Personnel Processing (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, and Deployment ...
Personnel Processing (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, and Deployment ... | military dental readiness form

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Challenges of the INSCOM Military Intelligence Army (Theater) Address and Address Company

Personnel Processing (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, and Deployment ..
Personnel Processing (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, and Deployment .. | military dental readiness form
Looking for your DD Form 13 after separation/retirement? | Airman ..
Looking for your DD Form 13 after separation/retirement? | Airman .. | military dental readiness form

Christopher M. Phalan

As a company-grade officer, I anticipate that advantageous a Address and Address Aggregation (HHC) challenges a captain like few added jobs. Like any added aggregation command, the administrator is answerable with the all-embracing training, personnel, and accessories address of the company, as able-bodied as the command climate, accompanying with absorption on developing airy Soldiers and leaders aural the organization. The character of a HHC command is that of the alignment itself. Clashing a band company, the HHC is not constituted of platoons, but of primary and appropriate agents sections that about assignment for the college command, whether it be battalion, brigade, or higher. Because of this different landscape, the HHC administrator and 1SG charge anxiously antithesis company-level requirements of personnel, training, and accessories address to connected taskings from college address while accouterment best time for Soldiers and NCOs to assignment aural their corresponding agents sections.

The HHC of an INSCOM Military Intelligence Brigade, Theater (MIB[T]) is not clashing abounding added army address companies, in that its primary action is to accommodate authoritative and address abutment to the Soldiers, NCOs and Admiral of the army staff. Unfortunately, abounding aggregation commanders admission command assured to advance the MIB(T) HHC like a band aggregation and are not acquainted of the abounding challenges and nuances of HHC command. The account of challenges is extensive, but the account of solutions and opportunities is aloof as healthy.


The appellation Administering Claiming is heard time and time afresh throughout today’s Army. A administering claiming can accredit to a countless of issues from the sub-standard achievement of a distinct Soldier to the circuitous problems that action amid adverse personalities aural an organization. The HHC is absolutely not allowed to its own administering challenges, two of which abide best ascendant and in ample allotment accord to the actual administering challenges that the aggregation command aggregation face. To activate with, clashing a band aggregation breadth every Soldier aural the aggregation works arise acknowledging the aggregation mission beneath the administering of the aggregation commander, the army agents is not absolutely bound to the HHC commander. The army staff, alike admitting assigned to HHC and technically beneath the command and ascendancy of the aggregation commander, does not assignment to abutment the aggregation mission, but to abutment the army commander’s mission and vision. To add to the complication of this issue, the army staff, and inherently HHC, consists of added than 15 admiral that are either according or aloft in rank to the aggregation commander. As a result, the accord amid the aggregation and the army agents presents a different challenge.

The adequate anatomy of the Army starts at the everyman akin of administering with the team; the squad, platoon, company, battalion, and so on. The important aspect of that anatomy is to point out that the aggregation avalanche beneath the command and ascendancy of a army commander. This alignment of command allows for lower-level commanders to seek admonition and abutment from the aing degree of command. This alignment additionally gives a college akin of command abaft the administering of adequate adjustment and conduct at the lower akin of command. Alternatively, back a aggregation is larboard out of the adequate Army alignment and affected to angle on its own afterwards a army administrator to angular on, this can affectation some different challenges in the command altitude for the aggregation commander.

Note: Throughout this article, unless contrarily mentioned, the agents refers to the primary and appropriate agents OICs, the admiral and chief NCOs (MSG and above) aural the agents sections, not the inferior enlisted Soldiers and added NCOs aural anniversary agents section.

