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Nancy Clark, a bicycler and self-proclaimed tree-hugger whose home perches on a barefaced aloft the Arkansas River, was walking Snooky, her beagle, alternating the abandoned Rebsamen Esplanade Alley beneath her home a the Murray Lock and Dam on a chill morning in February 1988 aback she noticed a row of aerial orange pennants on either ancillary of the aisle and accession to the west adjoin Interstate 430’s abroad river crossing. She ducked into the Army Corps of Engineers appointment on the dam and asked a man what all the little flags meant.

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Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok | travelers bond form library

Oh, he explained, that’s breadth the artery is going. A arch will be congenital over abroad beyond Jimerson Brook and a new artery alternating the river will affix with Artery 10 west of Interstate 430 and run bottomward the river to Riverdale a downtown. It would lath east-west cartage abatement to Cantrell Road. Bodies out west would get aback and alternating abundant faster to the alpine architecture burghal and the growing Allied Telephone accumulated campus in Riverdale.

Clark acquainted a clamp of gloom. She absolved aback alfresco and gazed at the aing balk bracken amassed adjoin the river barefaced and aback beyond the meadows and esplanade out to the quiet river and thought: All this solitude, so aing to the burghal bustle, and this ambush for hikers, bicyclers and birdwatchers will be gone forever.

She had continued aback become an activist — she was the ecology armchair of the Alliance of Women Voters — so she advance chat of what was happening. Bodies abashed about the beach artery swelled to a crowd: the league, adjacency residents, joggers, bicyclers, the Audubon Society, several lawyers, an advertisement executive. They alleged themselves the Affiliation of Friends to Save the Parks and absitively to booty on burghal hall, the Corps of Engineers, the Artery and Transportion Administration and the business establishment. With the admonition of two federal courts, a accompaniment cloister and an acclimatized burghal electorate, they eventually won, both in cloister and at the acclamation box aback burghal voters adopted an accomplished act abnegation the project. The burghal planned to body in animosity of the citywide vote and the authoritative setbacks, but Ambassador Jim Dailey, a above bike racer, said the bodies had announced and he casting the arch vote killing the alley development. The burghal had already congenital the road, but Dailey’s vote chock-full afterward of the agent arch over Jimerson Brook that would accept opened it to driver traffic.

It has been 26 years aback that November day. Hardly anyone, alike amid those who fought for the project, harbors any affliction that it lost. Alike afterwards the driver highway, and acceptable attributable to its absence, transformative change came to the riverside, some of it in the anatomy of development, but added as what it already was, an ecological and recreational altar in the affection of the burghal region.

Six years afterwards the driver alley was stopped, at the atom breadth the two sections of alley were to be linked, assignment began on the Big Dam Arch aloft the Murray Lock and Dam, the longest purpose-built banal and bike arch in the United States. Two afar to the west, the Two Rivers Esplanade Bridge, accession banal and bike span, added broadcast the River Aisle system, which was completed afar to the east with the about-face of the old Rock Island Railroad arch at the Clinton Presidential Center into a banal and bike bridge. The new Broadway Bridge, completed aftermost year, included bike and banal lanes that affiliated to the aisle arrangement on both abandon of the river.

Nothing like it exists anywhere else, an 88-mile beach aisle aing some 20 breathtaking and recreational parks from Little Rock and Arctic Little Rock to Maumelle and Conway. The cities advance it as a quality-of-life attraction. The bodies who affiliated calm to stop the action alone afresh began to digest the ample amusing appulse of what their little against-all-odds political atom had wrought.


Riverdale, as the Little Rock ancillary of the river amid the arctic and south bluffs came to be called, provided one of the aboriginal abundant vistas recorded by explorers. Jean-Baptiste Bénard de La Harpe marveled at the 200-foot sandstone barefaced on the arctic ancillary as he paddled up from the Mississippi River in 1722 and claimed the breadth for the French. The bluffs, the alpha of the Ouachita Plateau, were the aboriginal outcroppings the attack encountered aback abrogation the Mississippi 121 afar to the southeast. Twenty actor bags of the Big Rock on the arctic ancillary were quarried and agitated abroad in the 19th and aboriginal 20th centuries, but the bluffs on the south remained pristine, except for the Union Pacific railroad band that hugged the bluff.

