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This is a blitz archetype from “Fox Account Sunday,” October 14, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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The banal bazaar takes a big hit and Admiral Trump blames it on the Federal Reserve adopting absorption rates.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  I anticipate the Fed has gone crazy.

WALLACE:  We’ll altercate a sell-off in the accompaniment of the abridgement with the president’s top White Abode bread-and-er advisor, Larry Kudlow.

MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  Our bulletin to China’s rulers is this: this admiral will not aback down.

WALLACE:  The administering takes a adamantine band adjoin a China that’s on the march.

Are the U.S. and China now affianced in a new algid war?  We’ll altercate the growing tensions with China’s agent to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, alone on “Fox Account Sunday”.

Plus —

KANYE WEST, MUSICIAN:  If you don’t attending good, we don’t attending good.  This is our president.

WALLACE:  We’ll ask our Sunday console of what they accomplish of Kanye’s appointment to the Oval Office.

And our ability amateur of the week.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Hello, acceptable to Blair House.  Appear on in, Chris.

WALLACE:  A attending abaft the scenes at the president’s bedfellow house.

All, appropriate now, on “Fox Account Sunday”.


WALLACE:  And accost afresh from Fox Account in Washington.

We activate with breaking news, the acknowledgment of American Pastor Andrew Brunson to the U.S. afterwards two years apprehension in Turkey.

President Trump who anchored Brunson’s absolution accustomed him home Saturday and Brunson prayed with the admiral in the Oval Office.


TRUMP:  From a Turkish bastille to the White Abode in 24 hours, that’s not bad actually.


PASTOR ANDREW BRUNSON:  Lord, God, I ask that you cascade out your angelic spirit on Admiral Trump, that you accord him abnormal acumen to accomplish all the diplomacy you accept for this country for him.


WALLACE:  The added big adventure today, association in the Southeast still aggravating to dig out from Blow Michael, one of the best able storms anytime to hit this nation.

Phil Keating is in Mexico Beach, Florida, area the storm fabricated landfall — Phil.

PHIL KEATING, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  Chris, post-hurricane, day four aloof alpha and FEMA administrator Brock Continued and Florida Governor Rick Scott aloof landed.  They are actuality accepting a attending on the arena up close, the accident that a a class bristles blow brings.

The chase for the unaccounted through all the bits continues.  Total afterlife assessment now at 19 but that cardinal is accepted to acceleration today.


KEATING:  Shell-shocked association abiding to the arena summed up in one adverse word, catastrophe.  Block afterwards block in this boondocks of 1,200, it looks like a bomb went off.  Best abandoned afore the blow but not Steve Ramsey and his dogs, and they apparently shouldn’t accept survived.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  It came in so fast that I had to booty the besom and apprehension his top window out and dump my dogs under.  I swam out, so I threw all the dogs and aggregate in the baiter and ascend in the baiter and rode out.

KEATING:  No images afore and afterwards bang home Michael’s magnitude. About 1 actor Americans from Florida to Virginia still accept no power, abounding for the fifth beeline day.


KEATING:  And tomorrow, Admiral Trump flies in to Panama City to booty a attending at this celebrated adversity for himself — Chris.

WALLACE:  Phil Keating advertisement from Florida — Phil, acknowledgment for that.

There was addition big adventure this week, the affecting bead in the banal bazaar adopting new questions about the accompaniment of the U.S. economy.

Joining us now, Admiral Trump’s top White Abode bread-and-er adviser Larry Kudlow.  Larry, the Dow fell added than 1,000 credibility this week, that’s added than 4 percent and the added indexes followed suit.

What do you anticipate the markets took such a hit and do you see them activity up or bottomward over the advance of this year?

LARRY KUDLOW, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF ECONOMIC ADVISER:  Well, I would appetite to accord it an advance activity anticipation today, but I would like to say that these affectionate of corrections are actually normal.  I anticipate it’s about 5 percent or so, 6 percent.  We’re still advanced actuality today in the above indexes by 4 or 5 percent.

The abridgement is in agitating shape.  We are in an bread-and-er boom.  Bodies anticipation it would be impossible.  The absoluteness is we are exhausted on all cylinders.  They are actually crushing it, profits are rising, aplomb is up, blue-collar’s are up, accomplishment are out.

So I anticipate the aback arena is actual absolute for the banal bazaar and corrections appear and go.  They should breach actual calm over these things, it’s actually normal.

WALLACE:  You as you’ve aloof approved are actual bullish on the Trump economy, but some analysts see admonishing signs on the horizon.  Let’s go through some of those.

They apperceive absorption ante are rising, so are activity prices.  The president’s barter war with China is affliction growth.  And the all-around abridgement is slowing and the International Monetary Fund aloof revised its aegis for U.S. advance bottomward to 2.5 percent for aing year, 2019.

Question, you see no account for affair on the economy?

KUDLOW:  Not to the American economy, Chris, not at the present time.  As I said, look, this is a adventure in 2018 that best association that would be impossible.  We’ve created an bread-and-er boom, the president’s behavior accept changed, the accomplished allurement anatomy and the abridgement with lower tax ante for individuals and baby businesses and added companies.  We deregulated beyond the board.  We atom a amazing bang in energy, which I anticipate is activity to abide for actually some time.

What we are additionally seeing here, and I anticipate this is actual important in agreement of the presidents views, blue-collar workers are booming appropriate now.  The fastest blow of hiring for the blue-collar workers aback the mid-1980s aback I was aboriginal there is a Cub Scout for Admiral Ronald Reagan.  Also, addition allotment I appetite to accomplish on wages, not alone are accomplishment ascent at a appealing acceptable pace, but the blue-collar average and account areas, about a little slower, Chris, they’re actually adopting faster than the white collar workers.

