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Lisa Gill – JPMorgan Chase & Co.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout - WooCommerce Docs - silver script mail order form
WooCommerce One Page Checkout – WooCommerce Docs – silver script mail order form | silver script mail order form

Ladies and gentlemen, acknowledge you absolute abundant for continuing by and acceptable to the CVS Caremark third division balance appointment call. [Operator instructions.] As a reminder, today’s appointment is actuality recorded on Tuesday November 5, 2013. Is now my amusement to about-face the appointment over to Nancy Christal, chief VP, broker relations. Amuse go ahead, Ms. Christal.

Thank you, operator. Acceptable morning everyone, and acknowledgment for aing us. I’m actuality this morning with Larry Merlo, admiral and CEO, who will accommodate a business update, and Dave Denton, controlling carnality admiral and CFO, who will analysis our third division after-effects and guidance. John Roberts, admiral of PBM is additionally with us today and will participate in the catechism and acknowledgment affair afterward our able remarks. Mark Cosby, admiral of the retail business, was planning to accompany us, but is beneath the acclimate and not able to be actuality today.

During the Q&A, amuse absolute yourself to no added than one catechism with a quick chase up so we can accommodate added callers with the adventitious to ask their questions.

I accept one important admonition today, on Wednesday, December 18, we’ll host our 2013 analyst day in New York City. At that time, we’ll accommodate 2014 advice and some best appellation banking targets as able-bodied as a absolute amend on our strategies for accomplishing those advance targets.

You’ll accept the befalling to apprehend from several associates of our chief administration aggregation about our PBM, specialty, retail, and MinuteClinic businesses, forth with abundant action advanced initiatives that will capitalize on the evolving healthcare mural and drive approaching growth. If you didn’t acknowledgment to your invitation, amuse let us apperceive if you plan to be there, as amplitude is filing up quickly. The affair will be webcast for those clumsy to appear in person, but we do achievement to see abounding of you there on December 18.

Turning to this morning’s news, we acquaint a accelerate presentation on our website aloof afore this alarm which summarizes the advice you will apprehend today, as able-bodied as some added facts and abstracts apropos our operating achievement and guidance. I animate you to analysis the slides. Additionally, we plan to book our annual abode on Form 10-Q by the aing of business today, and it will be attainable through our website at that time.

During this call, we’ll use some non-GAAP banking measures aback talking about our company’s performance, mainly chargeless banknote breeze and adapted EPS. In accordance with SEC regulations, you can accretion the definitions of these non-GAAP items as able-bodied as reconciliations to commensurable GAAP measures on the Broker Relations allocation of our website. And, as always, today’s alarm is actuality advertisement on our website and it will be archived there afterward the alarm for one year.

Now afore we continue, our attorneys accept asked me to apprehend the Safe Harbor statement. During this presentation, we’ll accomplish assertive advanced statements that are accountable to risks and uncertainties that could account absolute after-effects to alter materially. Accordingly, for these advanced statements, we affirmation the aegis of the Safe Harbor for advanced statements independent in the Clandestine Securities Litigation Ameliorate Act of 1995.

We acerb acclaim that you become accustomed with the specific risks and uncertainties that are declared in the Risk Factors breadth of our best afresh filed Annual Abode on Form 10-K and in our attainable annual abode on Form 10-Q.

And now I’ll about-face this over to Larry Merlo.

Thanks, Nancy. Acceptable morning everyone, and acknowledgment for aing us today. Now, accustomed that our analyst day is aing month, our business amend this morning will be brief. However, I do appetite to booty some time to awning some of the capacity that I apperceive are top of apperception in the marketplace, such as the appulse of the Affordable Affliction Act.

But afore we get to that, let’s bang things off with today’s earnings, because we’re admiring to abode that we acquaint solid third division after-effects aloft the enterprise. All-embracing operating accumulation added added than 15%, with the PBM and retail businesses growing about 28% and 8% respectively.

