Alterna Bamboo Style Ultra Hold Hair Spray - (formerly ...
Alterna Bamboo Style Ultra Hold Hair Spray - (formerly ... | alterna bamboo style form ultra hold

The Story Of Alterna Bamboo Style Form Ultra Hold Has Just Gone Viral! | Alterna Bamboo Style Form Ultra Hold

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Click actuality for our absolute abatement appearance photo gallery.

Alterna Bamboo Style Ultra Hold Hair Spray - (formerly ..
Alterna Bamboo Style Ultra Hold Hair Spray – (formerly .. | alterna bamboo style form ultra hold

Portraits by Jeff Fusco Artefact photographs by Michael Persico

We attending good.

Not “we” as in PW–though alt-weekly types are accepted to be a fashionable bunch–but “we” as in Philly.

Our attending as a burghal is singular, and says a lot about who we are: We booty the everyman forms and drag them to aerial art, and not aloof by pasting accidental shreds calm with Elmer’s. It’s a appearance a by best affliction and love, and alloyed into article abnormally Philadelphian.

Take the association at Tymbal, who screenprint apish photos and assets assimilate best “boring” tie designs to actualize a handmade, one-of-a-kind hybrid.

Or the Godda Godda girls, who sequin, beat and lam their glam hoodies until they’re rockstar-ready.

And the endearingly camp Suzie Morris, who chops and sews a David Lynchian stitch into aggregate she creates–from absolute accoutrement to one-legged blimp animals.

We’re a DIY town. And appreciative of it.

And our indie-spirited fashionistas don’t stop at accouterment and accessories. Philly is additionally home to ultra-hot trendsetters like Croatian-born architecture artisan Nives Riddles, ascent appearance columnist Kelly Turso and hair-styling phenom JoJo Clapson.

Our appearance wouldn’t fly aloof anywhere. But actuality it flies high. (Jeffrey Barg and Kate Kilpatrick)

Consignment Shop

Bambi Gallery

Candace Karch offers me a bottle of wine. She’s run out of the added $4-a-bottle albino she got aished with, and now has to tap into her claimed backing at her arcade on Frankford Avenue, a few blocks south of York. “I best this area because there were a lot of artists here, but not a lot of art,” she says. “The abode is pretty, and the Fishtown locals like it. I’m community-minded and I capital to accompany a arcade into the neighborhood.” The 2-year-old Bambi Arcade has captivated such assorted shows as Ron Ribant and Veleta Vancza’s “Rocks and Glocks,” Mark Mothersbaugh’s postcard illustrations, and currently a bond of porn-lite by Derek Myers and innocent yet hardly arrant depictions of toys by Terrence Laragione. But the arcade doubles as an artists’ assignment bazaar that sells the adornment and accouterment of 15 designers whose items Karch rotates frequently. Attending out for accessible adornment designs by Linda Smyth and Aileen Abercrombie, and accouterment and altar by Jen Roder, Nicole Ray Styer and Kelly Miller. (Meredith Lindemon) >> Bambi Gallery, 1817 Frankford Ave. 215.423.2668.

Alterna Глина для объема и текстуры Bamboo Style Form Ultra-Hold ..
Alterna Глина для объема и текстуры Bamboo Style Form Ultra-Hold .. | alterna bamboo style form ultra hold

New Collection

Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry’s continued been the go-to cast for tattoo-inspired Ts and spiced rum that’ll put your choicest whiskeys to shame. Now the badass characterization additionally offers a grownup band for the amazon babe who’s not yet a woman, but wants to dress like one. The agilely alienated new accumulating includes tasteful dresses, jackets and tops, all with that signature rockabilly edge. A candied catchbasin dress in aboriginal white is tarted up with a adventurous atramentous rose acerbic beyond the skirt; accustomed atramentous pants get the high-waisted, wide-legged treatment; and white swallows dive beyond a solid atramentous anorak with a abysmal V-neck–perfect for assuming off a applique cami or a little flesh. “Fashion becomes a applesauce unless it’s adapted to the affairs and occasion,” says the line’s artisan Chi Kim. “We abound up and allegation the appropriate clothes to alive our lives, but we don’t accept to dress arid and lose ourselves.” (Caralyn Green) >> Sailor Jerry, 116-118 S. 13th St. 215.531.6380.

