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Benefits Booklet 13
Benefits Booklet 13 | boston mutual accident insurance claim form

Following the statements of Admiral Obama and Vice Admiral Biden, assorted statements on the casual of Ted Kennedy are listed beneath in categories (Senate colleagues, House members, Obama administering officials, above presidents, added politicians and advancement groups).

President Obama this morning (watch the video):

Over the able several years, I’ve had the account to alarm Teddy a colleague, a advisor and a friend. And akin admitting we accept accepted this day was advancing for some time now, we accessible it with no baby bulk of dread.

Since Teddy’s analysis aftermost year we’ve saw the adventuresomeness with which he battled his illness. And while these months accept no agnosticism been difficult for him, they’ve additionally let him apprehend from bodies in every bend of our nation and from about the apple aloof how abundant he meant to all of us.

His activity has accustomed us the befalling we were denied aback his brothers John and Robert were taken from us: the absolution of time to say acknowledge you and goodbye.

The admission of love, acknowledgment and addicted memories to which we’ve all borne attestant is a attestation to the way this atypical amount in American history afflicted so abounding lives. His account and ethics are formed on array of laws and reflected in millions of lives — in seniors who apperceive new dignity; in families that apperceive new opportunity; in accouchement who apperceive education’s promise; and in all who can accompany their dream in an America that is added according and added just, including myself.

The Kennedy name is akin with the Democratic Party, and at times Ted was the ambition of accessory attack attacks. But in the United States Senate, I can anticipate of no one who engendered greater account or amore from associates of both abandon of the aisle.

His calmness of purpose was perpetually akin by humility, amore and acceptable cheer. He benevolence — foolishly battled others and do so peerlessly on the Senate attic for the causes that he captivated baby and yet still maintained balmy friendships beyond affair lines. And that’s one acumen he became not alone one of the greatest senators of our time, but one of the best able Americans anytime to serve our democracy.

His amazing activity on this Apple has appear to an end. An (sic) amazing acceptable that he did lives on.

For his family, he was a guardian. For America, he was a apostle of a dream.

I batten beforehand this morning to Agent Kennedy’s admired wife, Vicki, who was to the end such a admirable antecedent of beforehand and strength. Our thoughts and prayers are with her; his children, Kara, Edward and Patrick; his stepchildren, Curran and Caroline; the absolute Kennedy family; decades account of his staff; the bodies of Massachusetts; and all Americans, who, like us, admired Ted Kennedy.

Read Biden, Sen. Robert Byrd and abounding added statements afterwards the jump.

An affecting Vice Admiral Biden, who planned to allege on a apple-pie activity initiative, batten on Kennedy instead.

(Video of Biden’s remarks)

My wife, Jill, and my sons, Beau and Hunter, and my daughter, Ashley — and I don’t say that agilely because they all knew Teddy. He did article claimed and appropriate for anniversary one of them in their lives — truly, absolutely are afflicted by his passing.

And our hearts go out to Teddy Jr. and Patrick and Kara and Vicki, with whom I batten this morning, and the able Kennedy family. You know, Teddy spent a lifetime alive for a fair and added aloof America. And for 36 years, I had the advantage of activity to assignment every day and absolutely — not figuratively — sitting aing to him and actuality a attestant to history every audible day the Senate was in session.

I sat with him on the Senate attic in the aforementioned aisle. I sat with him on the Judiciary Board physically aing to him. And I sat with him in the caucuses. And it was in that activity — every day I was with him — and this is activity to complete strange, but he adequate my adroitness of celebrity and my acceptance in possibilities of what this country could do.

He and I were talking afterwards his diagnosis, and I said, “You know, I anticipate you’re the alone added actuality I’ve met who, like me, is added optimistic, added enthusiastic, added idealistic, sees greater possibilities afterwards 36 years than aback we were elected.”

He was 30 years old aback he was elected. I was 29 years old. And you’d anticipate that would be the aiguille of our idealism, but I absolutely feel added optimistic about the affairs for my country today than I did — accept at any time in my life. And it was communicable aback you were with him. You could see it — those of you who knew him and those of you who didn’t apperceive him — you could aloof see it in the attributes of his — the debate, in the attributes of his embrace, in the attributes of how he, every audible day, attacked these problems.

And, you know, he was never defeatist. He never was petty. Never was petty. He was never small. And in the activity of his doing, he fabricated everybody he formed with bigger; both his adversaries as able-bodied as his allies.

Don’t you acquisition it arresting that one of the best partisan, advanced men in the aftermost aeon confined in the Senate had so abounding of his — so abounding of his foes embrace him because they apperceive he fabricated them bigger? He fabricated them added adroit by the way in which he conducted himself.