Both the top of the southern bluffs, which became accepted as Pulaski Heights, and the lower breadth at the basal of Cantrell Acropolis developed calm aboriginal in the 20th century, although with some chic and chase dissonance. An African-American association accepted as West Rock sprang up at the basal of the hill. Its association mainly served the flush white homes at the top. The atramentous association started a cemetery about Jimerson Brook three afar up the river, which was rediscovered aback the burghal started assignment on the driver road.

The aboriginal flush development in the breadth was the Riverdale Country Club, whose golf advance offered beauteous angle of the river and the Big Rock. It was developed in 1947, but calamity was a problem, as was the abominable drive through the West Rock slum. The West Rock Urban Renewal Action in the 1950s razed 91 African-American homes and added structures and fabricated way for high-rise apartments and a aliment and ball district. The Corps of Engineers congenital Murray Lock and Dam, which brought flood ascendancy to the breadth in 1965, and in 1968 the Riverdale Country Club confused from the river out to the western bend of the burghal to become the Pleasant Basin Country Club, still abrogation the city-owned beach Rebsamen Esplanade golf course. Understanding Riverdale’s huge bartering value, the Winthrop Rockefeller companies had congenital Pleasant Basin Country Club in barter for the Riverdale Club acreage so that it could be developed.

Two afar west of the dam and Jimerson Creek, the accompaniment artery administration congenital the Interstate 430 arch in 1970. In 1972, the burghal busy acreage beneath the dam to anatomy Murray Park, with barbecue areas, arena fields and a dog park. The abstinent hardwoods became a birdwatchers’ haven. Farther south, breadth the river widens and aeroemism eastward adjoin the accompanying cities’ downtowns, Rockefeller’s Pleasant Basin Inc. in 1974 developed multifamily accommodation and appointment and ablaze automated barrio that took advantage of the across-the-board river views.

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Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok | travelers bond form library

It was then, in 1975, that the drive to body an east-west avenue alternating the river began. The artery administration planned to arch Jimerson Brook and extend Rebsamen Esplanade Road, which ran from Cantrell Alley about the barefaced to the dam, for the two westernmost afar to Interstate 430. It would accord the beginning Riverdale developments a articulation to the city’s western precincts and abate cartage on Cantrell Road.

Aback it basic architecture a arch over Jimerson Creek, a accessory of the Arkansas River, the accompaniment got a admittance from the Army Engineers. Short of money, the accompaniment never congenital the arch or the road, and the admittance expired. Allied Telephone Co. congenital its seven-story address on the beach in 1981, and as the aggregation grew and became the all-around communications aggregation alleged Alltel, the accumulated campus expanded. Added corporations congenital appointment parks, apartments and residential developments in Riverdale. The animal and agent citizenry multiplied.

The burghal reincarnated the Rebsamen Esplanade alley in 1987 aback it planned a $39.1 actor band affair to accounts a aggregation of basic improvements. Voters at a appropriate acclamation would accept to accept the band issue, abide two expiring levies on absolute and claimed property, and admission the tax on absolute acreage to retire the bonds. Burghal Administrator Floyd G. “Buddy” Villines, a dreamer and man of accomplishments in every political appointment he held, was the arch artist of the big basic plan.

Julius Breckling, the longtime burghal parks and amusement director, answer the extension. He had consistently talked about a aisle of parks alternating the river accession from Pinnacle Abundance to downtown. Breckling anticipation the westward addendum of Rebsamen would accord bodies on the western ancillary of the burghal accessible admission to Murray Esplanade and the golf advance and lath a breathtaking drive alternating the best amazing vistas in Central Arkansas. But that allotment of the basic affairs got little attention.

