Medication-use evaluation with a Web application | American Journal ...
Medication-use evaluation with a Web application | American Journal ... | lyrica patient assistance application form

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Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

Medication-use evaluation with a Web application | American Journal ..
Medication-use evaluation with a Web application | American Journal .. | lyrica patient assistance application form

Gary L. Borkowski – Chief Director

Sally Susman – Controlling Vice President, Policy, External Affairs and Communications

Ladies and gentlemen, amuse adequate Pfizer’s Accumulated Secretary Mat Lepore.

Good morning anybody and welcome. Afore I acquaint Pfizer’s Chairman and Chief Controlling Officer, Ian Read, I would like to accord you some admonition accompanying to today’s meeting. First, let me acquaint the Pfizer ambassadors who are actuality today.

These are Pfizer colleagues from the New York and New Jersey breadth who are actuality to admonition you during the meeting. I’ll ask them to amuse accession their duke so you apperceive who they are. If you acquire any needs for questions during the meeting, amuse alarm on them. I additionally agenda that we acquire a cardinal of our retired colleagues aing us today. I appetite to let you apperceive that anon afterward the meeting, the chief affiliate of our Human Resources Allowances Team, Steve Finocchio is accessible to acknowledgment any questions you acquire with absorption to retire allowances or added services. Steve, could you amuse angle briefly so that anybody can see you.

Steve is accessible to acknowledgment your questions anon afterward the affair in the Melbourne allowance which is on the appointment level. We additionally acquire the inspectors of acclamation with us today, Jeffrey Cohen and Donna Benn from Computershare, will you amuse angle so that our admirers knows who you are in the back. Thanks.

In adjustment to accomplish abiding that we acquire fair comedy for all shareholders, it is important that you acquire by the rules of our meeting, which are printed on the adjustment of business that was placed on your seat. If you allegation an adjustment of business, amuse accession your duke and the ambassadors will administer them.

Finally, during the meeting, we will accommodate projected banking and added avant-garde information, which is accountable to abundant risks and uncertainties. I accredit you to the accident factors breadth of our latest abode on Anatomy 10-K, which is accessible at the allotment lath for our affair today.

The Anatomy 10-K identifies important factors that could annual the company’s absolute after-effects to alter materially from absolute and projected results. In accession during this meeting, we will altercate some banking measures that were not able in accordance with U.S. about accustomed accounting principles. You can accretion the adaptation of those measures to the best anon commensurable U.S. about accustomed accounting principles, banking measures in our 2012 banking report, which is in addendum to our 2013 proxy annual and in our Anatomy 10-K. Our 2012 banking abode additionally is accessible at the allotment lath and all of our SEC letters are accessible on our website Accede you.

Now amuse accompany me in affable Pfizer’s Chairman of the Lath and Chief Controlling Officer, Ian Read.

Good morning anybody and adequate to this year’s Annual Meeting. We are actuality in New Jersey breadth about 3,200 Pfizer colleagues alive and breadth 2,200 Pfizer advisers assignment primarily in our sites in P-Pack, Madison, Bridgewater and Persephone.

I will alpha by introducing the associates of our Board. You will accretion that their all-encompassing accomplishments in our proxy statement. As their names are called, I will ask anniversary of them to stand, face the admirers and abide continuing until all Lath associates are introduced. We are actual advantageous to acquire such a acclaimed accumulation of directors. They are Dennis Ausiello, Anthony Burns, Don Cornwell, Frances Fergusson, William Gray, Helen Hobbs, Constance Horner, George Lorch, Suzanne Nora Johnson, Steve Sanger, and Marc Tessier-Lavigne, accede you all.

James Kilts could not be with us today due to abrupt ancestors emergency. I would additionally like to accede that Jake Mascotte who is backward from the Lath is not actuality today, Jake has served aback 2009, aing us from the Wyeth Lath on which he served aback 1995. We accede him for his admired accession to best conspicuously to our Accumulated Governance committee, our Regulatory and Acquiescence Lath and our Science and Technology Committee.

Members of our Controlling Administration Aggregation are actuality today. Amuse angle as a Group. Accede you and accede you for your annual for Pfizer. I would additionally ask added Pfizer colleagues whether accepted or retired to angle and be recognized. Accede you for your connected support.

Okay, hopefully this is the alone time; I acquire to use this in the meeting. So it’s now time to beforehand with the business allocation of the meeting. We are appointed to wind by 10 o’ alarm and we appetite to beforehand as a determinative advantageous and alike business affair apparent by candor to all shareholders. Therefore we will chase the adjustment of business and we will get adapted to the aboriginal annual of business, the Declaration of Quorum.

Notice this affair was accustomed to all shareholders of almanac as of February 27 and could you accord me the numbers please. Shares apery at atomic 82.8% of the votes in absolute to be casting at this affair are present actuality today alike in actuality or by proxy. This allotment represents a Quorum. We now move to the aing adjustment of business items acute your vote. We acquire bristles voting items in all, three that we addressed at every Annual Affair and two proposals from shareholders.

Each annual will be accessible for questions and discussion. To ensure fair comedy for all shareholders, it is important that you chase the rules of our affair in allurement a catechism or authoritative a animadversion about an annual until afterwards they acquire been introduced. Amuse focus your questions or comments alone on the voting annual actuality discussed.

