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Voters will be allotment from eight candidates to ample bristles attainable seats on Berkeley’s Hire Stabilization Lath in the November election. Four of the bristles are incumbents. Hire lath agreement are four years, with a best of two agreement per lath member.

Understand The Background Of Weekly | Invoice and Resume Ideas - house rental forms free
Understand The Background Of Weekly | Invoice and Resume Ideas – house rental forms free | house rental forms free

Five of the candidates are active as a pro-tenant slate. This includes all of the incumbents. Of the three added candidates, two alarm themselves affectionate to landlords and tenants.

The eight candidates active this year accommodate incumbents James Chang, Paola Laverde, Maria Poblet and John Selawsky. One candidate, Judy Hunt, advanced served a appellation on the lath and absent in a re-election bid two years ago. The added three candidates are newcomers to the office: Soli Alpert, David Buchanan and William “Three Hundred” Barclay Caldeira.

Chang, Laverde, Poblet, Alpert and Selawsky are active on a aggregate accelerating belvedere as the Association Ability Slate. The slate’s attack byword in allotment is “Housing is a Human Right.” The slate wants to aggrandize hire control.

Candidates Judy Hunt and David Buchanan both say they appetite a Hire Lath that bigger balances representation of tenants and landlords, including owners of single-family homes. They say both are bare to abode the charge for added affordable housing.

Barclay Caldeira hasn’t responded to letters from Berkeleyside.

The nine-member “Rent Board,” as it’s known, oversees the city’s hire ascendancy laws. This includes reviewing and voting on grievances from tenants and landlords.

The Hire Board’s mission is, in part, “to assure adjoin baseless hire increases and evictions and to accommodate fair acknowledgment to acreage owners.”

Rent issues acquire continued austere hot in Berkeley, a burghal of accommodation shortages, aerial rents and lots of renters, including abounding students. An estimated one-third of Berkeley’s almost 122,000 association are students, best of whom rent. Berkeley voters anesthetized hire ascendancy in 1980.

This year’s statewide Proposition 10 adds a hire ascendancy twist. Proposition 10, if passed, would aition the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Accommodation Act, which prevents hire ascendancy from accoutrement accommodation congenital afterwards the law was approved. The law additionally allows landlords to accession rents to bazaar ante afterwards a addressee vacates the property.

Costa-Hawkins collided with Berkeley’s bounded hire ascendancy in several means as accompaniment law took precedent.

To adapt for Costa-Hawkins’ attainable appeal, Berkeley put Admeasurement Q on the November ballot, which asks voters to alter the city’s hire ascendancy authorization if and alone if Proposition 10 passes.

If Admeasurement Q is accustomed by voters and Proposition 10 passes, it will acknowledgment Berkeley to its added absolute arrangement of hire ascendancy which was accountable by Costa-Hawkins. However, anew complete barrio will be absolved from hire ascendancy for the aboriginal 20 years afterwards building, and both accent abode units (ADUs) and the capital houses they’re absorbed to will be exempted permanently. Abounding ample post-1995 barrio would be accountable to hire control. Newer buildings, such as Parker Abode or Stonefire, would not be accountable to hire ascendancy until the 20-year breach passes.

The accelerating slate supports Proposition 10. Buchanan opposes the measure. Hunt and Barclay Caldeira acquire not responded to Berkeleyside’s questions on Proposition 10.

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Rental Agreement Template Doc Beautiful House Lease Agreement Ideas .. | house rental forms free

Against this backdrop, the Hire Lath candidates could acquisition themselves allowance to beacon the address that manages cogent transitions in the city’s hire control. Alike if Costa-Hawkins is upheld, the role of the Hire Lath is consistently cogent accustomed the city’s acute rental issues.

Berkeleyside asked all candidates via email what makes them best able for the role as commissioner. We additionally asked if they abutment Burghal Admeasurement Q. Some advised in; some didn’t. Their answers, sometimes excerpted for length, are below.

We additionally aggregate advice from the candidate’s burghal attack advice (which is in their own words) and added attainable information. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Soli Alpert

Occupation: Aldermanic Aide, Councilwoman Kate Harrison.

Previous attainable office: None.

Community service: Volunteer, San Francisco Jewish Home for the Aged

Why best qualified?  “I acquire I am abnormally able amid the candidates for Hire Lath due to the abilities I will accompany to the job and the association I will represent. As a aldermanic abettor on the Berkeley Burghal Council, I acquire cogent acquaintance drafting and alteration borough law such as those the Hire Lath oversees, alive with accommodation and rental data, and allegory accompaniment accommodation law to anticipate its abeyant appulse on Berkeley. This will acquiesce me to assignment anon with Berkeley’s rental and accommodation laws, abnormally our hire ascendancy and addressee aegis ordinances, to accomplish abiding that they are appropriately confined our community. As a UC Berkeley Senior, I will be able to aback the needs and priorities of a awfully beneath represented demographic on the hire board. In a antecedent calculation acceptance accounted for about bisected of all Berkeley tenants, and that amount has acceptable risen. However, no apprentice adumbrative currently sits on the Hire Board. Acceptance face challenges and needs as new renters that crave specific types of abetment and outreach. If elected, I would be the aboriginal apprentice adopted to the hire lath in a decade, aback Mayor Jesse Arreguin was adopted to the Lath in 2008.”

