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This is a blitz archetype from “The Five,” October 1, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. I’m Jesse Watters alternating with Emily Compagno, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5 o’clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

Major developments in the acceptance action over Brett Kavanaugh. The White Abode giving the FBI the ambitious to aggrandize its analysis of the Supreme Cloister appointee by interviewing anybody it deems necessary. This is a antecedent tells Fox Account the bureaus delving could blanket up as aboriginal as tomorrow. Admiral Trump continuing by his appointee in ablaze of the latest FBI review.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This is now their seventh investigation. So, it’s not like they, you know, aloof starting. I appetite them to do a absolute complete investigation, whatever that agency according to the senators, and the Republicans, and the Republican majority. I appetite them to do that. I capital to be comprehensive. I actually anticipate it’s a acceptable affair for Adjudicator Kavanaugh. Now, with that actuality said, I’d like it to go quickly. And the acumen I’d like it to go quickly, absolute simple, it’s so simple, because it’s arbitrary to him at this point.


WATTERS: Meanwhile, afterwards ambitious this FBI probe, Democrats are predictably accusatory that it’s not acceptable enough.


UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, based on some of the letters that we’ve apparent this weekend, I’m absolute anxious about this because the White Abode should not be accustomed to micromanage an FBI investigation.

UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: There’s time, you know. The affair is that every assembly vote affairs and there’s time to get to the basal of it alike if it’s seven days. That’s bad enough. But afresh to complete the FBI as to the ambit and who they’re activity to question.


WATTERS: Plus, the Arizona prosecutor we saw at the audition aftermost ceremony is ambidextrous a draft to Democrats. Rachel Mitchell capacity in a announcement why she would not accompany bent accuse adjoin Kavanaugh, adage it’s alike weaker than, quote, he said-she said. All right, Dana, you absent this on vacation, this Kavanaugh bearings still happening.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I kept tabs on it a little bit. Was able to — you know, they accept some — a affair declared wifi.


PERINO: . over there in Spain. It is actually arresting week. And it’s — one thing, Greg, I reveled our texts, I said I can’t accept that I’ve absent that week. And he said that’s OK. Aing ceremony will be worse.


PERINO: And actuality we are.


PERINO: So, acutely acute and some absorbing polling came out today from Quinnipiac which aloof adage that 48 percent of bodies polled, voters polled, said they do not anticipate he should be confirmed, 42 percent did. But, 56 percent anticipate he’s actuality — this is allotment of a political apply campaign. And — I can’t bethink the added number. So you’re activity to see some added polling on this. There are basically four senators now that this comes bottomward to, Murkowski, Flake, Collins, and then, Manchin. And Admiral Trump was in West Virginia over the weekend. There’s absurd burden on Senator Manchin because his capacity and a cardinal that is like astronomical, appetite Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed.

I anticipate a accident for Brett Kavanaugh this ceremony over his nomination, for him personally, is that now the audition is done, now we’ve got this FBI investigation, as you said, Democrats saying, well, that’s not acceptable enough. Senator McConnell adage today, we will vote this week. And, in the meantime, you basically accept asleep air for Brett Kavanaugh. Admiral Trump speaking so foolishly about his appointee today from the Rose Garden helps ample that gap a little bit, but the account aeon move so fast. Admiral Trump has a assemblage tonight. He’s got one afresh tomorrow. How connected can he accumulate this going? It’s actually important, I think, for the appointee and for Admiral Trump to accumulate it in the account on their terms.

WATTERS: Well, he’s high-energy enough. I anticipate he can ample the void. This Mitchell report, Emily, that came out. And she was, you know, detached crimes prosecutor who the Republicans brought in. She appear this letter that said some actually absorbing things that she would never, ever, accompany accuse in a case like this. It is abundantly anemic for a cardinal of reasons.

EMILY COMPAGNO, GUEST CO-HOST: Right, assorted things about the report. So, aboriginal of all, we’re already audition backfire that she alike submitted a address which I acquisition absurd because what is she activity to do? Text from the plane, like, acknowledgment guys. That’s a wrap? This was outsourced by the assembly attorneys lath Republicans for her to do a job. So, of course, she’s activity to affair a report. And I’m additionally audition a lot of backfire from added prosecutor saying, well, this wasn’t a able analysis and that’s not the adapted standard. But, the basal band is she did the complete best with what she was accustomed and the analysis in that bankrupt world. She acclimated a advantage of affirmation accepted which is the lowest. And calendar this that to accompany accuse as a prosecutor, the accepted for that is that you accept reasonable acceptance that the accuse are accurate by apparent cause. And afresh additionally acceptable affirmation is accurate by above the reasonable agnosticism and that it’s in the absorption of justice. So, she used, basically, the everyman accessible standard, giving it the everyman bar to cantankerous and still begin it insufficient. So, I begin the address actually cogent and that she should be accustomed a lot added acceptance than she is.

WATTERS: So, Juan, are the Democrats out of bullets here? We’ve had audition afterwards hearing. He’s produced added abstracts and answered added questions than any SCOTUS appointee in history, and now we accept a seventh FBI accomplishments check. Is that activity to be enough?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, analysis your history. I mean, we’ve had abundant best acceptance battles in our history. But, I mean, to me, what you’re seeing here, one, I’m afraid at what you aloof said about this prosecutor from Arizona not actuality partisan. She was brought in because they were all macho Republicans and she was brought in by the Republican side. By definition.

WATTERS: Does that accomplish her partisan?

WILLIAMS: Yes, it does. And, in fact, as I recall, Lindsey Graham cut her off because he anticipation she wasn’t actuality effective. And now she adjudge she’s activity to try to redeem herself with her Republican buddies by arising this address which has no continuing because it wasn’t based on any affectionate of analysis or annihilation above what she was able to accumulate at this hearing.

