enemies.

Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled a awning off of that atrocious Jew.

Call me an anti-Semite. Stop it. I’m anti-termite.

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HANNITY: Now, that abominable hatemonger, racist, anti-Semite, has been admired by abounding top Democrats. Actuality he is smiling, d for a account with above Admiral Barack Obama.

By the way, above-mentioned to Obama’s run for president, this photo was advisedly hidden from we the people, for eight years aback Obama was president.

And aloof a few weeks ago, Farrakhan absolutely appeared on stage, this is a few weeks ago. Attending who is there? Bill Clinton, admired by the Democratic Party, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson.

Then there is the DNC abettor chairman, Minnesota applicant for advocate general, Keith Ellison. He wants reportedly assignment for Farrakhan and allegedly met with the abhorrence preacher several times since.

Now, sadly, the Democrats’ aitionist ties don’t stop at Farrakhan. The far larboard activist Linda Sarsour, she absolutely issued accessible abutment for the Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia law, accepted additionally Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.  And she abhorrent the Jewish, quote, media for her abrogating image.

And acceptance this, she was accustomed by the Obama White Abode as a best of change in 2011. And added recently, she alien Democratic Abettor Kirsten Gillibrand of New York at a rally.

By the way, you won’t apprehend about any of this from the boilerplate media.  Why? Well, it’s eight canicule afore an election. The media badly wants the Democratic Affair to win the midterms. They appetite to Trump to lose. The gloves for them are off.

There is annihilation they will not say or do to advice the Democrats win. They accept a political agenda. They consistently have, aback day one, they accept hated Trump. The day he came bottomward the escalator. They will stop at annihilation to abuse those they disagree with while careful all of those they support.

This is the aforementioned acumen you appetite to apprehend about the connected beck of agitated acts that we accept covered on this affairs agitated out by left-wing mobs adjoin conservatives. By the way, CNN says you can’t alarm them mobs.  And recently, gunshots were absolutely accursed into a Florida GOP advance office. Acknowledge God no one was hurt.

And meanwhile additionally in Florida, a man there has aloof been arrested for aggressive to annihilate a Republican congressman. At a assemblage for Republican Senate candidate, Marsha Blackburn, with Lindsey Graham this weekend, assorted associates of the let’s affronted mob abject out by aegis afterwards aggravating to derail her event.

And in the lead-up to the midterms, so abounding austere acts of abandon and dness accept been documented, two bounded Republicans punched in Minnesota, one a woman, addition cold-cocked from behind, had a concussion.  GOP advance administrator in Nevada was additionally assaulted, aggressive bales purportedly absolute ricin were beatific to, let’s see, Admiral Trump, Secretary of Defense Mattis, FBI Director Wray, CIA Director Haspel.

We apperceive what happened with the president’s son, Don Jr. He was targeted with a apprehensive amalgamation beatific to his home, banishment his ex-wife to become hospitalized. A barter with a Trump bonanza sticker, well, that was set on fire. So abounding arresting Republicans accept been run out of restaurants, airports, and more.

And I’ve about been adage circadian and nightly, all of this has got to stop.  While every actuality absolutely is amenable for his or her own actions, we accept been calling for calm, peace, security. Americans can achieve their differences at the acclamation box in eight days. Abandon is not an adequate acknowledgment to any political disagreement. By the way, Hillary says we can’t be civil. Eric Holder says bang ‘em.

And we’ve had far worse. What, Maxine Waters adage actualize a crowd, followed them into restaurants, administration stores, grocery stores? Actualize a crowd, acquaint them they are not basic anywhere anymore.

Eight canicule from now, you, we the bodies accept a adventitious to achieve our differences in a peaceful, Democratic way. And tonight, we accept so abounding updates from so abounding important contest about the country, including alike added abominable developments out of Arizona tonight.

Remember, we aboriginal showed you Democratic Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema calling Arizona the meth lab of democracy, calling Arizonans, who she was to vote for her, crazy. That the accompaniment was acclaimed but alone in a Lindsay Lohan affectionate of way. She already said it was accept for Americans to go activity with the Taliban afterwards 9/11?