Local Designer

Suzie Morris “‘Bring me a one-legged woman, a monkey and a lumberjack,'” says Suzie Morris. “That’s my inspiration.” Aback not commendation David Lynch, Morris is active alive on a band of woolen dresses, jackets and skirts that would accouterment Audrey in Twin Peaks. Morris is a aberrant bird, but affably so. None of it is annoying pretense. Instead it’s a 18-carat adulation for what she creates. “I accomplish whatever needs making,” she says. “It could be a chair, a dress, a lamp or blimp animals.” And those blimp animals are appealing creepy. “I get a agglomeration of blimp animals, put them on a table and bash them apart. Sometimes a horn becomes a tooth, a face an ass … ” What we’re larboard with is an impressively Lynchian toothless teddy buck with one ceramics baby leg that ability allocution in about-face in your dreams. “I don’t accomplish actuality because I appetite to be acknowledgment than added people. I absolutely adulation authoritative things,” says Morris. “I get aflame about it, and I appetite added bodies to get aflame about it. Because I’m not a .” (M.L.) >> Conspiracy Showroom, 910 N. Additional St. 215.925.2153;

Hair Stylist

Jeremiah Sisco

The stylist’s mohawk and abounding piercings are the aboriginal signs that it’s not activity to be a accepted clipper cut. The abhorrence punk, goth automated and psychobilly soundtrack arrant out the speakers is the second. “A lot of haircuts abridgement analogue and texture,” says Jeremiah Sisco, whose 7-month-old Alley Beard Salon, admitting accouterment to all styles, specializes in added progressive, aggressive-looking cuts. “I accord absolutely air-conditioned haircuts with a lot of arrangement to them, a lot of movement to them, afterwards actuality over the top.” Sisco, who confused actuality from Ohio, consistently asks for his clients’ boundaries–like akin arrangement jobs–but offers appropriate prices for things like mohawk maintenance, bobcat spots and adjudicator stripes. “People actuality are absolutely affectionate of nice in an honest, acrid affectionate of way,” he says of Philly. “There are a lot of adolescent bodies aggravating to amount things out.” (J.B.) >> The Alley Beard Salon, 1223 Mifflin St. 267.825.8573

Fashion Blog

Seamsters Two years ago Amy Voloshin (then Amy Eldon) didn’t absolutely apperceive what a blog was. Her admirer (now her husband) conflicting her to a agglomeration of arising appearance blogs, and she absitively to alpha her own. “My accompany and I anticipation was hilarious, so we’d apprehend that in the mornings at work,” she says. (Stylediary is area some accidental banty takes a account of her outfit, posts it, afresh writes about how she loves it/hates it/whatever.) On, Voloshin offers her assessment on annihilation she deems aesthetically pleasing–a beautiful brace of shoes, a account from a affable magazine, an alarming outfit. The 26-year-old–who additionally designs the attractive Moonblood T-shirt band with her husband, and is the art administrator for a t architecture flat in North Philly–updates her blog every added day. She thinks the Philly appearance arena is altered compared to those of added cities area she’s lived. “It’s absolutely centered about vintage, ability elements and deconstruction,” she says. “It’s a bit sleepy, but it’s auspicious that Philly association aren’t so impressionable. Philly fashionistas tend to stick to what they like, rather than actuality appearance chameleons.” (M.L.) >>

Online Vintage

Plaid Pony Best For abstract mohair cardigans, belted floral shirtdresses and cobweb handbags, it’s gotta be vintage. But the adventure for bequest appearance can be awfully expensive, time arresting and stressful. So retro-loving wimps on a account about-face to Plaid Pony Vintage, a analgesic online bazaar run by Fishtown citizen and aloft Burghal Outfitters baron Lara Long. “I like actuality that has a faculty of humor, and I accept acceptable architecture is timeless. I don’t pay too abundant absorption to what’s contemporary because trends appear and go so quickly,” says Long. Plaid Pony is able-bodied abounding with affordable men’s and women’s fashions, accessories, accouterments and alike old-school lath abecedarian and adornment sets. Continued takes the assumption out of online arcade with busy descriptions of all merchandise, including absolute measurements, close-up photos and honest acknowledgment about crumbling fabrics’ assured abrasion and tear. (C.G.) >>

Local Designer

ALTERNA BAMBOO STYLE FORM Ultra Hold Sculpting Clay 12oz - NEW ..
ALTERNA BAMBOO STYLE FORM Ultra Hold Sculpting Clay 12oz – NEW .. | alterna bamboo style form ultra hold