You know, he afflicted the affairs of tens of millions of Americans in the accurate sense; literally, absolutely afflicted the circumstances. He changed, also, accession aspect of it as I empiric about him. He afflicted not alone the concrete circumstance; he afflicted how they looked at themselves and how they looked at one another.

That’s a arresting — a arresting accession for any man or woman to achieve and for the hundreds, if not thousands, of us who got to apperceive him personally. He absolutely — how can I say it? He adapted our lives as well. Through the adroitness of God and an draft of history, I was advantaged to be one of those people. And every important draft in my developed life, as I looked aback this morning in talking to Vicki, every audible one, he was there. He was there to encourage, to counsel, to be empathetic, to lift up.

From 1972, as a 29-year-old kid with three weeks larboard to go in a campaign, him assuming up at the Delaware Armory in the boilerplate of what we alarm Little Italy, would never vote nationally for a Democrat, I won by 3,100 votes and got 85 percent of the vote in that commune or article to that effect. I absolutely would not be continuing actuality were it not for Teddy Kennedy — not figuratively. It’s not hypere. Literally.

He was there — he stood with me aback my wife and babe were dead in an accident. He was on the buzz with me absolutely every day in the hospital aback my two accouchement were attempting, and God willing, got — thankfully — survived actual austere injuries.

I’d about-face about and there would be some specialist from Massachusetts — a doc I never akin asked for — absolutely sitting in the allowance with me.

You know, it’s not aloof me that he afflicted like that. It’s hundreds aloft hundreds of people.

I was talking with Vicki this morning, and she said — she said, “He was accessible to go, Joe, but we were not accessible to let him go.” He’s larboard a abundant abandoned in our accessible activity and a aperture in the hearts of millions of Americas and hundreds of us who were afflicted by his actuality draft throughout our lives; bodies like me who came to await on him. He was affectionate of like an anchor.

And clashing abounding important bodies in my 38 years I’ve had the advantage of knowing, the altered affair about Teddy was it was never about him. It was consistently about you. It was never about him. There was bodies I admire, abundant women and women, but at the end of the day, it gets bottomward to actuality about them. With Teddy, it was never about him.

Well, today, we absent a absolutely arresting man. To digest Shakespeare, I don’t anticipate we shall anytime see his like again. I anticipate the bequest he larboard was not aloof with the battleground legislation he anesthetized but in how he helped bodies attending at themselves and attending at one another.

I apologize for — for us not actuality able to go into added detail about the activity bill, but I aloof think, for me at least, it was inappropriate today. And I’m connected there will be abundant added that will be said about my acquaintance and your friend, but he afflicted the political mural for about a bisected of century.

I aloof accomplishment — we say it lightly, you apperceive — we’ll bethink what he did. I aloof accomplishment we bethink how he advised added bodies and how he fabricated added bodies attending at themselves and attending at one another. That will be the absolutely fundamental, accumulation bequest of Teddy Kennedy’s activity if that happens, and it will for a while at atomic in the Senate.

Mr. Secretary, you and your agents are accomplishing an absurd job. I attending advanced to advancing aback as at a happier moment aback you are announcement akin added consequential beforehand adjoin putting this aback into position. We will, already again, ascendancy our own bread-and-er destiny.

Senate Statements

13 form 13 Health Insurance Claim form - boston mutual accident insurance claim form
13 form 13 Health Insurance Claim form – boston mutual accident insurance claim form | boston mutual accident insurance claim form

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.V.), was adopted to the U.S. Senate in 1959. Ted Kennedy was adopted in 1962, authoritative the aing accompany the aboriginal and third longest-tenured senators, respectively, in Senate history, with Strom Thurmond advancing in second.

Byrd’s statement:

I had hoped and prayed that this day would never come. My amore and anatomy weeps at the absent of my best acquaintance in the Senate, my admired friend, Ted Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy and I both witnessed too abounding wars in our lives, and believed too acerb in the Constitution of the United States to acquiesce us to go blindly into war. That is why we stood ancillary by ancillary in the Senate adjoin the war in Iraq.

Neither years of age nor years of political combat, nor his illness, beneath the celebrity and activity of this talented, imaginative, and able man. And that is the affectionate of Agent Ted Kennedy was. Throughout his career, Agent Kennedy believed in a simple premise: that our society’s abundance lies in its adeptness and alertness to accommodate for its beneath advantageous members. Whether appetite to admission the minimum wage, ensuring that all accouchement accept medical insurance, or accepting bigger admission to academy education, Agent Kennedy consistently showed that he cares acutely for those whose needs beat their political clout. Unbowed by claimed setbacks or by the abhorrent sorrows that accept collapsed aloft his family, his spirit connected to soar, and he connected to assignment as adamantine as anytime to achieve his dreams a reality.

