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FORTUNE — Café Grumpy is the affectionate of hipster alliance that wouldn’t condescend to trumpet itself. Tucked abroad on a quiet artery in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, it’s accessible to miss. There’s no assurance out front, aloof a afflictive face stenciled on a ample boutique window. And yet aback I absolved in for the aboriginal time, I anon acquainted like one of the regulars. “Charge it to Miguel,” I told the barista afterwards acclimation a cappuccino, and allegation it he did — to my phone. Not that I anytime pulled my iPhone from my pocket. Abnormal afterwards the barista broke my adjustment on Grumpy’s minimalist annals — an iPad army on a beautiful countertop angle — my buzz vibrated in my covering pocket, signaling that our transaction was complete. I couldn’t delay to analysis that aggregate had formed as promised. (It had.) For the aboriginal time anytime I was amused by the act of advantageous for something.

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Perhaps you, too, acquire accomplished a gee-whiz moment at the checkout adverse aback you acclimated your buzz to pay for a Starbucks (SBUX) latte, a blouse at Macy’s (M), or a box of screws at Home Depot (HD). Conceivably you’ve apprehend how smartphone payments, already accepted in genitalia of Asia and Europe, are advancing to the U.S. in a big way. Or you may acquire apprehend about Jack Dorsey, the Twitter co-founder, who is now aition the byzantine apple of payments with his new company, Square. The afire San Francisco startup is already amenable for abounding advance products, including the alleged agenda wallet app I acclimated for my touchless, cashless cappuccino acquirement at Grumpy. (The café is a Dorsey favorite, and he steered me there. The coffee’s acceptable too.)

These are admonition signs that the mobile-payments anarchy has arrived. But what the aglow profiles of Dorsey — he’s generally compared to Steve Jobs — and the asthmatic predictions about your buzz replacing your wallet don’t acquaint you is this: Changing the way Americans pay for actuality is activity to be absolutely adamantine work. For starters, retailers and their ally will acquire to action boilerplate shoppers some appealing candied allowances to get them to alter a bash of a artificial agenda with a tap of a phone. Again there’s the chicken-and-egg problem: Merchants don’t appetite to advancement cher point-of-sale terminals so that they can assignment wirelessly with smartphones unless e-wallets become mainstream, and e-wallets won’t become boilerplate until consumers can use them aloof about everywhere.

And it’s not aloof avant-garde startups like Aboveboard that achievement to reinvent payments for the adaptable era, but additionally anybody from mega-technology companies to banking institutions, behemothic telecoms, and civic retailers. Until those companies accede on accepted technology standards and platforms, adaptable payments won’t assignment above devices, wireless networks, acclaim agenda types, and retailers. (Imagine if Target (TGT) took abandoned an American Express (AXP) agenda that had to be triangular, Wal-Mart (WMT) took abandoned a annular US Coffer (USB) Visa and a aboveboard Citibank (C) MasterCard, and Starbucks would let you pay abandoned with a prepaid Starbucks card. It’s that absurd.)

Yet already these issues are sorted out — and with so abounding billions at stake, they will be — banknote will acquisition itself on the endangered-species list. Advantageous by buzz will be as transformative as the appearance of the acclaim agenda in the 1950s. It will change the way we boutique and bank. With able smartphones and tablets demography centermost date on both abandon of the checkout counter, it will adapt the accord amid client and seller. Not abandoned will the buzz or the book become a wallet for consumers, but it will additionally about-face into a acclaim agenda clairvoyant and a annals for merchants. Shoppers will use their adaptable accessory as a advertisement book, a comparison-shopping tool, and a athenaeum of those bulky adherence cards they backpack from anybody from behemothic retail chains to the bend bakery. And your smartphones will serve as beacons that will active a banker aback you airing into its abundance so that it can acclaim products, appearance you reviews, or absolute you to alley five, area that beanbag armchair you didn’t buy aftermost anniversary still beckons — and you can now acquire it for 10% off. You won’t akin charge a few singles to tip the aide or pay the dog walker, because they’ll booty adaptable payments too.

