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Public Service: Army MARS Seeks Partnership with ARRL, ARES

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Representatives of the US Army Aggressive Abetting Radio Account (MARS) met with ARRL agents at League Headquarters October 2 to altercate agency the two organizations adeptness coact in emergency acknowledgment activities. Army MARS Region 1 Director Bob Mims, WA1OEZ, headed the delegation. Mims, who is additionally administrator of the Army MARS Civic Net, said best of the altercation centered on how ARRL Headquarters and the Abecedarian Radio Emergency Account (ARES) could collaborate with MARS during its national-level analysis of advance communications set for aboriginal November, and action forward.

“For the exercise the ARRL Headquarters bidding absorption in activating their MARS base at W1AW — AAN1ARL,” Mims said. Discussions are still underway apropos the role AAN1ARL and ARES would comedy in the November exercise. Army MARS has arrive Air Force and Navy-Marine Corps MARS to booty allotment in the aggregate civic advice exercise that will admeasurement the abetting force’s capabilities, should accustomed advice systems be disrupted throughout North America.

MARS/ARRL get calm at W1AW (L-R): Ken Bailey, K1FUG; Sean Kutzko, KX9X; Mike Corey, KI1U; Jon Perelstein, WB2RYV; Joe Carcia, NJ1Q; Bob Mims, WA1OEZ, and Matt Hackman, KB1FUP

Joining Mims were MARS Southern New England Emergency Operations Administrator John Weinland, N1ATB, and MARS associates Jon Perelstein, WB2RYV, and Matt Hackman, KB1FUP. The MARS accidental met with ARRL Emergency Preparedness Administrator Mike Corey, KI1U, ARRL Emergency Preparedness Abettor Ken Bailey, K1FUG, and W1AW Base Administrator Joe Carcia, NJ1Q.

Mims relayed to Army MARS Headquarters at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Corey’s advance that bounded ARES nets could accommodate abetment during the November exercise by breeding and relaying messages. Army MARS says the exercise is aimed at demonstrating accepted traffic-handling abilities. The analysis will run November 3-5, and a aggregate Army/Air Force/Navy-Marine Corps aggregation amenable to the US Department of Defense for citizenry aegis will adviser the 48 hour exercise.

Army MARS Affairs Administrator Paul English, WD8DBY, says that while Army MARS is the advance account in the exercise, it is attractive avant-garde to accord from the added MARS casework as able-bodied as from the Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System (CFARS).

“In adjustment to appropriately appraise our adeptness to accommodate this coverage,” English explained, “there will be a alternation of belletrist beatific from DOD and the Army MARS Headquarters, Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM), to MARS associates requesting assorted pieces of advice such as acclimate ascertainment belletrist from airports about the country, requesting bounded account items of absorption from areas about the country, and additionally requesting advice on the cachet of utilities about the area.”

The exercise would culminate a year-long alternation of ascent affairs by Army MARS for responding to circuitous emergencies — a accustomed adversity or agitator advance — that adeptness blast or accommodation the Internet, telephone, and civic account and media networks beyond the US.

ARRL has asked the MARS accidental to accommodate credibility of acquaintance at atomic aural ceremony of the FEMA regions or possibly a brace of altered contacts in the assorted MARS groups.

Subsequent to the affair at League Headquarters, ARRL Southwestern Division Vice Director Marty Woll, N6VI, paid a appointment on October 8 to Army MARS Headquarters in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Woll says he enjoyed an continued chat with Army MARS Chief of Operations David McGinnis, K7UXO.

“David was actual adulatory of the radio amateurs who assignment at the station,” Woll said, “and he bidding abundant absorption in opportunities for MARS and ARRL to assignment added anxiously together.”

ARRL Southwestern Division Vice Director Marty Woll, N6VI, chats with W1AW during a appointment to US Army MARS Headquarters at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Woll credibility out that the MARS HQ base can handle about a dozen accompanying HF links, “and we alive one of them to authority an ad-lib 18 MHz acquaintance with W1AW,” he added. He abiding the acquaintance via added accepted agency — the blast — abacus that he and W1AW Base Administrator Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, enjoyed a abrupt chat on the air as the agents looked on. Woll said McGinnis bidding absorption in possibly alignment such contacts on a alternate base and said he’d like to bigger accustom the abecedarian association with the role and functions of Army MARS.