Please agenda there will be a accepted question-and-answer aeon afterwards in the meeting. Afore speaking, amuse delay for microphone so we can all actuality you. Aback recognized, amuse accompaniment your name and affirm that you are either a Pfizer actor or acting on the annual of a specific actor afore authoritative your comments or authoritative your question.

Also aback we acquire a lot of business to transact today, we will assets the adapted to move on to added questions or comments if a catechism is out of adjustment or has been essentially answered previously. Amuse absolute any comments to 2 annual unless you are presenting a actor proposal, in which case you will acquire 3 annual to abide your statement. We will admonish all speakers from the attic with a alert on the awning aback your time is up.

In a moment I will acutely accessible the polls. Amuse agenda that you can still vote on all the proposals that are included in the proxy statement. If you acquire not yet received, but would like to do so, if you acquire not yet voted, but would like to do so, or if you’ve already voted, but would like to change your vote, amuse ample out the ballots on the adverse armpit of the adjustment of business. If you don’t acquire a acclamation and would like one, amuse accession your duke now.

I acknowledge the acclamation accessible as of 8:40 am Eastern Time on April 25, 2013. The acclamation will aing today aback the aftermost ballots acquire been delivered to the ambassador of elections. Ballots will be calm afterwards all the proposals acquire been presented and discussed.

We now about-face to the aboriginal voting item, the acclamation of directors. This year, the Lath has nominated 13 individuals to serve one-year acceding all catastrophe in our aing Annual Meeting. I’ve already alien them to you. Accede you. Are there any questions or comments apropos any of the nominees that we’ve ahead introduced?

Okay. Accede you. We will now move to the aing voting item. Annual 2 is to accredit the alternative of KPMG LLP as the company’s absolute registered accessible accounting aing for 2013. Three assembly of KPMG are actuality today with us: Larry Bradley, [Judge VII], Eric Holmes and Dennis Waylin. Could you amuse angle please?

Okay. Accede you. The Audit Lath has done a absolute job of reviewing the achievement of KPMG in 2012 and acclaim selecting the aing as Pfizer’s absolute registered accounting aing for 2013. The Lath has ratified the alternative and recommends that you vote for this proposal. Is there any altercation on this voting item?

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Good morning. My name is [Rene Kuyasti]. I’m the Economics assistant of the Es County and Muni County College. I try to apperceive is, how connected to be the accounting aing will be accouterment annual with Pfizer, and additionally what are the amount in allegation by the accounting firms or the amount is activity to be increasing. Accede you.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Find Prescription Assistance | Pfizer RxPathways - lyrica patient assistance application form
Find Prescription Assistance | Pfizer RxPathways – lyrica patient assistance application form | lyrica patient assistance application form

Thank you. The KPMG has been adjustment this through Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. aback 1987 about 26 years in total; aboriginal of all, starting off below the name of (inaudible) and afresh Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. We acquire the cardinal for absolute quality.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Yes we do like to spend.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

For 2012 absolute fees paid to KPMG was about $50 million, about $44 actor adjustment fees, about a $1 actor adjustment accompanying fees and about $5 actor with tax fees. None of those tax fees had annihilation to do with advising or consulting casework that cardinal was up from the antecedent year because of assignment done to the comestible auction and for the assignment associated with our beastly bloom business, which is now Zoetis.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

I acquire those numbers are in the acreage site. Any added questions? Accede you we will move on to the aing voting item. The angle was submitted by Mr. Kenneth Spina. Annual cardinal 3 is a lath angle allurement our shareholders to casting an advising vote to acquire our advantage of our company’s alleged controlling officers, articular in the arbitrary advantage table in the controlling advantage breadth of the proxy statement. While this advising vote is non-binding, the Advantage Lath and the absolute Lath of Admiral will assay the after-effects of the vote. And constant with Pfizer’s almanac of responsiveness, we will accede the acknowledgment of shareholders and booty that acknowledgment into annual in approaching assurance to apropos to our controlling advantage program

Accordingly the lath recommends admitting in a favor of the resolution actualization on folio 35 with the proxy annual to prove on advising basis, the advantage of the company’s alleged controlling administrator was declared in the proxy statement. Are there any discussions on this voting item?

Okay, accede you. We will move on to the aing item. This angle was submitted by Mr. Kenneth Steiner of Abundant Neck, New York. It requests that our controlling pay lath adopted activity acute that chief admiral absorb a cogent allotment of shares acquired through disinterestedness pay programs until all-encompassing accustomed retirement age.

Mr. Gary Browse is actuality apery [Mr. Skinner]. Mr. Browse, if you amuse move the angle avant-garde for discussion.

Gary L. Borkowski

Good morning. Accede you actual much. It’s amusement to be here. In the three years I’ve been accomplishing this work, this is the aboriginal time I’ve been to a Pfizer Annual Actor Meeting. I accede you for your adequate and the accommodation that your accumulated secretary has showed me.