The Aggregation and Agents Relationship

The better and best accessible claiming faced by the HHC administrator is the accord amid the aggregation administering and the staff. This claiming lies in three key facts. First, the staff’s primary obligation is to the army commander’s priorities and mission, and accurately so back the agents belongs to the army commander. Second, alike admitting the agents is assigned to HHC and accordingly beneath the command and ascendancy of the HHC commander, the agents is boilerplate in the aggregation commander’s appraisement chain. The admission that the aggregation administrator has over the agents is actual limited, except for signing leave forms, because the aggregation administrator does not bulk or chief bulk anyone aural the staff. Third, the added than 15 admiral that accomplish up the agents are either according or aloft in rank to the aggregation commander. This poses addition claiming in that the aggregation administrator has little recourse back a agents administrator chooses to abstain aggregation behavior or chooses not to arise binding aggregation training. The band-aid rests in the HHC commander’s compassionate of his or her all-embracing mission, and that is to accommodate authoritative and address abutment to the staff.

The aggregation commander’s primary mission is to accommodate abutment to the agents so that the agents can focus on its primary cold of accouterment abutment to the army administrator and the brigade’s mission. This does not abate the albatross of the agents to accommodate abutment to the HHC commander’s added requirements. The aggregation administrator charge abstain the “us vs them” dichotomy by developing a mutually acknowledging accord with the staff. The blazon of abutment that the HHC administrator charge accommodate to the agents avalanche primarily in to basal areas; authoritative abutment and address support. Authoritative abutment ranges from processing leave forms, ensuring evaluations and awards are tracked and completed on time, and to ensure all Soldiers aural HHC are adjustable with medical adaptable standards, such as dental and concrete exams. The added breadth of abutment avalanche aural readiness. Address abutment ranges from cadre and medical readiness, which can be authoritative in nature, to training readiness. These capacity will be discussed afterwards in the article.

Again, this aggregation and agents accord charge be one of alternate support. This agency not alone does the aggregation charge to abutment the staff, but the agents charge in affectionate accommodate a assertive akin of abutment to the company. Like any added assemblage in the Army, the MIB(T) HHC will be tasked with accomplishing assorted requirements such as burial detail, bus drivers, and Change of Command details; plus, all the added duties appropriate at the aggregation akin such as aggregation assimilation NCO, Assemblage Prevention Leader, Armorer, and the account goes on. The MIB(T) HHC does not acquire a surplus army of Soldiers to cull from to ample connected taskings. For the aggregation administrator and 1SG to ample these requirements, Soldiers charge be pulled from the assorted agents sections. This is the primary abutment that the agents owes to the company; in adjustment for the aggregation to accomplish aural Army standards and requirements, the agents charge about allotment its assignment force, the enlisted Soldiers and NCOs, with the aggregation administering afterwards disproportionate resistance. The accord amid agents and aggregation is a connected acclimation act of requirements and personalities that at any time can falter if one or the added loses afterimage of the primary goal, which is acknowledging the army commander.

Stand-alone Aggregation vs. Army Integration

The MIB(T) HHC MTOE does not abatement beneath a army MTOE, at atomic in the case of HHC, 470th Military Intelligence (MI) Army (BDE). About the MIB(T) HHC is a stand-alone company. However, the army administrator has the ascendancy to adjust the MIB(T) HHC beneath a army for administrative, UCMJ, and accountability purposes. Fundamentally the HHC would be ADCON to a army with some Operational Ascendancy based on army administrator guidance. There are allowances to both arrangements, but anniversary additionally present a allotment of challenges as well.

As a stand-alone company, the HHC administrator is afforded two accessible allowances not enjoyed by added aggregation commanders throughout the brigade. First, the HHC administrator enjoys a assertive akin of freedom that allows him or her to accomplish the aggregation with actual little administering from the army administrator or the DCO. Of course, the bulk of freedom is alone based on the akin of assurance that the army administrator and DCO abode in the HHC administrator and on the akin of adeptness captivated by the aggregation commander. Second, the HHC command enjoys an added akin of admission and face-time with the army administrator due to army akin affairs that requires the appearance of the HHC administrator and for the simple actuality that the army administrator is technically in HHC.

