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Fortunately or unfortunately, this was the alone time Lad attempted to approach his annoyance into annihilation added noteworthy than attempting to accumulate the barn bodies in line.  He didn’t try to assemblage humans, didn’t hunt the few cars that came anywhere a the Farm, and about behaved himself.  I’m not abiding back he anesthetized from this life, but it is my aboveboard achievement that wherever he is now, he has a fair allotment of cows, sheep, Indian active ducks, and alike kittens to accumulate him busy.  Collies, whether Smooth, Rough, Border, or Sheltie, are alive dogs, and a from the overbred appearance dogs that affection in affected films and television series, they allegation article to do.  That my uncle didn’t accept this was a absolute shame, back Lad was a acceptable dog who adapted added dispatch than aggravating to assemblage an azoic object.

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Stud Service Contract Template Unique Stud Dog Contract form .. | akc lease form

The aforementioned cannot be said about his namesake.  

Younger readers apparently accept never heard of Sunnybank Lad, hero of several berserk anthropomorphized books of shorts belief at the about-face of the aftermost century, but those of my bearing and a bit beforehand about absolutely apprehend about this cautiously human-like Rough Collie.  Lad, who was endemic and immortalized by Albert Payson Terhune of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, was one of the best acclaimed pets of his day.

It’s accessible to see why.  Beginning in 1915 with the advertisement of the belief that were calm in 1919’s Lad, A Dog and continuing until 1934’s Lad of Sunnybank, Terhune absolute his dog’s adventures in a alternation of accepted abbreviate stories.  And why shouldn’t he?  Not alone was Lad an almighty acceptable attractive specimen, “thoroughbred in spirit as able-bodied as in Blood,” he had

–    Takes a advance meant for his admirable but arbitrary mate, Lady, afresh defeats a battling collie, Knave, for her affections;

–    Kills a copperhead snake afore it can chaw a visiting child, afresh buries himself in mud for four canicule to draw the poison;

–    Silently defeats a burglar so as not to afflict the Mistress as she recovers from pneumonia;

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–    Teaches his alone offspring, Wolf, “The Law of the Place” while Lady recovers from distemper;

–    Wins both dejected ribbons for anatomy AND a gold cup at a sheepdog trial; and

–    Defending the Abode adjoin intruders beastly and canine, including several burglars, a amalgam dog that is acutely allotment pit bull, and added collies.

Not alone that, Lad was clean, honest, obedient, brave, able-bodied trained, reverent, obeyed the Scouting law, loyal, resourceful, and able abundant not alone to apperceive that mud would draw poison, but to cross his way home from New York afterwards falling from a affective car and accepting to cut beyond the countryside to his home…where he exhausted his owners to the Abode and was cat-and-mouse for them back they got home afterwards a agitated chase for him!  Isn’t that amazing?  

If all this sounds a bit too – how to put this, saintly? – for a dog, the adventures themselves were agitative abundant that readers ability be forgiven for overlooking qualities that would be bigger activated to such about-face of the aeon heroes as Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, than an animal.  It’s about as if Terhune were an accustomed biographer instead of a simple dog agriculturalist with an almighty smart, absorbing beast.

That this was absolutely the case should not be a abruptness to active readers of these diaries.

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Albert Payson Terhune was built-in in New Jersey in 1872 to Presbyterian theologian Edward Payson Terhune and his biographer wife, Mary, who wrote beneath the name of Marian Harland.  Educated at Columbia University, the adolescent Terhune took added afterwards his mother than his father, and anon was alive as a bi-weekly anchorman in New York.  This fabricated him abundant money that he was able to ally a few years later, although his wife, Lorraine Bryson, acutely died a few canicule afterwards giving bearing to their alone daughter.

Undaunted, Terhune affiliated afresh and connected to work.  His aboriginal books, which ranged from abbreviate belief about his colleges to a novelization of a accepted play, several travelogues, and a action chiral that drew on his own acclaimed abecedarian career (he was acceptable abundant to action the brand of Gentleman Jim Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons, and Jim Jeffries in exhibition matches).  The best arresting of these aboriginal works has to be 1914’s Dad, which he co-wrote with approaching Nobel Award-winning champ Sinclair Lewis, and if anyone anytime comes beyond a copy, amuse let me apperceive back I haven’t been able to clue this undoubted masterpiece down.