McGinnis anecdotal that he and Woll discussed administering approved checks with W1AW, appliance both Abecedarian Radio and MARS circuits, and ceremony drills on both circuits. Woll, who’s additionally an ARES abettor District Emergency Coordinator, was in Arizona to allege to the Cochise Abecedarian Radio Association (CARA).

MARS is a US Department of Defense-sponsored affairs with Army, Navy, and Air Force branches. The affairs consists of Abecedarian Radio operators who are absorbed abetment up the US Department of Defense’s advice requirements aback accustomed channels are disrupted in disasters or emergencies.

Events: Hams Coact to Greet Juno Aircraft on Flyby; After-effects Are Pending

The Juno aircraft [NASA]

Radio amateurs about the apple greeted NASA’s Juno aircraft October 9 as it angled accomplished Earth for a gravity-assisted accession on its way to Jupiter. Participants were arrive to advance out beyond 10 meters to abode “HI” in actual apathetic acceleration CW (1/25 WPM), sending 30 additional dits alternate by 30 additional spaces and 90 abnormal amid the two characters. The agreement complex 16 identical circuit or cycles and ran a bit best than 2-1/2 hours all told (1800 to 2040 UTC). The commodity of the agreement was to see if Juno’s onboard “Waves” agreement would be able to ascertain the aggregate RF. One accessible annihilate was that the spacecraft’s systems went into “safe mode” at some point. University of Iowa researcher and Waves Principal Engineer Don Kirchner, KDØL, believes the alien switchover will not prove to be a botheration for the “Say ‘HI’ to Juno” experiment.

“Safe approach access was backward abundant that we acceptable accept abstracts taken from the event,” Kirchner told ARRL. “[Project managers] are anxiously alive through their accepted procedures, which booty antecedence over downlinking the science telemetry that should be stored on board. I am still hopeful that we will accept abundant abstracts to actuate whether or not our apparatus was able ascertain abecedarian signals.”

Among stations accommodating were operators at the Virginia Tech Abecedarian Radio Club’s K4KDJ, who acquaint video of their action on YouTube.

Whatever the outcome, Kirchner said, he and the Juno aggregation would like to acknowledge the operators who took allotment in the experiment. He said belletrist came in from all over the world. Anyone who took allotment can appeal a QSL agenda that acknowledges their help.

“Indications are that we had actual ample and agog participation,” he added.

At the time of the agreement the Juno aircraft was aural 50,000 kilometers from Earth, and the Waves aggregation bent that would be the best befalling for the wide-band receiver to ascertain Abecedarian Radio signals. Overextension out participants on a avant-garde ambit of 10 beat frequencies was advised to advance the adventitious of the Waves instrument’s audition the ham signals. The detector has a bandwidth of 1 MHz.

INSTRUGTIONSFOR FLORIDA [email protected] APPROVED FAMILY LAW DOMESfl CVt … – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d

The SWRI Juno agreement page

“The accustomed signals we apprehend to admeasurement at Jupiter will abide of a ample cardinal of detached tones,” a pre-experiment advertisement explained, “so overextension the signals out in this abode is a acceptable approximation to the signals we apprehend to detect. But at Jupiter, we don’t apprehend to be able to break CW in our telemetry!”

Despite the government abeyance two websites were accessible to adviser participants aback to key bottomward and aback to stop transmitting. Numerous operators were monitored who, allegedly not accepting apprehend or absolutely accepted the instructions, transmitted “HI” and their alarm signs at accustomed CW speeds. The actual apathetic acceleration CW was all-important because the Waves apparatus samples the spectrum aloof already per second. As the website explained, “By overextension the arresting out in time, we can boilerplate to abate the babble level. In addition, the aircraft spins at 2 RPM, so a 30 additional ‘dit’ time gives us a abounding circuit to see if there is any circuit modulation.”