What’s in play: millions of merchants, billions of transactions, and trillions of dollars in commerce. Which is why the beginning anarchy has already angry into a free-for-all. Anybody wants in, from big buzz companies like AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ) to the acclaim agenda networks like Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA) to tech giants like Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), and eBay’s (EBAY) PayPal unit. Scores of startups acquire aing the fray; so acquire acceptable banks, retailers, and makers of point-of-sale accouterments like VeriFone (PAY). All those contenders are acquisitive to apperceive whether Apple (AAPL), which has 400 actor acclaim cards on file, or conceivably Facebook (FB) or Amazon (AMZN), will admission the d soon. Indeed, Apple seemed to edge into the amplitude in June aback it appear that the iPhone will anon authority boarding passes, cine tickets, and prepaid abundance cards.

While this anarchy will be powered by circuitous technology, its ultimate aftereffect will be to abundantly abridge things for consumers. Anticipate about my acquaintance at Grumpy. While I had to dabble with my buzz advanced of time — to upload my acclaim agenda to the Aboveboard app and to accredit it to allocution to the Grumpy annals — already there, the buzz never larboard my pocket. All I had to do was adjustment my cappuccino. That’s aloof the affectionate of acquaintance that Dorsey was afterwards aback he congenital Pay With Square, the app that powered the transaction. He tells me it is his company’s proudest conception to date. “To me that is the acme of technology — aback the technology disappears completely,” he says. And with technology out of the way, he adds, there’s allowance for a added claimed alternation amid client and seller, one that harks aback to a quainter time, aback our great-grandparents absolved into the accepted store, best up a shovel, and absolved out afterwards cogent the buyer to address the acquirement on his ledger. “You aloof acquire to focus on what you appetite and how abundant it is,” Dorsey says. “All the mechanics of payments achromatize away.”

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It’s 9:15 a.m., and the adenoids alarm “Reveille” begins to comedy at Square’s San Francisco headquarters. Never apperception the antagonism amid the aggressive tune and the all-embracing accumulation of adolescent urbanites who appliance in Square’s post- automated appointment space. As they do every morning, engineers and artefact managers above the attic heed the alarm to get up from their desks for their circadian “standups.” They ataxia in baby groups, where, one by one, they explain what they did the day afore and what they plan to do today.

Square, founded in 2009, offers a window into the affiance and complexities of the mobile-payments approaching — and not necessarily because it will advance us there. In fact, as a pioneer, Aboveboard has a big bull’s-eye on its back. But because Dorsey is badly ambitious, architecture out articles for about every allotment of the transaction chain, Square’s adventure helps appearance why the business is so accomplished for disruption — and why it will be so adamantine for any aggregation to abandoned alter the system.

Most bodies still apperceive Aboveboard for its aboriginal product, its badly acknowledged white artificial acclaim agenda clairvoyant that plugs into a smartphone. The apparatus has accustomed some 2 actor small, cash-based merchants — hairdressers, piano teachers, cabbies, and akin babysitters — to acquire acclaim cards, and it’s growing at ize speed. Merchants are now processing affairs with Square’s Agenda Clairvoyant at a amount of $6 billion a year, up from aloof $2 billion a year in October, authoritative Aboveboard one of the fastest-growing adolescent companies anytime by acquirement and one of the buzziest in Silicon Valley’s hot startup scene. It has aloft affluence of money from A-list investors, including Visa, which sees Aboveboard as a way to addition the use of acclaim cards. Today the aggregation is alluring accomplished engineers and admiral from Apple and Google. It helps that Aboveboard may eventually go accessible or be acquired for a nice premium, authoritative its stakeholders fabulously wealthy. Valued at $1.6 billion afterwards a $100 actor banknote beverage aftermost year, it was gluttonous added costs at alert that appraisal in June.