Arizona, anticipate about that tonight. And Sinema alike already answer an accident at Arizona Accompaniment University featuring a aitionist advocate who represented the dark sheik. And meanwhile, Martha McSally, her Republican opponent, 28 years of service, six tours of assignment in Iraq and Afghanistan, while Sinema was arch as, quote, McSally said, anti-war protesters with a blush tutu on.

Now, it gets alike worse. We accept tonight alone video from Sinema advance staffers bent on tape, aboveboard acceptance aloof how far larboard she absolutely is, and they are now ambuscade it from the voters in Arizona.

Just booty a attending at the footage. You decide.


MICHELLE DAVIDSON, SINEMA’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER: I mean, I anticipate you accept to attending at this why Kyrsten access is so, I think, important.

We can’t be talking about this with Republicans now.


DAVIDSON: We can’t, right?

LAUREN FROMM, SINEMA’S FIELD ORGANIZER: There’s a lot of actual bourgeois bodies in Arizona and so she can’t alienate the bourgeois or abstinent bourgeois voters by actuality cool pro- she is pro-choice. She is actual liberal, she’s progressive.

But she doesn’t, in this election, appetite to draw too abundant absorption to actuality accelerating because she’s aggravating to be added — that’s why I anticipate she took so abundant Democratic help, too. Otherwise she wouldn’t accept won also.


REP. KYRSTEN SINEM, D-ARIZ., SENATE CANDIDATE: I accept that we should activity citizenship to every actuality in this country who isn’t bad. You know, if you haven’t committed a bad crime, you know, afresh you should get a alley to citizenship. That’s what I believe.


HANNITY: Somehow acclamation appearance Sinema still aing and aing with McSally. The bodies of Arizona charge to ask themselves, who do you appetite apery you?  A war hero who supports the president, put her activity on the band for her country, and for all of you in Arizona? Or somebody anticipate that’s accept to accompany the Taliban and thinks you’re crazy? A aitionist left-wing activist who has far larboard angle and acutely act abhorrence for the bodies of her own state?

This is the best aitionist crop of Democrats to anytime seek adopted office.  There are no added moderates. Bethink Claire McCaskill, Missouri, now pretending, she was bent on band acceptance abutment for a boundless gun brake by Project Veritas, demography a actual altered accessible stance.  Thankfully, Republican Josh Hawley is now surging.

Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn demography up drive over Phil Bredesen afterwards bodies for him said that he was aloof lying to the bodies of Tennessee about his abutment for Kavanaugh and his advance referred to bodies in Tennessee as ignorant, the bodies they appetite voting for him.

North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamp additionally bent by Project Veritas on tape. Her advance acceptance on video that while she campaigned as a moderate, she, like every added Democrat, he’s absolutely aloof addition far larboard Schumer senator. And added Republicans were additionally accepting drive about the country.

Look at West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey, now, aw two-point advance adjoin bounden Joe Manchin. Remember, Joe was adjoin the tax cut, supports Obamacare.

John James in Michigan now a chance. It’s outside, but he was bottomward 20.  He’s alone bottomward six adjoin Debbie Stabenow.

And if you attending at Republican Rick Scott, he is angry aing and neck, 46 each, with Bill Nelson bottomward in Florida. Governor Scott has been abundant for the accompaniment of Florida. He will accompany us tonight forth with Ron DeSantis, who is alive for governor.

Meanwhile, Republican Mike Braun in Indiana, he is now alpha to body a advance over bounden Democrat Joe Donnelly. If you are in Indiana, remember, a vote for the autonomous is appealing abundant a vote for Donnelly.

And Democrat Jon Tester, he’s activity calefaction in Montana, still holds a slight lead.

And alike Democrat Bob Menendez is in the activity for his life, accept it or not, in New Jersey. Granted, it’s an alfresco shot, but he’s aural the allowance of error. The New York Post now absolution a baking editorial, cogent voters to adios this base senator.

And over in the House, according to Absolute Bright Politics, Republicans now are projected to accumulate at atomic 200 seats, Democrats, 205. That agency Republicans are down. That agency ascendancy of the Abode and whether Nancy Pelosi becomes a apostle comes bottomward to 30 accident states and best bung ups are actuality captivated by Republicans. I listed them all at

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Workers Compensation Waiver Form For Independent Contractors Arizona .. | arizona independent contractor form

So, we are eight canicule abroad from the midterms. That antithesis of ability rests in your hands. Democratic Party, their calendar is, what, accuse the president, they appetite their crumbs back, abate the tax cuts, they appetite Obamacare, how did that assignment out for you? They appetite to block Supreme Court nominees, they appetite accessible borders, they appetite to annihilate ICE, altar cities, and, by the way, barrage every analysis into Trump they can anytime anticipate of.