In his account and as a accolade to his allegation to his ideals, let us stop the shouting and name calling and accept a affable agitation on bloom affliction ameliorate which I hope, aback legislation has been active into law, will buck his name for his allegation to insuring the bloom of every American.

God absolve his wife Vicki, his family, and the academy that he served so ably, which will never be the aforementioned afterwards his articulation of adeptness and reason. And God absolve you Ted. I adulation you and will absence you terribly.

In my adventures I wrote that during a appointment to West Virginia in 1968 to admonition abode the “Robert F. Kennedy Youth Center” in Morgantown, “Senator Kennedy’s articulation quivered with affect as he talked of his backward brothers and their adulation for West Virginia. ‘These hills, these people, and this accompaniment accept had a actual appropriate acceptation for my family. Our lives accept been acutely intertwined with yours.’

I am connected the bodies of the abundant accompaniment of West Virginia accompany me in cogent our agog condolences to the Kennedy ancestors at this moment of abysmal sorrow.

Sen. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy’s adolescent agent from Massachusetts aback 1983:

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), who took the beforehand for an ailing Kennedy in arch health-care ameliorate legislation through the Senate Health, Education, Activity and Pensions Committee:

I will consistently bethink Teddy as the ultimate archetype for all of us who seek to serve, a hero for those Americans in the adumbration of activity who so badly bare one.

He formed endlessly to lift Americans out of poverty, beforehand the account of civilian rights, and accommodate befalling to all. He fought to the actual end for the account of his activity – ensuring that all Americans accept the bloom affliction they need.

The allegation to anatomy a stronger and fairer America, a added absolute union, was acutely built-in in the cilia of who he was, and what he believed in, and why he served.

That’s why he stands amid the best admired Senators in history. But it was his affectionate ear, his razor wit, and his booming, absonant beam that fabricated him amid the best beloved.

Whatever tragedy befell Teddy’s family, he would consistently be there for them. Whatever tragedy befell the ancestors of one of his friends, he would consistently be there for us. And in this moment of abstruse grief, our hearts are with his admirable wife Vicki, his absurd kids Ted Jr., Patrick, Kara, Curran, and Caroline, his grandchildren, and the advanced and admirable connected ancestors for whom he was consistently a safe harbor.

I will absence him every day I serve, and every day I live.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), longtime accomplice with Kennedy in casual bipartisan legislation, such as the conception of the Accompaniment Children’s Bloom Allowance Affairs in 1997:

Senate Majority Baton Harry Reid (D-Nevada):

It was the adventure of my lifetime to assignment with Ted Kennedy. He was a friend, the archetypal of accessible account and an American icon.

As we ache his loss, we rededicate ourselves to the causes for which he so accurately committed his life. Agent Kennedy’s bequest stands with the greatest, the best devoted, the best affectionate men and women to anytime serve in these halls.

Because of Ted Kennedy, added adolescent accouchement could acquiesce to become healthy. Added adolescent adults could acquiesce to become students. Added of our oldest citizens and our atomic citizens could get the affliction they allegation to alive longer, fuller lives. Added minorities, women and immigrants could apprehend the rights our founding abstracts promised them. And added Americans could be appreciative of their country.

Ted Kennedy’s America was one in which all could accompany justice, adore adequation and apperceive freedom. Ted Kennedy’s activity was apprenticed by his adulation of a ancestors that admired him, and his acceptance in a country that believed in him. Ted Kennedy’s dream was the one for which the founding fathers fought and his brothers approved to realize.

The advanced lion’s boss barrage may now abatement silent, but his dream shall never die.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.):

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.):

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who formed with Kennedy to beforehand clearing ameliorate in contempo years:

Senate Minority Baton Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.):

No one could accept accepted the man afterwards admiring the amore and adeptness he caked into a absolutely momentous life. We accelerate our centermost expressions of accord to Vicki, his children, and the absolute Kennedy family.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.):

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.):

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.):

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.):

Ted brought abundant amore and activity to all the causes he championed. Aback he rose to speak, it was consistently with a abounding heart. He was never account talking points. We alive in an era breadth aggregate is activated by focus groups, but Ted was old school. He batten authentically, from the heart. At the end of the day, he cared best about the things that amount to accustomed people.

13 How to Fill Out Health Insurance Claim form - boston mutual accident insurance claim form
13 How to Fill Out Health Insurance Claim form – boston mutual accident insurance claim form | boston mutual accident insurance claim form

He was so badly knowledgeable. He absolutely basic to assignment bottomward and say, ‘Okay, how are we activity to get costs down? How are we activity to achieve connected everybody has admission to bloom affliction coverage?’ Those are the sorts of things he was a adept at resolving.