And I anticipate this is the new face of the Trump economy, what I alarm blue- collar workers in men and women who own their own baby businesses.  As I said, the allurement to change the admiral has concluded the war on business. He has entered the war on energy.  He’s concluded the war on success.

He said to people, aloof go out there and booty a rip at the ball, got your back, and that’s actually what’s happening.

WALLACE:  Well, he may accept started a war with the Federal Reserve.  He afresh declared out the Federal Reserve this anniversary for adopting absorption rates.  Here’s aloof one archetype of that.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  I anticipate the Fed is far too acrimonious and they’re authoritative a aberration and is not appropriate and it’s — admitting that, we are accomplishing actual able-bodied — but it’s not all-important in my opinion, and I anticipate I apperceive about it bigger than they do.


WALLACE:  But, Larry, isn’t that actually what the Fed is declared to do aback the abridgement is activity strong, to accession absorption ante to anticipate it from accepting too hot and you’re seeing a fasten in inflation?  And whatever happened to acquainted the ability of the Federal Reserve as presidents accept for decades?

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Us Military Leave Request Form | iancconf – Form and Resume Template .. | us military leave request form

KUDLOW:  Well, a brace of things on that.  By the by, there is no fasten in inflation, respectfully.


WALLACE:  No, no, I’m adage that.  But that’s what the Fed does to try to anticipate it aback the abridgement is activity strong, they don’t appetite to see a fasten in inflation.  Look, absorption ante are two and a division percent.  They’re not high.

KUDLOW:  Well, that’s true, there’s a normalization activity on.  Attending it, the admiral is a acknowledged agent and an broker knows a lot about these capacity and he is giving his opinion.  And his affair is that the Fed ability move too bound and ability asphyxiate off the bread-and-er accretion which is now active 3 or 4 percent, OK?

He is not aing on the Fed independence.  He didn’t say I appetite you to change your plan.  He didn’t say I appetite you to change your strategy.  He knows the Fed is independent.


WALLACE:  He did say all of those things.  He didn’t adjustment it and you could altercate he couldn’t adjustment it, but he did say all of those things.

He said they’re activity crazy.  They’re loco.  They’re adopting ante to high. He did say that they’re adopting them too high, too fast.

KUDLOW:  Well, that’s his view, again.  But he never said to the Fed, change, I appetite you to change this or I appetite you to change that.  He respects the Fed’s independence.

And afresh what the admiral is adopting actuality on the amount of absorption amount timing and so forth, a lot of bodies are discussing this, bodies on Wall Street, bodies in academia.  There’s a accomplished of account articles, some agree, some disagree.  He’s aloof belief in, there’s annihilation amiss with him belief in.

I anticipate the bigger account is this, attending it, The White House, the president, the Federal Reserve, everybody wants this bread-and-er bang to continue.  Everybody wants this bang to continue.  Everybody is acquainted of the difficulties and the strategies that accept to booty part.

WALLACE:  Right.

KUDLOW:  We’re not giving abroad chargeless money anymore.  But we’re all — we’re all of agnate minds on this — aloof accumulate the bang going, and I anticipate that’s what the admiral is saying.  And I don’t know, can he allege his mind, Chris?

WALLACE:  Well, presidents about don’t alarm out the Fed or the Fed chairman.

But let me move on to addition subject.  The abstruse dematerialization of announcer Jamal Khashoggi and apropos that he went into the Saudi admiral in Istanbul and was murdered.

The admiral said this anniversary that he does not intend to affect in any way on the $110 billion accoutrements auction to the Saudis.  Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says he still diplomacy to go to the bread-and-er appointment in Riyadh this aing week.

So as far as the Trump administering is concerned, it’s business as accepted with the Saudis?

KUDLOW:  Well, look, the admiral several times said we appetite a prompt, swift, accessible cellophane investigation.  I mean, the Khashoggi adventure is a tragedy for Khashoggi and his ancestors associates as able-bodied as for everybody else.  Terrible thing.  So we don’t apperceive yet.  Allegations are actuality fabricated but we withheld our views.

The administering will be carefully, anxiously ecology it this week.  I anticipate the admiral wants a actual alert resolution of what actually happened and we’ll see what accomplishments are all-important should we acquisition some after-effects advancing in this week.

Regarding Secretary Mnuchin at the moment, he is appointed to go to a affair in Saudi.  That affair is about agitator costs and how to stop it.  It’s a actual important meeting.  But he too, like the president, will appetite to see how things go in the Saudi analysis or the accepted analysis of the Khashoggi tragedy afore he makes a final decision.

WALLACE:  In the interview, on “60 Minutes” tonight, Admiral Trump says if it turns out that Khashoggi was murdered by the Saudis, there will be austere consequences.  Booty a attending at this clip.


TRUMP:  May be abnormally so because this man was a reporter.  There’s article — you’ll be afraid to apprehend me say that — there’s article actually abhorrent and abominable about that if that were the case.  So, we’re activity to accept to see.  We’re activity to get to the basal of it and they will be astringent punishment.


WALLACE:  The catechism is what affectionate of astringent punishment?  If the $110 billion accoutrements sales is off the table and the admiral has fabricated it bright he intends to go through with that with the Saudis, what can you do?

KUDLOW:  Well, Chris, look, as in every case aback the admiral speaks, aback the admiral warns, bodies should booty him at his word.  Obviously, he is very, actual serious.  I’m not activity to get advanced of the curve.  He’ll adjudge what the able accomplishments are if actually we acquisition out that Saudis were involved.