Strangefruit “Making history fashionable is what it’s all about,” says clear artisan Kristin Haskins of her accelerating accouterment action Strangefruit, which started with a agenda the artisan advised for her father. The MLK-themed card, she says, aggressive a T-shirt and, ultimately, a accomplished band of “deconstructed T-shirts” address awakening images from the civilian rights and atramentous ability eras. Her own ancestry makes the affair decidedly relevant, she says, harkening aback to the affliction her ancestors faced authoritative their own accouterment from rags. Admitting Haskins has yet to bare her abatement line, her accepted creations can be apparent by arrangement or online. A alternation of women’s catchbasin acme appearance argument from MLK’s “I Accept a Dream” speech. Accession highlights the huge-afroed arch of Angela Davis. Men’s shirts riff on reggae and roots. A examination of the abatement accumulating promises chapped layered jackets with active cartoon such as images of Malcolm X. Haskins, who grew up in Philly and abounding Germantown Accompany School, completed an M.F.A. at Rhode Island Academy of Architecture afore abiding home. She now lives in Germantown, not far from Philadelphia University, area she teaches clear design. She additionally has her own architecture firm. And afresh of advance there’s Strangefruit. She’s still able to accomplish all the customized accouterment herself, but that should change already this affair hits the streets. Bigger abode your adjustment now, afore the accomplished Haskins affairs carpal tunnel. (Sara Kelly) >>


[2 One 5] “I felt, as a clear designer, maybe I can get my bulletin beyond through T-shirts,” says Nik Greenblatt, 32, of the announcement bureau and accouterment clothier [2 One 5]. In this case his bulletin is about violence–both in Iraq and Philly neighborhoods. The aggregation afresh collaborated with the nonprofit accumulation Peace and Adulation to actualize the Peace Collection, a band of antiviolence Ts that hits streets this month. The accord resulted in a shirt that asks “What Happened to Peace?” in ’80s old-school graffiti on the front, and repeats “Peace Peace Peace” on the back–borrowing lyrics from a song by ’80s rappers Eric B & Rakim. But if you appetite a allotment of it, act fast–[2 One 5] produces aloof 100 shirts of anniversary style. Next up for September: a bendable amber shirt featuring a timberline and the words “Demand Peace.” “Right now we’re accomplishing what we adulation and what we accept in,” says Greenblatt. “If you get up on it, you get it, and if you don’t, maybe we’ll absolution it afresh at accession time.” (Cassidy Hartmann) >> Agent Aloha, 506 South St. 215.238.5880; Cue Records, 617 S. Fourth St. 215.413.3525; Omoi, 1608 Pine St. 215.545.0963; Out of Time, 1410 Chestnut St. 215.569.3669;

African Dress

D. Moussa Appearance It’s been a year aback Ivory Coast built-in Dramain Moussa opened his boutique/fashion house/tailor bazaar on Baltimore Avenue. Admitting his assignment acutely appeals to the neighborhood’s African immigrants, who sometimes adopt the accepted dress of their home countries, Moussa does added than aloof carbon tradition. “I’m aggravating to booty African dress to a academy level,” he says aloft the abiding clacking of a bed-making machine. Sometimes bodies accompany him their own sketches or fabrics, but Moussa seems best absorbed in the way his two stylistic influences–African and Western–can be abstruse to actualize article new. “I’m aggravating to do haute couture architecture but with African fabrics.” He credibility to a mannequin in his bazaar window. Its brim is attenuated at the waist, afresh flares adjoin the attic like an affected bells dress. The top is a academic halter, but in ablaze colors–miles abroad in spirit, admitting not in form, from Vera Wang or Christian Dior. (Liz Spikol) >> D. Moussa Fashion, 4618 Baltimore Ave. 267.266.7633


Organic Ability For now best Amoebic Ability barter are in carbon footprint-concerned Cali, but 27-year-old Ulysses Mcghee hopes to access blooming alertness on the East Coast one appearance adjudicator at a time. “There’s astronomic advance abeyant apropos amoebic and acceptable products, abnormally in Philadelphia,” says Mcghee, who advised appearance business at the University of the Arts. Amoebic Culture, which she founded aftermost year, unites fashion-forward with eco-friendly by sourcing and bartering acceptable textiles–both broad and to smaller-scale clients. Amid her barter are architecture students, DIY stitchers and Courteney Cox, whose “people” contacted Mcghee aftermost fall. The toxin- and sweatshop-free fabrics accommodate bamboo, soy, hemp, and eco-spun and amoebic cotton–and they’re way softer and added comfortable than the cutting burlap best association anticipate aback they anticipate about organics. (C.G.) >> 267.639.3516.


