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Ever aback Thanos aboriginal appeared during The Avengers’ mid-credits sting, Marvel Studios has positioned the Mad Titan as the overarching villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This accomplishment paid off aback Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters beforehand this year, with admirers and critics akin praising Thanos’ delineation as a aboveboard blackmail to the accumulated adeptness of the MCU’s bigger heroes.

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With amateur Josh Brolin set to reprise the role of Thanos in aing year’s Infinity War sequel, Marvel will get alike added breadth out of this arty baddie. That said, Avengers 4 is accepted to accomplish with Thanos’ ultimate defeat, which will leave the MCU afterwards a franchise-wide adversary activity forward.

Given how far avant-garde Marvel Studios accomplished ambassador Kevin Feige and his aggregation like to plan, we’ve taken to apperception over who their short-list of replacements for the Mad Titan contains.

Obviously, whoever the aing aloft MCU villain is needs to be accession with ample adeptness at their auctioning (either anon or indirectly). Afterwards all, you charge a lot of firepower to booty on one superhero, let abandoned the absolute Avengers calendar additional their added casting of allies!

It’s additionally not a bad abstraction for this accomplished adversary to be a awful administrator as able-bodied – this allows Marvel to keep them largely in the accomplishments during countdown films, until they’re assuredly accessible to bear their world-conquering scheme.

With these belief in mind, here’s a aggregation of 13 Villains Who Can Alter Thanos In The MCU (And 12 Who Absolutely Can’t).

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The best accessible best to accomplish Thanos as the franchise-wide big bad, Dormammu is one of the best able beings in the MCU. Not abandoned does he acquire a affection for operating in the caliginosity – manipulating bottom beings, like Kaecilius, to do his bedraggled assignment for him – but his mystical admiral are far greater than Thanos’ natural, non-Infinity Stone-derived abilities.

Dormammu has abandoned appeared briefly on-screen in the MCU, in 2016’s Doctor Strange – and Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme managed to defeat him single-handled, which undermines his alarming aura, somewhat.

Make no mistake: if Dormmamu were to absolve his abounding adeptness adjoin the MCU, it would be an “all heroes on deck” scenario.

Presuming Disney’s accretion of Fox succeeds, admirers will be acquisitive to see Marvel Studios’ booty on Doctor Doom, arguably the greatest supervillain in comics. Although Doom is predominantly a Fantastic Four foe – and would about absolutely acceptance in the MCU in a blur accent by the FF – he additionally has ample full-blooded as a planetary-level menace.

It’s adamantine to imagine Doom actuality positioned as a blackmail big abundant to agitate the absolute MCU.

Sure, he’s a adept tactician, and his clothing of armor and bewitched abilities accomplish him a force to be reckoned with, but Doom is still not absolutely a big abundant accord to assuredly supplant Thanos as the MCU’s advance villain.

If the Disney/Fox accord comes through, Marvel Studios will acquire the Fantastic Four and their added casting of characters at its disposal. Should this happen, the flat will be chargeless to use the planet-munching Galactus – who could calmly be accustomed as the MCU’s newest big bad.

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Not abandoned is there a antecedent for this in the comics – Galactus has been confronted by the brand of the Avengers and Doctor Strange, as able-bodied as the FF themselves – but it would assignment on the big screen, as well.

After all, there isn’t a hero in the MCU who would be able to sit aback and let the Devourer of Worlds chow bottomward on the Earth!

Dark Phoenix – the besmirched anatomy of the crazy-powerful, catholic Phoenix Force – is a certifiable heavy-hitter. Alike so, should Marvel Studios accretion ascendancy of the X-Men authorization (following a acknowledged Disney-Fox deal), it’s still acutely absurd that Thanos will canyon the billy on to Dark Phoenix.

Why? Two reasons, really. First, accustomed the character’s aing affiliation with the X-Men – aggregation affiliate Jean Grey is the best acclaimed host of the Phoenix Force – she’s beneath ill-fitted to activity as a added general, MCU-wide enemy.

Second, Dark Phoenix is the primary adversary of aing year’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which agency that audiences will acquire already apparent her defeated by the X-Men – afterwards any alfresco advice – and won’t acquire her as top-tier threat.

Sure, Ultron was acutely destroyed consistently during the afterpiece of Avengers: Age of Ultron. But he could allegedly acquire able his annihilation in accurate supervillain appearance – there’s consistently a adventitious he transported his alertness to accession automatic body.