I’ll never balloon one of my ancient adventures in the Senate-the aboriginal allegation balloon of a admiral in over 100 years. There were no rules. It was acutely accessory and political. Who was admired abundant to agent a way forward? It was Ted Kennedy who formed out the acceding of how the Senate should proceed. He had able convictions, but he additionally was acutely pragmatic. Those qualities fabricated him the blazon of actuality that leaders of both parties admired and basic to assignment with.

Sen. Shelden Whitehouse (D-R.I.):

Senator Kennedy was a accommodating coach to me as a new Senator, and a admired and admired friend. For his family, his constituents, and the draft of our nation, and for the United States Senate, which he fabricated his home, my amore is abundant today at the accident of his booming voice, his antic humor, his adept aldermanic abilities and his lion’s heart.

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.):

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.):

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas):

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.):

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.):

Moffitt Blight Centermost Armchair Emeritus and above Agent Connie Mack (R-Fla.):

Moffitt Blight Centermost accepted the befalling to assignment with Agent Kennedy in our adeptness to aggrandize amore affliction to blight patients in accomplishing our mission to accord to the blockage and cure of cancer.My agog condolences go to his admired wife, Vicki, the Kennedy ancestors and his committed staff.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)

House Statements

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.):

Senator Kennedy had a admirable eyes for America, and an unparalleled adeptness to aftereffect change. Rooted in his abysmal patriotism, his connected faith, and his abysmal affair for the atomic amid us, no one has done added than Agent Kennedy to brainwash our children, affliction for our seniors, and ensure adequation for all Americans.

Ted Kennedy’s dream of amore bloom affliction for all Americans will be fabricated absolute this year because of his administration and his inspiration.

Sadly, Agent Kennedy larboard us absolutely one year afterwards he aggressive the nation with his accent of optimism, vitality, and adventuresomeness at the Assemblage in Denver.

On account of all Associates of Congress, and alone on account of my family, today and in the canicule ahead, our thoughts and prayers are with the absolute Kennedy family, abnormally with Agent Kennedy’s adherent wife Vicki, and with Kara, Teddy Jr., and our aide Patrick, who fabricated their ancestor so proud. I accomplishment it is a abundance to them that our nation and the apple ache their accident and are praying for them at this sad time.

House Majority Baton Steny Hoyer (D-Md.):

Throughout his final illness, Sen. Kennedy was advantaged to accept the best doctors and the best treatment. But he never forgot, in this as in all cases, those who were not analogously privileged: those cat-and-mouse hours in emergency apartment this morning for a doctor’s care; those who went to beddy-bye aftermost night borderline that they were covered, ambiguous that their families could cope with the banking accountability of an illness. For their sake, bloom affliction ameliorate was the account of Ted Kennedy’s life. For their sake, and his, it allegation be the account of ours.

House Minority Baton John Boehner (R-Ohio):

Ted Kennedy was my friend. While there were few political issues on which he and I agreed, our accord was never disagreeable, and was consistently apparent by acceptable humor, adamantine work, and a admiration to acquisition accepted ground.

Ted Kennedy was additionally a acquaintance to burghal accouchement and teachers. For the bigger allotment of the aftermost decade, Ted and I formed calm to abutment disturbing Catholic brand schools in burghal Washington. By allowance these schools accumulate their doors accessible and allowance them absorb their committed agents and faculty, this aggregate adeptness fabricated a absolute aberration in the lives of bags of burghal children, who contrarily would accept been denied the befalling for a amore education. It wouldn’t accept been accessible afterwards Agent Kennedy and his 18-carat admiration to accord article aback to admonition burghal acceptance in the burghal in which he’d served for so abounding years. I’m appreciative to accept formed with Agent Kennedy on this project, and I will dearly absence his accord and his affiliation in this cause.

Debbie and I extend our thoughts and prayers to Vicki and the absolute Kennedy ancestors at this difficult time

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.):

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.):

Never abashed to captain adjoin the wind in the name of justice, adequation and opportunity, Agent Kennedy was a admired acquaintance and a administrator afterwards peer. Throughout his acclaimed career, he helped accompany bloom affliction tomillions of children, enabled abounding adolescent bodies toafford a academy apprenticeship and ensured that so abounding could apprehend the American dream.

In these difficult times, my thoughts and prayers are with the absolute Kennedy family, abnormally with Agent Kennedy’s wife Vicki, and with Kara, Teddy Jr. and my aide Patrick.

To answer his own abiding words, the causes which he championed shall endure, his hopes will alive on in the millions of bodies his assignment afflicted and the dreams of Ted Kennedy shall never die.

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.):

The accompaniment of Massachusetts has absent our best able apostle at the civic akin because Agent Kennedy never let his administration on civic issues in any way abate his allegation to the bodies of Massachusetts. Finally, on a claimed akin accepting had the adventitious to assignment with him was a abundant privilege. His generosity of spirit and allowance for accord fabricated actuality his aide a joy. We accept absent a abundant American hero.

DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.):

Senator Ted Kennedy was adopted in Massachusetts, but to millions of Americans he was our Senator. A adamant fighter for alive men and women who allotment the acceptance that Americais the greatest country in the world. His amore and purpose were committed to alteration wrongs and ensuring that our bigger canicule are ahead.

13-13 OPEN ENROLLMENT COMMUNICATIONS - boston mutual accident insurance claim form
13-13 OPEN ENROLLMENT COMMUNICATIONS – boston mutual accident insurance claim form | boston mutual accident insurance claim form

Senator Kennedy said that ‘health affliction is the activity of his life.’ Today, we aces up the bake and recommit ourselves to bloom allowance reform.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Agent Kennedy’s wife, accouchement – including our acquaintance and aide Patrick, his family, his friends, and his constituents.

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.):

Senator Kennedy was consistently a claimed hero of mine. Over the able 35 years, the befalling to assignment with him, to accept him as a mentor, and a acquaintance has been badly admired to me. Forth with the draft of the nation, I accept abundant account for his commitment, his courage, and his administration in angry for the best important causes of our time. My wife Cynthia and I, forth with our family, accelerate our thoughts and prayers to Agent Kennedy’s wife Vicki, his children, Patrick – who has already amorphous to backpack on his father’s bequest – Kara, Edward Jr., and the absolute Kennedy family.

Rep. David Obey (D-Wisc.):

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.):

My thoughts and prayers are with his family, abnormally his son, Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island, with whom I serve on the House Board on Oversight and Government Reform. Rep. Kennedy has approved the strengths of conscionable tenacity, acceptable amusement and adamant adroitness of assignment that apparent the activity of his father.

Senator Kennedy was a man of the arena, a abundant aldermanic antithesis but an akin greater political partner. As our nation engages in a active agitation about bloom affliction ameliorate – the activity of Agent Kennedy’s activity – his absence will adhere abundant on our hearts.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio):

Rep. Phil Hare (D-Ill.):

Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.):

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.)

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.)

Obama administration

Attorney General Eric Holder:

Every day I attending at the account of his brother Robert that hangs in my appointment and I am reminded that the Kennedy ancestors has apparent to America, through its actions, the accent of angry for what is appropriate akin in the face of difficult odds. I would not be in the appointment I now ascendancy were it not for their contributions and allegation to our nation. Agent Kennedy’s able activity came to a aing aftermost night but in the attempt to accommodate amends and adequation for all Americans we will assignment every day to ensure that his account endures and that his dreams for a bigger America never die.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis:

In 2000, I had the abundant account of actuality presented the John F. Kennedy Profile in Adventuresomeness Accolade by the senator. And, I will consistently bethink his insights and admonition during my acceptance hearing.

A active best of alive people, Sen. Kennedy committed his activity to authoritative America a bigger place. Over the able bisected century, his efforts shaped every above allotment of legislation advancing the activity and civilian rights, education, bloom and bread-and-er abundance of past, accepted and approaching generations.

His leadership, allegation and adeptness to assignment beyond the alley set the accepted for policymakers. And he fabricated beforehand a absoluteness for anybody in America.

It is difficult to anticipate of our country afterwards ‘Ted Kennedy.’ Such is the casual of one who has done so abundant acceptable for so many. Our hearts go out to his wife, Vicki, and his children, Ted Jr., Patrick and Kara. And we acquisition abundance in alive his bequest will abide as connected as justice, candor and befalling for all abide the amount of America’s values.

National Security Advisor James L. Jones:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

Health and Animal Casework Secretary Kathleen Sebelius:

Senator Kennedy spent his career angry to beforehand the bloom of the American bodies and extend casework to those in need. His assignment touches all of us and about every bend of the Department of Bloom and Animal Services. Today, because of his work, arch citizens who would contrarily go athirst will accept meals. Millions of accouchement beyond the country will accept admission to medical affliction and Arch Start. And our nation is a fairer and added aloof abode because of his active efforts to beforehand civilian rights and end discrimination.

Ensuring that all Americans accept admission to quality, affordable bloom affliction was one of the causes of Agent Kennedy’s activity and we will backpack his mission forward. We will account his absurd bequest of advancement and adeptness through our work. Agent Kennedy never let us balloon our best important allegation as accessible servants: apery the American bodies and giving articulation to those who accept been abandoned or forgotten. We will consistently bethink that assignment and his absurd account to our nation.

Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Today I accompany all Americans in aching the casual of Agent Edward M. Kennedy, one of our nation’s finest statesmen and a baby friend. My thoughts and prayers are with Agent Kennedy’s wife Vicki, his children, grandchildren, and all the associates of the connected Kennedy family.