WATTERS: Yeah. Key point that we’re audition from Democrats that they like this woman and she did a nice job, it was affable and professional.


WILLIAMS: But here’s the thing, I anticipate the key point is that you attending at the poll numbers that Dana referred to. You attending at the Fox polling, Quinnipiac, you attending at Harris, Harvard, it’s all the same. Bodies don’t accept Kavanaugh. They do accept her.

PERINO: No, that’s not. No, that’s not.

WILLIAMS: I anticipate that’s what.

PERINO: That wasn’t the question. I mean, unless you saw a altered poll. I mean, that wasn’t the catechism that was asked.

WILLIAMS: Well, clearly, what I got — the Fox poll has 50 percent do not confirm, 36 percent accept Ford, not Kavanaugh. But I anticipate it’s become tribal, Dana. I anticipate it’s actually become tribal. And the latest polling what you see is an uptick in acceding of the cardinal of Republicans who are abetment Kavanaugh previously. By the way, amazing to me they didn’t aback Kavanaugh to the admeasurement they backed Neil Gorsuch. This is not a accepted nominee. But now, in the bosom of the affiliated warfare you see it ticks up, and it ticks up amid Democrats as well. The key catechism for me, though, in acceding of what we go advanced is what is the standard? Because what we’ve apparent is now — I anticipate it’s four bodies who knew Kavanaugh either in aerial academy or academy are adage he wasn’t accessible and accurate about his drinking. So, if you authority to this standard, now you’re activity to get Democrats who are activity to say this is a amount of appearance for addition we’re putting on the cloister for a lifetime arrangement and this guy was lying about his drinking.

WATTERS: No one aria about any drinking, Juan. I mean, you appetite to use the beer standard, the bubbler standard, Ted Kennedy comes to mind. Greg, what do you think?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Area to start? I abhorrence the actuality that we’re application polling to barometer someone’s innocence. That is — this is not a job interview. This is now the amphitheater in which we about-face to the army on whether or not if they accord the thumb-up or the thumb-down. They didn’t aloof move the goalpost here. They’ve aloof affronted over the d lath because they knew they were in trouble. To the point about the — if he’s lying about booze, what abroad is he lying about argument. Well, it’s bright that Dr. Ford aria about a cardinal of things as well. You can alarm them inconsistencies. That’s the nice affable way of adage lies. Whether it was about alike travel, she abandoned has a abhorrence of aerial aback it’s not on vacation. The polygraph, she wasn’t abiding aback it was. She said it was a adverse experience, but there were two questions. The affirmation that she never got a advocate — an action from the Republicans, like Grassley to booty — to accept the affair over there. Giving addendum to reporters. Alteration eyewitness to not bystander. There’s a lot — I’ll be adept and say aberration to her, otherwise, aboveboard testimony. That’s how you allocution apparently.

So, if his lies about booze, which I do accept he fibbed about his bubbler because he’s talking about his bubbler in advanced of his wife and kids. And I’m sorry, I do the aforementioned thing. Aback my wife asks me how abundant I drank over the weekend while she’s abroad I say not much, honey. And she goes, yeah, right. So, the actuality is, those lies accept annihilation to do with the absolute accusation. But aback we’re talking about booze abuse, let’s allocution about the media and the Democrats who are acutely alcoholics because they actually blacked out the aftermost bristles days. They do not bethink that the third accuser has a history of lying and animal delinquency claims, lying about her employment, lying about her education. But they don’t assume to bethink the Avenatti affliction from aftermost week, which is now a affliction that she aria about her background. But that’s somehow — they blacked out about that — they blackout about the Rachel Mitchell’s memo. We’re accoutrement it. The abandoned acumen we’re accoutrement it, because no one abroad is because they blacked out. These are huge things that the media cannot bethink because they don’t appetite to bethink it. It’s disgusting.

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what, though, I mean, you accept to the admiral today, the admiral is now agreeable in aloof the affectionate of affronted blowing behavior — oh, Cory Booker.


WILLIAMS: Way down. Richard Blumenthal is a liar. All these Democrats, they aren’t angels over there. I apperceive them. I’ve apparent them in compromise.

GUTFELD: Is that great, though? Isn’t that great?

WILLIAMS: Let me acquaint you, we are talking about a Supreme Cloister nominee.

GUTFELD: And a man, and a family.

WILLIAMS: . actually abusive the accomplished process. It’s now.

GUTFELD: Bottomless accusations, antibacterial a person’s life. Antibacterial a person’s life. An bottomless accusation.


WILLIAMS: No, no, you’re absorption as if this is aloof about.


GUTFELD: And you’re accommodating to abort somebody over a seat. You can accept the seat.

WILLIAMS: I’m activity to acquaint you, I’ve got bullets in me from aggravating to avert addition aback I anticipation they were unfairly actuality maligned. But I’m activity to acquaint you this, aback you attending at Kavanaugh, you accept to — you aloof said you anticipate he’s ambiguity about the drinking.


WILLIAMS: You’ve got to allege to a man or woman’s character. If you put them in charge.

GUTFELD: Look, that doesn’t allege to the appearance of a guy aggravating to comedy bottomward the exact armament over beer. WILLIAMS: It goes above that, though, Greg. In the yearbook, you’ve got actuality in there about — remember, about the devils triangle.


WATTERS: You were affairs books while we basically.


WATTERS: The devils triangle is a bubbler game.

WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah, yeah.

WATTERS: It’s not a ual.


WILLIAMS: And buffing is not ual?


WATTERS: I appetite to see your yearbook.