Philadelphia Bed-making Collective Store-bought patterns and grandma’s hand-me-down Singer does not a adept DIY-er make. It takes practice, practice, added practice, and at atomic a little advice from accession who knows what the hell they’re doing. With both abecedarian and adept crafters in mind, Philadelphia Bed-making Collective offers classes in bed-making basics, adornment and alterations. “You’re not activity to accomplish a clothes in the beginning; you’re activity to accomplish drawstring pants. But if you assignment up to it, you can,” says Megan Haupt, a aloft accoutrement artisan who founded the Collective in 2005. Advanced stitchers can get in on the Collective’s drop-in Monday Night Bed-making Caf, t swaps and invitation-only classes, like this month’s affair on hand-stitching couture. “There’s annihilation like accepting article advised for you, by you,” says Haupt. “A well-fitted handmade accoutrement can accomplish you attending like you’ve had an burning 10-pound weight loss.” (C.G.) >> Philadephia Bed-making Collective, Old Pine Association Center, 401 Lombard St.


Track Field Bryan Poerner talks a mile a minute and does 30 things at once. Besides adjoin Philly’s screechy hip-hop duo the Yah Mos Def, he launched a band of adventurous handbags in April beneath the name Track Field. The abstraction began in 2005 aback he saw a bag in Hong Kong fabricated from Sunbrella covering fabric. At the time Poerner was business achievement sneakers. “I put a lot of activity into alive for a huge company, and I’d rather advance that activity into creating my own product,” he says. While Poerner was ablution Track Field, his longtime acquaintance Philip Leone opened the Old Burghal streetwear bazaar Abysmal Sleep, and Poerner began operating his business out of the additional floor. “Running my own business is awesome,” he says. “I’m in allegation of everything, and I had to amount a lot of actuality out, but it’s agitative selling. I’m not gonna lie. I’m in business to accomplish money. At atomic I’m not authoritative it for accession else.” (M.L.) >> Abysmal Sleep, 54 N. Third St. 215.351.9124; PR, 1601 Sansom St. 215.972.8333; Ubiq, 1509 Walnut St. 215.988.0194;


Topstitch Fashion-y females accept been acquaintance Topstitch aback the designers abaft HoneyMilk and Babooshka aing armament and opened their store/design flat in February. But alpha in a few months their macho assembly will be able to do added than aloof authority purses and pet the citizen husky. “In a brace months we’re bringing in men’s clothing. We’ve had a lot of requests for it,” says co-owner Francesca Sloan. The eclectic, analytic priced bazaar additionally aloof started account block shows to highlight the assignment of bounded artists in accession to fashion. “If you don’t like art, you can shop–you get the best of both worlds,” says Sloan. And what will the Topstitch affectionate be cutting this fall? “Blacks, grays, biscuit and jewel tones–that’s our thing,” Sloan says. Very abundant co-owner Julie Stone Waring adds, “I’m alive on some claws that are all animal-inspired, because you can never go amiss with animals.” Oh, baby! (C.H.) >> Topstich, 311 Bazaar St. 267.322.4057 : Alterna Bamboo Style Form Ultra Hold Sculpting Clay for .. : Alterna Bamboo Style Form Ultra Hold Sculpting Clay for .. | alterna bamboo style form ultra hold


UndrCrwn “Either you’re casting able bedrock or you got a abandoned jump shot.” Biggie’s anarchic booty on the attenuated options of ‘hood adolescence is emblazoned on one of UndrCrwn’s amusing shirts that imagines what would’ve happened had Biggie balled for the Knicks instead of Bad Boy. On it, a burlesque of Biggie evocative of the archetypal Magic, Bird and Jordan antidotal “sportraits” that graced T-shirts in the aboriginal ’90s sees the tubby, thick-tongued abundant blow waiting, accoutrements flailing, for an inbounds pass. Accession shirt touches on the NBA All-Star d (the “black Super Bowl”) logo and says “East vs. West” with caricatures of Biggie and a shirtless Tupac apery their corresponding coasts. It’s fun and clever, and sums up what UndrCrwn does best–mixing hip-hop and basketball ability bigger than anyone aback Iverson. (Brian McManus) >> Arsenal, 623 N. Additional St.;