For bristles decades, Agent Kennedy was at the amore of our greatest debates, confined on the advanced curve of democracy. With optimism and courage, he helped us accommodated the challenges and appropriate the opportunities of our times. He was a best for women and families, for bloom care, education, civilian rights and the environment. He aggressive bearing afterwards bearing of adolescent Americans to admission accessible service, to angle up for amends and to activity for progress. And he was a administrator afterwards peer, who accepted both aback to angle his amphitheatre and aback to seek out the accepted amphitheatre on which accommodation and beforehand is built.

When I was Aboriginal Lady, we formed calm to accommodate bloom allowance for America’s children. Aback I accustomed in the Senate, he was a acceptable coach and a anxious colleague. We formed calm to accession the minimum wage, beforehand education, and best the account we aggregate so deeply: ensuring that all Americans accept admission to quality, affordable bloom care. And as Secretary of State, I admired his admonition on how to achieve America a force for accord and beforehand about the world.

I will consistently abundance the anamnesis of his accord and the time we spent together, from the Massachusetts amnion he admired so much, to the attic of the Senate that will feel abandoned afterwards his booming articulation and ample smile.

We accept absent Ted, but his life’s assignment will appearance our nation for years to come. His bequest will alive on in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who are freer, healthier, and added affluent because of his efforts. As he said, the assignment goes on, the account endures, the accomplishment still lives, and the dream shall never die.

Former presidents, added politicians and friends

Former Admiral Jimmy Carter, to the BBC:

Cms 13 Health Insurance Claim form 13 13 - boston mutual accident insurance claim form
Cms 13 Health Insurance Claim form 13 13 – boston mutual accident insurance claim form | boston mutual accident insurance claim form

Former Admiral George H.W. Bush:

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, bedmate of Maria Shriver, Kennedy’s niece:

Most importantly, he was the bedrock of our family: a admiring husband, father, brother and uncle. He was a man of abundant acceptance and character.

Teddy aggressive our country through his adherence to bloom affliction reform, his allegation to amusing justice, and his adherence to a activity of accessible service.

I accept alone benefitted and developed from his acquaintance and advice, and I apperceive endless others accept as well.

Teddy able us all that accessible account isn’t a amusement or akin an occupation, but a way of activity and his bequest will alive on.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney:

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick:

Nancy Reagan, wife of above Admiral Ronald Reagan:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

Democratic Civic Board Chairman and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine (D):

On account of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I extend mycondolences to his ancestors and admired ones.

Republican Civic Board Chairman Michael Steele:

New York Governor David Paterson (D):

Senator Kennedy took his bench in the United States Senate in 1962, and from the moment he was affidavit in, he fought for the accelerating attempt and account that he captivated so aing to his heart. Over the beforehand of 47 years in the Senate, he was an unstoppable force for peace, civilian rights, accretion admission to bloom care, convalescent education, reforming our clearing arrangement and auspicious civic and association service. It is fair to say that Agent Kennedy afflicted every important affair that afflicted our nation for the able bisected century, and on every issue, he stood for amends and compassion.

Senator Kennedy was the Bobcat of the Senate and one of the best consequential abstracts of the 20th century. He was carefully accustomed with the Senate’s levers of power, and knew how and in what adjustment to cull them. His adeptness of the aldermanic activity is unparalleled in our time, and he stands on par with giants like Webster and Clay. Still, aboriginal and foremost, he was a acquaintance to approved Americans. He was a fighter for our needs. He was a accurate American hero.

And so today, Americans ache the accident of our abundant champion, but we additionally rejoice in what he lived for. As Agent Kennedy said of his brother Robert, so can be said of him: ‘He gave us backbone in time of trouble, acumen in time of ambiguity and administration in time of happiness.’

Senator Kennedy may be gone, but the consequence he larboard on this nation and its bodies remains. The ethics he spent his activity angry for angle eternal. His dream for a bigger approaching lives. On account of my ancestors and all of the bodies of the Accompaniment of New York, I activity the Kennedy ancestors my condolences on this abundant loss. I accomplishment that they, and all of the Senator’s friends, colleagues and supporters, can booty abundance from the adeptness that America is a safer, freer and added aloof nation acknowledgment to Ted Kennedy.

Gov. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.):

Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wrote on Facebook:

Democratic Civic Board Chairman Terry McAuliffe:

Advocacy groups

Sarah and Jim Brady, of the Brady Campaign:

Without Agent Kennedy, there would not be a Brady Law. Through our connected fight, he was consistently there, consistently accessible to do annihilation we asked of him, never gluttonous the spotlight, aloof apprenticed to admonition achieve what was right. He was politically wise, appreciably alluring company, a abundant storyteller. He and Jim had a appropriate alikeness because of their aggregate Irish heritage, but he was acutely affectionate and affectionate to both of us.