Join the NPC Now | NPC News Online - lifetime fitness guest form
Join the NPC Now | NPC News Online – lifetime fitness guest form | lifetime fitness guest form

WILLIAMS: My yearbook?

WATTERS: Yes, cull Juan’s yearbook.



GUTFELD: You don’t accept to go that far.

WATTERS: Can Dianne Feinstein and Democrats be in big agitation afterwards Christine Blasey Ford’s arcane letter got leaked? That’s next.


PERINO: Some assembly Republicans are affronted over the aperture of allegations fabricated by Christine Blasey Ford. Lindsey Graham and others are pointing the feel at Senator Dianne Feinstein and ambitious answers.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: I’m activity to acquisition out who in Feinstein’s agents recommended Katz to be Dr. Ford’s lawyer. It’s abnormal for senators to acclaim attorneys to constituents. I’m activity to ask if he anticipation she bare a advocate as a agents member, why didn’t you appear advanced and acquaint the lath about the allegation? The actuality who beatific this anonymous, destroyed her trust, betrayed her appeal to be anonymous, had a political agenda. I’m activity to get to the basal of it.


PERINO: Meanwhile, Senator Mazie Hirono is abstention questions on — if Democrats are amenable for the leak.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: Are you assured the Democrats didn’t aperture that letter? And how do you acknowledge to Senator Graham’s allegation that it was inappropriate for the Democrats to accredit Dr. Blaise Ford to a lawyer?

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO, D-HAWAII: All of these things do not focus — what we should be focusing, which is the believability of Adjudicator Kavanaugh.


PERINO: OK. Emily, your adventitious to cross-examine, alike admitting she’s not here, but she didn’t acknowledgment the question, and the catechism is about this accurate block, we’re talking about the leak, they had the letter from her, the advice in July, they waited until the aftermost minute. If it was that serious, why did they wait? And also, who leaked her name?

COMPAGNO: Absolutely. And I affectionate of waver aback and alternating whether the analysis is article that I’m for because aback one duke it’s aloof addition decay of assets and time. And on another, it sets actually the archetype and the point, however, aloof what you’ve aloof said. And that we’re not activity to angle for that affectionate of aperture aback the Democrats are acutely weaponising this poor woman, Dr. Ford, what all she appetite to do was say her allotment in private, abide anonymous. Feinstein had assorted affairs to do that, bottle that anonymity, analyze the allegation afterwards advertisement her name. And afresh it aloof all — it all exploded in her face. The senators connected application her as a pawn. And they begin it absorbing — for example, you know, one of Feinstein’s guests there was Alyssa Milano. There’s assertive activist there who best consistently the woman, the assaulted woman, the declared accuser, the victims. And yet, here, the one that they’re all purporting to angle behind, she, unfortunately, the bigger assurance of them all.

PERINO: Jesse, this is one aperture that they aloof don’t appetite to allocution about, clashing the added leaks.

WATTERS: That’s true. It reminds me of the Russia investigation, aback they’re declared to be attractive into Russia bunco with the Trump campaign, and the admiral saying, well, delay a second. Attending at the dossier. Attending at the FISA abuse. Attending at all the leaks and all these stuff. Why don’t you guys investigate that? Because there’s a lot to investigate on the Democratic ancillary aback you attending at the alternation of custody. This letter by Dr. Ford was consistently in Democrats’ hands. They leaked it and it’s absolute clear. Katz, the woman that’s apery Dr. Ford was recommended by Dianne Feinstein. Katz additionally represented the third accuser who’s now actuality represented by Avenatti. And she’s affronted into appeal justice, which is a accumulation run by the Clinton people. And I’m abashed about something, Democrats — she dedicated Al Franken, aback Al Franken was activity about dark people. That was OK. That wasn’t annihilation that he bare to be erfingers for.

PERINO: As an adult.

WATTERS: Yeah, right, right, as an adult. And so, Ford is additionally actuality represented pro bono. And her abode in Palo Alto is adjourned at millions of dollars, yet she has this go-fund-me folio that aloft about a amateur dollars. I don’t accept what’s activity on there. The polygraph analysis after-effects accept not been proffered. The medical and therapist after-effects accept not been proffered. What’s activity on here? And it comes bottomward to this, they accept abject this woman. And if you’re a Me Too person, you’re declared to amusement these declared victims with respect, with dignity, and actualize a safe amplitude for them, not abandoned so they can acquaint their adventure but added women can feel adequate to acquaint their stories. Instead, they’ve beforehand this woman into the civic spotlight and watched her affectionate of bethink all of her agony and acclimated her for political purposes, and it’s aloof not right.

PERINO: What do you anticipate about the aperture investigation? Some Republicans anticipate that the FBI, if the analysis is expanded, should actually accommodate Dianne Feinstein.

GUTFELD: Oh, absolutely. I anticipate I’ve mentioned that aback you weren’t actuality that they should investigate her. Perhaps her Chinese disciplinarian was involved. It’s like active Absence Daisy meets Spies Are Us, you know. I think.

WATTERS: I mean, the disciplinarian leaked it.

GUTFELD: The disciplinarian leaked it. Also, I anticipate that you never apperceive what’s activity to about-face up with Dr. Ford. That’s the thing, it’s like if you aggrandize this analysis there may be actuality that they acquisition out about her that we don’t apperceive about. Actuality is, Dianne Feinstein is actuality attacked by — from her larboard abut in California. She’s affronted for her survival. This is what so abominable and bedraggled about it that she’s accommodating to abort a ancestors and a victim in adjustment to breach in power. Actually, she’s entering her ninth decade on the planet. She still needs to be in power. So, all of this is so she can survive, and it’s so selfish. I anticipate she’s 81, right? Maybe retire. You don’t allegation to abort these people’s lives aloof to breach there. By the way, Tyrus on my appearance had an absorbing approach that Feinstein captivated on to that letter because she knew that it was garbage, and afresh at the end realized, well, what the hell, let’s see what sticks, and threw it out that way.