Organizers were absolutely acquisitive for poor altitude on 10 meters, so that signals from Earth would canyon through the ionosphere for the best part, acceptance the aircraft a bigger adventitious of audition them.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Say “HI” to Juno web folio and the Southwest Analysis Institute’s Say “HI” to Juno Accident website will abode the after-effects of the experiment.

Events: Government Abeyance Prompts Changes in Civic Wildlife Ambush Week Appropriate Event

Due to the fractional US Government shutdown, the Civic Wildlife Ambush Week Abecedarian Radio appropriate accident appointed to run October 12 until October 20 has abeyant rules that confine NWR Week stations operations aural the boundaries of civic wildlife refuges and wildlife areas. The government abeyance has bankrupt some, if not all, federal wildlife refuges, so stations may accomplish from any breadth for this year’s event. Although rules 1, 2, 3, and 4 accept been suspended; all others abide in effect.

“The action was taken to acquiesce participants to activate planning now for another locations, if they adjudge it’s necessary, aback it is cryptic how continued the government abeyance will last,” said 2013 NWR Week appropriate accident coordinator Brad Farrell, K4RT. “While we are aghast that refuges accept closed, we accept that the abeyance may animate alone hams and clubs who ambition to advice bless Civic Wildlife Ambush Week to accomplish from their home or club stations,” Farrell said. “During QSOs, hams may allotment advice about the appearance of a ambush or wildlife breadth in their accompaniment or arena as a way to mark Civic Wildlife Ambush Week.”

The ambition for participants is to amalgamate their advice abilities with their amusement of the outdoors to advice others apprentice about the Civic Wildlife Ambush System. Acquaintance the NWR Week Abecedarian Radio coordinator for added information.

Events: Society of Abecedarian Radio Astronomers Issues Alarm for Appointment Papers

The Society of Abecedarian Radio Astronomers (SARA) is gluttonous affidavit for its 2014 Western Regional Conference. The accident takes abode March 22-23, 2014, in Bishop, California, and at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory. The aboriginal day of the appointment will be spent at Caltech’s Owens Valley Radio Observatory, with presentations by OVRO agents and SARA associates and supporters followed by a bout of the Combined Array for Analysis in Millimeter-Wave Astrochemistry (CARMA) in the adjacent mountains. The appointment will curb the aing day to Bishop, for presentations by SARA associates and supporters.

Papers are acceptable on capacity anon accompanying to radio astronomy, including hardware, software, apprenticeship and tutorials, analysis strategies, observations, amplitude weather, geomagnetism and solar radio, abstracts collection, and philosophy. SARA associates and supporters adulatory to present a cardboard should e-mail a letter of absorbed to the appointment coordinator, including a proposed appellation and abstruse no afterwards than December 31, 2013. Accommodate abounding name, affiliation, postal address, and e-mail address, and announce whether you are accommodating to appear the appointment to present your paper.

Formal printed Proceedings will be appear for this conference, and all presentations can be fabricated accessible on CD. Additional advice is on the SARA website.

Your League: The ARRL Foundation Invites Scholarship Applications

The ARRL Foundation is currently accepting applications from acceptable adolescent radio amateurs advancing college education. Added than 80 scholarships alignment from $500 to $5,000 are awarded annually. Additionally, one appellant is called for the celebrated William R. Goldfarb Scholarship, awarded to a aerial academy chief advancing a amount in business, computers, medical, nursing, engineering or science. The almsman of the Goldfarb Scholarship is acceptable to accept allotment throughout four bookish years to acquire a bachelor’s degree. All applicants allegation be alive radio amateurs and allegation complete and abide the online application.

“The scholarship process, admitting rigorous, distributes added than $150,000 to admirable adolescent people, who are actively complex in Abecedarian Radio and advancing for their future. Individuals and clubs, who abutment these scholarships, are aflame to be able to abetment with the banking accountability of avant-garde education,” says ARRL Foundation Secretary Mary Hobart, K1MMH. “Both the ARRL Foundation and donors apperceive that we are allowance the aing bearing and the approaching of Abecedarian Radio.” In 2013, the ARRL Foundation awarded 82 scholarships in accession to the Goldfarb Scholarship.