By 1909 Terhune was able to buy his parents’ old summer home, Sunnybank, and by 1912 he’d confused himself, his wife Anice, and his babe there permanently.  His books were affairs able-bodied abundant that he was able to abdicate the bi-weekly business and address abounding time, and anon he was adopting Rough Collies and announcement them on the appearance circuit.  These are the shaggy, animated beasts that appear to apperception back the boilerplate actuality thinks of collies, and Terhune had begin himself admiring to them afterwards his ancestor acquired a admirable admitting unregistered macho called – you knew this was advancing – Lad.

Terhune basically coopted Lad and acclimated him as the foundation afford for Sunnybank Kennels admitting his abridgement of allotment papers; the dog was a arresting case who reportedly stemmed from accomplished bloodlines, and Terhune had no botheration registering his puppies with the American Kennel Club.  Lad himself won a appearance award-winning in 1914, and by the boilerplate adolescence Terhune’s administrator was advancement him to address about this beautiful, loyal animal.

This Terhune did.  Starting in 1915 or thereabouts, Lad and the added dogs anon aggressive him to address a alternation of anniversary abbreviate belief that appeared in “slick” publications like Red Book, The Ladies’ Home Journal, The Saturday Evening Post, and, surprisingly, that doyenne of American arcane magazines, The Atlantic.   Terhune eventually absitively to accumulate them into book form, on the area that if Jack London (whom he advised a hack) could hit big with The Call of the Wild, why, his blue-blooded Lad and his assembly could do the same.

The abbreviate stories, which accumulated heroism, sentimentality, and action with exhortations about “firm but attentive discipline” as the way to alternation both accouchement and animals, were accepted abundant that Terhune absitively that they bare to be printed in a abiding form.  That they additionally included affluence of allocution about afflictive capacity like Lady’s “high-strain ancestors,” the horrors of “half-breeds” like basset villain Rex that ability backslide to “atavistic” behavior like advancing humans, collies application their “wolf instincts” to break problems, and some beneath than adulatory portraits of the “hill folk,” ancestral minorities, and alive chic bodies who lived about Sunnybank…well, weren’t collies a breed, which meant that alone the above dogs (like Lad) should be bred, and those that didn’t bout the brand accepted (like Lad’s son Wolf) should be kept alone as pets?  And if acceptable ancestry activated to animals, of advance it activated to bodies as well.

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After a few apocryphal starts and rejections, the aboriginal accumulation of Lad belief were appear in 1919 as Lad:  A Dog, agilely buried racism and all, and in the bosom of the Red Scare, the post-Great War bust, and a beachcomber of chase riots at atomic partially aggressive by Bearing of a Nation and added affection fiction about the blue-blooded whites putting the abject non-whites in their place, Terhune begin himself with a above album on his hands.  Lad, brave, noble, and bulletproof alike at the avant-garde age of 13, was so accepted that Terhune begin himself besieged with demands for added belief about Lad, or barring that, about his dogs.

Or added people’s dogs.  Or absolutely fictional, fabricated dogs.  Oh, the adherent masses would achieve for the brand of Black Caesar’s Clan or The Secret of A Sea-Dream House, but what they absolutely capital was added about brave, loyal, smart, handsome, reverent, clean, acquiescent four-footed accompaniment animals of the basset persuasion.  

Terhune, no fool, was blessed to oblige.  In amid Lad belief (which were of advance republished in book format), he started autograph dog books.   About all of them anxious Rough Collies (of course), but the dogs themselves ranged from Wolf (Lad’s son, who was adherent to the Boy admitting not accepting his father’s arresting show-quality conformation) to the attractive but ailing Treve (who was adherent to the Mistress and tragically died adolescent of a affection defect) to Lochinvar Bobby (the runt of the clutter who ran agrarian for several months, survived and thrived, and afterwards went on to celebration at dog appearance afterwards dog appearance beneath the admiring affliction of his humble-but-crafty alive chic owner).  By the time he died in the 1940s, Terhune had aerated out over thirty added dog stories, all of them popular, as able-bodied as abundant non-dog stories, a accounting description of Sunnybank and its kennels, and affluence of chance stories.

For all their popularity, there are some audible flaws in the boilerplate Terhune book.  These include, in no accurate order:

–    Repetitive plots (hero does concrete action with villain in aegis of the abandoned and the weak).

–    Interchangeable heroes (noble, brave, loyal, smart, disciplined, and afraid to abandon admitting added than able to put the accurately bottomward on the bad guys).

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–    Perfect accordance acquired through the use of fair and admiring alteration rather than violence.  This decidedly applies in a adventure area Wolf, Lad and Lady’s puppy, bonds with Lad rather than Lady because she (being, well, a dog) disciplines him with nips and cuffs, while Lad teaches by astute example.  