Fashion Photographer

Kelly Turso “People consistently appear to me for my color,” says 26-year-old columnist Kelly Turso, a UArts alum whose contempo assignment on the set of Artificial Little’s “Dopeness” video ventures into surrealist area and looks like aboriginal David LaChapelle. Turso has already fabricated a name for herself accomplishing artefact shots for magazines, and for her coffee table book Antiques of the Future, but is accumulation austere absorption for her assignment as a bright photog for the streetwear scene. Audience ambit from accouterment aggregation UndrCrwn to PR adult Rachel Inc. to Fluid nightclub. She launched her own business, Kelly Turso Photography, at the alpha of this year, and now photographs about seven canicule a week. “I aloof assassin four apprentices for the fall,” says Turso. “It’s activity absolutely well.” (Alli Katz) >>


Prep & Pauper

Nicolas Newd, 26, started his indie-prepster tie aggregation afterwards jumping address from the PR close he formed for in New York. “I bethink sitting at my board and thinking, ‘I’m not acceptable at this job,'” he recalls. “I acquainted bad cold-calling journalists. I had added of an absorption in starting article organic.” So he confused aback into his parents’ home in East Falls and started Prep & Pauper. “They’re like country club meets jailbait bedrock with pastels. Basically, I dream about ties.” Newd sketches his designs, afresh sends them to a tie architect in New York who cuts and sews them. They acknowledgment akin the cottony ties you ability acquisition at Vineyard Vines, except abnegating the bobcat angelfish for skulls and crossbones. “The Accumulated Takedown tie was my fuck you to the accumulated world,” he says. (M.L.) >>

Style Mavens

Regina Mandell and Tracy Lutz “Being fashionable is not a burden,” says Grasshopper boutique’s Regina Mandell. “It’s effortless,” co-owner Tracy Lutz adds. But afresh they disagree. Mandell says actuality fashionable is a amaranthine job. “No,” counters Lutz. “It’s not absolutely a job. It’s a blessing.” Mandell agrees. Mandell and Lutz opened Grasshopper aftermost September, accustomed Grey Ant, Manoush, Touch Luxe and Candela for women, and Amber Sound, Gsus and Outlaw Print Co. for men. They say these are additionally their admired labels for the moment. What happens aback they see beneath fashionable people? “I can’t alike attending at them,” says Mandell. “I attending at them with alone one eye,” says Lutz. And their appearance peeves? “I abhorrence antic dresses! They’re all over the abode for fall,” says Lutz. Mandell dislikes aback bodies accept a defeatist attitude about clothes, “when they automatically accept article won’t fit, or they don’t apperceive how to handle an outfit.” (M.L.) >> Grasshopper Boutique, 727 Walnut St. 215.925.3959.


Delicious Bazaar and Corseterie Amy McConnell had a decade’s account of cinching acquaintance aback she assuredly fabricated the full-time move from Kinko’s to coil by aperture Delicious Bazaar and Corseterie with accomplice Psydde Delicious a year and a bisected ago. Area coquettes accept been cloudburst in and lacing up in silk, brocade, dupioni and toile anytime since. But the possibilities don’t end there. “A chump can say, ‘Can you accomplish me a corset with the biohazard attribute on it?’ Yes, we can,” says McConnell. She’s additionally up to her decolletage in orders for bells attire, and while a few alterna-brides accept absolved the alley in red and atramentous creations, Delicious additionally does them in the acceptable white lie. The blow of the carnival-themed bazaar can accumulate both guys and girls appropriately gartered, holstered and brindled with covering appurtenances from Skin Graft and T-shirts from bounded designers like Sub-Missionaries. (Jessica Lussenhop) >> Delicious Bazaar and Corseterie, 1040 N. American St. 215.413.0375.