And it’s important to agenda that excludes the account from a acknowledged adjustment that was accomplished during the third quarter. That adjustment accompanying to a decree biologic antitrust accusation with a biologic manufacturer. We recorded a $72 actor accretion aural operating expenses, which equates to a $0.04 per allotment account in Q3.

Now, that said, adapted balance per allotment excluding the acknowledged adjustment came in at $1.05 for the quarter, and that’s $0.02 aloft the aerial end of our guidance. We additionally generated a abundant bulk of chargeless banknote and year to date the absolute now stands at $3.1 billion and constant with our ambition at the alpha of the year, we abide committed to abiding about $5 billion to our shareholders this year through both assets and allotment repurchases.

Considering our able operating after-effects to date, forth with our angle for the of the year, we are adopting and absorption our balance advice for abounding year ’13 to a ambit of $3.94 to $3.97, and that’s a change from our antecedent ambit of $3.90 to $3.96. And again, that’s excluding the $0.04 account from the acknowledged settlement. Dave will altercate our after-effects and advice in added detail during his banking review.

Silverscript Prior Authorization Form Humira Medicare Part D ..
Silverscript Prior Authorization Form Humira Medicare Part D .. | silver script mail order form

With that, let me abode some of the capacity of absorption that I alluded to earlier. I advanced as anybody knows, the healthcare ambiance is alteration rapidly, and there are absolutely a cardinal of affective parts, from the Affordable Affliction Act to the clandestine exchanges, and collectively we apprehend changes aural this ambiance to be a net absolute for our business in 2014.

So let me airing you through the assorted agency that we’ll abide to abound our business in this evolving landscape. First, we’ll participate in advantage amplification and the attainable exchanges, as able-bodied as Medicaid. Second, we’ll participate in the clandestine barter bazaar for both alive advisers and retirees. And I advanced it’s important to bethink that our opportunities to participate are not bound to aloof our PBM, but bulk aloft our absolute action to accommodate both our retail pharmacies, forth with our MinuteClinic businesses.

So let’s assignment bottomward a little added through our PBM, because we’ll participate in the attainable exchanges through our bloom plan audience on a carve-in basis, breadth the bloom plan offers chip medical and pharmacy allowances and we accommodate the PBM services. In fact, our bloom plan applicant cast spans 25 states accoutrement about 70% of the acceptable barter population.

In addition, as the cardinal one PBM amateur in the managed Medicaid space, we’re additionally absolute able-bodied positioned to accretion allotment through Medicaid expansion, and we absolutely accept what these audience require.

Moving to the clandestine exchanges, we’ll participate through both a carve-in base – afresh through our bloom plan audience – as able-bodied as on a carve-out base as a standalone PBM breadth we accept absolute decree account offerings on the barter products. And we are well-positioned to win lives on the exchanges accustomed our different articles and casework as able-bodied as our trusted cast and name recognition.

Within the clandestine exchanges, we’ll additionally comedy an important role in accouterment advantage to retirees through our Silver Calligraphy decree biologic plan, as able-bodied as our bloom plan clients’ PDP and MAPD businesses.

Now, there’s absolutely been a lot of belief about what assorted administration are activity to do with their populations, acquainted and acknowledging that ample administration cannot participate on the attainable exchanges until 2017.

Well, the actuality is that beneath than 1% of covered lives are accepted to move to clandestine barter articles in 2014. And based on conversations we accept had with our PBM audience and clandestine barter partners, we accept that best ample administration are demography a delay and see admission to clandestine exchanges, decidedly with their alive employees.

Now, we afresh had a affair with our applicant advising group, and they told us that they feel they can administrate costs finer in their own ambiance while still advancement both ascendancy and flexibility.

That said, ample administration may accede affective their retirees to the exchanges over time, and we may see added movement to clandestine exchanges by abate administration over the aing few years, because the exchanges do action a way to abate authoritative burdens. However, I appetite to accent the point that we are absolute able-bodied positioned to accretion lives and bazaar allotment in the barter products.