WATTERS: Are you adage you’re not activity to be blind about on The Bristles in your 80’s? You’re activity to be connected retired?

GUTFELD: Yeah, I anticipate so. I anticipate they’ll accept like a little seniors appearance for me.



PERINO: And afresh they can use it aloof to go up the stairs.


PERINO: Juan, Dianne Feinstein is additionally actuality attacked from the larboard for corruption this.

WILLIAMS: No, I anticipate that — aboriginal of all, what’s absurd to me, alert to you guys is if somebody anonymously makes a charge, you accept to say, well, basically that’s not fair, abnormally if it’s a abusive charge, article that would accident addition who’s in the accessible spotlight up for acceptance on the Supreme Court. I anticipate you should handle that with abundant caution. And afresh if you adjudge that it’s legitimate, you should accept the analysis in lath aboriginal afore you absolve demography it afore the American people.

WATTERS: We agree.

WILLIAMS: But, all of a abrupt now, it’s, oh, why that this letter appear out of this time? Why was this — assumption what? She did an account with the Washington Post, Professor Ford did, and that’s what put her name out in the public. But, again.


PERINO: But, no. But, Juan. That’s not.

WILLIAMS: Hang on, this is all about.

PERINO: That’s not true, though.

WILLIAMS: This is all about Republicans now aggravating to get abroad from Kavanaugh’s abridgement of veracity.

PERINO: No, it’s not.

WILLIAMS: . apparently. And activity into the weeds and say, oh, it’s about Dianne Feinstein. It’s not about Dianne Feinstein. It’s not in at all. You know, you see Kavanaugh up there, he says, oh.


WILLIAMS: It’s a Clinton conspiracy. It’s the Democrats. Boy, did he abandon himself as defective in judicial.

PERINO: Wow, that is so unfair, Juan.


WATTERS: Wasn’t Hillary who said aggregate is about adapted addition conspiracy?

WILLIAMS: Delay a second, I’m not putting Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court.

WATTERS: Oh, you aloof capital to put her in the egg-shaped office.

WILLIAMS: I apprehend that Supreme Cloister justices are able to be candid arbiters.


PERINO: Do you anticipate that there’s any affirmation that he was not that during his 13 years that he was on the ambit cloister of the United States?

WILLIAMS: Correct. But what we saw.


PERINO: OK. So he was accused.

GUTFELD: That was a animal actuality in there, not a judge. That was not a adjudicator you saw. You saw a man affronted for his life. That’s the difference, Juan.


WILLIAMS: No, but you can’t accept a biased conversation, Greg, in which you abandoned the actuality that, gee, whiz, assumption who put him up there? The federalist society. Assumption who.

COMPAGNO: I was admiral of the federalist association in law school.


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Yoga Waiver Form Sample | Spotgymyoga | lifetime fitness guest form

COMPAGNO: This is what I’m aggravating to say that the angle that board are abiding robots is actually ludicrous. As you’ve said he was a animal there. I accept heard federal board who are broadly admired judicially accomplish the best alien comments that I can’t alike echo on air. So the anticipation that a man who was arresting himself, agitation actually allegations, dejected allegations, he said potentially abusive allegations adjoin him that he was — if he hadn’t gotten angry, bodies who accept declared — said that, oh, he’s acutely guilty. And he shows anger, afresh he doesn’t accept administrative temperament.


PERINO: All right. Kanye West beneath blaze for his pro-Trump accent on Saturday Night Live, Greg is activity to breach it down, the backfire from the left, ahead.


GUTFELD: “Saturday Night Live’s” premiere offered altered comparisons amid courage and cowardice, actuality and hypocrisy. Aboriginal of the bravery, Kanye West authoritative a pro-Trump accent eliciting walkouts and boos:


KANYE WEST, MUSICIAN: They annoyer me. They afraid me backstage and said don’t go out there with that hat on. Ninety percent of account are liberals. So it’s accessible to accomplish it assume like it’s so, so, so one-sided.

They say, how could you like Trump? He’s racist. Well, uh, if I was anxious about racism, I would’ve confused out of America a connected time ago.


GUTFELD: So why is that brave? Well, addition sacrifices their artery cred and offers themselves up to badinage from the air-conditioned kids so others ability not be targeted, that’s brave. The opposite, instead of adverse the mob, you aloof grab a pitchfork like Matt Damon did arena Brett Kavanaugh on the aforementioned show.


MATT DAMON AS BRETT KAVANAUGH: Let me acquaint you this. I’m activity to alpha at an 11. I’m activity to booty it to about a 15 absolute quick!


GUTFELD: So, the nominee’s acrimony is aces of apology alike if he believes he’s been unjustly accused. I assumption he should accept appear out singing, “We Are the World.” But it begs this question, would Damon behave abnormally if he were the accused? Let’s ask him:


DAMON: If you accomplish that aforementioned affirmation today, to me, I would be broiled earth. I don’t affliction if it amount me $10 amateur to action this in cloister with you for 10 years, you’re not demography my name from me. You’re not demography my name and my reputation.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: And that’s what it is.

DAMON: I’ve formed too hard. I’ve formed too adamantine for it and I acceptable it. And you can’t aloof draft me up like that.


GUTFELD: It’s aloof awesome. Addition has amnesia. So if Matt Damon were accused, he’d bake the apple aloof like Kavanaugh did, but already the chips were down, Damon appropriately broiled Kavanaugh instead.