Back-to-School Trend

Wear Your Academy Colors Appear the chill, you can attending Philly by antic a “Not NY” hoodie or a Jeremiah Trotter (sniff) Eagles jersey. It’ll get you by. But to accomplish austere Illtown cred you allegation to blooper into article that underscores your built-in status–like a West Philadelphia Aerial Speedboys hoodie, or a Simon Gratz Bulldogs crewneck. It gets no added absolute than accessible academy apparel. You can additionally strut the city’s Catholic academy bequest with a Resurrection or Neumann-Goretti jersey, or go way aback to grade-school canicule with a Gesu Elementary sweatshirt. Prep Sportswear offers accoutrements with dead-on logos and mascots from added than 300 Philly schools (as able-bodied as accoutrements of schools beyond the country). And you can aces your sport. Quality is high, colors accurate and prices fair. (Tim Whitaker) >>

ALTERNA BAMBOO Style Form Ultra-Hold Sculpting Clay 12 oz/ 12g ..
ALTERNA BAMBOO Style Form Ultra-Hold Sculpting Clay 12 oz/ 12g .. | alterna bamboo style form ultra hold


Tymbal Ties Gotta tie a asphyxiate about your close to go to assignment anniversary morning? Tymbal begin a way to let you sit at your board job while advancement your indie cred. Husband-and-wife aggregation Ryan Kozar and Melissa Colosi run Tymbal out of South Philly, area they hand-screenprint aboriginal photos and assets assimilate best ties for a beautiful burghal look. “It has an burghal aberration to it, but we like to mix in amoebic elements as well. It’s affectionate of a burghal vs. country combination,” says Colosi. “One tie is a photo of a architecture on 49th Artery in West Philadelphia overlapped with some bonsai photos we took at the annual show. We absolutely like the allegory elements.” Colosi and Kozar, both University of the Arts grads, do the press themselves, so all the ties are one-of-a-kind. (J.B.) Art Star, 1030 N. Additional St., Unit 301. 215.238.1557; Mew Gallery, 906 Christian St. 215.625.2424;

Makeup Artist

Nives Riddles “I assignment the best aback I don’t accept annihilation planned, because [it makes me] advanced and creative. I can attending through magazines, but I’ll subconsciously adviser myself through what I saw, and that’s not the way to be artistic and succeed,” says Nives Riddles, who aboriginal abstruse how to administer architecture in her built-in country of Croatia. Afterwards belief cine architecture appliance and how to administer prosthetics, she started alive with appearance photographers. Now 26, Riddles lives in New Jersey, teaches architecture application, freelances for appearance shoots and has a band afterward for countenance shaping. Despite already analytic the authority of her work, she’s blessed to be accomplishing what she loves. “When I go to shoots, I don’t feel like I’m activity to work,” she explains. “I acclimated to think, ‘Do I accomplish a aberration with what I do?’ But I chock-full cerebration that way. You do what you love, and that’s what matters.” (M.L.) >> Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, 255 S. 17th St. 215.772.2766;


Outlaw Print Co. Philadelphia’s campaigners adjoin foie gras should pay absorption to the assiduous rumor that the Port Richmond-based Outlaw Print Co. keeps angels

chained up and perma-stoned on acid, application the consistent consciousness-expanding angel puke to acrylic their affective T-shirt designs. These shirts are things of deranged beauty–a arrant mashup of the banal and the batty already declared as “Greek belief car-crashed into Grimm’s Fairy Tales and reassembled by surgeons from a mad conflicting planet.” Philadelphians cutting them on the artery angle out like peacocks amid pigeons. Pete Whitney and Joel Peterson–two accompany with three and a bisected years of academy amid them–founded Outlaw in 2003 in chase of “independent ownership, absolute artistic abandon and a accurate explorer’s bite for abundant limitations.” Why bother with annihilation abroad aback you can abrasion article that both screams your city’s cultural ahead and looks like God has acclimated your anatomy to mop up his angelic spunk? (Steven Wells) >> Grasshopper Boutique, 727 Walnut St. 215.925.3959;

Bike Wear

Fabric Horse Philly has arresting cull for bodies who run in every administration simultaneously, and advance on the anarchy that results. Carrie Collins is one of them. She started her aggregation Bolt Horse in 2003 as her chief thesis, and continues to actualize bike accessory like account belts and spats to assure pants from bike chains. “I’m still in the action of creating a business plan, and achievement to aggregation up with some absolute bodies to abound Bolt Horse into article abundant added than aloof what I appetite to make,” says Collins, who takes the accidental agency (she costumed the latest Artificial Little video) and additionally stitches for R.E.Load Baggage (using their added t to accomplish her own products). As one of the founding associates of Atramentous Attic Gallery, she keeps a flat in the aforementioned architecture (reopened as Copy Gallery), area she runs her business. Aside from all this, she additionally creates busy headdresses, accoutrement and one brace of “Rediculously Tall Boots”–an art accession commenting on the applesauce of women’s boots. (M.L.) >> Bolt Horse, 319A N. 11th St. 215.694.9034.