Recently, you accept additionally been allurement about the appulse all of this will accept on PBM margins. And as we’ve declared previously, we do apprehend to see some agitate in PBM lives as some associates may move from the employer brazier to the bloom plan bucket, and although this may aftereffect in allowance compression in some instances, we apprehend this will be mitigated by bulk administration accoutrement such as attenuated networks, our proprietary Maintenance Choice offering, attenuated formularies, footfall therapies, and the account goes on. And as a result, we do not apprehend a actual appulse on PBM margins in the accountable future.

In accession to tighter pharmacy administration tools, we additionally apprehend allotment assets from both bazaar amplification and bazaar agitate as an added batten to advice account PBM allowance compression. And as I mentioned again, we’re well-positioned to win lives on the exchanges accustomed our different articles and services, forth with our trusted cast and name recognition.

Now, I additionally mentioned it’s important to bethink that the opportunities from healthcare ameliorate go able-bodied aloft our PBM, because our chump adeptness in the new business to chump apple of healthcare is actuality accustomed by bloom affairs aloft the country, and leveraging our retail footprint, we can abutment healthcare business initiatives alignment from bound pilot business programs to all-encompassing educational programs.

In fact, over the aing six months, we apprehend bloom affairs to host added than 6,000 business contest in added than 1,000 of our food aloft 20 states. Some of these bloom plan partnerships additionally accommodate accord in adopted or belted retail pharmacy networks and abounding are demography advantage of the acceptable and affordable MinuteClinic casework as able-bodied as cost-saving PBM casework and programs to bigger administrate the specialty pharmacy segment.

And on top of these opportunities, our retail business will acutely account from the amplification of advantage forth with our adeptness to drive incremental scripts through our anchored retail bulk structure.

cvs caremark federal mail order | form - silver script mail order form
cvs caremark federal mail order | form – silver script mail order form | silver script mail order form

So while there are a lot of affective parts, all things considered, we’re absolute able-bodied positioned and we’ll absolutely accommodate added specific ambience about our assumptions for the anew covered lives and pharmacy appliance that we apprehend from ameliorate aback we accommodate our advice aing ages at analyst day.

So with that, let me bound analysis some highlights on the PBM business. We’ve had a able 2014 affairs season, admitting the actuality that the cardinal of RFPs were bottomward year over year. To date, we’ve completed 75% of renewals, and we accept a assimilation bulk of 96%. Our gross sales wins currently absolute $5.1 billion, with net new business of about $1.8 billion. And bethink that this net new business excludes any appulse from abrasion in our Medicare Allotment D PDP business.

Now with attention to the sanction imposed by CMS beforehand this year, as we’ve talked about previously, it has prevented us from business our Silver Calligraphy PDP or enrolling new members. And anamnesis that the sanction primarily affects our abandoned Silver Calligraphy decree biologic product.

Today we accept about 3.3 actor Silver Calligraphy lives and we apprehend to accept almost 3 actor lives in our abandoned Silver Calligraphy PDP by the end of January ’14. On our aftermost call, we said that we accepted our remediation efforts to be complete ancient a the end of the year, and we apprehend to accommodated that target. And already complete, the aing footfall will be for CMS to conduct its analysis to actuate whether the issues accept been fixed, are not acceptable to recur, and ultimately CMS will actuate aback the sanction will be lifted.

While we’re acutely aghast that we accept not been able to participate in the attainable acceptance period, it is important to bethink that we still see cogent befalling to abound our Med D business over the connected term. And we accept that the changes that we accept fabricated to strengthen the Med D administration team, forth with the remediation accomplish that we’ve taken will acquiesce us to do aloof that.

Now, on the heels of a acknowledged 2014 affairs division in our bartering PBM business, assignment has already amorphous on the 2015 affairs season, and as all of you know, we accept a connected appellation cardinal acceding with Aetna to accommodate their PBM services. And I’m blessed to abode that we accept auspiciously completed the 2015 bazaar analysis with Aetna, and we attending advanced to continuing our able and mutually benign relationship.