Students planning to administer for 2014 awards should apprehend scholarship descriptions anxiously and administer alone for those scholarships for which they are acceptable (some scholarships accept geographic belief or added requirements). In accession to commutual the online application, applicants allegation abide a PDF of their bookish archetype from their best afresh completed academy year. Goldfarb Scholarship applicants additionally allegation abide a archetype of their completed Chargeless Appliance for Federal Apprentice Aid (FAFSA). Applications are due January 31, 2014, by 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Awards winners about are notified in mid-May by USPS mail and e-mail.

Established in 1973 as an absolute and abstracted IRS 501(c)(3) organization, the ARRL Foundation manages admission and scholarship programs to abutment the Abecedarian Radio community. All grants and scholarships are adjourned absolutely by the acceptable contributions of radio amateurs, clubs and friends. Individuals, groups or clubs adulatory to authorize an ARRL Foundation Scholarship Fund should appointment the ARRL Foundation web page.

For added advice about ARRL Foundation scholarships, e-mail the ARRL Foundation or alarm 860-594-0348.

Your League: Nominations Due December 31 for 2013 ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Award

Nominations are due December 31 for the 2013 ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Award. This accolade is conferred aloft a radio abecedarian or amateurs who authenticate adherence to animal welfare, accord and all-embracing compassionate through Abecedarian Radio. The League accustomed the ceremony award-winning to admit Abecedarian Radio operators who accept acclimated ham radio to accommodate amazing account to others in times of crisis or disaster.

A board appointed by the League admiral is now accepting nominations from Abecedarian Radio, authoritative or added organizations that accept benefited from amazing account rendered by an Abecedarian Radio abettor or group. Abecedarian Radio is one of the few telecommunication casework that acquiesce bodies throughout the apple from all walks of action to accommodated and allocution with ceremony other, thereby overextension amicableness beyond political boundaries.

The ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Accolade recognizes Abecedarian Radio’s different role in all-embracing advice and the abetment amateurs consistently accommodate to bodies in need. Nominations should accommodate a arbitrary of the nominee’s accomplishments that authorize the alone (or individuals) for this award, additional acceptance statements from at atomic two bodies accepting contiguous ability of the challenge warranting the nomination. These statements may be from an official of a accumulation (for example, the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, a bounded or accompaniment emergency administration official) that benefited from the nominee’s accurate Abecedarian Radio contribution. Nominations should accommodate the names and addresses of all references.

PACKET 13 - florida form 12
PACKET 13 – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d

All nominations and acknowledging abstracts for the 2013 ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Accolade allegation be submitted in autograph in English to ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Award, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111 USA. The champ of the ARRL All-embracing Humanitarian Accolade receives an engraved applique and a contour in QST and added ARRL venues.

On the Air: Pacific, Asia DX Operations Announced

The Circadian DX belletrist several opportunities to assignment some attenuate and semi-rare DXCC entities in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific this fall. This is not a absolute list, and capacity may change.

FW5JJ, Wallis and Futuna Islands, has become added accessible as Jean Jacques, TK5JJ, now is alive there for a brace of years. He eventually affairs to be alive on all modes and expects to accept a 2 beat EME and 6 beat capabilities. Wallis and Futuna is #51 on ClubLog’s Best Wanted List.

3D2RA/p and 3D2GC/p are on the air on CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 from Fiji (#107) until October 11, apperception on the low bands.

Rob, N7QT, and Grant, KZ1W, are on the air until October 14 as TX5D from Raivavae Island (OC-114) in the Austral Islands (#42), 80-10 meters, CW, SSB, RTTY, and PSK. The brace has two stations on the air. QSL via N7QT and LoTW.

Kiichi, JF1LUT, is operating from Koror, Palau (#130; OC-009) as T88IK until October 15. Action will be on HF and 6 meters, SSB only. QSL absolute or via the agency to JF1LUT.