Messenger Bags

R.E.Load Baggage The Roots’ ?uestlove is a bound dude. But, yeah, you’re appealing air-conditioned too. And alike if traveling the apple and actuality universally admired isn’t aural your aloof yet, at atomic you can airing about with the aforementioned affectionate of bag from R.E.Load the ‘froed one totes. R.E.Load accoutrements are sturdy, able-bodied crafted, beautiful and–best of all–built appropriate actuality in Philly. At you can accept from several altered designs. If none of them stokes your fire, you can body your own by acrimonious from an array of abstracts and colors. If it’s claimed acquaintance you crave, get off the Web and hop on bottomward to R.E.Load’s flagship East Coast abundance on North Additional Street, and aces the appropriate bag for you. Be abiding to accompany money. Quality like this is activity to amount you. Hey, no one said accepted like ?uest would be easy. (B.Mc.) >> R.E.Load Baggage, 608 N. Additional St. 215.922.2018.

Shoe Boutique

Bus Stop If you’re a austere shoe whore, you apperceive your brands. And you apperceive Philly is defective in places to get them. Elena Brennen anticipation the aforementioned affair aback she opened Bus Stop, a 6-month-old shoe bazaar on Bolt Row accouterment to appearance designers and added adventuresome solesters. “I adulation to biking and consistently accompany home abundant finds. I wondered why we couldn’t accept that here,” she says. Brennen carries a abundant alternative for the collector. She has hard-to-find labels like Shoes for Lovely People, Terra Plano and Twenty Two, alignment in amount from $200 to $500. As far as her academy amount goes, she says, “I’m absolutely demography a adventitious with high-end, but my audience assurance me, and they’re accepting a abundant item. You can go to Steve Madden and get two pairs of boots for $500. You appear actuality and get one, but you apperceive they’re not mass-produced.” (M.L.) >> Bus Stop Boutique, 750 S. Fourth St. 215.627.2357.

Alterna Bamboo Style Form Ultra Hold Sculpting Clay, 12 Oz - Walmart
Alterna Bamboo Style Form Ultra Hold Sculpting Clay, 12 Oz – Walmart | alterna bamboo style form ultra hold

Streetwear Store

Ubiq Whether you’re a Nike guy, an Adidas babe or a hermaphroditic Puma person, there’s one abode in boondocks you apperceive will accept you fiending for a new pair. The anew redesigned Ubiq flagship store–that accustomed bit of ablaze on that oh-so-dark amplitude of alternation hell on Walnut Street–is like the Baskin Robbins of shoes. But it doesn’t stop at Jordans and Air Force 1s. Ubiq’s got you covered on the accoutrement advanced too, stocking bazaar streetwear labels like Answer, Twelve Bar and Royal Fam; bounded beloved Track Field; and industry giants like Levis. If sneakers and T-shirts don’t get your claret flowing, aloof beam at the kickass artisan toys, with samplings from Toy Tokyo, Aberrant Co. and Dape. (B.Mc.) >> Ubiq, 1509 Walnut St. 215.988.0194.


Brookadelphia Sisters Heather and Amber Zezeck were in West Virginia visiting their mother for Christmas aback they hatched a business plan. While scavenging through a table of alone pieces of jewelry, they absitively to alpha their own line: Brookadelphia. “We’ve consistently appear up with altered account together,” Heather says. “We absolutely accept this synergy thing.” Heather, 28, lives in West Philadelphia, while Amber, 24, lives in Brooklyn. The two are opposites–like best sisters–but clashing most, they absolutely get along. It helps they accept the aforementioned architecture taste, but are altered abundant to apperceive how to apparatus anniversary other’s ideas. According to Amber, Heather is the abstraction person, while she’s acceptable at active the designs. Their adornment is laser-cut from solid or mirrored acrylic, and spells out account they booty from accustomed life. “A lot of it’s personal,” says Amber. “We accept a ‘No Bombs’ chaplet and a ‘Read’ necklace–we anticipate bodies should apprehend more.” (M.L.) >> Conspiracy Showroom, 910 N. Additional St. 215.925.2153; Topstitch Boutique, 311 Bazaar St. 267.322.4057;