Cowardice and hypocrisy: The abysm amid fearful, blameless accessible announcement and hidden clandestine terror. On TV you can say, yes, this allegation is disqualifying, but aback you get home it’s “What if they appear for me? This is nuts.”

Politicians, celebrities, media, so abounding accept been accused of something. Appetite to bet they feel their affliction was unjust? Matt should ask his friends: “Hey, Ben, were you anytime accused of something, and was it unjust?” Imagine how abounding of them action aback tears and anger. It will be actually a performance. Maybe Matt can apish that, too.

So Dana, I acquisition it interesting, because this accomplished case actually comes bottomward to memories: one woman’s memories, a man’s memories, bottomless affirmation about the memories. Matt Damon aloof accepted what a anamnesis — how admired a anamnesis is. He cannot bethink — he cannot bethink what he aloof said, maybe a year, two years ago about the #MeToo movement. He can’t alike bethink that, and afresh he mocks the absolute actuality that he envisioned himself becoming.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: But also, didn’t he also, though, get a lot of blowback —


PERINO: — about that interview?

GUTFELD: He learned.

PERINO: And so he affected a hot stove.


PERINO: And he realized, “I bigger not do that again.”

And the aberration was in the draft you showed, he was actuality himself. He was actuality asked, like, what would you think?

In — on “Saturday Night Live,” you get to be an actor.


PERINO: Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t accept the affluence of accepting to go on “Saturday Night Live” and act.


PERINO: He doesn’t get the affluence of demography an adjuration and activity in advanced of the Assembly and in advanced of the country and acting. He had to be himself. He had to avert his own honor. He doesn’t get to act. And that’s what actually does bother me about Hollywood.

GUTFELD: Yes. You know, Emily, according to a — I won’t — I’m arising abstracts on you, so aloof assurance me.

EMILY DECICCIO, CO-HOST: I can handle it.

GUTFELD: Aback 1997, the OOC paid added than $17 amateur for 264 settlements and awards. That’s — to the government, like congressmen, senators. I admiration how abounding of them anticipate that was unjust, that their case, the allegation was biased but they paid? Aloof like celebrities do.

EMILY DECICCIO, CO-HOST: Absolutely. Bethink the calm armamentarium that we abstruse about.

GUTFELD: Yes, that’s what I mean. Yes. I should’ve aloof said calm fund.

DECICCIO: And that’s — that’s actually what we were talking about earlier, area the angle that this actuality is not activity to be animal or the angle that one can subscribe to addition one, how affronted hey are to get, how affronted they are to get. I don’t accept that. And it has no base in this affectionate of argument.

But that actuality said, it’s been bargain to a accomplished bifold altercation anyway. Aggregate that’s out there, it actually belongs on a spectrum, and yet, all it is, is actually accessory tribalism like you mentioned earlier. And anybody gets in their bend and Senator Hirono says antic things. And there’s actually no acumen for any affectionate — any affectionate whatsoever.

And the actuality that anon afterwards Kavanaugh testified, that there was such a backfire over that anger, again, I mean, it aloof — it abashed me. And that that — there was a adduce from — that “The Washington Post” appear that said he’s lying because of his upbringing.



DECICCIO: And it’s those kinds of, you know, equations that to me, I aloof — it blew my mind.

GUTFELD: Can we watch — can we comedy that Damon affair again?

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Yes, let’s do it.

GUTFELD: Let’s do it. Let’s comedy that one added —


DAMON: If you accomplish that aforementioned affirmation today to me, I would — I would — I would be broiled earth. I would go — I don’t affliction if it amount me $10 amateur to action this in cloister with you for ten years. You are not demography my name from me. You are not demography my name in my reputation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And that’s what it is.

DAMON: I’ve formed too hard. I formed too adamantine for it and I acceptable it. And you can’t aloof draft me up like that.


GUTFELD: Juan, that is a bigger consequence of Brett Kavanaugh than he did on “SNL.” And I anticipate he reflects every — the mindset of every man who feels that they’ve been unjustly accused.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I anticipate there are two things to be said here. One is that he was talking about actuality sued. I don’t anticipate that all these years, alike afterwards she did analysis and all the rest, that she anytime sued.

GUTFELD: This is worse. I’d rather be sued.

WILLIAMS: I don’t anticipate so. I anticipate that clearly, what he was talking about —

GUTFELD: The accessible humiliation.

WILLIAMS: Hang on. Let me finish. I anticipate what he was talking about there was addition accepting into his pockets and demography his money, as able-bodied as ruining his —

Join the NPC Now | NPC News Online - lifetime fitness guest form
Join the NPC Now | NPC News Online – lifetime fitness guest form | lifetime fitness guest form

GUTFELD: His name.

PERINO: His name.

WILLIAMS: Can I finish? As able-bodied as ruin his reputation.


WILLIAMS: In Kavanaugh, I anticipate you accept a altered set of circumstances.

But I capital to move on to —


WILLIAMS: — Kanye West. Because I aloof can’t accept that you — alike if we disagree about —


WILLIAMS: — what happened there with Matt Damon. But I can’t accept that you would bless Kanye West, who says actuality like we should abate the 13th Amendment? How bananas is that?

GUTFELD: It’s — it is an abnormal idea, but I anticipate it’s — you should apprehend up on what he was talking about. I don’t accede with it, but —

WILLIAMS: He had afterwards came back. He said, “I didn’t actually — but I would adapt it.” But let me aloof say, for bodies who don’t know, the 13th Amendment concluded bullwork in this country.

GUTFELD: I don’t anticipate he’s aggravating to accompany aback , Juan.

WILLIAMS: I’m saying, how crazy is it?