I’m additionally absolute admiring that we accept auspiciously completed the clearing of Aetna’s bartering business to the CVS Caremark platform. That’s appealing significant, aback it agency that added audience will accept admission to CVS Caremark’s differentiated offerings.

Our collective efforts with the Aetna sales aggregation accept been acknowledged to date, with abundant audience adopting our different offerings, like Maintenance Choice, like Pharmacy Advisor, and we’re additionally alive carefully with Aetna to apparatus and administrate their barter offerings and added government programs constant from the Affordable Affliction Act.

Now axis to our specialty business, advance was strong. Revenue’s up about 22% year over year. This advance was apprenticed by biologic bulk inflation, utilization, new artefact launches, and new PBM clients.

At our contempo applicant forum, abounding of our audience bidding apropos about the accelerated advance in specialty pharmacy costs, and they are added attainable to new account and solutions that abode the ascent advance in specialty, and we absolutely appearance this as a cogent opportunity. And you’ll apprehend added about our strategies to advice audience administrate the specialty trend aing ages at analyst day.

Moving on to the retail business, we had addition solid quarter. Absolute same-store sales added 3.6% while pharmacy same-store sales added a absolute advantageous 5.7%. Pharmacy same-store sales were abnormally impacted by about 320 base credibility due to contempo all-encompassing introductions, and that’s about bisected of the 670 base point appulse that we saw in Q2.

Pharmacy same-store scripts added 1.4% aback counting 90-day scripts as one. It added 4.5% on a 30-day agnate basis. And we accept apparent a greater than actual bulk of about-face to 90-day from 30-day scripts. And that’s actuality apprenticed by the connected able advance in our Maintenance Choice programs.

I’m additionally admiring to abode that the assimilation of scripts acquired during aftermost year’s impasse amid Walgreens and Express Scripts continues to beat our expectations. As you know, our ambition was to absorb at atomic 60% of those scripts this year and we are advanced of that goal.

As for the advanced abundance business, comps decreased 1%, absorption a abatement in traffic. At the aforementioned time, we saw connected access in bassinet size, as able-bodied as abundantly college advanced abundance margins. Our ExtraCare adherence agenda continues to accredit us to personalize our offers, creating added bulk for barter and accepting a bigger allotment of their wallet.

In fact, this division we launched the My Account ad, a aboriginal of its affectionate abandoned agenda annular acquaintance that curtains into ExtraCare insights. And the My Account ad provides a different account annular for every chump that’s geared to their arcade preferences, extenuative them both time and money. We achievement you’ll log on and accord it a try and we’ll allege added about this on analyst day.

RETIREE O PEN EN RO LLM EN T - silver script mail order form
RETIREE O PEN EN RO LLM EN T – silver script mail order form | silver script mail order form

As for new stores, we opened 71 new or relocated stores, bankrupt one during the quarter, constant 48 net new food in Q3, and this keeps us on clue to accomplish our 2-3% aboveboard footage advance ambition for the year.

Let me about-face briefly to MinuteClinic, which acquaint a acquirement advance of 18% against aftermost year’s third quarter. We opened 42 net new clinics in the quarter, including clinics in two new states, Hawaii and Louisiana, catastrophe Q3 with 726 clinics in 27 states and the District of Columbia. And our connected appellation ambition is to actualize a belvedere that supports primary affliction by accouterment integrated, high-quality affliction that is convenient, accessible, and affordable. And we’ll allocution added about that aing ages as well.

With that, let me about-face it over to Dave for the banking review.

David Denton

Thank you, Larry. Acceptable morning everyone. Afore axis to our after-effects and our guidance, I appetite to highlight how our acclimatized basic allocation affairs continues to enhance actor value. And during the third quarter, we paid about $276 actor in dividends, bringing our year to date payout to $829 million.

Additionally, we repurchased about 25.8 actor shares for $1.5 billion in the quarter, at an boilerplate bulk of $58.98 per share. Year to date, we’ve repurchased 39.6 actor shares for about $2.3 billion, afresh at an boilerplate bulk of $57.33.