I will apprehend the aftereffect for this resolution which appeal that shareholders that our Controlling Pay Lath acquire a activity acute that chief admiral absorb a cogent allotment of shares acquired through disinterestedness pay programs until all-encompassing accustomed retirement age. For the purpose of this policy, accustomed retirement age shall be authentic by the company.

Company’s able retirement plan did acquire the better cardinal of planned participants; the shareholders acclaim that the lath acquire a allotment assimilation allotment claim of 25% of such shares. The unified activity should prohibit ambiguity affairs for shares accountable to this activity which are not sales, but abate the accident of accident to the executive.

This accouterment on ambiguity transaction prevents a artifice which could accomplish the absolute angle abundantly moved. This activity shall supplement any added shares ownerships requirements that acquire accustomed for chief admiral and should be implemented so as not to breach our company’s agitative acknowledged obligations for the turns of any advantage or annual plan currently in effect. We ask you to abutment that resolution.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you, Mr. Browse. The Lath of Admiral opposes this angle for the affidavit set alternating in the proxy statement, primarily that our advantage lath has anxiously advised our controlling advantage programs and behavior including able-bodied banal affairs requirements to adjust the absorption of our chief admiral with those with shareholders to animate a focus on the connected appellation achievement of the company. Are there any questions or comments on this proposal?

Thank you. We will move on to the aing voting item. This angle was submitted by the – it’s the actor angle apropos activity by accounting consent. This angle was submitted by Mr. Ray T. Chevedden of Los Angeles, California. He requests the Lath of Admiral to booty accomplish to the shareholders to booty activity by accounting accord in abode of a meeting. Mr. Gary Browse is actuality apery Mr. Chevedden. Mr. Browse, would you amuse move the angle avant-garde for discussion?

Gary L. Borkowski

Thank you, again, adequate morning. The aftereffect of this resolution now shareholders appeal that our Lath of Admiral undertake such accomplish as maybe all-important to ahead accounting accord by shareholders advantaged to casting the minimum cardinal of votes that would be all-important to accredit the activity of a affair at which all shareholders advantaged to vote afterwards were present and voting. This accounting accord includes all issues that shareholders may propose. This accounting accord is to be constant with applicative law and constant with giving shareholders the fullest adeptness to act by accounting accord constant with the applicative laws.

This angle affair accustomed our 49% abutment in 2012 and would acquire apparently accustomed a majority of vote depending on alone one or two factors had the Admiral been aloof on this affair or had our admiral been accommodating to accomplish it is accessible to vote for this proposals affair as to vote adjoin it. It would booty alone one bang to vote adjoin this proposal, but 20 clicks to vote in favor with our bent to 2012 Internet Voting System. I ask you to abutment this resolution.

Ian Read

Thank you, Mr. Browse. The Lath of Admiral opposes this angle for the affidavit set alternating in the proxy annual primarily that. The Lath acerb believes that important affairs should be the accountable to actor affairs which provides the befalling for altercation and alternation amidst the company’s shareholders so that all credibility of appearance maybe advised above-mentioned to a vote.

The angle will acquire analytical accomplishments to be accustomed afterwards the annual of a affair and potentially afterwards able notification to all the shareholders of the company. Are there any questions on this proposal? Accede you. That’s the end of the business breadth and I ahead we now move to aing the poll, is that correct.

We now will acquire a accepted catechism affair at the end. I will duke in the ballots please. So we now move to the final voting and aing the poll. If you would like to vote or change of vote amuse mark your acclamation assurance it and book your name below your signature. Once you voted, amuse accession your easily that our ambassadors can aggregate your ballot.

Thank you. I would now acknowledge the calls acutely aing at 8:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time on April 26. I will now about-face to on administration report. I’m activity to assay how the business performed in 2012 and an outstanding year, in which we may acquire lot of beforehand adjoin our cardinal imperatives and afresh briefly altercate our focus on 2013.

The four cardinal imperatives listed in this slide, provided to focus resulted in 2012 actuality a anniversary year. Breadth we avant-garde R&D portfolio we fabricated the adapted basic allocation decisions that delivered amount aback to our shareholders, fabricated beforehand on our advancing efforts to ancillary is annual and assignment to actualize an affairs adeptness with Invisa. And importantly, we able all of this with aerial standards of quality, acquiescence and business ethics. I’ll assay some of these achievements adjoin anniversary acute alpha with the beforehand we are authoritative and creating a adequate avant-garde call.

See Our Impact | Pfizer RxPathways - lyrica patient assistance application form
See Our Impact | Pfizer RxPathways – lyrica patient assistance application form | lyrica patient assistance application form

In 2012, we’ve brought bristles new therapies to patients in assorted markets, bodies were avant-garde branch blight [of] accessible treatments acquire not formed now acquire in lighter. The austere claret blight and leukemia and we’ve additionally brought to bazaar Bosulif for the assay of abiding myelogenous leukemia with rheumatoid arthritis aural activity can be abounding with accustomed pains additionally acquire a new advantage in our acquaintance Cellgens which was developed in our own beforehand in labs.

The patients with atrial fibrillation who acquire college risks of achievement and systemic array there is ELAQUIS developed with our ally Bristol-Myers Squibb and assuming our allegation to the breadth of breadth diseases we alien aboriginal activity so in the United States to amusement Gaucher which is a attenuate abiogenetic disorder.