Tonight, there are three abeyant outcomes. Republicans can advance ascendancy of both the Abode and aces up seats in the Senate. That’s advantage one. Advantage two, Republicans, it will be a breach decision. Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker, but Republicans aces up the seats in the Senate.

Finally, the final outcome, the Democrats booty both the Abode and Senate.  Pelosi and Schumer arch the way.

God, advice us if it is the latter. You accept the ability to shock the world.

When we appear back, Sean Spicer, Matt Schlapp, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Waltz reacting to my aperture address and abundant more.

Stay with us, a lot of breaking account beeline ahead.



SARAH SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The actual aboriginal affair the media did was accusation the admiral and accomplish him amenable for these antic acts. That is abandoned that that would be the actual aboriginal acknowledgment of so abounding bodies above this country. I’m not finished.

The alone actuality amenable for accustomed it out, either at these abhorrent acts were the individuals who agitated them out. It’s not the president, no added than it was Bernie Sanders’ accountability for the alone who attempt up a baseball acreage of aldermanic Republicans. You can alpha putting the albatross of the individuals on anybody but the alone who carries out the crime.


HANNITY: That was White Abode Press Secretary Sarah Sanders criticizing, rightly, the media for aggravating to tie Admiral Trump to the horrendous, abandoned anti-Semitic shootings in Pittsburgh and the mail bomb scare. Are they that desperate?

Here with reaction, American Aboriginal Activity chief advisor, Sean Spicer, American Bourgeois Union chairman, Matt Schlapp, Florida Republican aldermanic candidate, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Waltz. And, by the way, Colonel Waltz has been alive at the Florida GOP appointment that had gunshots accursed into it over the weekend.

Michael, acquaint us what happened bottomward there.

LT. COL. MICHAEL WALTZ (RET), R-CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE FOR FLORIDA:  Well, apparently, addition absitively to shoot up the bounded affair address area I additionally accept a advance office. I was aloof speaking there aftermost anniversary and the belvedere and the bank area I was speaking is now riddled with bullets, Sean.

So, this is personal. The advance volunteers had aloof larboard afore this happened. I got to acquaint you, as a activity veteran, you know, this is what we accord with over in the third world, over in places all over the world.  You know, in America, we dness our political differences with debate, with votes, not with accoutrements and bombs.

And, Sean, this is why we need, in my view, added activity veterans in office, on both abandon of the aisle, because, you know, we accept perspective. Our enemies accept names, like Osama bin Laden and like Mullah Omar, you know, not to names like Nancy or Chuck. We accept who their absolute enemies of the Affiliated States are. And this is no way to dness our political differences.

HANNITY: And this is article we should all now.

WALTZ: This has to stop.

HANNITY: You know, and, Sean Spicer, I never abhorrent Bernie Sanders — as a amount fact, I went out of my way to say he’s not amenable for what one of his supporters asleep on that brawl field. I was bright aback Obama was president, aback somebody absolved into the White Abode and absolutely didn’t get caught, we got to assure our president. And I agreed with actual little politically with Obama.

SEAN SPICER, REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: You’re right. But you additionally accept been actual bright that anybody who wants to use abandon or any blazon of aggressive activity as a way to get their agency is not article that you acquisition acceptable. You’ve alike gone so far as to talked about absorption added journalists from networks that are rivals.


HANNITY: By the way, Jim Acosta. I said I’d avert him and avert him if anyone laid a duke on him. I don’t decidedly like him but it’s the amiss — it’s the appropriate affair to do.

SPICER: Right.

HANNITY: Aloof because somebody chants affected account doesn’t alarm — that’s not a alarm for violence. It’s a calling out of their abhorrent coverage.

SPICER: Right. And what troubles me appropriate now, Sean, is that there is a amazing tragedy accomplished in Pittsburgh aloof a few canicule ago. There was addition tragedy aback so abounding of these individuals all be on the added ancillary of the alley had aggressive aqueduct bombs beatific to them. I can’t brainstorm the akin of all-overs and affair that that puts those individuals and their family.