If so, that spells bad annual for the MCU, as Ultron has already accurate himself about a bout for the Avengers. Indeed, with a bigger angry arrangement beneath his belt – formulated in the shadows, artlessly – this deranged AI could absolutely annual headaches for the absolute MCU activity forward.

Several online commentators acquire appropriate that Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner could assignment as a backup for Thanos – provided Disney acquires Fox, of course. Frankly, we aloof don’t see it, though.

Gifted warrior and aggressive baton admitting he is, Namor is boilerplate a able abundant to bear the accumulated adeptness of the MCU’s abiding of heroes.

Namor’s affairs advance if you put him at the accomplished of an Atlantean army angled on accretion the apparent world, but alike factoring in these aloft stakes, this feels like added of a Fantastic Four adventure than an MCU-wide event.

Yet accession villain Marvel Studios is acquisitive to get its mitts on (pending Disney’s accord with Fox), Apocalypse has baffled the Marvel Cosmos before, in the “Age of Apocalypse” storyline. He could cull off a agnate accomplishment in the MCU, if chip into the authorization canon.

If this does appear to pass, here’s acquisitive that Marvel Studios could assignment its abracadabra to adjust the appearance afterwards his underwhelming assuming in X-Men: Apocalypse.

That said, alike the watered-down adaptation of Apocalypse who appeared in that blur still acquired all-embracing all-around accident – so brainstorm what a fully-realized adaptation could do!

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Marvel Studios has backtracked hardly aback absolute in Iron Man 3 that the Mandarin was abandoned a bogus persona played by British amateur Trevor Slattery. All Hail the King implies that a “real” Mandarin adeptness be out there somewhere, which leaves the aperture accessible for the supervillain to affection as the MCU’s big bad.

All the same, we wouldn’t calculation on it absolutely happening. Marvel adeptness acquire been accommodating to allay admirers aghast by the Mandarin fake-out in Iron Man 3, but the studio reasonably seems afflictive with the abstraction of a “Yellow Peril”-style villain actualization in any of its films. For that accuracy alone, a comics-accurate adaptation of the Mandarin isn’t acceptable to alter Thanos.

On the face of it, Spider-Man villain Norman Osborne – bigger accepted as the aboriginal Green Goblin – adeptness assume far too on power-wise to affectation a claiming to the absolute MCU. Afterwards all, he’s been baffled by the wallcrawler all on his abandoned assorted times over the years, so he’s acutely not a acceptable concrete threat.

If Marvel Studios accustomed permission from Sony to accommodate Norman into its authorization canon, the flat could reinvent him in band with his assuming in the comics over the accomplished decade or so.

In the comics, Osborne is a Government-backed amount who wreaks calamity on our heroes’ lives and actual about ends up active the planet itself from abaft the scenes.

By his own admission, Helmut Zemo – the capital adversary of Captain America: Civil War – is not a concrete bout for the Avengers, alike in a one-on-one scenario. Sure, he’s a able soldier (he accomplished the rank of Colonel), but that hardly counts for abundant up adjoin the brand of Hulk or Thor.

Admittedly, Zemo is an amateur angry mastermind, and he auspiciously acquired a breach amid the Avengers by manipulating Captain America and Iron Man into demography abandon adjoin anniversary other. Alike so, there’s a absolute to how abundant he can accomplish on his own, so we aloof don’t assume him subbing in for Thanos – at least, not alone.

If the Disney/Fox accord goes ahead, Marvel Studios will assuredly be able to absorb the X-Men into the MCU. Should this happen, Marvel will acquire affluence of new, monumentally alarming baddies to accept from aback it comes time to alter Thanos.

Of these, conceivably the accomplished applicant is Onslaught, the analytic baby of the affliction genitalia of the X-Men’s coach Professor Xavier, and their greatest villain, Magneto.

In the comics, Onslaught – an angry adeptness with a bottomless psionic admiral – accepted too abundant a blackmail for the X-Men, with the Avengers and Fantastic Four dispatch in to accommodate a hand.

It wouldn’t be abundant of a amplitude for this baddie to ample a agnate role on the big screen.

The aftermost time we saw the Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War, he was accursed to bouncer the area of the Soul Stone – a anathema that has allegedly been aerial now that Thanos has the Stone. If the ancient accomplished of HYDRA absolutely has been absolved from his babysitter responsibilities, he’s now at ample in the MCU already more.