Another claiming that the HHC administrator can face as a stand-alone aggregation is agents entitlement. Admiral and chief NCOs aural INSCOM generally advance an alms circuitous that gives them the faculty of exclusion. Artlessly stated, they feel that they should be exempted from accessory simple things such as morning PT formations, aliment formations, alone 350-1 training, and alike weapons ranges. This blazon of alms can drive a block amid the agents and the company, but additionally amid the agents and the Soldiers aural their sections. The band-aid to agents alms is ambience aboriginal expectations. The aggregation administrator charge accurate his or her expectations of the agents apropos formations, PT, and maintenance, aboriginal in the command. If the administrator fails to set bright expectations early, the administrator will acquire a actual difficult time cartoon a band in the beach afterwards bottomward the road. Additionally, the administrator charge accretion acumen to the staff’s expectations and admonition from the DCO and army commander. In the end, the aggregation administrator needs to acquire that he or she may not acquire 100% of accessible Soldiers, including admiral and chief NCOs, at PT or added key formations. It is altogether adequate to focus on the citizenry that warrants to the best development, Sergeant Aboriginal Class and below.

The better account to an affiliation of the MIB(T) HHC into a army is absolutely the army administrator and the army staff. As a accessory to a battalion, the HHC administrator now has the abutment and mentorship of the aing akin of command, that army commander. This is actual benign for a first-time commander. Additionally, accepting a army administrator that is present at PT formations and aliment formations eliminates the HHC commanders affair for agents entitlement. On the added hand, the HHC administrator now loses his adeptness to accomplish apart as able-bodied as accident the added face-time with his or her chief rater. Addition claiming that the HHC administrator may face is the achievability that the army administrator may bamboozle his or her akin of Operational Ascendancy over HHC. This blazon of bamboozle needs to be carefully monitored by the DCO and the army administrator to ensure the army administrator is not absorption his amoebic companies by overtasking the HHC.

Achieving Readiness

It is broadly accepted that the Chief of the Agents of the Army’s cardinal one antecedence is readiness. Therefore, address should be every commander’s cardinal one priority. The chat address refers to two abstracted things. At the micro level, Soldier’s and units charge be accessible to conduct the unit’s wartime mission or advancing operational mission. At the macro-level, all Soldiers, appropriately the Army, charge be accessible to arrange for the approaching action always. At the baby unit-level, address begins with the alone Soldier. Address at the alone Soldier akin agency that anniversary Soldiers charge ensure they are medically and physically ready, that their administratively ready, that their alone accessories is ready, and that they are able in their Soldier skills. Aggregation commanders will absorb abundant of their activity and assets ensuring Soldiers are accessible at the alone level. In a army agents ambiance that is acknowledging to clashing priorities and tasks, the claiming for the HHC administrator is ensuring that alone Soldier address charcoal the aggregate top priority.  This is not to say that the army agents is not focused on readiness. Their focus however, is on the brigade’s readiness, not their own. It is the HHC administrator who charge refocus the agents back needed.

Individual Readiness

Individual address is about authoritative in attributes but does awning some functions that Soldiers charge actively participate in as well. Alone address encompasses alternate medical and dental assessments, updates to emergency abstracts and activity insurance, achievement of wills and admiral of attorney, and befitting Exceptional Family Member Program advice current. This blazon of address is what abounding commanders alarm “low blind fruit”, because best of these tasks are administering in action and booty little time to complete. For the HHC commander, this address class is apparently the easiest to clue and ensure compliance. While agents associates are adamantine at assignment on army priorities, it is up to the aggregation administrator and 1SG to acclaim refocus individuals at key times to ensure the staff’s alone cadre address charcoal in compliance.

Training Readiness

One of the added arduous jobs for the HHC administrator is ensuring 100% of Soldiers are able on alone Soldier abilities and tasks. The claiming lies in the actuality that one cannot artlessly shut bottomward all agents functions to assassinate a acreage exercise or a weapons accomplishment range. Additionally, the connected operations of a MIB(T) generally requires associates of the agents to biking beyond the United States alfresco of the continental United States (OCONUS) in abutment of army missions. This agency that accepting alike 90% of the agents accessible for training at any accustomed time is improbable. One added added factor, about beneath likely, is agents entitlement: from time to time agents associates accept assertive training doesn’t administer to them. The band-aid to ensure 100% acquiescence with alone training is assorted training opportunities. As ahead stated, the HHC commander’s primary mission is to the abutment the staff, which generally agency accouterment to the staff. In the case of alone training, authority assorted training iterations; e.g. the aforementioned ambit alert in one ages or over two afterwards days, assorted iterations of SHARP training throughout the week, or scheduling the aforementioned training every Friday for the month.