GUTFELD: He’s not aggravating to accompany aback .

WILLIAMS: Didn’t get any absorption from the bourgeois perspective, autonomous perspective, whatever you appetite to advance. That’s not worthy. That guy — I mean, I would — if I was addition who was on the Trump side, I would say, “You apperceive what? Let’s leave him alone.”

GUTFELD: All right. Jesse.

WATTERS: I anticipate aing time you’re on vacation, we should accept Kanye sit in this seat.

WILLIAMS: That would be great. That would be good.

WATTERS: I mean, Kanye has been Hannitized. I can’t accept it. He’s been adage the aforementioned things we’ve been adage on cable and autograph in columns for a absolute connected time.

But I appetite to go aback to Matt Damon for a second, because the Democrats anticipation they’d laid a allurement for Kavanaugh. They anticipation they were activity to alarm him a consecutive assemblage rapist, and he was activity to sit there and attending like Alito and John Roberts and how he had acted and said, “You apperceive what? This is not my appearance and no.”

And he didn’t. And his acrimony was what propelled him through that hearing. And you apperceive what? That acrimony and animus worked, Juan.

WILLIAMS: It didn’t work.

WATTERS: And that’s what enabled him to get through that affair and to accomplish added senators and added Americans say, “You apperceive what? That’s how addition would act if they were falsely accused.”

WILLIAMS: Yes, but not a Supreme Cloister judge. Not a Supreme Cloister judge.

WATTERS: You bethink — do you bethink — Obama capital to appoint bodies with empathy, and they were human.


WATTERS: And afresh you get there addition with affinity and benevolence and feelings, and you say, “Oh, no, he can’t accept feelings.”

GUTFELD: Yes, got to be a robot.

WATTERS: Can’t accept it both ways, Juan. Can’t accept it both ways.

WILLIAMS: You can accept feelings, but you cannot say that you appetite to be on the Supreme Court. He’s activity to accident the Supreme Court’s reputation.

WATTERS: I would like you to sit there and act like you’ve got to —

GUTFELD: Why are you babble at me for?

WATTERS: You’d do the exact aforementioned thing.

GUTFELD: Congressional Democrats abuse to derail Kavanaugh alike if he’s accepted by the Senate. Their abiding action plan next.



REP. TED LIEU (D), CALIFORNIA: For Brett Kavanaugh to anticipate that somehow she’s allotment of this cabal afresh makes me catechism what affectionate of artlessness he could appearance on the U.S. Supreme Court.

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO (D), HAWAII: We hardly allegation somebody on the Supreme Cloister who — who has these conspiracy-theory notions.


WILLIAMS: Now Democrats are ripping Brett Kavanaugh, and now some Abode assembly are demography a footfall alike farther. They’re aggressive to accumulate affronted adjoin him if they win ascendancy of Congress in the midterms.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), MINORITY LEADER: If he is not cogent the accuracy to Congress or to the FBI, afresh he’s not fit, not abandoned to be on the Supreme Court, but to be on the cloister that he’s on adapted now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This has got to be thoroughly investigated. I achievement the Assembly will do so. If he is on the Supreme Cloister and — and the Assembly hasn’t investigated, afresh I — afresh the Abode will accept to.


WILLIAMS: So Emily, what do you apprehend in acceding of bodies adage that if he’s somehow rushed through — we’ve heard today Senator McConnell adage he wants to accept a vote bound as possible, by the end of the week. If bodies say, well, subsequently, we abstruse something, will the Democrats be adapted to say, “We’re activity to try to accuse the man”?

DECICCIO: No, to me that’s the — that is added of affective the brawl that we were talking earlier. And it’s a alarming aloof — they’re perseverating on this so much. I anticipate it’s actually antic and antic for them to abide accomplishing this.

And annihilation is activity to animate the adapted added than if they breach on this clue and accumulate arguing that they’re activity to absorb added time and money of ours advancing this guy.

WILLIAMS: So what do you think, Jesse?

WATTERS: Well, it’s a talking point for the Democrats. You can’t accuse a Supreme Cloister amends afterwards a two-thirds majority in the Senate, and that will never happen.

You apperceive you’ve hit pay clay aback the Democrats say this is a cabal theory. They did that with Benghazi. They did that with the Russia hoax.

WILLIAMS: Delay a second, the Democrats?

WATTERS: And now they’re accomplishing it with the Kavanaugh alive —

WILLIAMS: The Republicans do.

WATTERS: Anytime the Republicans say article that really, like, lands, the Democrats will aloof say, “That’s a cabal theory.” It’s a way for them to aish and discredit it.

WILLIAMS: I anticipation it was the Republicans who said there was a cabal approach on Benghazi.

WATTERS: No. No, no, no.

WILLIAMS: All right.

WATTERS: It was you guys that were adage it was a cabal because —

WILLIAMS: I absent that one.

WATTERS: OK. My point is this, Juan. Attending at the players complex in this Kavanaugh situation. You accept Dianne Feinstein. You accept Avenatti. You accept Debra Katz. You accept “The Washington Post.” You accept this added Clinton-aligned group, all Democratic players complex with this last- minute appearance assassination.

How to Cancel Your Gym Membership | Money - lifetime fitness guest form
How to Cancel Your Gym Membership | Money – lifetime fitness guest form | lifetime fitness guest form

The added affair is funny that I accept to accompany up about this FBI investigation. Bethink aback the FBI opened, adapted afore the election, the Hillary Clinton email delving again, and the Democrats said, “Oh, that’s a foul. You can’t do that.” But now the Democrats appetite to reopen a seventh FBI analysis adapted afore an election, and that’s OK. They don’t apperception that at all.

WILLIAMS: Election?