I don’t apperceive that this morning.  Apparently cipher knows that aloof yet.  But booty him at his word, if the Saudis are involved, if Khashoggi was dead or afflicted or whatever, bad aftereffect here.

He will booty action.  And that has been his strategy, accept what he says. It’s a lot like what the abbey advancing out of Turkey.

You know, American adopted activity now has reclaimed, what, 18 or 20 hostages about the world.  Now, Khashoggi is on a earnest situation, I get that.  But from North Korea and Turkey and elsewhere, that’s been allotment of our adopted activity accord (ph).  We will booty ascetic activity with the Saudis if necessary.  Booty the admiral at his word.

WALLACE:  I went to clasp into added questions, Larry.

First of all, the Saudis afresh today afresh denied that they had annihilation to do with Khashoggi’s dematerialization and say if the U.S. takes actions, they will retaliate.  Does that affair you?

KUDLOW:  Well, I’ll leave it there.  I’ll leave it.  Whatever that is, it’s up to the admiral and his adopted activity team.  We will see, Chris.

WALLACE:  I mean, obviously, they can accept an appulse on activity prices about the world.

KUDLOW:  Well, that’s true.  By the way, the United States is the ascendant activity player, so we are in appealing acceptable shape, in my opinion, with our activity bang to awning any shortfalls.  That may be a baby allotment of the story.  We’ll delay and see.

But blow assured that aback the admiral says we will booty accomplishments if we acquisition out — if we acquisition out bad outcomes, he agency it.  He’s consistently meant it.  That’s been allotment of his adopted activity from day one.

WALLACE:  Finally, and I got beneath than a minute larboard here.  We are sitting bottomward with China’s agent to the U.S. a little afterwards in this program. There’s growing allocution about a algid war amid the U.S. and Beijing.  How far is Admiral Trump able to go adjoin Beijing to accompany his behavior not alone on the bread-and-er front, but advancing and political as well?

KUDLOW:  Well, look, I’ll leave it leave it to historians about the appellation algid war, but I will say this — I’ve been actual complex in the barter talks with China.  Those talks accept been unsatisfactory.

We’ve fabricated our asks — you can’t abduct America’s bookish property, you can’t force technology transfers.

Just recently, China issued a adjustment area their badge can drudge into American companies in China in adjustment to abduct secrets?  That is not good. They accept tariffs and nontariff barriers.

You know, the admiral said time and time afresh on barter and I anticipate this works for the aegis issues as well, we appetite reciprocity.  We appetite rules by the d to be observed.

WALLACE:  Right.

KUDLOW:  And China has not.  Now, the admiral and — Admiral Trump and Xi will apparently accommodated at the G20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, afterwards in the year.  There’s diplomacy and discussions and agendas and so forth.

WALLACE:  Right.

KUDLOW:  But the accord has not been absolute afresh and we accept to accept advantage in all of these areas — trade, security, advancing issues. That’s what’s at pale here.  We accept to avert American interests as the admiral has said many, abounding times.

WALLACE:  Larry, acknowledge you.  Acknowledgment for your time and we will watch how the markets do this week, sir.

KUDLOW:  Acknowledge you, Chris.  Acknowledge it.

WALLACE:  Up next, 23 canicule until the midterm elections.  We’ll accompany in our Sunday accumulation to altercate how both the appropriate and larboard her aggravating to blaze up their voters.



TRUMP:  The Democrats accept become too acute and they become bluntly too alarming to govern.  They’ve gone wacko.


WALLACE:  Admiral Trump at a assemblage in Iowa this anniversary blame the post- Kavanaugh message, assuming Democrats as a mob.

And it’s time now for our Sunday group: Fox Account arch political analyst Brit Hume, Philippe Reines, above arch adviser to Hillary Clinton, Julie Pace, Washington agency arch for the Associated Press, and GOP architect Karl Rove.

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Well, the Washington Post is out with a new poll today, let’s put up the numbers.  It shows admiral Trump’s approval numbers are up bristles credibility from backward August, but there’s still acutely underwater.  And on the all-encompassing acclamation question, who do you abutment in your Abode district, Democrats advance by 11 credibility amid registered voters, 13 credibility amid acceptable voters.

Karl, how do you see the midterms 23 canicule out?

KARL ROVE, FORMER BUSH WHITE HOUSE ADVISER:  Republicans attending acceptable in the Senate because of the map.  We accept so abounding Republican-oriented states and so few Democrat — so few Republican senators up for election.

The Abode is a altered question.  Booty Charlie Cook, he has 196 solid to angular Republican —

WALLACE:  We should say, he writes the Cook Political Report, affectionate of a bible.

ROVE:  Yes, look, there are several others but they all serve in the aforementioned place.  He’s got 208 solid to angular Democrat seats.  So, and 31 toss-ups, two Democrat seats, 29 Republican seats.

The Democrats can booty ascendancy alone accusation ten.  If they authority all of those account about a third of the accident seats Republicans we accusation to booty about 71.  But it’s activity to be close, and it’s activity to be a continued night. I would doubtable we’re activity to accept a ample cardinal of contest acclimatized by a about baby scattering of votes.

Governorships, a lot of those up this year, 36 of them, Republicans are acceptable to lose seats artlessly because they accept so abounding and, unfortunately, there will be a brace of big accompaniment governors in there.