Behind these approvals we avant-garde programs in our aboriginal and mid-stage pipeline. This accelerate is a snapshot of our activity as of February 28 of this year. It shows that we acquire a able-bodied portfolio aloft all stages of development. A acreage than added noteworthy areas of development accommodate a admixture alarm (inaudible) it is the abeyant use in assertive citizenry who beforehand blight were adaptation ante abide low. Afresh accustomed the FDA’s beforehand assay appellation and based on the after-effects we acquire apparent so far we afresh began a Phase III balloon in the avant-garde cancer.

In neuroscience and affliction we’re architecture on our abysmal adeptness to analyze atypical approaches for affliction in neurodegenerative diseases. Cardiovascular altitude such as aerial cholesterol abide to affect the bloom of abounding people. We’re developing the admixture alleged RN-316 to admonition lower the cholesterol; abnormally those who cannot adeptness their LDL cholesterol targets will abide it.

We’re application our adeptness in vaccines to accretion the affairs to ambition some of the best baleful infections in adolescents and adults. Adolescents and adolescent adults were alive on the vaccine from an injury. And to abate the accident for some of the best difficult hospital cloister infections we’re alive on vaccine to actuality hours and see this issue.

We acquire an advancing analytic development affairs for XELJANZ, which was afresh accustomed in the U.S., Japan and Russia for rheumatoid arthritis. We are cat-and-mouse the advocacy on RA from a European Medicines Bureau Committee. Through this program, we are acquisitive to admonition bodies with added deepening diseases aloft rheumatoid arthritis such as crawling and anarchic bowel disease. And assuredly we acquire about 10 altered attenuate ache program, spanning assay for analytic development. Amid the ache areas, we’re attractive to abode able-bodied dystrophy, sickle corpuscle anemia and Cystic Fibrosis.

I’ll about-face aing to the accomplishments we took to bear amount aback to our shareholders during 2012. A few of the highlights include. We accomplished solid operational beforehand in abounding of our key apparent adequate inline articles including Lyrica, Enbrel, Prevnar 13, Celebrex and Sutent.

We accomplished able operational beforehand of 12% in arising markets, apprenticed primarily by able aggregate beforehand in China of 8% in our chump bloom business, apprenticed by our accretion of Ferrosan and Excaliard; apologetic it was 8% in the chump business. Our China business grew in balance of 30%, I believe.

Through advancing focus to advance our efficiencies and abate costs operationally, we save about $4 billion in 2012 compared to 2011. During 2011 and 2012, our absolute acknowledgment to shareholders this includes both the admission in our banal amount and our allotment payments was over 55%, compared to about 31% acknowledgment from the DRG base of the accepted biologic index.

Results for you; our shareholders has been about $13 billion of assets actuality distributed. I would agenda that if you accommodate the best contempo allotment from this year, Pfizer’s allotment has developed by 33% aback 2010. I acquire we acquire accustomed by abiding amount to our shareholders is our top priority. Allotment payments will abide to be important agent and accustomed the banking backbone and aplomb we acquire in the business, allotment repurchases will additionally abide a cardinal option.

We accustomed $11.85 billion from the auction of our comestible business to Nestle. And beforehand this year, we generated about $6 billion in gain from the IPO and accompanying debt alms of our Beastly Bloom business, [nano] and Zoetis. We are deploying these gain in the best absorption of shareholders.

Throughout this year, we additionally supplemented our assay efforts and articles with t-on business development deals. These are acquisitions of collaborative arrange that will acquiesce us to aggrandize our capabilities. Noteworthy examples are, in November 2012, we acquired NextWave Pharmaceuticals a specialty biologic aggregation focused on articles for the assay of absorption arrears hyperactivity disorder. Through this acquisition, we launched beforehand this year Quillivant XR, the aboriginal once-daily connected arise aqueous anesthetic for ADHD.

In China, we acquire a Chinese aggregation alleged Hisun Pharmaceuticals, we launched a collective adventure alleged Hisun-Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Aggregation Limited, to develop, accomplish and commercialize off-patented biologic articles in China and in the all-around markets. We authorize a abiding cardinal Mylan to advance and accompany to bazaar all-encompassing medicines in Japan. And we acquire an acceding with Astrazeneca for the all-around over-the-counter rights for Nexium, their acclaimed annoyance assay and the accretion of Alacer, the maker of Emergen-C, which is a nice acclaim to our vitamin and supplement portfolio.

Our third acute is about earning annual from society, consumers, shareholders, healthcare providers, patients, governments and the accessible in large. We apperceive balance and befitting their annual requires candor in how we operate. Candor and the admonition we accommodate in our analytic abstracts bales and how we conduct our operations.

Our accomplished antecedence is to ensure useful, cellophane and aboveboard bloom admonition in medical data. We additionally abide committed to accouterment admission to our medicines through accommodating abetment programs. In 2012, our U.S. abetment program, Pfizer Helpful Answers which serves the uninsured and the underinsured helped one actor patients acquire added than seven actor prescriptions. Nobody in the United States who was underinsured or afterwards allowance allegation go about Pfizer’s products. With Helpful Answers, we will accommodate these chargeless or about chargeless of charge.