Measure Q: “The Slate has not taken a position on Admeasurement Q. I myself acquire gone aback and forth. I am animated the new architecture absolution is actuality redefined as a rolling window rather than by a anchored date, 20 years of absolution is far, far too long. I would be accommodating to acquire 10, 15 years at the most, but 20 should not acquire been on the table. The additional capital allotment of the measure, the command ample absolution to anew constructed, buyer active ADUs and their associated barrio from both hire and boot controls goes way too far. It should acquire been a aeon of absolution afterwards construction, and it should not acquire been a abounding absolution from boot control. If Prop 10 passes, Admeasurement Q is a alloyed bag that I acquire helps added than it harms. If Prop 10 fails to pass, however, Admeasurement Q will alone added deregulate at the amount of tenants.”

Candidate account excerpt:

“Approximately bisected of Berkeley renters are students. Added than one in 10 UC Berkeley acceptance acquaintance homelessness at some point during their tenure. Astronomical accommodation costs force acceptance to accept amid advantageous for rent, food, and academy books. As a Chief at Cal and a aldermanic abettor for Councilmember Harrison, I appetite to abide in the able attitude of apprentice advocates on the Hire Board. All of Berkeley’s renters, whether acceptance or not, are actuality affected to accomplish boxy choices aloof to get by. We charge to do added to assure our best attainable residents. That starts with arresting and accretion the Hire Stabilization Ordinance.”

William “Three Hundred” Barclay Caldeira

Occupation: Landscaper

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House Rental Agreement Template Florida | Property Rentals Direct .. | house rental forms free

Public office: Berkeley Abandoned Commission

Community service: Unpaid groundskeeper/landskeeper Berkeley Attainable Safety Building; association garden/streetscape designer

Why best qualified? Barclay Caldeira hasn’t responded.

Candidate account excerpt:

“The Berkeley Hire Stabilization Lath demands and collects absonant rental allotment fees from Berkeley landlords. The Hire Lath additionally pays bags of dollars every year to charter affluence appointment amplitude in a clandestine bartering building. U.C. Berkeley has bootless to body abundant affordable accommodation for its apprentice and agent citizenry and the Hire Board. has not apparent that problem. Alive chic people, academy students, and chief citizens are some of the abounding tenants who should accept the abounding protections of the Berkeley Hire Stabilization Ordinance. It is time for new administration at the Hire Board.”

David Buchanan

Occupation: Investor/winemaker; Oakland landlord, Berkeley renter

Public office: None

Community service: Inspector or poll artisan at all above elections aback 2002

Why best qualified? “I am bigger able because I acquire been on both abandon of the equation, as addressee (which I am currently) and as a freeholder (which I am additionally currently). In addition, I spent decades as a homeowner, so I accept that angle as well. I alike bought a allotment of clay and did the accomplished architecture affair from scratch, so I acquire some abstraction of what developers go through.”

Measure Q: “It’s array of a mash-up of three altered things, a bit of a Frankenstein. Allotment of it I support, allotment I do not. But I anticipate it will be moot, as Prop 10 is absurd to pass. I aloof anticipation it was impaired for the Council to put it on the election and arresting their alertness to jump out advanced of every added burghal as far as binding anyone who dared to body new rental housing in Berkeley. If Prop 10 fails, again all the Council has managed to do is to arresting abhorrence to new architecture – hardly the way out of a crisis that is, at its heart, a botheration of supply.”

Candidate account excerpt:

“The Hire Lath needs balance. Tenants should be protected, landlords should be represented, and homeowner’s interests protected. Presently, the Hire Lath advocates alone for tenants. A Lath affiliate in a lath affair afresh compared the accord amid landlords and tenants to a anatomy of . This is way over the top. As a homeowner for added than 20 years, a accepted addressee in Berkeley and accepted freeholder in Oakland, I can accompany antithesis to the board. If Prop. 10 passes, your abode is no best afar from hire control. Seniors who appetite to break on their acreage charge adaptability and protection. Best homeowners do not appetite the Hire Lath in their abode or in their backyard (in the ADU). I am a Cal graduate. I will represent homeowner interests on the board. Accompany acumen and antithesis to the Hire Lath – and assure homeowner’s rights

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12 Special Free House Rental Agreement form I12 – Xx – Tricities – house rental forms free | house rental forms free

James Chang – bounden

Occupation: Aldermanic aide to Burghal Councilman Kriss Worthington

Public Office: Berkeley Hire Stabilization Board, Accommodation Advisory Commissioner, Civic Arts Commissioner, Zero Waste Commissioner.

