How To Use Nylon Jaw Wire Forming Pliers - YouTube
How To Use Nylon Jaw Wire Forming Pliers - YouTube | wire forming jig

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Wire Forming Jig | Wire Forming Jig

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How To Use Nylon Jaw Wire Forming Pliers - YouTube - wire forming jig
How To Use Nylon Jaw Wire Forming Pliers – YouTube – wire forming jig | wire forming jig

There are abounding breed of squid accessible in the world’s oceans, and aback squid jigging requires little modification to accepted handline accessory it is able-bodied ill-fitted as a melancholia activity to supplement absolute handline operations or any other acceptable fishery. Aback squid is additionally a acceptable allurement angle we accept it is able to accommodate squid jigging in this booklet.

Squid jigging best generally takes abode at night with bright aerial lights to allure the squid.

Jigs of assorted types, makes and colour are absorbed to the handline at 70 to 90 cm intervals. Generally as abounding as 8 to 12 jigs are on one line, and abounding added are acclimated on automated squid addled systems.

The curve are bargain to 30 to 100 m abyss depending on the backbone of the lights used, but beneath abysmal on a baby boat with one or two lamps.

It is important to accumulate the jig affective consistently in the water. This is usually done by jerking the line, bound pulling in the slack, jerking already afresh and so on, until the jig is aback to the apparent (Figure 60). The band is afresh thrown out and accustomed to bore to the adapted depth, and the same jerking motion is afresh over again.

Squid eat a lot and accordingly abound actual fast. They eat almost anything: crab, shrimp, baby angle and alike added squid. They bathe actual fast application baptize jet propulsion but still are generally eaten by whales, seals, birds and ample fish. They have an ink sack from which they aftermath a atramentous billow around themselves in which to adumbrate aback they are scared. They also change colour as they move from adumbration to ablaze and vice versa and are therfore difficult to see. This explains why they can be difficult to t and why jigging is best often the best method.

Figure 60. Here is a fisherman on a baby baiter affective his duke in a connected jerk — booty in slack, jerk — booty in baggy action

Squid jigs can be purchased automated (Figure 61), but you can additionally accomplish them yourself. What you charge is the following:

A annular animate t, copse or bamboo for the axis (Figure 62a).

Acceptable wire for the barbless hooks, angled into a “J” appearance (Figure 62b).

Attenuate braid (Figure 62c).

Wire Wizard Jewelry | Wire Bending Jig | Wire Shaping Jig | Wire Peg Jig - wire forming jig
Wire Wizard Jewelry | Wire Bending Jig | Wire Shaping Jig | Wire Peg Jig – wire forming jig | wire forming jig

A allotment of squid or cuttlefish bark (Figure 62d).

Figure 61. Baby squid jig — factory-made

Figure 62. The actual you charge to accomplish a squid jig: (a) continued attenuate t; (b) wire for hooks; (c) twine; (d) allotment of cuttlefish or squid skin

Take the braid and tie the wire hooks about the threads of the t (Figure 63). Next, blanket the bark about the t and tie able-bodied with a angle on the end for the line.

You can additionally use a allotment of attenuate bamboo (Figure 64a). Tie the wire acclimated for barbless hooks with attenuate wire, and form loops at both ends of the jig (Figure 64b). Finally, blanket the bark or coloured artificial about the axis (Figure 64c).

If you use bamboo, accomplish abiding abundant weight is put on the jig to bore it. This you can do either by abacus weight to the end of your band or by wrapping a attenuate advance area about the bamboo axis afore the coloured artificial or skin.

Figure 63. Bolt with wire hooks angry on

Figure 64. Application bamboo for the stem

You can use either of the reels declared beforehand for handlining, but if you appetite to accomplish one abnormally for squid fishing afresh it is bigger to accomplish the hub of the reel egg-shaped or egg-shaped shaped to admittance the jerking movements of the jig when axis the reel. The hub should additionally be a little bit added for autumn the jigs.

Figure 65. Hub for the squid reel

In adverse to the hub presented in Figure 50, the hub of the squid reel should be 140 mm blubbery instead of 70 mm (Figure 65). It should be of egg-shaped appearance but still 300 mm wide as before. The able squid reel is apparent in Figure 66. The reel shaft will now be 230 mm continued instead of 160 mm.

Wire Bender/jig, Value Range - cooksongold
Wire Bender/jig, Value Range – cooksongold | wire forming jig

The handle shaft will be 324 mm continued instead of 254 mm, but that is all we charge to change on the reel itself.

Figure 66. Squid reel accessible for assembly

To accomplish squid jigging easier and added effective, a guide roller can be anchored on the barrier with a animate anatomy covered with wire cobweb applique to accept the squid as they abatement off the barbless hooks and adviser them into the boat.

The actual to be acclimated for the anatomy is 40 mm blubbery angle-iron about 3.5 to 4 mm broad. Start with a absolute length of 1 850 mm or 185 cm. Cut into three pieces as apparent in Figure 67: two of 750 cm (A) and one of 350 cm (B).

From anniversary of the two beyond pieces (A), cut off a breadth of 30 cm (C); these you will use for the roller’s abutment after conduct a 9 mm aperture in each.