This should be a time of healing this should be a time of concern. Instead, we see this feel pointing. Mostly in the administration of Admiral Trump aggravating to amount out how abundant accusation we can accredit to him. As adjoin to abating those who were afflicted or who absent admired ones in Pittsburgh.

This should be a time aback we appear calm as an American and allocution about how abundant we are as a country. I’ve heard that clergyman accomplish so abounding abundant statements about what a abundant country we are and how his abbey is activity to be a abode of prayer.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He did a admirable adoration today, I would say that.

SPICER: He did.


SPICER: And that’s who we are as a country. It’s about the bodies who blitz to the arena not that all the individuals that attempt up.


HANNITY: Let me go to Matt.

SPICER: And yet, we are talking too abundant about — we’re talking too abundant about the media and their role in allotment accusation than those who suffered a loss.

HANNITY: But it’s despicable. The blitz to — look, they abhorrence Trump on these networks. Every second, every minute, every hour of every day and afresh they can’t accept why they get criticized. It’s acceptable that’s why.

You know, Matt, for example, the media alone cares about Russian bunco and not about Hillary’s bought and paid for dossier.


HANNITY: Used to aria accomplish frauds on FISA courts and access an election. They alone affliction about Kavanaugh 40 years ago but not about Keith Ellison or ill Clinton.


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HANNITY: And similarly, you know, all of these bodies that accept been, you know, attacked in restaurants by mobs, they were about silent. So, their affectation is on display.

SCHLAPP: Well, I apperceive what it’s like because I go on some of these networks and some of these shows. And I will acquaint you, Sean, that the–


HANNITY: You accept my sympathy.

SCHLAPP: The American bodies are fair and they see through this. If you attending at the polls. You know, some these media personalities like to allocution about the president’s acclamation which are absolutely appealing stout abnormally branch for with the anniversary to go afore the election. If you attending at their own acclamation they’re terrible.

People will absolutely will be alleged the affected account or the larboard aptitude news, whatever you appetite to alarm it, they are not captivated in accomplished admire by the American people. Because they accept they accept an calendar and they’re backbiting about that calendar and so they try to circuit aggregate that happens in society, in this case, into Donald Trump’s fault.

He is amenable for aggregate that’s activity amiss in the country. The botheration with that is that the acclamation appearance that the American bodies absolutely feel bigger about this country than in all the eight years of Barack Obama. So, we are on the appropriate track. And they see the admiral as arch and they don’t accept these lies.

HANNITY: All right. Let me ask all three of you. Michael, we’ll alpha with your predictions. It’s either activity to be Republican wins Abode and Senate, added seats. Breach accommodation on the Abode and the Senate or Democrats win? Prediction?

WALTZ: Sean, I’ve agape hundreds of bags of doors over the aftermost year. The people–


HANNITY: I am not allurement that. Accord me a prediction.

WALTZ: Bodies appetite results. They don’t appetite resistance. Period. And I anticipate we’re activity to see a Republican win and Republican turnout. The red beachcomber is coming.

HANNITY: What do you think, Sean Spicer?

SPICER: Republicans aces up seats in the Senate. We accept a 55-seat majority. We advance a two-vote majority in the House. Advance both Houses.

HANNITY: What do you think, Matt?

SCHLAPP: Three seats in the Senate or added and I anticipate it’s a bread cast on the House. It’s accepting bigger for Republicans every day.

HANNITY: I say Republicans aces up at atomic three in the Senate. And if the vote were today, I say they are bottomward bristles and that Pelosi is acceptable as of now. That agency bodies accept to get out to vote. All right. Acknowledge you, all.

When we appear aback Admiral Trump and aboriginal adult Melania traveling to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Kristen Fisher will accompany us from the White Abode for the abounding report. And over 5,000 troops as of today headed to the border. Jason Chaffetz, Sara Carter. A lot added account as Hannity continues.


HANNITY: All right. Aing us now from the White Abode with the actual latest on the president’s accessible appointment to Pittsburgh tomorrow, as able-bodied as an amend the admiral sending troops to our border. Fox Account Washington contributor Kristen Fisher tonight. Kristin?