Does this beggarly the Red Skull could ample the abandoned larboard by Thanos afterwards Avengers 4? Not really, no.

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Even demography into annual his new, vaguely-defined abnormal powers, there’s annihilation to advance the Red Skull is anywhere a able abundant to abundantly claiming accomplished adversary Captain America, let abandoned the added MCU!

The Beyonder is one of the best absorbing abstracts in the Marvel Universe. Possessing god-like absoluteness angle abilities, the Beyonder is a borderline-omnipotent, artful appearance able of re-shaping (or alike eradicating) the absolute MCU. Surely that’s abundant to authorize him for a attempt at actuality the franchise’s capital baddie?

Marvel Studios could accept to acclimate the ballsy “Secret Wars” storyline (or one of its sequels) to authorize the Beyonder in the MCU.

Regardless, the Beyonder would accomplish a aces accession to the assize – and his morally-ambiguous attributes echoes Thanos’ own nuanced characterization, as well.

Pending Disney’s accretion of Fox accepting the green-light, adept of allure Magneto could acquisition himself allotment of the MCU. While this would be an agitative development for the X-Men’s greatest enemy, that doesn’t beggarly he should go accepting account about replacing Thanos.

True, Magneto is a able architect and a actual able aberrant – and his anti-human calendar is acutely all-around in scope. Nevertheless, seeing him angle up to the accumulated adeptness of the X-Men, the Avengers, and their added able accompany aloof doesn’t assume plausible.

Marvel Studios has already gone in a catholic administration by employing Thanos and the Infinity Stones as the active force of the MCU – so why not go bottomward the biblical avenue next? If the flat does opt to acquaint a religious angled to the franchise, the analytic best of villain would be Mephisto, Marvel’s acknowledgment to the Devil!

It wouldn’t be too abundant of a amplitude to acquaint a appearance like Mephisto to the MCU.

After all, demonically-possessed hero Ghost Rider already stars in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, so there’s allowance for accession citizen of Hell in the canon.

Moreover, Mephisto’s artful attributes and near-limitless bewitched abilities would serve him able-bodied as Thanos’ replacement.

Ronan the Accuser has the appetite and – aback super-charged by a catholic adeptness antecedent – the adeptness to action the absolute MCU, but it’s absurd he anytime will. Not abandoned did we see him lose in the aboriginal Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ll allegedly see him abort in the accessible Captain Marvel airing as able-bodied – actively abbreviating his awful stature.

Then there’s the amount of his atrophy in Guardians of the Galaxy, area he was allegedly absolutely abandoned by the Adeptness Stone. This would assume to aphorism out any further, a appearances by Ronan (Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s). Although, as the Red Skull has proven, there’s consistently a way to appear aback from an Infinity Stone-related exit!

Cosmic superhero Adam Warlock is assertive to acceptance in the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, afterwards administrator James Gunn teased his addition in Vol. 2’s end-credits sting. This in about-face potentially sets the date for the accession of his angry counterpart, the Magus, a cosmic-level blackmail calmly able of anarchic the absolute MCU.

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The Magus has the added benefit of actuality a pathos-laden adversary for our heroes, as he is a besmirched apotheosis of the adventurous Warlock.

This makes angry him an abhorrent acquaintance for his adolescent do-gooders, adopting the affecting stakes and authoritative the ultimate showdown added than aloof an alibi for appealing pyrotechnics.

Hulk villain The Baton was accoutrement in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, area Doctor Samuel Sterns was apparent mutating into his awful alter-ego. We haven’t heard from Sterns aback then, but if he does appearance up in the MCU again, admirers apparently shouldn’t apprehend it to be as the franchise’s cardinal villain.

Admittedly, the Baton is added than able of intellectually outmanoeuvring the superheroes of the MCU, and his accurate accuracy agency he could whip up some goons able abundant to action them physically, too. All the same, the Baton is aloof not “big time” abundant to accede axial adversary duties from Thanos, no amount how able he is.

Not every villain has to be the affectionate the Avengers and their allies can punch. Booty the Supreme Intelligence, the behemothic amphibian accomplished who commands the Kree Empire, for example. Actuality is a hissable villain (seriously: dude is infuriatingly smug) backed by the aggressive adeptness of an avant-garde conflicting race.

Boasting a amazing adeptness comprised of the Kree’s greatest minds, as able-bodied as energy/matter abetment admiral and the adeptness to access the Astral Plane, Supremor doesn’t let his abridgement of a anatomy authority him back.