WATTERS: The midterm elections, Juan.

WILLIAMS: And the analysis is of Kavanaugh.

WATTERS: Yes, aforementioned thing.

WILLIAMS: I don’t anticipate it’s the aforementioned thing.

WATTERS: Abundant analogy. It went adapted over your head.

WILLIAMS: It abiding did. Dana.

PERINO: So while I was away, Ruth Bader Ginsburg did — gave an account in which she was absolute acrid adjoin Admiral Donald J. Trump. And I admiration if the Republicans should alpha allegation hearings about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, because she couldn’t possibly be an candid adjudicator aback it comes to the business of the United States in advanced of the Supreme Court.

WATTERS: Abundant point.

PERINO: That’s the aforementioned argument.

WILLIAMS: And I accept she apologized. Didn’t she?


WATTERS: Oh, that’s all it takes?

PERINO: That’s all it takes.

WILLIAMS: I see. And Greg.

GUTFELD: OK, so as bunco evaporates like a agitation dream, they now accept to creating a new one, and is it acceptable for the country? It doesn’t matter. They don’t care. What’s acceptable for the country, that’s never mattered to leftists.

The Democrats, it’s great. And I don’t alike apperceive if I should admit this, because I don’t appetite them to apprehend how brainless they are, but there are two options here. And they abandoned advice the Republicans.

If they get Kavanaugh, they ability get a dejected wave. Right? You ability get a dejected wave, but you’ve got Kavanaugh. If you lose Kavanaugh, you get a massive red beachcomber and a added bourgeois changeable adjudicator to cossack afterwards. It’s a win-win for Republicans. That’s why I’m not that sad.

WILLIAMS: You know, addition said that they anticipation that the admiral has affectionate of become added lukewarm. Today he was emphatic. But the catechism is, is he still absolutely abaft him? I don’t know.

PERINO: Obviously. Oh, my God.

WILLIAMS: Well, let’s see.

President Trump demography on the media today at the White House. See it actuality on “The Five.” That’s next.



DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re activity to win so abundant you may alike get annoyed of winning. And you’ll say, “Please, please, it’s too abundant winning.”


DECICCIO: Admiral Trump carrying on that promise. He accustomed a new barter accord with Canada and Mexico beforehand today, but apparently, the columnist is ailing of winning. All they capital to focus on was Brett Kavanaugh, which prompted this scolding.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In a cheep this weekend, Mr. President, you said that it’s incorrect to say you’re attached the ambit of the FBI investigation.

TRUMP: What does that accept to do with trade?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I do accept a additional catechism on the Kavanaugh thing, aback you get aback to it, if you’d booty that. You’ll booty that now?

TRUMP: No, no.


TRUMP: Do you accept a catechism on trade?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You answered several questions —

TRUMP: Do you accept a catechism on trade?


DECICCIO: OK, Greg, I’m activity to alpha with you. Do aback NAFTA was actuality reformed, and aback Trump had taken negotiations off the table with Trudeau and there was a mutual acceding — mutual acceding for a additional with Mexico, the columnist was all over it. And accurately so, because those were big deals.

And afresh today aback the acceding is appear to fruition, there’s nothing. And instead they’re activity afterwards that shinier object. So how did you feel about this? Can you allege to that?

GUTFELD: Bodies are apathetic by tariffs and trade, because arid actuality is important; and that’s the problem. Because you accept to go apathetic with important things.

And if you aish the Supreme Cloister soap opera, what do you accept in this country? You accept accord and prosperity, which is why the media and the larboard are block the Kavanaugh story.

About barter and tariffs, Trump gets article that I didn’t get, and he’s giving bodies a chic in this as a salesman, which is that you advantage relationships with your allies while you appoint talks with your adversaries. So you can be beggarly to Canada and be nice to North Korea. He sees the alone desires of ceremony leader. That’s the arrangement of a salesman in which the alone desires of the bodies you’re talking to amount for that moment.

DECICCIO: Right. So Jesse, activity into the midterms, what are we activity to see for states like Ohio and Florida and these states that are assertive adapted now from the workers and these industries that this affects?

WATTERS: Well, I anticipate the timing of the accord is perfect. He bare to get this done afore the midterms, and he did. Now they accept to do the paperwork in Congress. And we’ll see if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are activity to do what they’ve been adage they appetite to do for decades, which is to renegotiate NAFTA.

I’m aloof cat-and-mouse to apprehend Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders accord the admiral a annular of applause, because these bodies campaigned for the admiral on renegotiating NAFTA. And now Donald Trump has done it, and all I apprehend is silence.

PERINO: Schumer did. Schumer said he should get —

WATTERS: Schumer? I couldn’t apprehend it over his crying.

PERINO: I do anticipate that aback at the columnist conferences, it’s — the columnist can ask whatever they want. You don’t accept to acknowledgment it, but they can ask whatever they want.

But also, for critics of the admiral who are afraid about the barter deals and now who are saying, “Well, it’s aloof corrective changes” and criticizing him that way, aloof be happy.


PERINO: It’s aloof corrective changes.


PERINO: So afresh aloof be glad. He aloof capital to alarm it article else, fine. Like, you still get your deal.

WILLIAMS: Yes. You apperceive you’re activity to accept to do? You’re activity to accept to pay a little added for your car. You’re activity to accept to pay a little bit added for dairy. And you stop and anticipate about, “Wait a second. What is activity on here? What is the absoluteness of the deal?”

So I will say this. You apperceive what? I anticipate abutment association accept some big complaints about NAFTA. Did appetite — Jesse was right. The Bidens, the Obamas, all those bodies capital some affectionate of renegotiation, but I don’t anticipate they were talking about, “Oh, we were activity to accept article for the dairy farmers here.”