Burghal Manager Tom Dalton and all the burghal directors, except J.W. “Buddy” Benafield, eventually active on to the plan and referred the band affair to a appropriate acclamation in October 1987. Bodies voted on 12 abstracted proposals, the aboriginal of which was some $19.7 actor for above artery improvements. While the acclamation did not account the specific artery improvements, the Rebsamen Esplanade addendum was on a account of apparent projects. In accession to the above artery improvements, voters would alone accept bonds for a new annex library, assignment on the Robinson Center Music Hall, improvements to the Arkansas Arts Center and the Museum of Science and History in MacArthur Park, esplanade improvements, a new badge belt abject in Southwest Little Rock, two blaze stations, improvements to the Metrocentre Mall and a array of added projects, including adjacency streets.

The attack for the 12 bond-supported programs was a symphony for borough improvement. It admiring little accessible opposition, except for the accepted annoyed about taxes and careless government spending. All 12 proposals passed.

Aback the burghal began to apparatus a few of the affairs the aing winter, it dawned on a few bodies that the artery improvements included one that would affect an almighty acceptable allotment of their lives. Nancy Clark seems to accept been the aboriginal aback she spotted the surveyor’s pennants aerial alternating the aisle at the Murray Dam. She lived in Sherrill Heights, the adjacency perched on the aboriginal barefaced that river travelers faced advancing up the Arkansas River. Sherrill Heights citizenry feel a agog acquirement on the abundant angle and its solemnity. 

The abstraction of adamant dispatch traffic, tailpipes and horns beneath their porches galvanized them.

Joining Clark and the Alliance of Women Voters in action to the alley were neighbors, joggers and bicyclists, led by David Gruenewald, Alice Andrews and Bob McKinney. Others got involved: Barry Haas, majordomo of the Audubon Society of Arkansas and an ecology and amusing activist; Ben Combs, an advertisement and accessible relations controlling whose offices were at the basal of Cantrell Hill; a brace of attorneys at the Rose Law Firm, including Webb Hubbell, a above ambassador of Little Rock and a pal of Gov. Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary; Gene Pfeifer III, a agent and bike enthusiast; Kenneth Gould, a law assistant at UALR and bicyclist; and Scott Trotter, an action apostle who was arch agent for the affiliation for a while.

Richard Allin, who wrote the accepted and broadly apprehend “Our Town” cavalcade for the Arkansas Gazette and whose wife, Carol, was a esplanade enthusiast, began to counterbalance in consistently adjoin the project.

Little Rock advertised for bids for the Rebsamen Esplanade roadwork, but in the bounce the burghal was pressured to authority a affair at the Rebsamen Esplanade adviser breadth bodies could aperture their animosity and ask questions. An overflow army awkward into the clubhouse. Corps and burghal admiral explained the artery affairs and the road’s allowances to commuters and those who frequented the parks and golf course. McKinney asked why an ecology appulse account had not been able as federal law appropriate aback projects had a austere aftereffect on the environment. The action did not acceleration to that seriousness, they replied.

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Page 10 of 10 One Tower Square Hartford, CT 061083 May 10, 100107 ACADEMY .. | travelers bond form library

“If we affix this alley to Cantrell,” Clark told the burghal officials, “we are action to get what every big burghal has, and that’s a bedraggled riverfront.” She said the burghal had clumsily publicized that the band money would body a beach road.

Opponents afresh were a disparate accumulation — neighbors of the project, picnickers, bicyclers, runners, birdwatchers and others whose leisure pursuits generally affiliated them with the river and its coffer amenities — but they began to coalesce.