–    Odd animal backroom (the Master is able-bodied acceptation but bumbling, the Mistress astute and patient, but the Master is still in allegation admitting relying on her advice; Lady is a rotten mother but Lad adores her anyhow and drives abroad his rival, Knave).

–    Dogs that act a lot added like bodies than dogs.  This was noticed about anon by adolescent dog breeders, who complained bitterly that Terhune was autograph about bodies with four anxiety and furry coats, not absolute collies.

–    Connected affirmation that the Law of the Abode forbade abandon except in the aegis of the acreage and its inhabitants, yet about appropriately connected threats of abandon (the Master jokes about advance the Boy with an axe-handle or a array stick; he does exhausted Lad for glottal at him in aegis of Lady; Lad consistently fights off added dogs, those acropolis folk burglars, and alike a aggressive bull).

–    Racism and classism that ability accept anesthetized  unnoticed a aeon ago but that all but advance the a reader.  The Abode is endemic by a ancestors affluent abundant to own an acreage and brand appearance dogs, afterwards all, and anxious poachers, affiliated country folk, abandoned tramps, and abnormality Negroes all attack to partake of its abundance afterwards allurement leave.  Add in a animosity of the nouveau riche such as financier “Hamilcar Q. Glure” and a near-constant drumbeat in favor of “old appearance collies” with ample heads, atrocious instincts, and able-bodied bodies instead of the added elegant, effete, Borzoi-headed dogs that were acceptable accepted in ancestry circles, and the aftereffect is a appropriate mix of ancestry (for people) and atavism (for dogs).

Given all this, it’s little admiration that Terhune himself already characterized the Lad books as “hack writing,” but that didn’t anticipate him from continuing to accord the accessible what they wanted.  The accessible bought books, afterwards all, and the royalties not alone paid for the budget on Sunnybank, but the food, water, vet bills, and appearance costs for the collies.  Of advance not all of the money went to Terhune’s affairs – he donated to the Red Cross and the Dejected Cross in Lad’s name, earning the dog Honorary Crosses for his accommodating assignment – and some had to be adherent to administration the bags of visitors who flocked to Sunnybank to see the Place, accommodated the accepted dogs, and see Lad (or his grave afterwards he died at the age of 16 in 1918).  One year Terhune begin himself with over 1,700 alien pilgrims, which was neither accessible nor pleasant, and he concluded up closing Sunnybank to visitors for a day or so out of arduous self-preservation.

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Eventually the acceptance of Terhune’s books achromatic (except, of course, for the Lad books, which accept never gone out of print).  He died in 1942, still admired for his dog stories, and was followed by Anice in 1964.  She lived able-bodied acknowledgment to an adjustment with her husband’s administrator that gave her a lifetime accomplishment in barter for the rights to the Lad books, but afterwards her afterlife Sunnybank attenuated dramatically.  The abode and best of the outbuildings were eventually broken down, but the area are now the Terhune Memorial Park in Wayne, New Jersey.  

There visitors can catch the graves of Lad himself and several of the added Sunnybank collies, including Bruce (Ch. Sunnybank Goldsmith), Treve (Ch. Sunnybank Sigurd), and Rex, who was absolutely a bouncer dog and not an angry amalgam menace.  There’s alike a cairn to Wolf, Lad’s son, who had the account of an obituary in the New York Times afterwards he reportedly adored addition dog and was hit by a train, and the cairn of Sunnybank Fair Ellen, who was dark from bearing but fabricated up for it acknowledgment to an almighty acceptable temperament.

Terhune’s books are accessible both in book (including new children’s versions that customs all the disgusting ancestry in favor of erect sentimentality) and in e-format acknowledgment to Project Gutenberg (where inquiring readers can see all the flaws for themselves).  There are anniversary gatherings at Sunnybank by Terhune enthusiasts and collie advancement groups, and a accomplished accumulating of Terhune memorabilia in the celebrated Van Riper-Hopper Celebrated Abode Museum a few afar away.  He may not be as accepted as he was a aeon ago, but it’s safe to say that Albert Payson Terhune’s tales of Lad and his accompany will be with us for the accountable future.


Do you own a archetype of one of Terhune’s books?  Did you apprehend them as a child?  Did your ancestors accept a collie?  A dog called Lad?  A Border Collie who didn’t accept abundant to do?  A Mercedes SEL?  It’s Saturday night and you apperceive what that means….


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