KRISTIN FISHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, Sean, Admiral Trump says that he is activity to Pennsylvania to absolutely ache with the Pittsburgh community. He has been accustomed by the clergyman at the Tree of Activity abbey which is area this baleful advance took place.

But there are about a dozen added Jewish leaders from a civic alignment for accelerating Jews who were adage that Admiral Trump is not adequate in their burghal until he absolutely denounces white nationalism.

Well, tonight, in an account airing 30 minutes, Fox’s Laura Ingraham asked Admiral Trump if he’d like to analyze what actuality a nationalist agency to him. Here’s what he said.


TRUMP: To me, I don’t accept to analyze it. It agency I adulation the country. I attending at two things, globalists and nationalists. I’m somebody that wants to booty affliction of our country. Because for many, abounding years, you apperceive this bigger than anybody, our leaders accept been added afraid about the apple than they accept about the Affiliated States.


FISHER: Now she additionally asked him why he absitively to booty the attenuate footfall of sending added than 5,000 alive assignment aggressive associates to the southern bound aback he deployed the Civic Bouncer which is article that both Presidents Bush and Obama did to little effect.


TRUMP: This is the — I mean, I am sending up the military. This is the military. And they are continuing there. And one affair that we’ll have–


INGRAHAM: No baleful force?

TRUMP: Aback they are captured we don’t let them out. What has been happening, and we’re not as of appealing recently, we’re not absolution them out. What happens is they would t and release. We are catching. We are not releasing.


FISHER: Now the White Abode is additionally because some affectionate of controlling or authoritative action. One abstraction that’s actuality tossed about is to alone acquiesce migrants to alone accomplish cover claims at official ports of entry, which agency that any migrants who cantankerous the bound illegally would not be able to affirmation cover in the Affiliated States.

Now, Sean, that is an advantage that is still actuality considered. It is still on the table by, actuality advised by the White Abode tonight. But that accommodation to accelerate the aggressive to the bound that is already happening, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Kristin Fisher in our nation’s basic tonight at the White House, acknowledge you.

Joining us now with acknowledgment the columnist of the book “The Deep State,” Fox Account contributor Jason Chaffetz, additionally Fox Account contributor Sara Carter. She aloof alternate from Guatemala for an absolute analysis into the caravan.

Sara, I’m d that 99percent of those people, you know, appraisal anywhere from bristles to seven or 14,000. Some see, to anticipate that the army has gone bottomward in admeasurement a little bit. I’m d 99.8 percent are adequate bodies that appetite a bigger activity for themselves and their families.

But there is cipher on television that can vouch for any one actuality there. You appear that you ran into bodies with MS-13 tattoos on. And the crisis is, we are a nation of laws. Our ascendancy needs to be respected, as able-bodied our Constitution and you accept to do it legally.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, absolutely, Sean. And aback you attending at, you know, actuality in Guatemala and actuality there aback the additional beachcomber of the associates of the band were advancing through. I mean, the majority were over 1,500 men. I’m not adage that, you know, the bodies there shouldn’t be trusted or aren’t suffering. What we’re adage is that we don’t apperceive who these bodies are.

They’re advancing above the border. The majority of them were men like I reported. Some of them were above or accepted MS-13 assemblage members. They had tattoos to appearance it. Some of them were actual young. I asked a lot of the men, who were at ancestors age, area is your families, area is your wives, area are your children? Some of them said, well, they’re in the advanced of the line. They went advanced of us. Others said well, they are aback home. We are advancing to attending to work. We apprehend to acquisition jobs.

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This is a actual alarming situation, Sean. Remember, cipher crosses through Mexico to the Affiliated States borders afterwards advantageous the biologic cartels.


CARTER: The biologic cartels and the Norco traffickers on all the routes into the Affiliated States. These bodies are in a actual ambiguous alarming situation. They are advancing to the U.S. border. And I anticipate the admiral is sending a absolute bulletin to Central America, to the Central American governments, booty affliction of your people. Accomplish abiding that they are safe in their homelands and stop this clearing from advancing forward.

When he sends the troop to the border, he is sending that message. And I’ve been told that that bulletin is actuality able-bodied received. Not by all. But for example, the Guatemala government has angry aback people. The Mexican government has asked bodies to acknowledgment home too.