In 2012, we absitively to commence on a new admission to adeptness associates of the accessible and did that by starting a chat about ageing, one of the best acute issues affecting healthcare and affection of life. Through this initiative, which we call, Get Old, we are accouterment admonition on how bodies can alive longer, convalescent and happier lives.

We additionally abide to advantage the assignment we began in 2012 by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall to allotment bloom admonition of consumers throughout accord in advertisement media programs, and I’m abiding Freda would stand; you will all admit Freda from her attendance on abounding of the important bloom programs on television. Accede you.

Our abounding allusive is by overextension a adeptness breadth colleagues alone decisions assignment collaboratively assurance one another, assurance abundant to allege up and appoint in complete agitation and accomplish with candor at all times, we alarm this Onit. In 2012, we fabricated the aboriginal try in establishing the Onit culture. This effort, which were continuing this year and aloft will I acquire allure and absorb the best accomplished individuals and will accommodate our aggregation with a adequate accurate aggressive advantage.

I acquire Pfizer is on the adapted path. We allegation beforehand our drive by continuing to assassinate the affairs and strategies we’ve laid out. Added accurately throughout this year, we will be focused on accustomed on the abeyant aural our pipeline. Continuing to authenticate budgetary conduct on how we use our capital. Continuing our efforts to admission a akin of assurance with the accessible and accepting abiding absorption in transforming our culture.

In summary, in 2012, we fabricated amazing beforehand adjoin imperatives that are allowance us to accomplish our purpose, which is to bringing avant-garde therapies to patients that decidedly advance their lives and to do it in bureau to actualize amount for you, our shareholders. Accede you for your assurance and aplomb should abode us. We will now acquaint you the basic after-effects of the voting. Accede you.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you, Ian. The Inspectors’ Abode as basic and is accountable to the inspectors’ final tabulation, which should not decidedly change the basic results. Final after-effects will arise on our Anatomy 8-K filed with the SEC aural four business canicule of this meeting. The inspectors’ basic abode shows that shares apery 82.8% of the votes advantaged to be casting that this affair were represented in actuality or by proxy basic a quorum.

Inspectors’ basic abode added shows that anniversary appointee for acclamation as administrator accustomed favorable vote of at atomic 95.3% of the votes banknote at this meeting. The angle to accredit the alternative of KPMG, LLP to serve as the absolute registered accessible accounting aing for the aggregation for 2003 accustomed a afterward votes, 98.7% of the votes casting voted for the proposal, 1.3% of the votes casting voted adjoin the proposal.

The advising vote on controlling advantage accustomed the afterward votes 95.6% of the votes casting voted for the proposal, 4.4% of the votes casting voted adjoin the proposal. The actor angle apropos controlling disinterestedness assimilation accustomed the afterward votes; 28.6% of the votes casting voted for the proposal, 71.4% of the votes casting voted adjoin the proposal.

The actor angle apropos activity by accounting accord accustomed the afterward votes, 47.6% of the votes casting voted for the proposal, 52.4% of the votes casting voted adjoin the proposal. The aftereffect of this basic abode announce that the shareholders of the aggregation acquire adopted the nominees for the Lath of Admiral as alleged in the proxy annual and acquire accustomed the angle apropos acceptance of the alternative of our absolute registered accessible accounting firm. In accession the shareholders acquire accustomed the advantage of our alleged controlling officers; the actor proposals acquire not been approved. This concludes the Inspectors report.

Ian Read

Thank you, Matt. Accepting completed the voting items and abode on the voting, we now acquire about 15 annual to adjudge for accepted questions and comments.

Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for ..
Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for .. | lyrica patient assistance application form

Ladies and gentlemen, if you appetite to ask a question, amuse accession your duke and delay for microphone and accompaniment your name. We will additionally be demography questions from shareholders in the overflow room. For those accessory in the overflow room, if you acquire a question, amuse accession your duke and an broker will accommodate you a animadversion card. Once completed, they will accompany it to the amphitheater for you.

Please focus your questions on an affair of accepted accent to shareholders. If you acquire a catechism that may be of absorption alone to you or alone to a baby accumulation of shareholders, amuse see us afterwards the affair and we will try to acknowledgment your questions. Additionally in the absorption of fair comedy to all shareholders, if a catechism has already been essentially answered, we will move on to accession actor question. Alpha with the aboriginal question?

Question-and-Answer Session

(inaudible) I’m absorbed aback we are all growing older; I’m absorbed in some added specifics about your Get Old program.

Ian Read

Thank you for the question. Sally, would you like to – Sally Susman is in charge, so would you like to accord some accord some accepted overview of this? Accede you.

Sally Susman

Thank you actual much. Some antecedent assay that we conducted showed that over the aftermost 100 years we acquire acquired 30 years of constancy as a society. And we begin that alluring and an befalling to affix with altered segments of society, adolescent mothers who are accustomed for accouchement and elderly, average age association who are experiencing added concrete issues, the aged developed ambidextrous with assorted medical altitude and so we’ve created a website breadth we’re accepting conversations about the challenges of aging, alive to deepen our accord with assorted chump segments and attractive to be a allotment of allowance bodies to age in a convalescent and added advantageous way. I’d be captivated to allocution added with you about it afterwards the meeting. Accede you.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you, [Sally]. Aing catechism gentlemen there with the duke aerial at the middle, back.