WALLACE:  Julie, what do you apprehend from association at the White House?  Do they feel decidedly with the Kavanaugh acceptance action that they accept blunted the declared dejected beachcomber of Democratic advances?  And to the amount that they still anguish about abnormally accident the House, how afraid are they about that?  That if they lose the House, if Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff in agreement of intelligence, the appulse it’s activity to accept in agreement of investigations and hearings and additionally on their agenda?

JULIE PACE, ASSOCIATED PRESS:  I anticipate they should and your aboriginal catechism on the wave, I anticipate they feel like they’ve been able to edgeless that on the Senate side.  There was this point advancing out of the summer, advancing out of activity day area it actually did attending like some of these Senate contest that did feel appealing adequate for Republicans are accepting closer.  That seems to accept abashed and we now do assume to be in a abode for the Senate is actually aptitude added acerb adjoin Republicans.

But this catechism about what appear if Democrats booty aback the Abode is actually a big billow over this White Abode because Democrats will afresh accept amendment ability in the House, they will be ablution as they accept already said, a accomplished bulk of investigations that is not aloof investigations into things that we apperceive Bob Mueller has been attractive at.  They are accessible to activity afterwards Trump’s taxes, to activity afterwards banking diplomacy of added bodies in the administering in the cabinet.

This is article I anticipate would actually basically boss 2019 for the president.  In allotment because he hasn’t done a decidedly acceptable job at laying out what his aldermanic calendar would be in a disconnected government. He’s got some account on basement and bent amends ameliorate but there’s annihilation proactive that he’s necessarily blame in the White Abode because they are understaffed and accept been for actually some time, they do not accept the basement in abode appropriate now to accord with a lot of Democratic investigations.

WALLACE:  Meanwhile abnormally afterwards the Kavanaugh acceptance fight, there seems to be a advance amid Democrats to booty on Donald Trump on his own terms, to be added advancing and it’s advancing from some absurd sources.

Take a look.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE:  You cannot be civilian with a political affair that wants to abort what you angle for and what you affliction about.

ERIC HOLDER, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL:  Michelle consistently says that, you know, aback they go low, we go high.  No.  No.  Aback they go low, we bang them.


WALLACE:  Brit, we should accomplish it bright that afterwards in that aforementioned speech, Eric Holder fabricated it bright that he is not advocating violence.  But this move to the larboard on issues, on tactics, do you anticipate it’s acceptable backroom for the Democrats?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST:  Well, I anticipate aural the Democratic Affair advancing you see a brace of political abstracts they are aggravating to t up, a brace of beats abaft the music.  The amount abject the Democratic Affair is in a acerbity and they appetite to assume to be in a acerbity too. They appetite to accomplish abiding everybody knows they’re allotment of the attrition too.

So, that’s area I anticipate this is.  I don’t anticipate it’s acceptable politics.  I don’t anticipate the comedy to Kavanaugh audition and the demonstrations that amidst it which got appealing animal and appealing far alfresco your accustomed bound are accessible to Democrats at all, and, you know, this Kavanaugh business was a very, actual big deal, because it went on so long, it was so conspicuous.

Let’s remember, in the average of it, “The New York Times” came out with a story, actual continued allotment about Trump’s declared cheating on his taxes through the years.  It sank afterwards a complete practically, so abundant so that a few canicule later, “The Times” ran it afresh and it still seems to accept gotten no traction.

So that’s how big a accord — that’s how abundant that Kavanaugh altercation asphyxiate things out.  And I anticipate Republicans will account from this into the midterms — whether they can bout the Democrats activity is actually addition matter.  I agnosticism that.  But Republicans are in bigger appearance because of it.

WALLACE:  Philippe, you can see the Republicans on the admiral actually blame this idea, they’re dangerous, don’t accord a bout to an arsonist, they’re loco, crazy.  Do — balloon the Republican talking points.  In your view, do Democrats booty a accident of actuality apparent as too extreme, the mob?  At that conceivably aching them in the midterms?

PHILIPPE REINES, FORMER HILLARY CLINTON SENIOR ADVISER:  Well, I’d say a brace of things.  First, sitting actuality as a Democrat, I’m abashed because above-mentioned to a few weeks ago, I was a snowflake of the affair of snowflakes and suddenly, we are an affronted mob of terrorists.  So — but to the point you’re asking, it doesn’t actually amount at this point whether we are as rageful as billed because we been billed as rageful.

And I would say the angle of aback we go high, breach high, that should accept died on November 8th, 2016.  I’m actually in the Hillary Clinton/Eric Holder camp.  The acrimony amid the Democratic Affair is genuine.  So, I anticipate in a actual simple way, it is acceptable to breach with that 18-carat emotion. Whether it is the best able tactic aing ages in aing two years, I don’t know.  But it’s 18-carat and I don’t anticipate it should be ignored, and I don’t anticipate I should try to be falsely mitigated.

And we’re activity to see abominably bodies aggravating to attune or aggravating to out-Trump Trump and I anticipate in 2019, that’s activity to be a absolute botheration for the Democratic field.

WALLACE:  Absolute quickly, Karl.

ROVE:  It’s a impaired move and I achievement they accumulate it up.  But, look, the bodies who would adjudge —

WALLACE:  Why is it dumb?

ROVE:  The bodies who would adjudge this acclamation are bodies who array of like what Trump is accomplishing but don’t like how Trump is acting.  In the aftermost affair they appetite is for the aing two years to be a aliment action in Washington. So, the abstraction of Jerry Nadler adage we’re activity to move appear accusation causes these bodies to say the arrangement is burst and it allows a Republican– a acute Republican to say the arrangement is broken.

WALLACE:  They weren’t over necessarily talking about impeachment.  They’re adage we’re activity to bout their affection with ours.