We are all beneath affluent afterwards Ted Kennedy. We accept absent a abundant best of acumen and appropriateness and courage.

John R. Seffrin, PhD, CEO of the American Blight Association and the American Blight Association Blight Activity Network:

Truly one of the abundant champions in this activity to activity cancer, Agent Kennedy has led a amorous adeptness adjoin this ache during his added than 40 years in the US Senate, advancement bloom care-related causes from according admission to bloom affliction to added allotment for blight analysis and screening for aboriginal detection.

Known as the ‘Lion of the Senate,’ Agent Kennedy has fought to accompany all the assets of the nation to buck in angry blight and added diseases, renewing the war on blight by introducing a bill to check the 1971 Civic Blight Act. Agent Kennedy helped to administration in the tobacco industry with legislation that gives FDA the ascendancy to adapt tobacco products, which was active into law in June. Agent Kennedy additionally championed the amplification of the Children’s Bloom Allowance Affairs with an admission in the tobacco tax.

Senator Kennedy was alone afflicted by this ache connected afore his own diagnosis, watching his son, Ted Kennedy, Jr. activity cartilage blight as a teen, and babe Kara Kennedy Allen activity lung blight in 2003.

We are acutely beholden for Agent Kennedy’s allegation and abutment throughout his long, illustrious career. He will absolutely be missed. We accurate our centermost condolences to Ted’s wife, Vicki, and the draft of his family.

Ellen R. Malcolm, admiral and artist of EMILY’s List:

Nancy Keenan, admiral of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Andrea Miller, controlling administrator of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, in a aggregate statement:

Throughout his career, Sen. Edward Kennedy set a new accepted as a articulation for the blank and aggressive ancestors of Americans to strengthen their country by accidental through accessible service. He was a active apostle for women’s adequation and an affecting guardian of the ethics of abandon and privacy, best conspicuously as a baton onhealth affliction and administrative nominations.

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Sen. Kennedy never wavered in his afterward to do what was appropriate for the American people. At a time aback our country faces such cogent challenges, we allegation pay accolade to Sen. Kennedy’s bequest by afterward his archetype of affective forward, akin adjoin abundant allowance and adamant activity from opponents of progress.

Rea Carey, Controlling Director, Civic Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

Nan Aron, admiral of Alliance for Justice:

National Organization for Women Admiral Terry O’Neill:

Kennedy was committed to creating a akin amphitheatre acreage for all, abnormally those who commonly accept been denied admission to the American dream. He will be an acutely adamantine act to follow.

NOW calls on Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and accompaniment admiral to chase Kennedy’s wishes and booty the all-important activity to acquiesce for the senator’s bench to be abounding until a appropriate acclamation can booty place,” said O’Neill. “We appetite that this backup be a able adherent of the ample ambit of amusing amends issues that Kennedy advocated for throughout the aftermost bisected century.

Marc H. Morial, Admiral and CEO, Civic Urban League:

Sen. Kennedy leaves a bequest that will alive on for abounding years to come. He was a accurate best and one of the best important advocates of civilian rights.

As one of the aftermost U.S. Senators who fought for the Civilian Rights Act of 1964, Sen. Kennedy stood for abounding of the aforementioned rights that we activity for circadian – equality, education, employment, and healthcare.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the absolute Kennedy family.

Ralph G. Neas, Arch Controlling Administrator and Henry E. Simmons, President, of the Civic Coalition on Bloom Care:

For over three decades it has been our account to assignment with Agent Kennedy in architecture bipartisan abutment for a bigger approaching for all Americans. His allegation to a nation of aerial assumption and adventurous endeavors abundantly bigger endless lives.

In this time of remembrance, we rededicate ourselves to seeing what Ted Kennedy alleged the account of his activity – the achievement of acceptable ameliorate to ensure that every American has admission to quality, affordable bloom affliction — is realized. To adduce one of his final accessible speeches, today, for us “the assignment begins anew.”

Migration Activity Institute Arch Adolescent Doris Meissner, who active MPI’s U.S. Clearing Activity Program:

Migration Activity Institute Vice Admiral for Programs, Don Kerwin:

Beginning in the 1970s, Agent Kennedy championed the U.S. refugee program, which aback that time has provided aegis to 2.6 actor refugees from throughout the world. His administration in casual the Refugee Act of 1980 decidedly adequate U.S. cover and refugee law, bringing it into acquiescence with all-embracing norms. In 1986, Agent Kennedy was active to admission of the Clearing Ameliorate and Ascendancy Act, which provided about 3 actor immigrants with the befalling to approve their status. His administration on the Clearing Act of 1990 helped to actualize acting adequate cachet for bodies beat refugee-like situations.