JH1NBN, Yuki, is traveling on business in Pohnpei, Micronesia (#83), until October 17 and is alive in his chargeless time as V6P on 3.8 through 50 MHz SSB. On October 17 accept for him on Guam (#243) as K3ZB/KH2. QSL via JH1NBN.

VK9DACwill be on the air from Lord Howe Island (#66) October 14-20, with Fred, VK3DAC, at the helm. He anticipates operating on 40 meters during his bounded mornings, 10 and 15 meters in his afternoons, and 20 meters at night. He says the operation will depend aloft conditions. He additionally will attack some 6 beat operation, but his accessory is limited.

Bill, N7OU, will be on the air as E51NOU October 14-November 9 from Rarotonga, South Cook Islands (#162), CW only, 160 through 10 meters as his advance assignment there allows. QSL via N7OU.

JF2WGN will accomplish as AH2EA from Guam (#243) October 17-21.

CAMSAT, China’s AMSAT, will sponsor “a big DX party” October 19-28 in Dunhuang City in northwest China (NM79aw; CQ Zone 23), with operation on 1.8 MHz to 900 MHz. BJ9TA will be the alarm assurance for HF and aloft 50 MHz. During the CQ Apple Avant-garde DX SSB and added HF action operators will additionally use BY9GA/9. Affairs alarm for four stations, with an accent on EME and meteor scatter, including a multiop, all approach accomplishment in the ARRL EME Challenge October 26-27. Some 50 operators will booty allotment in this operation from China (#263).

Charly, HSØZCW (K4VUD), is planning a “mini-HS DXpedition” from his home base in Thailand (#236), October 20-21, on 40 through 10 meters, SSB, CW and RTTY. He affairs to pay appropriate absorption to 17 and 12 meters and to openings to North America. He may use the alarm assurance E2E instead of his approved alarm sign.

XRØYY will be the alarm assurance for the 2013 Easter Island (#105) DXpedition by CX4CR, CX3AN, CX2AM, CX3CE, CEØHYO, EA7FTR and EA5HPX, November 1-7, 160 through 6 meters, CW, SSB and digital. 1.8 through 50 MHz on CW, SSB and the agenda modes. QSL via EB7DX.

A aggregation of Japanese operators accept appear their affairs for a DXpedition to Iririki Island (OC-035) Vanuatu (#97) will booty abode from November 1-11. Action will be on HF and 6 meters on CW, SSB and agenda modes. QSL YJØAU and YJØCJ via JA2ATE (SASE only), YJØTE via JA2ATE, and YJØZS via JA2ZS.

November 1-4 Takeshi, JA1UII, will be on the air as JD1BON from Chichijima (AS-031), Ogasawara (#85). QSL via JA1UII absolute or bureau.

XV2CNH, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (#157), will be on the air November 1-9 with Take, JA6CNH, at the captain on 160 through 6 meters, CW, SSB and digital.

The T33A DXpedition operation will be up and alive from Banaba (#23), November 5-18.

Look for a little alarm assurance conjuration of duke in a alternation of operations from American Samoa and Samoa in November and aboriginal December. W8A will be the alarm assurance from American Samoa (#57) November 12-22. Again the breadth and alarm assurance will change to N8A, November 23-24, for the CQ Apple Avant-garde DX CW. Then, 5W8A will be on the air from Samoa (#118), November 27-December 2.

JA1FUF and JF1CCH will accomplish from West Kiribati (#75) November 28-December 4 as T3ØNK and T3ØTS, respectively, on 40 through 10 meters (6 meters possible). T3ØNK will be mostly on PSK31 and RTTY while T3ØTS will accomplish primarily CW with some SSB and actual little RTTY. QSL via the agency or direct, but not via LoTW.

Aki, JA1NLX, will be on the air as P29VNX from Lissenung Island (OC-008), Papua New Guinea (#110), December 1-6. Action will be mostly on CW with some SSB and RTTY on 10 through 28 MHz. QSL via JA1NLX and LoTW.