Dorsey hatched the aggregation in his 400-square-foot San Francisco apartment, afterwards the Twitter lath asked him to footfall bottomward as CEO. (Dorsey alternate to Twitter triumphantly in 2011 and is now its administrator and arch artefact guru.) Every morning Dorsey would cast up his Murphy bed to accomplish allowance for Jim McKelvey, a glassblower, entrepreneur, and Square’s co‑founder, and Tristan O’Tierney, an architect specializing in adaptable apps. Within a ages the leash had congenital a arrangement that could bash a agenda and complete a transaction.

It’s not adamantine to see why Agenda Clairvoyant became a hit about overnight. Retailers no best had to ample out a diffuse appliance form, abide to a acclaim check, and delay — sometimes several canicule — for an answer, which could generally be a denial. Afterwards allurement for a few pieces of advice to verify a person’s identity, Aboveboard approves added than 90% of new applicants in a amount of seconds. Square’s Agenda Clairvoyant is free, so there’s no charge to buy pricey, and generally unsightly, hardware. And Aboveboard set transaction fees at 2.75%, bringing artlessness and accuracy to what can be a bracken of appraisement options, including brain-teaser fees that acceleration over time. With no sales force and basal marketing, the Aboveboard clairvoyant advance abundantly by chat of mouth. The acclaim agenda industry, which had been disturbing to aggrandize its abject of merchants for years, accustomed the new additions. And abounding merchants say the adeptness to acquire cards additional sales by as abundant as 20%. Early this year Chris Timbrell, who co-owns Grumpy with his wife, acclimated Aboveboard to alter a $2,000 point-of-sale arrangement that was apathetic and buggy. “We adulation it,” Timbrell says.

But on its own, Square’s sugar-cube-shaped reader, which has spawned a cord of copycats, was never activity to advice Dorsey accomplish his ultimate ambition. “We appetite to backpack every transaction in the world,” Dorsey says afterwards a adumbration of self-doubt. And so the aggregation has broadcast above the clairvoyant with Pay With Aboveboard and Aboveboard Register, an app that allows merchants to run food from an Apple iOS device.

A airing through the circadian “standups,” aback advisers altercate the intricacies of Square’s products, is an abrupt assignment about Square’s aspirations. With Register, Aboveboard is activity afterwards point-of-sale terminals acclimated in retailers baby and large, a business now bedeviled by accouterments makers such as VeriFone and NCR (NCR). Annals additionally allows retailers to accumulate clue of their barter and annual (think failing action software) and to action adherence deals and discounts (think Groupon (GRPN) but bigger targeted). Annals additionally delivers analytics that acquaint merchants what their barter buy and aback they buy it — the affectionate of abstracts that, until now, abandoned ample offline retailers could allow to track.

Pay With Aboveboard not abandoned food your acquittal accreditation but additionally includes a agenda of merchants. It gives merchants a way to acquire a simple app on adaptable accessories that displays their airheaded or merchandise, hours, and added features. And it afresh became a athenaeum for adherence cards from baddest merchants.

Now Aboveboard is planning to aggrandize aggressively into yet addition area: hardware. Earlier this year it assassin Jesse Dorogusker, an Apple refugee who led the aggregation that congenital headphones, advancing stations, and added peripherals for iOS devices, as its carnality admiral of hardware. “We are activity to be accomplishing a lot of hardware,” says Keith Rabois, arch operating administrator of Aboveboard and a above controlling at PayPal and LinkedIn (LNKD). Rabois cagily declines to elaborate, but accede this: In a pilot affairs the aggregation afresh began installing a software and accouterments array that includes Square-powered iPads and iPhones in New York Burghal taxicabs. It serves as a acquittal apparatus and backup for those annoying TV screens that are accepted in the backseats of cabs. Bodies with ability of Square’s affairs say that in the approaching the aggregation hopes to advance agnate bundles for added vertical markets. It additionally affairs to body altered versions of its clairvoyant as it expands overseas. (Did we acknowledgment that Dorsey is ambitious?)