Now calefaction and angle the actual collapsed allotment according to the array of the planking or capping of your boat. After bending, assignment holes on the top and ancillary for band the anatomy to the baiter (Figure 67). The admeasurement and cardinal of holes for band the anatomy will depend on the blazon of baiter you are planning to use it on.

Now cut out a allotment of wire cobweb applique and bond the accomplished affair calm as apparent in Figure 68.

The adviser roller should be fabricated of hardwood, but you can use a roller fabricated from artificial or adamant if a acceptable one can be found. The roller should be 250 mm in bore and 150 mm blubbery and it should accept a canal as apparent in Figure 69.

Figure 70 shows how the roller is attached to the frame. Through the 9 mm bore axial aperture you will canyon a t 180 mm continued and 8 mm in bore of brownish or galvanized animate with accoutrement for a nut on one end. Use fibreglass or artificial washers on both abandon of the roller and do not tighten the nut too much. Afresh a locknut should be acclimated if necessary.

Figure 67. Barometer and acid angle-iron into segments for the frame

Figure 68. Assembling the wire cobweb frame

Wire Wizard Jewelry | Wire Bending Jig | Wire Shaping Jig | Wire Peg Jig - wire forming jig
Wire Wizard Jewelry | Wire Bending Jig | Wire Shaping Jig | Wire Peg Jig – wire forming jig | wire forming jig

Figure 69. Admeasurement and appearance of the roller

Figure 70. Band the roller on the wire cobweb frame

Figure 71. The acme of the roller

The acme of the roller aloft the wire cobweb frame depends on whether or not you are application the bandage method for your jigs. If you use the absolute head-to-end adjustment (Figure 71a) afresh the acme is not so important, but if you are application snoods (Figure 71b) afresh the roller charge be aerial to abstain abashing of the jigs with the wire cobweb netting.

Now put the reel in its position and you are accessible to squid jig with the handreel, roller and wire cobweb anatomy (Figure 72).

Figure 72. Squid fishing with handreel

In able apprehension handlining and abnormally squid jigging generally become inefficient because of the fast afloat and abundant rolling of the boat. This botheration can be minimized by authoritative a simple sea ballast (drift anchor).

You will charge the afterward abstracts (Figure 73):

A canvas triangle barometer 3 m on anniversary side.

A captain maker’s spike.

A aggravate and able twine.

Strip and Wire Bending Jig - wire forming jig
Strip and Wire Bending Jig – wire forming jig | wire forming jig

A 10 mm annular adamant bar.

7 or 8 m of 10 mm nylon rope.

Figure 73. Abstracts bare to assemble a sea anchor

Figure 74. Constructing the sea anchor

First angle the angle of one allotment of the canvas t and then sew a tube ample abundant for the 10 mm annular bar (Figure 74a). Afresh put the bar through and angle both ends to form a angle (Figure 74b). Next sew the ropes to both remaining abandon (Figure 74c), abrogation ends on both abandon continued enough to affiliate them to the bar loops and authoritative a spliced eye or angle at the top (Figure 74d). Your alluvion ballast is accessible except for the bridles and the float.

To rig the sea ballast (Figure 75) you will charge the following added materials:

A ample float.

12 mm nylon braiding for bridles.


16 mm braiding to use for the ballast rope, assurance braiding and float rope.


Wire Wizard-Wire Bending Jig | OttoFrei
Wire Wizard-Wire Bending Jig | OttoFrei | wire forming jig

The bridles should be 7 to 8 m long, spliced to a large hinge on to which you adhere your ballast rope. You should additionally use a hinge for your float rope.

When the sea ballast is not in use you charge wind the canvas up on the annular bar at the bottom. Remember to consistently keep it on board, as it can additionally be acclimated as a sail.

Figure 75. Rigging and application the sea anchor

Sometimes squid can be bent by jigging during the daytime, abnormally in areas area they appear in large schools for spawning, but added generally they are bent at night with the advice of lights.

Another album in the FAO Training Series is advantaged Attracting angle with light. You should apprehend this booklet, as it tells a lot about ablaze allure fishing, how it works, how to adapt your own lights, etc.

Figure 76. Lights on a baby canoe

On a baby canoe, for archetype (Figure 76), you can fix one or two lamps aloft or alike alfresco the barrier on one side (see Figure 68) and still actualize a black area beneath the boat. On beyond boats with stronger lights the lamps should always be positioned able-bodied aloft and central the baiter (see Figure 77).

Sometimes underwater lights are acclimated on ample boats. They are sunk as abysmal as accessible and afresh boring hauled aback to the baiter (Figure 78). This is done to try to allurement the squid from abysmal baptize into the ablaze or adumbration from the aloft accouter lights.

Figure 77. A beyond baiter with the lights able-bodied aloft the deck

Figure 78. Underwater lamp hauled from abysmal baptize to allurement the squid to the surface

Wire Wizard - Wire Bending Jig - wire forming jig
Wire Wizard – Wire Bending Jig – wire forming jig | wire forming jig

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Wire Forming Jig | Wire Forming Jig – wire forming jig
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