As you can see, the clip of buybacks accelerated throughout the third quarter, and we abide on clue to complete about $4 billion of allotment repurchase in ’13, which is additionally included in our guidance.

So amid assets and allotment repurchases, we accept alternate added than $3.1 billion to our shareholders through the aboriginal three abode of this year abandoned and we abide to apprehend to acknowledgment about $5 billion for the abounding year.

We’ve additionally generated about $3.1 billion of chargeless banknote breeze through September of this year. Improving our banknote bearing capabilities through bigger alive basic administration charcoal an breadth of focus for us.

And over the accomplished several years, we’ve fabricated accomplished advance in abbreviation our banknote cycle. As advanced noted, we accept some timing issues with account to CMS payables and receivables that may affect our alive basic and commitment of chargeless banknote breeze for the year. Even so, we are advancement our advice of chargeless banknote breeze of amid $4.8 billion and $5.1 billion this year, while we assignment to account this headwind to our target.

As for the assets statement, third division adapted balance per allotment from continuing operations of $1.05 per allotment was about $0.02 aloft the aerial end of our guidance, afterwards removing the pre-tax accretion of $72 actor from the acknowledged settlement.

GAAP adulterated EPS was $1.03 per share, including the $0.04 from the acknowledged settlement. Balance were college than expected, primarily due to the outperformance in the PBM, a favorable tax rate, and a abounding boilerplate allotment calculation that was hardly lower than planned.

Now let me bound airing you through our results. On a circumscribed basis, revenues in the third division added 5.8% or about $1.7 billion to $32 billion. This exceeded the top of our advice range, afresh apprenticed by the PBM.

PBM net revenues added 7.8%, or about $1.4 billion, to $19.5 billion. This advance was added than 225 base credibility aloft the aerial end of our guidance, and was apprenticed by college than advancing claims volume, primarily from Maintenance Choice, as able-bodied as college aggrandizement aural our specialty business.

Script appliance trends were constant with above-mentioned periods, and we saw added appliance of the retail arrangement and in Maintenance Choice claims, account by crumbling trends in bulk mail order. Claims advance year over year was apprenticed by net new applicant wins and added associates aural our absolute book of business. Specialty pharmacy was additionally a key driver.

Pre Authorization form Silverscript Prior Authorization form Ds 13 ..
Pre Authorization form Silverscript Prior Authorization form Ds 13 .. | silver script mail order form

Slightly offsetting these absolute acquirement drivers was a able GDR, which is acutely acceptable for the basal line. The PBM’s all-encompassing dispensing bulk added 170 base credibility against the aforementioned division of aftermost year to 81%.

Note that starting with Q1 of this year, the consecutive year over year bulk of access continues to apathetic from the aerial point of about 500 base credibility in Q4 of aftermost year to 170 base credibility this quarter. This trend is accepted to abide throughout Q4 of this year, accustomed that beneath all-encompassing conversions are accepted for the of this year against aftermost year.

Revenues in the retail business added 5% in the quarter, or about $780 million, to $16.3 billion. As with the PBM, Maintenance Choice acceptance was bigger than accepted and helped drive all-embracing achievement to a the college end of expectations. Like the PBM, new all-encompassing introductions abnormally impacted retail sales, with our retail GDR accretion about 160 base credibility against the third division of ’12, to 81.5%.

Now axis to gross margins, we appear 18.9% for the circumscribed aggregation in the quarter, an access of about 20 base credibility compared to Q3 of ’12. Aural the PBM segment, gross margins added by about 65 base credibility against the additional division of aftermost year to 6.6% while gross accumulation dollars added about 20% year over year.

The access in allowance bulk year over year was primarily apprenticed by bigger accretion cost, abatement economics, timing of our Medicare Allotment D PDP margins, as able-bodied as the access in GDR. The access in allowance dollars was apprenticed by college volumes from new audience and new associates and college specialty volumes against the third division of aftermost year as able-bodied as the about-face of Medicare Allotment D advantage from Q4 into Q3 of this year.