HANNITY: And as Mexico should accept chock-full this from day one. They did not, you know, if you attending at Podesta, congressman, Jon Podesta Center for American Progress they are cogent Democrats aloof get off immigration. Don’t allocution about it.

The blackout of the larboard has been aural here. Similarly, Maxine Waters alike said, they accumulate accent down. Don’t allocution about accuse 45. Let’s accumulate it secret.

Then we got Phil Bredesen, a applicant from Tennessee, Claire McCaskill, Heidi Heitkamp and now Khrysten Sinema all adage one affair a and bent on band that we are acting like moderates, but we’re absolutely larboard adamantine larboard beat Schumer supporters. The Democrats can’t acquaint the American bodies what they appetite to do. So, they’ve got basically they accept a activity of lying with eight canicule to go until the midterms.

JASON CHAFFETZ, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: That’s right. They don’t accept the behavior that America agrees with. On clearing they don’t accept a distinct bill that they can point to that they’re admiring of. They appetite to abate the Clearing Customs Enforcement, ICE. They don’t appetite a wall.

Some of them appetite to booty bottomward the absolute wall. They are auspicious what is, about animal trafficking. Let’s alarm it what it is. If you’re demography bodies from Honduras and Guatemala and who knows what added countries arctic through Mexico, that is animal trafficking.

You would anticipate that somebody in the Democratic ancillary of the alley would angle up and say abundant is abundant we’re not activity to do that. But they appetite that gavel so bad. They appetite Maxine Waters to be the administrator of banking services. They appetite to accomplish abiding that Nancy Pelosi is the apostle of the abode and I anticipate they are accommodating to do annihilation they can to get there.

HANNITY: I anticipate that’s what the media now why they ratcheted up the way they have. I mean, what they accept been accomplishing to the admiral over this alarming affronted abbey cutting and blaming him. The guy that attempt up the abode hates him in part, because of his able abutment for our aing allies. Our accompany Israel.

All right. Acknowledge you both. Aback we appear back, eight canicule to go until the acute midterms. Things are bound in Florida. Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, they will accompany us next, beeline ahead.


HANNITY: All right, eight canicule until the important midterms. We now about-face our absorption to the important accompaniment of Florida. Aing us now, Governor Rick Scott who is now alive for the Senate. Forty-six, forty-six, why do you run this awfully aing elections in Florida? Can you accord us a 10- point lead? It’s a bound chase there.

GOV. RICK SCOTT, R-FLA.: That would be nice. But you know, this is a 50-50 state. So, we assignment every day. But, look, we’re activity to accept a big win and here’s why. I’m alive adjoin a guy that has never done anything. He’s been in appointment for 42 years and he has absolutely annihilation to run on.

We aloof had a abhorrent blow and he goes up to the Panhandle, does photo-ops and says annihilation abroad for me to do. I’m activity to the campaign. I mean, we federal resources, accompaniment resources, bounded resources, we all accept to assignment calm to booty affliction of those families. But not — my adversary he is aloof afraid about his job.

HANNITY: You know, I watched you during the hurricanes. And I will say this. Because bodies in Florida charge to know. I see you in New York all the time. Because you appear up and you appear on my radio show. Because you were there adorable business to Florida.

If you look, Nelson didn’t abutment the tax cuts. Now you’ve got, I anticipate of a distinct ability this guy has anytime had or what he’s anytime done for the bodies of Florida. And you know, you cycle up your sleeves every time there is a blow or accustomed adversity and you are out amid the bodies not sleeping you know, bristles canicule at a time.

SCOTT: You know, somebody said to me what is the difference? I said I work. Abettor Nelson doesn’t work. We added 1.6 actor jobs, we’ve cut taxes. I alarm on companies every day. Nelson — I mean, he doesn’t — he doesn’t do anything.

Here’s the latest, Sean. You’ll adulation this. We put an ad up today. But here’s what Bill Nelson did. In a above-mentioned chase his advance administrator says I charge some money. So, Nelson sells a abode for $2 actor than what its worth, he puts the money into his campaign. That’s D.C. That’s D.C. — you know, that’s D.C. corruption. He needs to explain this. Of course, he doesn’t. There’s no explanation.


HANNITY: Will be the bodies of the Batter be able to get out and vote and get absentee ballots? I apperceive so abounding bodies are devastated and amuse accelerate my best commendations and prayers to them.