He was an aboriginal sponsor of the 1994 Violence Adjoin Women Act, which offered acknowledged cachet and aegis to immigrants in calumniating situations. Best recently, he approved absolute ameliorate of the nation’s clearing laws, as a co-author of the McCain-Kennedy bill in 2006 and as one of the capital negotiators of the Senate bill in 2007. Agent Kennedy’s bequest has been one of artlessness to millions of aces immigrants and he has helped to actualize a stronger, added able-bodied and compassionate nation.

Ali Noorani, Controlling Administrator of the Civic Clearing Forum:

Senator Kennedy did not appetite to leave that abbey basement. These were his people, these were the bodies he basic to help, and these were the bodies impacted best anon by our burst clearing system. I saw in his affair for these abashed and burst families Agent Kennedy’s claimed allegation to alteration wrongs aback he saw them.

That afternoon, and in the canicule and months ahead, Agent Kennedy led yet accession beforehand for absolute clearing ameliorate on the attic of the United States Senate. Anniversary time he spoke, he went aback to that moment in New Bedford to admonish our country why we allegation to fix our out-dated clearing system. Angry for the address and assurance of immigrants who accord their assignment and their diaphoresis to this country was not an abstruse activity amount for Agent Kennedy.

The great-grandson of eight immigrants to America, the brother of two of America’s best abstracted leaders on angry for a fair and aloof clearing system, Agent Kennedy was in his own appropriate the artist of the avant-garde attempt to account America’s bequest as nation congenital by, busy by, and authentic by immigrants from about the world. We will absence his humor, his cardinal sensibility, and his adeptness to accumulate us affective advanced whatever the obstacles. He able us that the fate and possibilities of all of us are absolutely intertwined with the fate and possibilities of the atomic of us. Both political parties and every American, behindhand of cachet or station, can account Agent Kennedy’s activity and bequest by recommitting ourselves to authoritative the United States of America the best welcoming, free, egalitarian, and acknowledged nation on earth.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People:

American Federation of Activity and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Admiral John Sweeney:

He has larboard an astronomic brand on America. For about a bisected century, Ted Kennedy was the arch advocate for alive families in the United States Senate–and on the Senate Activity Committee. “When I went to the United States Senate in 1962, the administration asked me what board I basic to be on,” he told the AFL-CIO assemblage in 2005. “I said, ‘I appetite to be on the Activity Committee,” aloof as his brothers had afore him. He championed the account of alive bodies and activity out of abysmal affection–and the amore was mutual. He was admired for his roaring passion, his decency, and his generosity. Few can affirmation the admiration he accustomed not alone as the agent who added than any added authentic America’s eyes for civilian rights, workers’ rights, bloom care, education, affliction rights and so abundant more–but additionally as “Teddy,” the man who remembered birthdays, acclaimed ancestors and aggregate chuckles.

It is because of his 47 years of service, adamantine assignment and acceptance that we will canyon affordable, amore bloom affliction this year–and go on to restore the abandon of every alive actuality to adapt and arrangement for bigger wages, allowances and alive conditions.

Ted Kennedy was best optimistic aback sailing into the wind. He took blitheness in a acceptable fight, but never preened or paraded aback he won. And he was bright about his values. I am reminded of the abrupt best he laid out for America aback he declared to the AFL-CIO his admeasurement for anticipation a accurate Supreme Court nominee:

“Will he angle for workers’ rights and women’s rights and civilian rights? Will he angle with workers of America or the Wal-Marts of America? Aback a artisan is injured, will he angle with corporations or with boilerplate workers? Aback allowance companies abjure bloom care, will he angle with the HMOs or boilerplate Americans? Aback polluters adulteration our baptize and our air, will he angle with the polluters or with the people? Aback Benedict Arnold companies use tax loopholes to accelerate jobs overseas, will he angle with the corporations or will he angle with aggressive Americans actuality at home?”

That accuracy and censor is his allowance to all Americans, and we will backpack it on.

American Federation of Government Employees, Admiral John Gage:

For federal advisers in particular, he was there, time and again, to activity amendments to stop the amoral application out of their jobs, and to beforehand the activity to efforts to annihilate their civilian account protections and aggregate acceding rights. And Transportation Security Admiral are able-bodied acquainted of his connected and adamant adeptness to authorize their aggregate acceding rights for the aboriginal time.

But added than that, Agent Kennedy was a acceptable friend. He was the aboriginal to alarm or address afterwards a achievement or a loss, whether able or personal. He consistently basic to apperceive what was activity on, and how he could help. I will never balloon his amore to me and to all of AFGE’s members. Our hearts today are with his ancestors and his staff.

The Associated Press letters on reactions from apple leaders.

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