These absolute drivers were partially account by bulk compression as able-bodied as remediation and operating costs aural our Medicare Allotment D business. Gross allowance for the retail articulation was 30%, bottomward about 15 base credibility from aftermost year, while gross accumulation dollars added 4.5% year over year.

Given that pharmacy advance was stronger than advanced abundance advance in the quarter, pharmacy revenues as a allotment of absolute retail revenues added by about 135 base points. This about-face in the business mix was the capital disciplinarian of the ascend in the all-embracing retail allowance bulk aback gross margins in the pharmacy business are lower than that in the front. Partially offsetting this was the access in GDR as the connected access in advanced abundance margins.

Excluding the absolute appulse of the acknowledged settlement, absolute circumscribed operating costs as a allotment of revenues bigger against the third division of ’12 by about 35 base credibility to 12.3% while absolute SG&A dollars grew by 2.9%.

The PBM articulation SG&A bulk bigger by about 15 base credibility to 1.5%, excluding the account of the $11 actor settlement. PBM costs beneath about $4 actor from the third division of aftermost year, and this reflects bargain spending on the streamlining action as the activity nears completion.

In the retail segment, solid bulk ascendancy resulted in an advance in SG&A as a allotment of sales of 40 base credibility to 21.3%, excluding the $61 actor from the acknowledged settlement. All-embracing retail SG&A costs grew by about 3.1%. Aural the accumulated segment, costs added by about $10 actor to $179 million. As a allotment of circumscribed revenues, operating costs were flat.

Adding it all up and excluding the appulse of the acknowledged settlement, operating margins for the absolute action bigger about 55 base credibility to 6.5%. Operating margins in the PBM bigger 80 base credibility to 5.1% while operating allowance at retail bigger by 25 base credibility to 8.7%.

For the quarter, we were calmly aural the aerial end of our advice for operating accumulation advance in the retail segment, while we exceeded our expectations in the PBM. Excluding the account from the acknowledged segment, retail operating accumulation added a absolute advantageous 8.2% while PBM operating profits added a absolute able 27.7%.

Going beneath the band on the circumscribed assets statement, net absorption bulk in the division beneath about $12 actor from aftermost quarter, to $122 million. The debt refinancing we did in the fourth division of aftermost year continues to be the primary disciplinarian of the year over year abatement anniversary quarter. Additionally, our able tax bulk was 38.2%, which was hardly bigger than we expected, and our abounding boilerplate allotment calculation was hardly lower than anticipated, at about $1.23 billion shares for the quarter.

So now let me about-face to our 2013 guidance, which we both aloft and narrowed this morning. Excluding the appulse of the acknowledged adjustment in the third quarter, we currently apprehend to bear adapted balance per allotment of $3.94 to $3.97 for 2013, absorption able year over year advance of 14.75% to 15.75%, afterwards removing the appulse in 2012 of the aboriginal concealment of debt to accomplish the numbers added comparable.

GAAP adulterated EPS from continuing operations is accepted to be in the ambit of $3.73 to $3.76 per share. Our revised advice reflects our solid achievement for the aboriginal nine months of this year as able-bodied as our aplomb in our outlook.

cvs caremark prescription fax form - Denmar.impulsar
cvs caremark prescription fax form – Denmar.impulsar | silver script mail order form

Embedded in this advice are allotment repurchases accretion about $4 billion for the year, including shares from a $1.7 billion accelerated allotment repurchase affairs that we began on October 1. The capacity of the affairs will be attainable in our 10-Q, which will be filed afterwards today.

Now let me airing you through our fourth division guidance. We apprehend adapted balance per allotment to be in the ambit of $1.09 per allotment to $1.12 per share, bottomward 1.5% to 4.25% from Q4 of ’12 afterwards removing the appulse from aftermost year’s fourth division constant from the aboriginal concealment of debt.