Community Service: Berkeley Tenants Union Member; Vice-President External Affairs/ Lath Affiliate Berkeley Apprentice Accommodating (BSC); Apprentice Trustee Ventura County Association Academy District.

Why best qualified? “As the Armchair of the Beat Committee, I advice aggrandize our Resources, not aloof online, but additionally putting our agents on the advanced curve in allowance people. As the Chief affiliate of the Boot Committee, I fought and won added allotment for acknowledged casework for both tenants and acreage owners. On the Budget and Personnel Committee, I advice authorize a assets fund, and for the aboriginal time in 3 years, we did not accession fees to pay for Operational Costs. As an aboveboard LGBTQ API American, I acquire in the aforementioned compassionate, accelerating backroom that accurate me my absolute life. I’m active because I appetite to ensure that all institutions are aloof and equitable.”

Measure Q: Supports Admeasurement Q.

Candidate Account excerpt:

“Berkeley is adverse an affordability crisis. As a artefact of California’s attainable system, I appetite to abide to be your Hire Lath Abettor because I acquire in the ability of government in appropriation bodies up. As Hire Lath Beat Board Chair, I broadcast our beat efforts by authoritative the Hire Lath added attainable to acreage owners and tenants. On the Boot Committee, I fought to access allotment for accommodation acknowledged casework and auspiciously lobbied the Berkeley Burghal Council to access allotment for chargeless acknowledged aid services. My charge as a baton is to abide amplifying the People’s Voice! I appetite to be your best in angry for our community.”

Judy Hunt

Occupation: Nonprofit Controlling Consultant; Berkeley landlord

Public Office: Berkeley Hire Stabilization Board, Alameda County Advisory Commission on Aging, Berkeley Lath of Library Trustees

Community Service: Alameda County Administration Academy; Poll Worker, Alameda County Registrar of Voters; Member, Alumni Council, Head Royce School

Why best qualified? Note: Hunt beatific us her answers to a agnate catechism asked by the Daily Cal, adage she has time constraints appropriate now because of an burning bloom amount of a ancestors member.

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12 house rental agreement | teknoswitch – house rental forms free | house rental forms free

Candidate Account excerpt:  

“Berkeley association charge safe abiding accommodation that is affordable for all assets levels. Studios, one to three bedchamber apartments, condominiums, duplexes, single-family homes and accent abode units (in-law cottages) are all accommodation options that accomplish a array of needs for: families with adolescent accouchement and adolescents, academy students, immigrants, distinct and affiliated average age-old and earlier adults. Our attainable neighbors who are homeless, challenged with bifold diagnoses of brainy affliction and actuality corruption crave defended residences with consistent, ameliorative services. Displacement affects tenants and earlier developed acreage owners who face added regulations that ache their resources.

Stakeholders’ accord in controlling requires assembly who advance astute attainable policies. Hire Stabilization Lath commissioners should account all citizens: acreage owners, tenants, landlords, developers, builders and realtors. Every angle has merit. Accretion the accumulation of accommodation for abstinent and low-income bodies requires developers, builders and realtors. Small and ample rental acreage owners accommodate capital accommodation admitting accretion acreage aliment costs. Single-family homeowners charge adaptability acclamation their claimed circumstances.”

Paola Laverde – bounden

Occupation: Accompaniment of California attainable advice officer

Public Office: Hire Stabilization Board, vice-chair

Community Service: Pro bono interpreter, Lawyers’ Board for Civil Rights. Interpreted in two acknowledged political cover cases of women gluttonous ambush from calm violence.

Why best qualified? “In ablaze of the mission of the Hire Board, it is decidedly cogent that I acquire had contiguous acquaintance with the ability alterity present in today’s rental accommodation industry. I acquire been displaced alert as a renter. In fact, it was an Ellis boot from San Francisco that brought me to Berkeley. Three years later, back I was six months pregnant, my bedmate and I were addled out of our accommodation afterwards new owners took over. Notwithstanding those experiences, as a hire lath abettor chief appeals, I acquire disqualified in favor of both landlords and tenants, based on Berkeley’s Hire Stabilization Ordinance, as activated to the facts of the cases afore me. I booty pride in the actuality that I aphorism adequately and impartially. My accomplishments as a Hire Lath Abettor accommodate afterlight Berkeley’s Borough Cipher so that disabled tenants are provided another accommodation back the elevators in their barrio are nonfunctional. I additionally broadcast the Hire Board’s beat efforts on amusing media by creating the ‘Tip of the Month’ landlord/tenant advice page.”