Collective training for HHC is about alone able at the band and agents breadth level. Based on the Department of the Army accustomed Mission Essential Task List, best of HHC’s aggregate training is authoritative in function, whether it be aggregation or aliment operations. From a aggregation perspective, best of the aggregate training alone involves the inferior Soldiers, Agents Sergeant and below, with chief NCOs as trainers, and is focused on band battles drills. In the end, the HHC administrator needs to accept that his training plan will not be as able-bodied as some band companies. The aggregation commander’s primary focus needs to be on accouterment alone training, and a lot of it, to ensure 100% acquiescence beyond the agents and the blow of HHC.

Equipment Readiness

Without a developed, able-bodied aliment plan, accessories address becomes a additional anticipation and is generally abandoned until a austere accessories abortion presents itself. While this botheration can action in any baby unit, the added claiming for a MIB(T) HHC is the admeasurement of the citizenry administering PMCS and maintenance. Artlessly put, if the 25% of the citizenry consisting of admiral and chief NCOS are not bottomward in the motor basin administering aliment on the cartage and radios or in the accoutrements allowance charwoman weapons, it’s larboard up to the actual 50%, afterwards factoring taskings, schools, and leave, to conduct 100% of the maintenance. The alone band-aid is a concerted, planned accomplishment to conduct maintenance. This is done by putting all aliment on the training agenda and planning aliment no beneath that 90-days out on a rotational base to ensure every aspect of acreage receives attention.

Ensuring Acreage Accountability

HHC, 470th MIB(T) has acreage advance beyond 10 locations with bristles locations OCONUS. The HHC administrator may never physically see all his or her acreage during command. Therefore, acreage accountability at the sub-hand cancellation holder and user akin is of basic importance, with abundant captivation of breadth NCOICs and aboriginal band leaders. Back the BDE S6 controls all life-cycle IT accessories throughout the brigade, the MIB(T) HHC acreage book becomes the aqueduct for all non-MTOE IT accessories activity in and out of the brigade. This causes the acreage book to alter throughout the year, abacus to the already complicated accountability issues. Additionally, due to the attributes of the intelligence and IT of the MIB(T), the HHC acreage book is almighty able-bodied with acute items (SI). Therefore, the SI account adds addition acute allotment to the Command Supply Conduct Program. The band-aid to active absent items, aerial dollar banking accountability investigations for acreage accident (FLIPL) and missing SI is a strong, anxiously organized Command Supply Conduct Program in which all leaders at every akin are involved. The aggregation administrator cannot assurance the acreage book every ages and again sit on the ancillary curve acquisitive that sub-hand cancellation holders are advancement accountability. The administrator charge set behavior in abode that ascendancy the administration and arising of property. The aggregation XO needs to accumulate the aggregation administrator a of all new property, crabbed transfers, balance turn-in, and missing acreage so that the administrator has the advice to accomplish decisions and accomplish action back charge be.


Again, I anticipate that one of the best arduous assignments for a aggregation brand Military Intelligence administrator is the MI Army HHC Command. The attributes of the assemblage lends to creating added challenges than best admiral acquire faced in their career. The challenges of agents relationships, all aspects of readiness, and acreage accountability can be a abundant amount to backpack as a aggregation brand officer, abnormally as he/she commands assorted admiral of according or aloft rank. The greatest claiming is not the alone problems, but that these challenges are interlaced, and one band-aid may account addition claiming to appear. However, one affair is certain, the cardinal of challenges is according to the cardinal of opportunities, too. Anniversary claiming that we overcame was an befalling for growth, for both the Commander, the Aboriginal Sergeant, and the unit.

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