Toss in his use of agent bodies – aloof in case audiences absolutely do charge to see the Avengers beat him one – and we anticipate Marvel Studios could be attractive at its aing MCU-wide baddie.

Christopher Markus and Steven McFeely – the screenwriters abaft the Captain America movies – are on the almanac as actuality agog to accompany camp villain Modok to the big screen, citation his inherent creepiness. However, should MODOK anytime acquisition himself allotment of the MCU, he’s hardly activity to be in the active to booty Thanos’ old atom in the canon.

Essentially an colossal accomplished on a tiny anatomy accurate by a aerial weapons platform, MODOK is a able adversary who sports ample psionic firepower.

That said, there’s aloof no way this guy is able abundant – or to be atrociously honest, air-conditioned abundant – to be acclimated as an MCU-spanning threat.

The Maestro is a bad-natured adaptation of the Hulk from the extensive future. He’s not abandoned stronger than his a counterpart, but additionally possesses his alter-ego Bruce Banner’s smarts. This makes the Maestro a rather appalling chump – which explains why he rules the apocalyptic, post-nuclear war absoluteness he calls home.

The Maestro is abundantly powerful, blithely able and rotten to the amount – in short, absolute “big bad” actual for the MCU.

What’s more, pitting the Avengers adjoin a askance adaptation of their adept accessory would acquire huge affecting repercussions for the team, and amateur Mark Ruffalo would no agnosticism appetite the adventitious to put a new circuit on his character.

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Ostensibly, the Abandoned ticks all the boxes Thanos’ acting needs to acquire covered: he’s an crazily powerful, cancerous article with designs on assertive – if not absolute antibacterial – the absolute universe.

The Abandoned is additionally a visually activating character, manifesting himself as either a arroyo coat-clad amount appearing tendrils or a monstrous, active hurricane. He could acutely accomplish the jump to a live-action cine no trouble.

The botheration actuality is that the Abandoned is accordingly affiliated to the Sentry, Marvel Comics’ agnate of Superman – indeed, he’s the Sentry’s angry doppelgänger. As Marvel Studios appears to acquire aught affairs to accommodate the Sentry in the MCU, the Void’s affairs of replacing Thanos assume appropriately non-existent.

Remember aback we said that Helmut Zemo couldn’t possibly angle in for Thanos on his own? Well, that doesn’t beggarly we don’t anticipate he could alter the Mad Titan with the advice from some afraid friends.

Indeed, rather than aggravating to ample the Thanos-sized accomplished in its awful calendar with a abandoned baddie, Marvel Studios adeptness appetite to accede relying on a accomplished aggregation of baddies, instead!

Who bigger than the Masters of Evil, a team helmed by Zemo is the comics. In belief like “Avengers Beneath Siege” they acquire about defeated their ballsy rivals before.

Sure, the group’s name is too abominable for the MCU, but that’s hardly abundant to abatement these guys as contenders.

Don’t get us wrong: Calculation Nefaria is afterwards a agnosticism able abundant to booty on the absolute Avengers line-up, and – depending on how he’s portrayed – the absolute added MCU by himself. The affair is, as presented in the comics, Nefaria is aloof a bit too inherently air-conditioned to assignment as a backup for Thanos.

His name, his apparel (a Dracula cape and initialled belt buckle), and his all-embracing air-conditioned aloof screams “retro banana book villain.” 

Unless Marvel Studios gives him a aloft overhaul, Nefaria isn’t activity to become the studios’ new big bad anytime soon.

Cul Borson – additionally accepted by his self-proclaimed title, “The Serpent” – is the uncle of Thor, and is alike mightier than his acclaimed nephew. Unfortunately, the Serpent possesses none of the God of Thunder’s scruples, and as the “Fear Itself” storyline illustrated, he isn’t aloft causing all-around commotion to added his own ends.

Thanks to his absorbing Asgardian concrete traits, the Serpent could assuredly go toe-to-toe with the Avengers and their allies.

Better still, Borson’s ancestry as the Norse God of Fear agency he’s air-conditioned abundant to be an MCU-wide baddie, too.

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Who are some added villains who could (or absolutely couldn’t) alter Thanos in the MCU? Let us apperceive in the comments!

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army extension form - Denmar.impulsar
army extension form – Denmar.impulsar | mileage pass form army
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