ROVE:  Fine, it doesn’t appear beyond that way.  That mob about the basic during Kavanaugh agreeable and shouting in the abandon that bodies accept been seeing in our political arrangement —

REINES:  It’s declared protesting.  I beggarly —

ROVE:  Great.  Let’s go bandy acrylic on the Republican abode in Manhattan and say that that is normal.

No, it’s not normal.  Our backroom is burst and the American bodies are activity to decide, they’re activity to vote for added Republicans than they should this abatement because the Republican is activity to say, I’m activity to go to Washington and try to acquisition a way to accomplish this affair assignment aback you accept a Democrat who says I’m activity to go there and actualize problems for the country by activity afterwards Trump.

People are ailing of it and they appetite to —


REINES:  If they were ailing of it, Donald Trump wouldn’t be president.

ROVE:  Well, that was because you had a Canada on the added ancillary who was the one actuality the Democrats could appoint that Donald Trump could beat, and she ran a awful campaign.  And her comments the added day about instability, I mean, what is she saying?  I mean, this is brutal.


WALLACE:  All right.  Guys, you’re burglary time for the aing panel.  We are activity to booty a breach here.

When we appear back, we’re activity to altercate Kanye West — speaking of calm armament in American backroom — Kanye West freewheeling appointment to the West Wing.

Plus, what would you like to ask the console about the political appulse of Kanye’s Oval Appointment event.  Aloof go to Facebook or Twitter @FoxNewsSunday. We may use your catechism on the air.

And later, are the U.S. and China affianced in a new algid war?  We’ll ask Beijing’s man in Washington.


WALLACE:  Advancing up, Kanye West puts on actually a achievement in the Oval Office.


KANYE WEST, MUSICIAN:  There was article about aback I put this hat on, it fabricated me feel like Superman.


WALLACE:  We’ll ask our Sunday accumulation whether the rapper’s abutment for the admiral will pay off in the polls, aing on “FOX Account Sunday”.


KANYE WEST, RAP ARTIST: Trump is on his hero’s adventure appropriate now. And he ability not accept accepted to accept a crazy mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED) like Kanye West run up and support.

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Army Leave form Us Military Leave Request form Fresh Da Military .. | us military leave request form

Let me accord this guy a hug and — I adulation this guy appropriate here.


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX ANCHOR: Well, that was aloof a aftertaste of Kanye West’s bathe rap at his affair with Admiral Trump in the Oval Office. And we’re aback now with the panel.

We asked you for questions for the console and we got this on Twitter from Troy Carline who tweets, does Trump actually anticipate Kanye West will admonition him accretion abutment from the African-American — with the African-American vote?

Julie, how do you acknowledgment Troy? Why do you anticipate the admiral access reporters and cameras in to see him with Kanye West?

JULIE PACE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: Well, I anticipate it’s appealing simple. I anticipate the admiral does anticipate that this will admonition him with African-American voters. Whether it actually does or not I anticipate is a altered question.

Look, I anticipate that Trump, at his core, is addition who actually understands the ability of a televised moment. He understands the ability of accomplishing article that’s a little offbeat. This was actually offbeat. It was covered widely. And, again, I do anticipate that he looks at addition like Kanye and things, well, if Kanye’s with me, afresh maybe I can get added abutment amid African-American voters. I actually do anticipate he makes that connection.

But, accepting covered a lot of politicians with a lot of celebrity endorsers, I anticipate that I can cautiously say that that actually doesn’t accept as abundant of an aftereffect as sometimes a advance or a White Abode thinks that they do.

WALLACE: Admiral Trump says that he gets essentially added abutment from African-Americans than best Republicans accept gotten over the years, but the numbers don’t aback him up.

Let’s booty a look.

In 2012, Mitt Romney got 6 percent of the atramentous vote. In 2016, Mr. Trump got 8 percent. And in a contempo poll, 12 percent of African-Americans accept of the job Admiral Trump is doing, while 85 percent disapprove.

Britt, your thoughts about Kanye’s appointment to the Oval Office, and is there any political benefit?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: I anticipate there’s apparently some bashful political benefit.

Look, the African-American vote for the Democratic Affair accept been caked now. Supports the Democratic — I beggarly they’ve been caked for years. A Republicans can alone achievement to cut into that a little bit because it’s the — culturally, I anticipate the atramentous vote is so — is so aggressive adjoin the — adjoin the Democrats. So this camp event, and that’s what it was, ability admonition a little, but alone a little, as Julie suggests.

WALLACE: Afresh there was addition absorbing accident this week, and that was Melania Trump’s primetime account on ABC, her aboriginal time actuality interviewed at length.

Here’s a clip.


MELANIA TRUMP, FIRST LADY: I could say I’m the best afraid actuality in the world.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You anticipate you’re the best afraid actuality in the world?

TRUMP: One — one of them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You’re not the aboriginal aboriginal adult to accept to accord with her husband’s declared infidelities. Has this put a ache on your marriage?

TRUMP: It is not affair and focus of mine. I’m a mother and a aboriginal adult and I accept abundant added important things to anticipate about and to do.


WALLACE: Philippe, you accept some acquaintance here, accepting brash Hillary Clinton how to accord with some of these questions. How did you anticipate Melania did?

PHILIPPE REINES, FORMER HILLARY CLINTON SENIOR ADVISER: It was cringe- worthy. Her adage that she’s one of the best afraid bodies in the apple is cringe-worthy.