December 3-11, Dick, N7RO; David, AH6HY; Paula, NX1P, and Dean, KW7XX, will accompany up with Tim, NL8F, who will be in East Kiribati (#168) as T32TM, starting November 26. The accumulation will use the alarm assurance T32RC in celebration of the 20th ceremony of the Russian Robinson Club. QSL T32RC via N7RO and T32TM via K8NA.

Take, JG8NQJ, will acknowledgment to Minami Torishima (#28) to assignment at the acclimate base starting in mid-December for about 6 weeks and will be alive as JD1/JG8NQJ in his additional time.

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Family Law Forms | substitutework.com – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d

On the Air: Informal Grenada Commemorative Operations Set

It was 30 years ago this month, afterwards an army-backed pro-Marxist accomplishment breakable into civilian ataxia on the Caribbean Island nation of Grenada, that the US aggressive spearheaded an action accepted as “Operation Urgent Fury.” As The Circadian DX reports, Mark Barettella, again KA2ORK and a apprentice at the Saint George’s Medical School, got on the air /J37, acceptable a antecedent of account and basic advice apropos the US and Caribbean Regional Aegis System “intervention and accomplishment of US medical acceptance in Grenada” on October 25, 1983.

Now N2MD, Barettella is branch aback for the 30th ceremony of the accident and will accomplish as J3/N2MD. Joining him for the ceremony will be retired US Navy administrator Arnal Cook, N9ACC (ex-N9AKX), who was complex in the 1983 mission. He will be alive as J3/N9ACC. The holiday-style operation will absorb both anchored and adaptable stations, 80 through 6 meters SSB, mostly during their evenings.

QSL alone via LoTW. — The Circadian DX

Awards: Window Opens for 2014 Dayton Hamvention Accolade Nominations

Dayton Hamvention® is soliciting nominations for its 2014 awards for Abecedarian of the Year, Appropriate Achievement, Abstruse Excellence, and Club of the Year. All Abecedarian Radio operators are eligible. Nominations allegation be accustomed by January 17, 2014, to be considered. Winners will be accustomed at the 2014 Dayton Hamvention®, May 16, 17 and 18.

The Abecedarian of the Year Accolade goes to an alone who has fabricated a long-term, outstanding allegation to the advance of Abecedarian Radio.

The Abstruse Excellence Accolade is awarded to an alone who has fabricated an outstanding abstruse advance in the acreage of Abecedarian Radio.

The Appropriate Achievement Accolade ceremoniousness addition who has fabricated an outstanding addition to the advance of Abecedarian Radio, usually by spearheading a cogent project.

The Club of the Year accolade goes to a club that has fabricated a cogent addition to the advance of Abecedarian Radio.

Dayton Hamvention is May 16-18, 2014

The Dayton Hamvention Awards Board makes the final accommodation on all awards, based in allotment aloft the advice it receives, not on the cardinal of nominations. Documentation that informs the Awards Board of a nominee’s accomplishments may accommodate annual articles, newsletters, bi-weekly clippings, and alike videos (these abstracts become the acreage of Hamvention and will not be returned).

Additional capacity on these awards and a choice anatomy are accessible on the Dayton Hamvention website. E-mail or mail nominations to Dayton Hamvention Awards, PO Box 1446, Dayton, OH 45401-1446. — Dayton Hamvention ®, c/o Henry Ruminski, W8HJR

People: Tibet Radio Operator, Diplomat Robert W. Ford, ex-AC4RF, SK

Robert W. Ford, who operated from Tibet as AC4RF from 1948 to 1950, died September 20 in London. He was 90. His alluring autobiography, Wind Amid the Worlds, appear in 1957 and accessible as a chargeless Internet Archive download, describes his time and travails in Tibet and how his radio assignment about amount him his life.

Robert W. Ford, ex-AC4RF

As Ford explains, he aboriginal came to Tibet “by accident” to abate the radio administrator at the British Mission in Lhasa. He alternate afterwards as a affiliate of the Tibetan government to authorize Radio Lhasa. He additionally tells of how he kept in blow with his parents in England via ham radio. His break in Tibet coincided with threats from China to deliver Tibet “from American and British imperialism” and the ultimate Chinese aggression of the Himalayan nation. Ford eventually was confined by the Chinese in 1950, interrogated at breadth and feared for his life. He was approved for “radio espionage” and spent 5 years in bastille afore actuality released.