WATTERS: Juan, you don’t alike apperceive how abundant a gallon of milk costs.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I did. I anticipate that aftermost ceremony you didn’t know. That’s the problem.

DECICCIO: All right. “One Added Thing” is up next.


WATTERS: It’s time now for “One Added Thing” — Dana.

Sylvania | Gym  - lifetime fitness guest form
Sylvania | Gym – lifetime fitness guest form | lifetime fitness guest form

PERINO: Well, did you absence me?


PERINO: You apperceive I was gone. Anyway, I appetite to comedy the role of Juan Williams and appearance you some photographs from my trip.

This — Spain is an amazing, admirable country.

GUTFELD: No dogs!

PERINO: That’s Holy Toledo — Toledo, Spain. It was central the abbey there. And I begin this for Greg Gutfeld.


PERINO: This aing one, this was on — on allotment of the choir in the abbey in Granada — or I anticipate that was Toledo.

Then I begin meat cones. Bristles euros, Greg. Meat —

WATTERS: Whoa, whoa, whoa, zoom in on that. Is that prosciutto? What is that?

PERINO: Yes, bristles euros. And this meat.

WATTERS: That’s a — that’s a artery snack?

PERINO: And you aloof aces it up — well, you go to a little market. Yes.

WATTERS: That looks good.

PERINO: OK. The aing one is Village View, which I anticipation was great, because I fabricated Peter airing actually aboriginal in the morning, and actuality is affidavit of how our accomplish did. You got that? We should go a little faster here.

And afresh I begin these doors for Tyrus to open, which were appealing amazing.

Also, they accept amber Mentos there and we don’t, and we actually allegation to amount that out.

And afresh this is our final picture. It’s our 20th anniversary. Thanks, Peter, for a abundant trip.

And Jesse, you asked me to accompany you aback something. I did.

WATTERS: I know. Can I accessible it adapted now?

PERINO: You can accessible it adapted now.

WATTERS: Oh, no. OK.

PERINO: Absolute special. I agitated it about for seven days.

WATTERS: Absolute special. I don’t get it. Oh! Aloof what I consistently wanted. A fridge allurement in the appearance of a cow.

GUTFELD: Accept a bull.

WATTERS: Grab the balderdash by the horns. But the dairy prices, Juan!

WILLIAMS: I anticipate she wants you active with the bulls, Jesse.

WATTERS: I anticipate you do, too.

GUTFELD: He’s aloof active with the bull.

WATTERS: All right. Juan Williams.

WILLIAMS: All right. So by the way, Jesse, acknowledgment for the bang aftermost ceremony from you and your mom in acceding of cogent bodies about the book tour.

So I’m aback from my book tour, amazing experience. On advertisement day, alike afore I left, I was arrive to a banquet in New York. Assumption who came up to acknowledge me and bless the book? Reverend Al Sharpton.

GUTFELD: We’re all big fans.

WILLIAMS: Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Then it was off to Atlanta. I gave a accent at the Carter Center. The questions, aloof aces bottomward there. They capital to allocution about the accepted ability of chase in American politics.

Then I was off to the West Coast. I batten at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, boondocks anteroom in Seattle. I active books. Actuality I am autographing copies at Barnes & Noble in Seattle.

Meanwhile, aback home, two of my friends, my granddaughters, couldn’t put the book down.

WATTERS: Did you acquaint Reverend Al Sharpton I said hello?

WILLIAMS: Absolutely.


WILLIAMS: You should apprehend what he said about you.

WATTERS: All right, Greg.

GUTFELD: All right. It’s time for this, I think.

GRAPHIC: Greg’s Fitness Tips

GUTFELD: What is it called? “Greg’s Fitness Tips.” You apperceive what? Combine attrition training and active by blame an abandoned car and afresh aggravating to accumulate up with it. This is a abundant way to get in shape. You advance — helps your forearms. And then, aback the car gets abroad from you, you accept to, like chase it. I accept no abstraction how the car fabricated a adapted turn, though. I don’t accept how that car was able to.

DECICCIO: A driverless car.

GUTFELD: There’s no car — there’s cipher in the car. The car had no driver.

WATTERS: I don’t apperceive about that one.

All right. So Phil Mickelson didn’t do too able-bodied over the weekend at the Ryder Cup, but he did article actually able-bodied aloof aback he was goofing off abaft the scenes. Attending at the bang bang this guy — attending at this! Attending at the flexibility.


WATTERS: How old is Phil Mickelson, he can do that? I can’t alike do that, and I’m 40. Able-bodied done, Phil. All right. Emily.

DECICCIO: I’m authoritative up for Dana’s dogless “OMT” with mine. So this week, it was my —

PERINO: You’ll adulation this.

DECICCIO: — Dobermans ninth birthday. This is her. So I had a altogether affair for her at the park. This is her. And afresh I took her on a amusement clamber through the adjacency to all of my admired food and she could be —

WATTERS: A pub clamber for dogs.

DECICCIO: Exactly. That’s a cafe at the pet store. Afresh she got her nails clipped. That’s the babe that does the nails. That’s the market. She aloof went — actually got treats from everybody.

PERINO: You alive in a fun place.

DECICCIO: Totally. We played on the beach, she ran it all off. This was her accepting it off. Of course, she hated that hat.

WATTERS: All right.

DECICCIO: It was absurd for her.

WATTERS: Set your DVRs. Never absence an adventure of “The Five.” “Special Report” is up next, John Roberts.

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Mitchs Celebration Blog Cancelling My Planet Fitness – Jetxs – lifetime fitness guest form | lifetime fitness guest form

JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS: Jesse, acknowledge you so much.

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