Look, the — the role of aboriginal adult is not a job. It’s ill defined. It’s what you accomplish of it. And what we’ve apparent of, you know, over the aftermost decades is that the aboriginal adult generally picks a signature issue. For her to aces blowing and afresh to array of apathy the blowing her bedmate does on a circadian base and afresh to bifold bottomward and say that she’s the best bullied, I’m sorry, that goes from bad antic to aloof actuality tone-deaf. And I– I don’t apperceive — I’m abiding that a lot of bodies saw it and said, you’re actually right, but I’m not abiding what the point of it is.

HUME: What the point of it may be as this, can you brainstorm if she were the apron of a Democratic president, the adherent advantage that she would receive, and she has not gotten that. She has been advised either about absolutely ignored. She’s not on the awning of the big appearance magazines all the time the way a Democratic aboriginal adult who looks like her would be. And she’s generally mocked and ridiculed. Now, whether that makes her the — amid the best afraid bodies on earth, I don’t know. But the — but her complaint is not afterwards at atomic some basis.

REINES: But she gets abroad with a lot. I beggarly this is a woman who alone a few years ago was abounding on, on the birther advance and she has never been apprenticed on that. Ironically, she was in Kenya aftermost week, the actual point area her and her bedmate were adage that Admiral Obama was allegedly born. She’s not actuality apprenticed on that. She’s not actuality apprenticed decidedly on, why is your appointment lying and adage you’re aloof cutting a anorak because you pulled it off the arbor and her adage —

HUME: She is actuality apprenticed on that. I’ve apparent all kinds of advantage on that. There was a contradiction.

PACE: But there’s a aberration amid what the appointment said afterwards the actuality and afresh what she said, which is — which does not —

HUME: I apperceive that. And that has been — and that has —


HUME: And that has been actual broadly covered.

ROVE: And it was four months ago.

PACE: does not admonition your advantage aback we acquisition these inconsistencies.

WALLACE: Well, I wasn’t abiding we were activity to accept abundant to say about Melania. Evidently we are.

Karl, counterbalance in.

ROVE: I accept a hardly altered view. I anticipation we saw a strong, independent, thoughtful, caring person. Maybe she had — would accept begin a bigger way to accurate the abrogating columnist that she’s gotten than bullying. But I — I saw — I saw somebody who bodies could adore and appreciate. Clearly independent. I beggarly this is a woman who was asked some actual boxy questions about her accord with her bedmate and fabricated it bright that she was in accusation and she was activity to do what she capital to do and I anticipation it was a arresting time and I’m animated she did it. And —

REINES: We can’t leave this articulation on that agenda and —

ROVE: No, no, no, don’t — hey, don’t blow me, man. You’re blowing me. You’re blowing me.

REINES: I’m actuality civil. It was a ablaze tap.

ROVE: You’re blowing me.

WALLACE: Go advanced — go advanced — go ahead, Philippe.

REINES: Aback Karl came into the White House, he took over Hillary Clinton’s office, which was a big deal. She had a West Wing office. And what was the aboriginal affair you did aback you took over that office? This is my admired Karl story. You appetite me to acquaint it?

ROVE: Apparently not true, but go ahead.

REINES: You had an exorcism.

ROVE: No, I didn’t. No, I didn’t.

REINES: I’m aghast because that’s a abundant story.

ROVE: I beggarly I had — I had — I had a Catholic priest, who was a acquaintance of mine, who came in and prayed in my appointment and admired me the best. So — but somehow or addition —

REINES: There were no angry spirits?

ROVE: Somehow or another, you bodies try to (INAUDIBLE).

WALLACE: All right. All right.

REINES: I’m disappointed, I anticipation that was a abundant —

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army request for leave form – Heart.impulsar | us military leave request form

ROVE: Everything’s about you, isn’t it, about the Clintons, isn’t it?

WALLACE: OK, wait, wait.

ROVE: Everything.

WALLACE: Question, how is Mrs. Trump admired in the Trump White House? I beggarly we apperceive how Hillary was regarded. We apperceive how added aboriginal ladies — Nancy Reagan. How is she regarded? Is she apparent — are bodies afraid of her? Is she apparent as an important adviser to the president? Area is she apparent in agreement of belief in on activity and staff?

PACE: She’s done a actually absorbing affair area she is — and this is absolute — she is an important adviser to this president, but she does it in her own way. She is not a aboriginal adult who spends a lot of time in the West Wing. She is not somebody who — look, a Michelle Obama did, who developed able relationships with assertive bodies in the West Wing and had bodies there who were array of her voice. This is added her to the admiral in their clandestine time.

But she — you know, there’s this aftereffect to affectionate of put her in a box and — and ascertain her and I anticipate what we accept apparent over these aftermost brace of years is that that’s actually absurd to do because, on the one hand, she is as arch a adherent of her bedmate as anyone, yet she finds moments area she is accommodating to allege out adjoin him in a actually accessible way. Some of his activity decisions. Some of the things that he says on Twitter. And I anticipate that that’s what we’re activity to see from her in the aing brace of years, somebody who affectionate of has to attending moment to moment to amount out area she’s activity to be, but absolutely she is in band with this — with this president.

WALLACE: Acknowledge you, panel. See you aing Sunday.

Next up, the U.S. takes a added confrontational access to China as markets bead and tensions over barter rise. We’ll altercate diplomacy for a new algid war with China’s agent to the U.S., next.


WALLACE: Admiral Trump’s activity appear China keeps accepting tougher as the world’s two better economies face off, not aloof over trade, but additionally advancing and political issues. Earlier, I sat bottomward with China’s agent to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, to altercate the accompaniment of relations amid our two countries.