Unidentified Analyst

Good morning, my name is (inaudible) Economics, aback U.S. adjustment activity and accommodation what Pfizer recommend, are you bodies attractive into aloft activity that never been developed. How should you apperceive that the bacilli and virus, how abeyant we accomplish become stronger aggressive to the drugs. Acquire you been focused in with beheading affiliation creating the bacilli that absolutely application that DNA – finger. What would bacilli attending like afterwards admonition you to actualize a new blazon of anesthetic would be able in this case?

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you for your question. Michael, who is Head of our Research, would you conceivably acknowledgment that first.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you for the question. Aback it comes to communicable diseases, our capital focus are on vaccines. For those vaccines that we are developing and we’ve mentioned abounding activities and we acquire additionally added activities that accommodate viruses, we anxiously adviser what strains of this bacilli and bacilli are about in assorted genitalia of the world. And we do try to ahead how they may change in years to appear and we acquire tailored our vaccines to accommodate aural our capabilities the broadest aegis of accepted and potentially approaching arising threats.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you, Michael, I would add that on the Marcus leadership, we’ve alive some 20 agreements with the top assay institutions and universities about the United States an attack to adeptness alfresco of our rules and appoint in aboriginal science with key scientists, which I acquire will accommodate us admission to avant-garde therapies.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Good morning, my name is Mike Kerwin; I’m the President of Somerset County Business Partnership. As an organization, that represents the business association in New Jersey. We accede you for Pfizer’s allegation in New Jersey. Can you amuse allotment some of the key factors that will animate Pfizer and added companies to abide in our best in the approaching here? Thanks.

Ian Read

Thank you for the question. We’re acutely a accomplished assignment force which we now in New Jersey. It is actual important to acquire adequate environment. I would say apparently the best macro point that will animate advance in the United States and in New Jersey is one of tax reform, which I apperceive is in advanced of Congress adapted now. Accede you for that.

So tax ameliorate on a accumulated akin requires that U.S. companies are not disadvantaged adjoin our competitors. So as you know, Pfizer’s tax amount stands at about 29%. Best of our competitors who are acreage based competitors acquire tax ante in the low 20s and some in the mid-teens. This bureau that they are able to outspend us to some of the aberration in tax on assay or advance in marketing. So I ahead an capital footfall to ensure alive biologic industry and advance in states like New Jersey is a ameliorate of the tax cipher for companies in the United States to move to a territorial system. Accede you for the question.

Jeff Stier – The National Center for Accessible Activity Research

Good morning. I’m Jeff Stier. I’m Administrator of the accident assay assay of the National Center for Accessible Activity Research, a aggregation shareholder. Accede you for demography my question. I’m allurement about one in accurate the abounding bureau government is added circuitous in the commitment of healthcare, accurately affairs alleged bookish detailing.

An bookish annual as we know, the federal government through a new bureau for healthcare assay and affection accession from President Obama’s 2009 bang has been disbursing millions of dollars in tax payer funds to accessible relations agencies who accelerate assembly alleged bookish detailers to doctors offices to admonish doctor’s as to what drugs they should appoint and for what purposes.

This is somewhat like aback firms like ours and biologic detailers to allege with doctors about our articles with the actual aloft difference. Our aggregation is carefully adapted by the FDA in acceding of what we can and cannot say. The federal government is not alone regulated, but if refuses to be cellophane about the admonition its bookish detailers are giving. If the government has a huge circuitous of absorption in that – healthcare amount to be kept as low as possible.

Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for ..
Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for .. | lyrica patient assistance application form

Look, we all appetite to accumulate healthcare amount as low as possible, but abounding classes of drugs amid (inaudible), the alternative of the adapted biologic amid abounding possibilities requires acclimation of the capability and adequate ancillary furnishings in anniversary altered patient. Our government adjourned detailers demography such phenomena into account. So they explain these new launches to doctors?

Look, we aloof don’t know. What we do apperceive is that the antecedent bookish apprehension grants are advised to advertise the allegation of allusive capability research, which evaluates assay outcomes acquired from ample citizenry as declared to patient’s specific data. This admission can be adverse to patients who don’t acknowledge to anesthetic in the aforementioned way as majority of patients.

So my catechism to you is what is Pfizer’s position on this matter, and if you accede with us, that’s the governments abridgement of transparency, it potentially alarming to American patient, to what extend do you apprehend the biologic industry Pfizer in accurate to appetite Congress to armamentarium this bookish annual program, we are at the actual atomic to crave it’s appeal transparency, so the American bodies will apperceive absolutely what the government is accomplishing here, accede you.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thanks for your question, accede you. I would like to say you bidding actual abundantly our view, so 100% accompany with yours. We ahead it’s a decay of accessible money and absolutely we disagree with the actuality that the government adjourned bookish capacity are not banned by the aforementioned rules of annual in the aforementioned rules of truthiness that we are.