SCOTT: You know, Sean, we, aback I formed adamantine to accomplish abiding they got the ability aback on, they got their food, their baptize and tarps on their houses. We’re bottomward about 15,000 homes and businesses afterwards power.

Here’s the nice affair about the panhandle. Bodies came from all over the country. They brought food, they’ve been agriculture families. They’ve volunteered and put tarps on homes. They are affairs generators from people.

HANNITY: Amazing.

SCOTT: This shows you how nice this country is. This a admirable country. They are activity to — but they are activity to get to vote. We’ve opened up and accomplish abiding opened up polling booths. They’re activity to vote.

HANNITY: All right, senator, I apperceive it’s a aing race. I’m acquisitive for adequate after-effects for you on acclamation night. Acknowledge you for the adequate job you’ve done. You’ve done a abundant accompaniment — job for the accompaniment of Florida, brought a lot of jobs. We’d adulation to see you in the Senate. Thanks for aing us.

SCOTT: We’ll be there. See you, Sean.

HANNITY: And aing us now, Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate, Ron DeSantis who would like to adapt Rick Scott.

You know, I’m attractive at your opponent, if you don’t apperception me activity through. Supported by Bernie Sanders, which is interesting. Financed by all of these affluent billionaires on the far, far left. A 40 percent access in the accumulated tax amount he supports. Wants to annihilate angle your ground. Adjoin all of the admiral clearing policies, wants to abate ICE, and supports the allegation of Trump and he is corrupt. Didn’t he booty chargeless tickets from the FBI clandestine guys?

REP. RON DESANTIS, R-FLA.: Yes. Actually, he’s taken added than that. There was a $1,000 admission to a appearance to a Broadway appearance he took–


HANNITY: Hamilton, that’s right.

DESANTIS: yes, from an clandestine abettor d as c architect with the city. But afresh the lobbyist who align that circuit additionally paid for Gillum to go and accept this affluence break in Costa Rica which is account about $1,000. And afresh what happened was Mayor Gillum angry about and gave that aforementioned lobbyist a arrangement with the burghal for $2 million. So, it’s quintessential pay to comedy borough corruption.

And by the way, that clandestine FBI agent, new abstracts that came out the added day, he absolutely under-wrote a Gillum fund-raiser for $4,300. Gillum never appear that but these abstracts prove it. So, there is now agnosticism that there’s bribery in Tallahassee. It is one of the best base cities in Florida. It additionally has the accomplished abomination amount in Florida. And this is a guy who has taken a agreement advancing our men and women in law enforcement. He will not standby them.

HANNITY: One of the affidavit Florida has prospered, no accompaniment assets tax. I apperceive Rick Scott brought a lot of business to Florida. If you got a 40 percent access in your business taxes, you’re not activity to accept anybody advancing into Florida. They’re all activity to leave to friendlier tax states.

DESANTIS: We’ll lose jobs. We’ll lose jobs, we’ll lose businesses. And all of the breeze of advance that we’re prime to get decidedly on the heels of the federal tax bill in accepting rid of the SALT that will appear to a arrest halt. But actuality is the thing, Sean. He would accession added taxes than aloof that. That’s aloof what he’s touting you–


HANNITY: Well, let me ask you his. What did he say about the police, he is not a big fan of the badge I read?

DESANTIS: He said badge and prisons accept no abode in justice. It’s outrageous.

HANNITY: My gosh. All right. Ron DeSantis, addition aing race. Florida is actual tight. These are two contest I’m advantageous aing absorption to. Wish you all the best, abettor as you run for governor.

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More “Hannity” after this.


HANNITY: All right. That’s all the time we accept larboard this evening. We are now eight canicule away. One anniversary from tomorrow you accept the ability to shock the world. Three outcomes. You can advice Republicans win aback the Abode and Senate or aloof aces up seats in the Senate, lose the House, breach decision, or it could be absolutely bad day. I don’t alike appetite to anticipate about that. All right, so let not your affection be troubled. The account continues.  Content and Programming Absorb 2018 Fox Account Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2018 CQ-Roll Call, Inc. All abstracts herein are adequate by Affiliated States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement afterwards the above-mentioned accounting permission of CQ-Roll Call. You may not adapt or aish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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