WALLACE: Agent Cui, acceptable to FOX NEWS SUNDAY.


WALLACE: I appetite to alpha with Carnality Admiral Pence’s boxy comments about China aftermost week. Actuality he is.


MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Aback it comes to Beijing’s antagonistic access and arrest in American backroom and policy, we will abide to betrayal it, no amount the anatomy it takes.


WALLACE: The carnality admiral declared out what he says is your bread-and-er aggression, what he declared your emdened military, and what he alleges are your efforts to baffle in the U.S. midterm election. Are the U.S. and China now affianced in a new Algid War?

CUI: Able-bodied aboriginal of all, I accept to say, all these accusations are groundless. One of the axiological principals in China’s adopted activity is non-interference in the centralized diplomacy of added countries. And we accept been constant in this position. We accept a actual acceptable clue record.

WALLACE: You were allotment of a actually boxy affair with Secretary of Accompaniment Pompeo in Beijing this anniversary in which top Chinese admiral said that they would take, quote, all all-important measures to aegis your country.

How far is China able to go in agreement of continuing up to the U.S.?

CUI: I anticipate it’s the accepted appropriate of every country to avert its civic interest. And China is no exception. But the talks Secretary Pompeo had in Beijing was a actual acceptable admonition at such a aerial akin amid the two sides. And it’s actual timely.

WALLACE: Let’s ameliorate some of this and let’s alpha with the accusation of acclamation meddling.

Vice Admiral Pence says that China is accurately targeting tariffs to aching Republican voters, to try to about-face them abroad from voting for Republican candidates and eventually from voting for Admiral Trump in 2020. He says that you are putting advertising mailers in U.S. newspapers. And this week, the FBI administrator said that China is now the cardinal one — the greatest counterintelligence blackmail that the U.S. faces.

Are you affianced in aggravating to meddle in the acclamation in 2018 the way that Russians did in 2016?

CUI: You see Chinese media, they are aloof acquirements from America  media to use all these means, to buy bartering pages from newspapers, to accomplish their angle accepted or to awning what is accident here. This is accustomed convenance for all the media.

WALLACE: I appetite to about-face to barter war.

President Trump has imposed tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods. Your country has responded with tariffs on $110 billion of U.S. exports.

Here is Admiral Trump on the situation.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We accept amazing abeyant to abound abundantly aback we get rid of these horrible, abominable barter deals with China. Over the aftermost five, six years, we’ve been accident $300 billion to $500 billion a year — billion.


WALLACE: Now I apperceive you say that the U.S. started it, but at this point, whoever started it, are the U.S. and China affianced in a barter war?

CUI: Well, we don’t accept any barter war with any added country, including the United States.

The actuality is, through the antithesis of barter amid China and the United States, you apperceive how abundant account American consumers accept got over the years and how abundant money America companies accept fabricated from their operations in China?  You accept to attending at the accomplished picture.

It’s important to apprehension who started this barter war. We never appetite to accept a barter war. But if somebody started a barter war adjoin us, we accept to acknowledge and avert our own interests.

WALLACE: U.S. admiral say, though, that China is not so innocent in all of this. They say that you abduct bookish property, that you force technology transfers from U.S. companies that advance in China to Chinese companies.

And actuality is Trump barter adviser Peter Navarro talking about China.


PETER NAVARRO, WHITE HOUSE TRADE ADVISER: Structurally, it’s geared adjoin actuality this — array of the bacteria of the world. Aggregate that it does to abound its abridgement generally comes at the amount of everybody else.


WALLACE: And aloof this week, a top Chinese intelligence administrator was extradited aback to the U.S. for allegedly aggravating to abduct secrets from GE Aviation and added aerospace companies.

CUI: I anticipate all of these accusations about how China has developed are baseless and not fair to the Chinese people. You see, China has 1.4 billion people. It would be adamantine to brainstorm that one-fifth of the all-around citizenry could advance and not prosper, not by relying mainly on their own efforts, but by burglary or banishment some alteration of technology from others. That’s impossible.

The Chinese bodies are as accomplished and active as anybody on earth.

WALLACE: Are you bright who Admiral Trump listens to on barter issues, whether it’s moderates like Kudlow and Mnuchin, or hardliners like Navarro?

CUI: You acquaint me.

WALLACE: You accept abashing about this?  I beggarly that’s acutely allotment of your job as the Chinese ambassador, to be able to abode aback to Beijing who has the president’s ear.

CUI: Honestly, I’ve been talking to ambassadors of added countries in Washington D.C., and this is additionally allotment of their problem.


CUI: They don’t apperceive who is the final accommodation maker. Of course, presumably, the admiral will booty the final decision, but who is arena what role?  Sometimes it could be actual confusing.

WALLACE: There are additionally advancing tensions. A Chinese warship afresh addled a U.S. abode appliance abandon of aeronautics in the South China Sea. And the U.S. is aing to acknowledging a $330 actor accoutrements auction to Taiwan.

Do you appearance these – the U.S. ships in the South China Sea, sales to Taiwan, do you appearance those as U.S. provocations?

CUI: Aboriginal of all, I anticipate I will accept to be bright area the adventure took place. You were appropriate to say it was in South China Sea. So it’s at China’s doorstep. It’s not Chinese argosy that are activity to the bank of — of California or to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s so aing to the Chinese islands and to — it’s so aing to the Chinese coast. So who is on the offensive? Who is on the defensive?  This is actual clear.

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us army leave request form – Kope.impulsar | us military leave request form

About American accoutrements auction to Taiwan, this is a actual acceptable archetype of American action into Chinese centralized affairs.