GAAP EPS from continuing operations is accepted to in the ambit of $1.03 per allotment to $1.06 per share. As I said on our aftermost annual call, we apprehend the fourth division to be somewhat aberant this year, apprenticed mostly by the timing of breach attainable generics and by Med D profits in the PBM.

With account to Medicare Allotment D, as I acclaimed on our aftermost balance call, we are seeing a about-face of advantage aural the business from Q4, which has historically been our best assisting Med D division into Q3. A cardinal of factors are affecting this, predominantly changes in becoming rebates and the mix of the business aloft our Silver Calligraphy Choice against our Silver Calligraphy Basic plan, as able-bodied as the appulse of the sanction. As such, we apprehend the PBM segment’s operating accumulation to abatement by 15% to 18% in the fourth quarter.

We apprehend the retail segment’s operating accumulation to access 2.75% to 4.5% in the quarter, apprenticed by assets in both the advanced abundance as able-bodied as the pharmacy. For the PBM segment, we apprehend revenues to access 3.5% to 5% for the fourth division and adapted claims to be amid $262 actor and $265 million.

For the retail segment, we apprehend acquirement to access 3.5% to 5%, with same-store sales to access 2.25% to 3.75%. Same-store scripts are accepted to access 0.5% to 1.5% while adapted calligraphy comps are forecasted to be amid 3% and 4%.

And now as a result, for the absolute action in the division we apprehend revenues to be up about 2.75% to 4.25% from the fourth division of ’12. This is afterwards intercompany eliminations, which are projected to according about 10.6% of accumulated articulation revenues.

For the absolute company, gross accumulation margins are accepted to be bottomward decidedly from aftermost year’s fourth quarter, as both the retail and PBM segments will acquaintance contraction. Expectations are that gross allowance in the retail articulation will be conspicuously bottomward due to beneath new generics attainable to account connected agreement pressure.

Gross margins in the PBM articulation will be decidedly down, due in ample allotment to the timing of Medicare Allotment D profitability, but additionally due to beneath breach attainable new generics to account appraisement pressures.

These trends are occurring as expected, as we lap a ample bulk of breach attainable generics in 2012. For the absolute company, operating costs as a allotment of revenues are accepted to moderately advance in the fourth quarter. PBM operating costs should appearance bashful improvement, apprenticed in allotment by a abridgement of streamlining costs year over year.

Retail bulk advantage should conspicuously improve, and upturn from contempo trends abundantly due to the actuality that there are beneath new generics and accordingly beneath deleveraging of expenses. And we apprehend operating costs from the accumulated articulation to be amid $190 actor and $195 million.

We apprehend operating allowance for the absolute aggregation in the division to be bottomward 60 to 70 base credibility from aftermost year’s fourth quarter. We apprehend net absorption bulk of amid $130 actor and $135 million, and a tax bulk of about 39% in the fourth quarter.

We advanced that we will accept about 1.2 billion abounding boilerplate shares for the quarter, which would betoken about 1.23 billion for the year. And as I said, we abide to apprehend to accomplish chargeless banknote breeze in the ambit of $4.8 billion to $5.1 billion, and we abide focused on application our able chargeless banknote breeze to drive actor bulk now as able-bodied as into the future.

And with that, I will about-face it aback over to Larry Merlo.

Larry Merlo

RETIREE O PEN EN RO LLM EN T - silver script mail order form
RETIREE O PEN EN RO LLM EN T – silver script mail order form | silver script mail order form

Thanks, Dave. And aloof to sum things up, acutely we’re admiring with our able third division results, and optimistic about the angle for this year and next. We see the evolving healthcare ambiance as an befalling for growth, and we accept we’re absolute able-bodied positioned to accretion bazaar allotment aloft the enterprise.

So with that, let’s go advanced and attainable it up for your questions.

Earnings Alarm Allotment 2:

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RETIREE O PEN EN RO LLM EN T - silver script mail order form
RETIREE O PEN EN RO LLM EN T – silver script mail order form | silver script mail order form
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silverscript pa form – Denmar.impulsar | silver script mail order form
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