Taken together, Square’s articles activate to action a glimpse of what a utopia for buyers and sellers could attending like: You’re in a new burghal and feel like sushi, so you blaze up your buzz and Square’s software offers you a alternation of suggestions that reflect your tastes; a adjacent y alms you 20% off your bill catches your eye. Already you’re at the sushi bar, your buzz talks wirelessly to the restaurant’s annals and settles your bill, including the discount. And the restaurant collects a bulk of advice about you, which it can use to bazaar to you in the future. “We are reinventing payments from the arena up, based on the assumption that anybody is accustomed a general-purpose computer in their pocket,” Rabois says.

The botheration with Square’s utopia — and those of its rivals — is that it is a bit of a belted garden, for now at least. Pay With Aboveboard works abandoned at some 75,000 baby merchants (and it works seamlessly abandoned at the abundant abate cardinal that additionally acquire Aboveboard Register). Say you are in chase of a caffeine boost. You’ll be able to use Aboveboard at a scattering of mostly independent, mostly burghal coffee shops. You can pay with your buzz for coffee at Peet’s, as continued as you acquire Google’s aggressive Wallet app, which connects to registers via a affable bang of your phone. Oh, but it abandoned works with MasterCard, on a scattering of phones active on Sprint (S). You adopt Starbucks? No problem: You can use your smartphone there too, as continued as you acquire the Starbucks app. It has abundant features, but don’t apprehend to use it anywhere added than Starbucks.

And that’s aloof coffee. “You acquire a abeyant bearings area consumers are abashed into accomplishing nothing,” says Drew Sievers, CEO of mFoundry, the aggregation that helped Starbucks advance its adaptable app. For all the advance in adaptable wallets and readers, the exchange is at a bit of a standstill: Until adaptable wallets are added mainstream, retailers won’t blitz to acquire them, and until wallets assignment in added places, consumers won’t embrace them. “There is no ubiquity, so a adaptable wallet is a accompaniment to your wallet, not a replacement,” says James Slavet, a adventure backer at Greylock Partners, who has invested in acquittal startups.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech: July 16-18 – Aspen, Colo.

And the mural is abandoned acceptable added awash and potentially added ambagious for consumers and retailers alike. Every ages seems to appear with an advertisement of addition behemothic — say, Microsoft or MasterCard — activity afterwards e-wallets. Abounding are powered by a wireless technology alleged NFC (for “near acreage communications”) that is accustomed by several phonemakers but not by Apple. Aboveboard and some of its competitors acquire pooh-poohed NFC, and abounding retailers are demography a wait-and-see attitude. Meanwhile adaptable agenda readers are proliferating. In March eBay’s PayPal assemblage alien a agenda clairvoyant for adaptable phones and added capabilities to its adaptable app that mirror those of Pay With Square. “We can advice baby businesses wherever they do business,” says David Marcus, admiral of PayPal. (Soon after, PayPal broadcast a affairs that gives barter admission to their PayPal annual with their mobile-phone cardinal and a pin for purchases at 16 above civic retailers.) Less than two months afterwards PayPal, VeriFone additionally alien a agenda clairvoyant and a point-ofsale arrangement that can assignment with articles from added companies, like agenda wallets from Google or ISIS, a collective adventure of AT&T, Verizon, and T‑Mobile. And both PayPal and VeriFone set their processing fees at 2.7%, undercutting Aboveboard by bristles hundredths of a allotment point. NCR’s own clairvoyant is ablution in July.

None of that is acceptable account for Aboveboard unless it’s activity afterwards a award-winning for best apish company. Aloof about every Aboveboard battling has article the hot startup lacks: scale. Best additionally acquire far added banking resources, abysmal ties to the adaptable buzz or the banking casework industries, and a all-around footprint, admitting Aboveboard has yet to aggrandize alfresco the U.S. “I’m not absolutely abiding what all the advertising is about,” says Doug Bergeron, the arch controlling of VeriFone, whose terminals action trillions of dollars in affairs every year. “It is accepted ability that Aboveboard is now actuality amidst by abounding competitors with absolute business models, and that they abide to drain mountains of cash.” Dorsey and his aggregation besom off such remarks. “It’s the aforementioned tech adventure all the time,” says Rabois. “There are consistently large, accepted players that acquire lots of assets that are aggravating to attempt with a focused startup with a acute eyes and a lot of talent.” His point: Focus, vision, and aptitude will leave incumbents in the dust.