WALLACE: Let’s allocution about addition beam point, North Korea.

Does China accede with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un that any accomplish that he takes appear denuclearization charge be akin by U.S. concessions on the added side?  And what do you — how do you acknowledge to allegations, alike by Admiral Trump, that China has airy its sanctions adjoin North Korea and is acceptance appurtenances to breeze into North Korea?

CUI: China has voted in favor of all the U.N. Aegis Council resolutions about sanctions adjoin DPRK. And we are implementing all these resolutions.

WALLACE: You accept not airy them?

CUI: Aback – as continued as these resolutions are still enforced, we will apparatus them faithfully.

WALLACE: And do you anticipate that the United States is right, that denuclearization has to appear first, or do you accede with Kim, that North Korea takes a step, the U.S. takes a step?

CUI: I’m anticipate in adjustment to accomplish or goal, we accept to accept a coordinated, phased, and step-by-step approach.

WALLACE: That’s the Kim position.

CUI: Well, this is the reality. How can you argue him to accord up all the nuclear weapons afterwards any achievement that the U.S. would be afterward a added affable activity appear him?

WALLACE: Finally, Admiral Xi and Admiral Trump will accommodated in Buenos Aries at the G-20 Summit aing ages in November. What do you anticipate are the possibilities that they can about-face the bearings around, accomplish it beneath tense?

CUI: You see, I was actual accustomed to be present at the affairs amid the two presidents, both at Mar-a-Lago April aftermost year, and in Beijing aftermost November. And it was so bright that such top akin admonition played a key role, irreplaceable role, in allegorical the accord forward.

And there’s a acceptable alternate compassionate and a acceptable alive accord amid the two. I achievement and I’m abiding this will continue.

WALLACE: Agent Cui, acknowledge you so much. Please appear back, sir.

CUI: Acknowledge you.


WALLACE: Up next, our “Power Play of the Week.” What do Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin, and Benjamin Netanyahu accept in common? They accept all backward here.


WALLACE: There are some landmarks in Washington that bodies rarely get to go inside. And we got to apprehensive about one acclaimed architecture actuality that’s off banned to all but a few. Actuality is our “Power Amateur of the Week.”



WALLACE (voice over): Matthew Wendel is talking about active of accompaniment visiting Blair House, the presidential bedfellow abode beyond from the White House. The accepted administrator gave us a attenuate attending behind-the-scenes there.

WALLACE (on camera): Mr. Wendel.

WENDEL: Hello. Acceptable to Blair House. Appear on in, Chris.

WALLACE (voice over): Aback 1942, Blair Abode has hosted hundreds of adopted delegations. Wendel brought out the aboriginal of added than a dozen bedfellow books.

WENDEL: And I’ll appearance you the signature of Charles De Gaulle in 1944.

WALLACE (on camera): The arch of French attrition at the acme of Apple War II.


WALLACE (voice over): Over added than seven decades, Blair Abode has been Washington abode for visitors like Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth, Nikita Khrushchev and Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu and Emmanuel Macron.

WENDEL: Total apartment is about 119. The aboveboard footage is aing to 70,000 aboveboard feet. And full-time agents of 15.

WALLACE (on camera): In effect, it’s a hotel.

WENDEL: We accede it a quasi-hotel-home-bed and breakfast.

WALLACE: It’s a heck of a bed and breakfast.

WALLACE (voice over): France’s Preston Blair, a affiliate of Andrew Jackson’s kitchen cabinet, bought the abode in 1836 for $6,500. But that’s aloof the alpha of its abode in history.

WENDEL: Chris, this is the Lincoln Room. It’s declared that because aback Lincoln was president, he generally came over actuality to get admonition from the Blairs.

WALLACE: Blair Abode took on a new role in 1942 during apple War II aback Churchill acclimated a breach at the White House.

WENDEL: He would be up backward at night accepting a alcohol or two, alive up the president, and Mrs. Roosevelt aloof was — had had enough.

WALLACE (on camera): So they bought Blair House?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So now the Truman’s access at their new home, accessible to set up housekeeping. In Washington, the presidential abode is the Blair House.

WALLACE (voice over): Starting in 1948, Harry Truman lived actuality four years while the White Abode was beneath renovation.

WENDEL: This is what’s declared the Lee Dining Room. Aback in Truman’s days, he acclimated this table and these chairs as his chiffonier room. It was additionally area we fabricated the accommodation to accompany the Korean War.

WALLACE: And afresh there’s the Truman Study.

WENDEL: And that’s area Truman had his Oval — basically Oval Appointment during the advance of the White Abode aback he lived here.

WALLACE: But in 1950, two Puerto Rican nationalists approved to shoot their way into Blair Abode and annihilate the president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Admiral Truman continues to booty his circadian walks. Two quick cutting White Abode guards were blood-soaked in the acerbity of battery that apparent the phonetic assault.

WALLACE: In 1977, Jimmy Carter gave Blair Abode a new role. Every president-elect aback has spent the night afore his commencement in what’s declared the Principal Suite with two abstracted bedrooms. But the capital role of Blair Abode is what it’s been for 76 years, to extend the nation’s accommodation to presidential guests, no amount how abbreviate the notice.

WENDEL: The abode is consistently accessible no amount what. If one showed up this morning, or tomorrow, we’re consistently accessible for a visitor.


WALLACE: I asked Wendel, what’s the strangest appeal the Blair Abode agents anytime got from a arch of state? He said to buzz a dupe in the bedchamber fireplace.

And that’s it for today. Accept a abundant week. And we’ll see you aing “Fox Account Sunday.”


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