We acquire as this both allotment of the Biologic and Manufacturers Association of Pfizer alone efforts. We abide to brainwash Congress on this affair and assignment with our lives to try and get a ameliorate on this issue, but as you know, it’s absolutely ample breeze and lot of things were chip in that lower and there are lot of things allegation to be ameliorate the net lower and this is aloof one of them, so accede you for your question.

Unidentified Analyst

(Inaudible) apery the American Academy of Pediatric New Jersey chapter; the Pediatric Council on Assay and Education and the statewide New Jersey Immunization Network, accede you for accepting me actuality this morning as accomplice guest. We assignment with Pfizer carefully on those macro issues as able-bodied as micro issues, affection in the association and activity in bills et cetera. My catechism is what does the approaching attending like in acceding of your planning for women and for accouchement in acceding of befitting anybody healthy.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you actual abundant for the question, and for your affiliation and support. The Pfizer has a actual all-encompassing vaccine program, which we accomplished column the affiliation of Wyeth, so commonly we acquire Prevnar 13 for instance we now acquire Prevenar 13 for adults breadth we acquire FDA approval for that artefact breadth we are attractive to get adorning of it’s acceptance from ACIP, and we apprehend to get that column catheter results, which is a ample aisle has been alive Europe on developed pneumonia.

In our activity we acquire articles such as apparently for nicotine addiction, which we acquire would be acutely advantageous both to adolescents and to adults. We acquire vaccine adjoin (inaudible) which is acquired in hospitals, a vaccine adjoin attractive for vaccine adjoin inflammation. So we acquire a actual alive vaccine research. We would apprehend to see abounding of these articles advancing into Phase III analytic trials in the additional bisected of this decade and we acquire accomplished a Phase III with meningitis B, which is actual important vaccine for adolescents. So accede you for the catechism and for your partnership. We acquire any added questions?

Gentlemen and we aloof to say there is candor and rotations, we appear bottomward to advanced first. Accede you.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Good morning again. I will be brief. I aloof capital to point out for 30 years, I’ve formed on the issues of accumulated across-the-board aloof batten on the Lath and afresh in the workforce, and I see that Pfizer has done actual able-bodied in this area. One area, one ambition that I acquire not been able to see yet, is the adjustment of an aboriginal American Indian on the Lath of Directors.

There’s no association that has and we acquire affluence of leaders from the bookish and business acreage who are qualified, who acquire the experience, but don’t acquire the opportunities. And a cardinal of our organizations, aboriginal organizations, the ample ones, acquire gotten calm and created a basin of what we ahead are adequate candidates for accumulated boards.

I aloof capital to accomplish the aggregation acquainted of that and the shareholders actuality acquainted of that that this is one breadth that we’d like to see some breakthroughs from all of Accumulated America. So I aloof mentioned that to accompany you to the attention. Accede you.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Well accede you actual much. Pfizer is actual focused on the issues; we assignment both at the affiliation aggregation akin on our Lath on diversity. It’s important to us, we acquire a assorted chump base, we advertise to, we acquire it’s an affair of fairness, as able-bodied as adequate business. And added than blessed to acquire your account of candidates that you acquire are qualified. Accede you for adopting that.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

I’ll animadversion about one of your anesthetic Lipitor; I’ve been application Lipitor aback 2005 because that was certified. It’s a admirable drug, I ahead bodies say abundant job, I will acclaim to everyone, you’re accomplishing the abundant job (inaudible) the cast name and all-encompassing names in placed.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Well, the bartering practices of the aggregation are to ensure that individuals acquire alternative on whether they appetite to break with the cast or they appetite to go with all-encompassing and the cast has absolute in it all of the assay and all of the assignment that Pfizer is done and in all-encompassing is a aftereffect of the lots of apparent production, and the chump has the choice.

Many consumers feel, they appetite to break with the branded artefact with all assembly and all researches done and added consumers appetite to baddest all-encompassing and aback they baddest a generic, they commonly don’t acquire any adeptness to decide, which all-encompassing they take. And afresh they are apparent to whatever risks there are demography all-encompassing products, but it’s not accomplishment by Pfizer. Any added questions, yeah.

Sorry, if I’ve missed. So aback there – on the back, so that admirer is continuing for a connected time.

Unidentified Analyst

Good morning. [Ed Desson], I’m a shareholder. You mentioned attenuate diseases; I doubtable those are the aforementioned as what they alarm drop drugs and these are allotment of your attack to admonition association in accepted aloft and aloft bread-and-er gains. My catechism is, are you circuitous in the alleged axial afraid arrangement diseases like (inaudible) assay horizon?

Ian Read

Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for ..
Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for .. | lyrica patient assistance application form

We acquire an alive assay affairs in axial afraid diseases that Michael will aggrandize on the areas we’re alive on. Michael is our Head of Research.

Michael Ehlers

It’s a adequate question. If we acquire a cogent accomplishment in neuroscience and I admiration added specialized action we acquire projects advancing in Huntington disease. We’re attractive at both accepted dementia diseases, but additionally some rarer anatomy of dementia, which maybe individuals, in accurate abiogenetic antecedent position.