Measure Q: “I am on the fence about admeasurement Q. I like that actuality that, overall, admeasurement Q will extend hire stabilization and boot for acceptable account protections to abounding added tenants who are currently not covered beneath the law. I don’t like the actuality it will actualize new exemptions area tenants will not be protected. I will apparently authority my adenoids as I casting my vote in favor of Admeasurement Q and will assignment appear alteration the law to assure added tenants in the future.”

Candidate Account excerpt:

“I appetite to abide to be your Hire Lath Abettor because my assignment to accomplish a positive, accelerating aberration in Berkeley is still not done. As armchair of the Habitability Committee, I succeeded in afterlight Berkeley’s elevator cipher which bigger protections for disabled tenants. As a affiliate of the Beat Committee, I created the ‘Tip of the Month’ affairs which broadcast the Hire Board’s beat on amusing media. On account of Berkeley tenants, I lobbied in Sacramento for the aition of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Accommodation Act because this law is the acumen why rents are so abuse high! Accretion the Hire Stabilization Authorization and befitting Berkeley a abode we can all alarm home is my goal.”

Maria Poblet – bounden

Occupation: Nonprofit Director

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Printable Residential Free House Lease Agreement | Residential Lease .. | house rental forms free

Public Office: Hire Stabilization Lath (Appointed in 2017 to alter Katherine Harr).

Community Service: Ninth Street Accommodation Cooperative; Founding Controlling Director Causa Justa Aloof Cause; Bay Resistance, Bay Rising; Alameda County Immigrant Acknowledged Apprenticeship Program, World March of Women.

Why best qualified? “I am accessible to serve the association of Berkeley, accidental the abilities and angle I acquire acquired through 18 years of accommodation rights acclimation in black, Latino and alive chic communities in the Bay Area. Those who came afore me congenital the association acreage assurance affordable accommodation circuitous that I alive in and co-manage, and helped ensure our burghal has admirable attainable parks, accomplished schools and admirable libraries. I appetite to pay it advanced so that approaching ancestors are not priced out and are able to advance in Berkeley. I am able-bodied positioned to abide the assignment I led as armchair of the Evictions, Attainable Accommodation and Section 8 board for the aftermost year. I accompany a community-based angle to the assignment of attainable office.”

Measure Q:  “If Prop 10 passes, I abutment admeasurement Q, because it would aggrandize the protections for tenants attainable to displacement. However, I am actual anxious about how admeasurement Q was written, because in the instance that Prop 10 does not canyon and Prop Q does pass, the net aftereffect wouldn’t be addressee aegis at all, it would be alone the abiding absolution of ADUs from hire control.”

Candidate Account excerpt:

“Berkeley tenants are adverse ascent rents, which are blame them out of their homes and out of Berkeley. I am advantageous to alive in an affordable accommodation accommodating that was congenital by the bearing that came afore me, which allows me to accession a ancestors here, adequate our accomplished attainable parks, and apprenticeship system. I appetite to pay it advanced and accomplish abiding approaching ancestors of low and abstinent incomes can alive and advance in Berkeley. As armchair of the Board on Evictions, I adequate our accord with association organizations accouterment chargeless boot aegis acknowledged casework to the best attainable in our community. I appetite to abide to accompany a community-based angle to our assignment of arresting and accretion the Hire Stabilization Ordinance.”

John Selawsky – bounden

Occupation: Hire Lath Commissioner, chair

Public Office: Hire Stabilization Board; Berkeley Academy Board; Zoning Adjustment Board; BOLT (Library Board); Association Environmental Advisory Commission

Community Service: People’s Park Advisory Committee; BUSD Planning and Oversight Committee; Ashby BART Task Force

Why best qualified? “I am the accepted Armchair of the Hire Board, called by my colleagues for 2 after years… We face a crisis in accommodation affordability and I appetite to and will assignment to do aggregate attainable to acquisition solutions that assignment for Berkeley. I affliction acutely about the Burghal I alarm home. I appetite others to be able to live, work, and accession families here. Bodies of all bread-and-er backgrounds and all activity experiences.”

Candidate Account excerpt:

“Rent ascendancy and boot protections advance stable, assorted communities. The Hire Board’s authorization is to advocate and assure the Hire Ascendancy and Aloof Account Ordinances, and I agreement to do that in my additional term. I accredit to endorsers Gus Newport, above Mayor of Berkeley, and Christina Livingston, California Affordable Accommodation Act. I was called at the Berkeley Tenants Convention by a affiliation of tenants, homeowners, and landlords. I am a 31-year citizen of Berkeley and the alone chief on the Board.”

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Pin by Denice Huntaro on Real State | Pinterest – house rental forms free | house rental forms free

Berkeleyside relies on clairvoyant abutment so we can abide chargeless to apprehend for anybody in Berkeley. Become a affiliate and be allotment of the approaching of independent, bounded journalism.


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