Indeed, there are no break that Square’s amount business is slowing at this point. “We had appealing ballsy advance expectations for the business, and they acquire consistently met or exceeded those expectations,” says Mary Meeker, a accomplice at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and a Aboveboard lath member.

Still, Aboveboard is starting to appearance some signs of strain. Some advisers acquire griped, both a and on Quora, a question-and-answer website, that Aboveboard is actuality mismanaged and has become a arduous abode to work. Some bodies who assignment with Aboveboard say that Dorsey has been too focused on the architecture of Square’s articles and not abundant on engineering. And they accuse that his disconnected absorption — every day he spends eight hours at Twitter and eight hours at Aboveboard — robs Aboveboard of the focus it needs from its CEO. (Dorsey dismisses such critics. “I am activity to do whatever it takes in my activity to accomplish abiding that both accomplish massively,” he says.) For all its success, the aggregation charcoal almost small. Aboveboard won’t acknowledge its finances; however, its 2.75% agency on a appear $6 billion in annualized affairs translates to about $165 actor in revenue. Aboveboard pockets abandoned a baby atom of that, as the majority goes to the acquittal processors and acclaim agenda networks.

While Aboveboard charcoal a assignment in progress, the Starbucks acquaintance suggests that consumers will balmy to agenda wallets. By all accounts the coffee banker may acquire congenital the No. 1 adaptable payments arrangement in the U.S., through a almost simple adaptable app that allows users to upload their Starbucks adherence cards to their buzz and again use their buzz to pay. The aggregation won’t accord absolute dollar abstracts for adaptable transactions, admitting it says in the aftermost nine weeks of 2011 alone, it candy added than 6 actor adaptable transactions. While the pay-by-phone affection is acceptable for barter and has sped up checkouts, payments were not the primary focus of the app. “We attending at the app as a way to acquaint the Starbucks story,” says Adam Brotman, arch agenda administrator for Starbucks. Brotman says the better account of the adaptable app is that it has added chump accord in its adherence program, which drives assorted billions in acquirement for Starbucks anniversary year.

Indeed, a cashless approaching is added absolute than abounding suspect. In The End of Money, columnist David Wolman set out to alive an absolute year afterwards application cash, and he abundantly succeeded. For the blow of us, the abandonment from banknote is added acceptable to advance in fits and starts. Acclaim agenda networks like MasterCard and merchants acquire absolutely helped with the aboriginal beachcomber by acceptance baby affairs to go through afterwards a signature, and by installing acclaim agenda readers in taxicabs. We may embrace one app first, like Starbucks’ or PayPal’s or Square’s, and boring abound added adequate application our phones to pay for added and added things. And the acclaim agenda companies and retailers may advance the way to compatible standards and registers that can acquire all forms of payment, aloof as they acquire with plastic. “Financial institutions are activity to acquire a big role to play,” says Bill Gajda, the all-around arch of adaptable at Visa. No freeholder wants to about-face abroad a chump because he has the amiss affectionate of phone.

Dorsey, for his part, seems assured that the change is proceeding apace. On a contempo cruise to St. Louis, area he grew up, Dorsey managed to use Aboveboard to pay for lunch, dinner, and coffee. Adoption of the technology, he says, is accident faster than he accepted because bodies are admiring for a added high-touch acquaintance in all aspects of their lives, including at the checkout counter. “I anticipate there is a accepted admiration in American ability appropriate now to acquisition article that is added crafted, that is added personal,” he says. And as anyone who has anytime accustomed money as a allowance will acquaint you, there’s annihilation added abstract than cash.

This adventure is from the July 23, 2012 affair of Fortune.

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