Thrift Shop

Bargain Thrift Bargain Thrift is accepted for its ridiculously bargain best that gets airtight up to be resold by bazaar owners or acclimated on-set by accoutrement designers and stylists. The Germantown hotspot dates aback to 1976 aback accepted buyer Suzanne Quinn’s father, a badge administrator in the 14th District, started recycling aluminum and tin to supplement his income. Daughter Quinn describes her father’s association efforts as “snowballing into this,” as he got complex in accouterment drives for the American Cancer Society. Community-mindedness seems to run in the family. Quinn, who now owns the business, keeps prices low in adjustment to move commodity and accomplish it affordable for bodies who alive in the neighborhood. In March of aftermost year she confused and broadcast the business, which now operates in three locations: the aboriginal abundance (which sells alone furniture), the accouterment abundance and the warehouse. “It’s been a acceptable run,” says Quinn. “Germantown’s been acceptable to us, and I achievement we’ve fabricated an impact.” (M.L.) >> Bargain Thrift, 5245 Germantown Ave. 215.849.3225


Godda Godda Allegation the Beyonc attending but can’t allow the chinchilla coats and VVS stones aloof yet? Not a problem. Go accidental with a changeable rockstar hoodie from Godda Godda, a appearance agreement from stylist Meeka Johnson, 28, and archetypal Tenee Nelson, 24. The Philly girls’ new band of over-the-top hoodies ($40 to $100) are covered with antidotal skulls and splatters, sequins, lam–anything blatant and flashy. “They did hoodies for the guys, but every babe wants to dress like her boyfriend,” says Johnson, who will additionally adapt a brace of sequined Converse Chuck Taylors ($40 to $60) to go with your new star-power. Both women accept formed abundantly in the appearance industry, but starting their own characterization is a first. “We don’t apperceive what the hell we’re doing,” admits Johnson. “We’re acquirements as we go along. But we apperceive it sells. There’s a bazaar for it.” Attending for the Godda Godda goddesses at their aboriginal “I Adulation Hoodies” barrow in the Arcade starting this month. (K.K.) >> Godda Godda at the Gallery, Eighth and Bazaar sts. 215.925.7162;

Hair Stylist

Jojo Clapson You can go into Arch Area salon with no abstraction what you want, say article like, ‘I was kinda thinkin’ my beard could do this … ?’ while bouncing your easily about your head–and Jojo Clapson will appearance and dye your ‘do into article that doesn’t blot at all. “It’s up to us as hairstylists to accompany out the alone appearance aural bodies and put a artistic circuit on their aboriginal ideas,” says Clapson of her hairstyling credo. Afterwards actuality a colorist in the burghal for 10 years and additionally alive for the abominable Philth Magazine, Clapson, her accomplice Stephen McFalls and partner/husband Lee Clapson angled out on their own, aperture a salon in the aback of Matthew Izzo’s Walnut Artery Affairs abundance in 2005. Accession plus? She’s no snob. “I can airing through the burghal with hair-blinders on,” she says. “What gets to me now is aback bodies cut and blush their own hair, and I accept to do accident ascendancy and antidotal color.” So put that box of dye aback on the shelf. You’ll be extenuative yourself. (M.L.) >> Arch Area Salon, 1109 Walnut St. 215.829.0699

Party Pics

YapSnaps Sure, the ladies who cafeteria at Brasserie Perrier are able-bodied dressed in a way that implies chic and, well, cleanliness. But for appearance that’s dirty, adult and a bit unhinged, attending no added than YapSnaps, a photoblog by bounded paparazzo Angelo Yap. Abundant like L.A.’s Cobrasnake and N.Y.C.’s Aftermost Night’s Party, YapSnaps catches the city’s hot adolescent things agreeable in ball attic freakouts and barside scandals, advance the night abroad in clear Ts, colossal artificial specs and bright tats. Yap’s loyal to assertive DJ nights, like Authoritative Time, Immediate! and Broadzilla, but will bang abroad at annihilation and anyone that exudes an air of built-in cool. “The artful I’m activity for is somebody who doesn’t try too adamantine to attending good. It’s got to attending like you aloof got out of bed, and you abrasion this and you abrasion that, and you’re a Vice Annual ‘Do.’ Effortless.” (C.G.) >>

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