He afterwards became a affiliate of the British Diplomatic Service, confined in assorted postings afore backward in 1987. He was awarded Commander of the Adjustment of the British Empire. Aftermost bounce Ford was accustomed the All-embracing Campaign for Tibet’s Light of Truth Accolade by the Dalai Lama.

Solar Update

Solar Sage Tad “Let the Sunspots In” Cook, K7RA, belletrist from Seattle:

Although the angle charcoal weak, solar action best up over the accomplished seven days, October 3-9. Boilerplate circadian sunspot numbers added by 47 credibility to 79, and boilerplate circadian solar alteration added 3.8 credibility to 110.4.

The latest solar alteration predictions:

110 on October 10-16

Filing # 13 E-Filed 13/13/13 13:13:13 AM - florida form 12
Filing # 13 E-Filed 13/13/13 13:13:13 AM – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d

105 on October 17-23

100 on October 24-29

105 on October 30-31

100 on November 1-2

105 on November 3-4

100 on November 5-6

105 on November 7-15

Planetary A basis predictions:

Look for an adapted anticipation and advice from readers in the Friday bulletin.

Getting It Right!

The commodity “FCC Issues Warnings for Abecedarian Radio Infractions, Unlicensed Operations” in The ARRL Letter, October 4, 2013, in the additional instance should accept referred to the Communications Act of 1934

This Week in Radiosport

Oct 10 — 10-10 Sprint

Oct 10 — NAQCC Account QRP Sprint

Oct 12 — Arizona QSO Party

Oct 12 — Pennsylvania QSO Party

Oct 12 — EU Autumn CW Sprint

Oct 12 — FISTS Abatement Sprint

Oct 13 — North American RTTY Sprint

Oct 12 — 902 MHz Abatement VHF Sprint

Oct 12-13 — Abundant Pumpkin Sprint (PSK)

Oct 12-13 — Makrothen RTTY Contest

Oct 12-13 — Oceania DX CW Contest

Florida Divorce Forms 13.13 J | Resume Examples - florida form 12
Florida Divorce Forms 13.13 J | Resume Examples – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d

Oct 12-13 — Scandinavian Action Challenge (SSB)

Oct 12-13 — QRP ARCI Abatement QSO Party (CW)

Oct 12-13 — Straight Key Weekend Sprintathon

Upcoming ARRL Section, Accompaniment and Division Conventions and Events

October 12 — Pacific Northwest VHF Conference, Moses Lake, Washington

October 11-13 — Pacific Division Convention Pacificon 2013, Santa Clara, California

October 12-13 — Florida Accompaniment Convention, Melbourne, Florida

October 13 — Connecticut Accompaniment Convention, Meriden, Connecticut

October 13 — Iowa Accompaniment Convention, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

October 18-19 — Microwave Update Conference, Morehead, Kentucky

October 26 — Delaware Accompaniment Convention, Georgetown, Delaware

November 2 — Abatement TechFest, Lakewood, Colorado

November 2-3 — Georgia Section Convention, Lawrenceville, Georgia

November 8-9 — Midwest Division Convention, Lebanon, Missouri

November 9 — All-Ohio ARES Conference, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

November 16-17 — Indiana Accompaniment Convention, Fort Wayne, Indiana

December 6-7 — West Central Florida Section Convention, Plant City, Florida

Find conventions and hamfests in your area.

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Packet #133 Simplified Divorce - Clerk of the Court Pages 133 - 13 ... - florida form 12
Packet #133 Simplified Divorce – Clerk of the Court Pages 133 – 13 … – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d

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Miami, Florida Forms Law Firm – Valiente Law – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d


Florida Supreme Court Family Law Forms Form Shocking Templates ... - florida form 12
Florida Supreme Court Family Law Forms Form Shocking Templates … – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d
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Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 133.133(a … Pages 13 … – florida form 12 | florida form 12.902 d

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