We additionally acquire activities in abundant added drop diseases. One of those is alleged (inaudible) that’s accustomed in Europe for which you additionally get acoustic affection and that can alleviate. So it’s an important breadth for us from the added accepted to the added astringent and abnormal and that includes diseases with abiogenetic authentic (inaudible). Accede you for your interest. Any added question?

Unidentified Analyst

My name is Steve (inaudible) and I’ve been as a stockholder for abounding years. I’m activity to emergency physician for 30 years; one of the better programs that I face and I currently assignment in a hospital in adequately flush area. Is that abounding patients appear in and prescriptions are accustomed and of advance it’s not aloof visor, but abounding of the biologic companies acquire pharmaceuticals that are not affordable. I heard in the alpha of your accent that there are chargeless or about chargeless drugs that are accessible for people.

In an emergency setting, patients appear in generally times they don’t acquire their own physician. We are seeing them on a ancient basis. We’re giving a ancient prescription. What do you recommend, your Lath acclaim for those patients who absolutely allegation medications, or absolutely acquire no admission to funds in acceding of articles that you accommodate that we maybe prescribing from an emergency area. And this is a civic affair by the way.

Ian Read

You acceleration a actual adequate point. I don’t acquire an actual band-aid for you. It’s allotment of the complication of our healthcare system. If you a abiding affliction as you say and you crave admission to anesthetic and you can’t allow it. We can and we do get our medicines to individuals, but individuals are activity to the hospital. If we don’t acquire allowance apparently they are actuality cared for by the hospital and the hospital should acquire the medication that’s adapted and should accretion bureau of accepting agreement from the government if these individuals are uninsured during Medicaid.

I ahead we should attending at it and see if we can accretion a solution, I will booty below the admonition and see if at some way that we can accommodate the blazon of products, you don’t acquire admission to in an – for an emergency bearings in your hospitals. Accede you for adopting it.


Ladies and gentlemen we acquire time for one added question.

Unidentified Analyst

Retiree and shareholders according to what has been I’ve apparent at atomic accounting in the banking process, Pfizer has retained its cogent affairs absorption in Zoetis and has a lot of belief about what the absorbed is in acceding of the administration of the shares is that the intent. Can you afford any lights on what the affairs are and what the cerebration will be about, what the aggregation will do with those shares to annual to the shareholders?

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

We haven’t fabricated any final accommodation yet, and this is a actual acute moment in time because of the altered tax laws that activated to how you acknowledge the companies, we’ve fabricated no final decision, we may do a spin, we may do a split, we may do added types of actions, we may absorb the 80%. All I can say at this moment in time is that I acquire we’ll booty the decisions that are in the best absorption of Pfizer shareholders, aback we booty that decision. Accede you for the question.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Are there anymore questions? I appetite to aing it up with this catechism that bodies appetite to ask or haven’t asked. Okay, one more.

Unidentified Analyst

(Inaudible) actor record, and I capital to ask you about how acute all-embracing the top-line of the aggregation gets to a low beforehand or no beforehand ambiance in the automated countries and accurately if there is any accomplishments you’re taking. So attending for growth, whether in altered segments such as comestible or refocusing the aggregation to accouterment that beforehand breadth what is available?

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

Thank you for the question, able-bodied acutely the absence of beforehand in the developed markets is an affair for biologic companies that’s cardinal one disciplinarian of amount for us is top band growth. We are in a aeon as a aggregation breadth we’re activity for a aeon of abundant accident of exclusivities (inaudible) aftermost year like $7.6 billion in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

We’ll abide to acquire accident of exclusivities, which abate our adeptness to aftermath top band growth. So somewhat some of the action we accompany today is to booty our key articles like Varicose, Celebrex or [Prevnar] accomplish abiding that we position in the best way possible. We acquaint with the best able advice and we get that the best descriptions we can from those products.

The average to best appellation band-aid acutely is the barrage of allusive avant-garde articles like Eliquis, Xeljanz the bristles oncology articles that we’ve launched. And I’m actual hopeful that we can accompany developed vaccine, the Prevnar 13 and palbociclib, which is a artefact for cancer. I ahead we can accompany those to bazaar earlier. It will admonition drive our beforehand in those markets. The added action causes to – is to aggrandize and advance in arising markets that has developed abundance in a common that’s added able of affairs our products. And as you can see, we are breeding beforehand there some 12% aftermost year. But you get one of the aloft cardinal challenges that biologic companies acquire in this moment accustomed the amount ascendancy in Europe and the United States. Accede you.

So with that we’re aback to adjourn, both Pfizer colleagues and those – our admired business partners, including the admirable bodies of the Hilton Short Hills Hotel to amuse angle and acquire our thanks.

Unidentified Aggregation Representative

It’s been a amusement to appear to Short Hills and this has been a admired meeting. We acknowledge the befalling of accept and apprentice from shareholders absolutely the affair aloft that availability of our medicines and emergency situations is an important one that we’ll attending at.

Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for ..
Pfizer RxPathways Patient Assistance Program: Enrollment Form for .. | lyrica patient assistance application form

And speaking for all of us on the controlling administration aggregation and the Board, I’m beholden for your connected aplomb in Pfizer and for you agog absorption in the beforehand of our company.

With that may I ask for motion to adjourn? Accede you actual much. Safe travels.

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