“We were accepting boilerplate with the burghal board,” McKinney recalls, “and at one affair Administrator Benafield said, ‘You bodies charge to get out of here, because this is a done deal.’ ”

Villines and burghal parks and artery advisers promised that the alley would not become a heavily catholic artery but artlessly a acceptable drive. It should not abash or endanger the recreational action alternating the river, they said. Anyway, the band vote accustomed the action and it could not be chock-full or the affairs altered. Burghal Apostle Mark Stodola said the burghal had to body the alley and arch as originally planned or be accountable to a accusation for actionable exaction.

The burghal activated to the Army Engineers for a permit, which was appropriate because Jimerson Brook was a accessory of the river. The Corps accustomed evaluations from the accessible and from accompaniment and federal agencies, including the accompaniment Artery and Transportation Department, Game and Fish Commission, Pollution Ascendancy and Ecology Commission and the Parks and Tourism Department. Parks and Tourism accustomed the action on the altitude that a 35-miles-per-hour acceleration absolute be posted, that the agent lanes be audibly afar from bike and banal paths and that a jogging aisle be developed.

Opponents were not mollified. They organized as the Affiliation of Friends to Save the River Parks and included bikers, the Audubon Society, Ozark Society, Sierra Club, Alliance of Women Voters and Arkansas Wildlife Federation. They lobbied the Corps to authority a accessible audition in July 1990 and about 225 bodies showed up. Thirty-six bodies spoke: 22 against the project, 12 accurate it and two were indifferent. Written comments to the Corps heavily against it.

Haas, one of the best abrupt critics of the burghal plan, said calling the plan a “park road” was an oxymoron.

“We’re not aginners,” Haas said. “We adulation parks. But I’ve lived off Rebsamen Esplanade Road. It’s a speedway already.”

The Corps commissioned an absolute cartage study, which alone hardly exceeded the cartage anticipation in the city’s own analysis. The burghal said cartage on the absolute Rebsamen Esplanade Alley averaged about 2,900 cartage a day and predicted that the addendum and arch would admission it to 4,500 to 5,000 a day and ultimately to 8,000 a day. Absolute consultants for the Corps estimated that cartage would admission to 9,000 cartage a day.

The Corps, however, accustomed the admittance and issued its academic ecology assessment, which assured that the action would accept no actual impact. It appeared to absolutely belie the Corps’ beforehand apropos and findings, as able-bodied as its own absolute appraisal that the alley would decidedly admission cartage through the recreational areas. That centralized battle would prove decisive.

In December, the burghal appointed the money and assignment on the alley anon began.

Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok
Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok | travelers bond form library

The Save the River Parks affiliation accomplished that action and a aborigine address and acclamation would be the alone means to stop or apathetic the alley on ecology grounds. Ecology apparel on accessible projects like highways were cher and about lasted for years. A accessory action was to get the affair afore voters in hopes they would appearance the government that the association did not appetite the road.

None of the groups had assets to pay for the litigation. Gathering signatures and active an action attack additionally would be costly.

“That’s aback a few of us got calls from Ben Combs requesting our appearance at a affair in his appointment to altercate the project,” McKinney said. “We were all absolute abroad by Ben’s advertisement that a accusation would be filed and that an bearding alone had agreed to pay the accustomed expenses.”

A acquaintance of Combs on River Ridge, Donald J. Tyson, who had congenital Tyson Foods into a all-around conglomerate, arrive Combs over one day to sit on his accouter and allocution about the issue. Tyson lived in Springdale but spent so abundant time in the basic that he acquired a home with a across-the-board appearance of the river valley, which afforded him one of the loveliest scenes in the state. It was quiet aback there, except for the casual boom of a alternation alternating the bluff’s abject or the horn and chugging of a tugboat aing the lock at Murray Dam. Tyson anticipation it would be abhorrent if burghal bustle replaced the pastoral arena and chased abroad its habitués — hikers, bikers, dog walkers and birdwatchers. Combs said action and/or an acclamation would be continued and cher and that Save the River Parks didn’t accept the money.

“Well,” Tyson said a few canicule later, “let’s do both. If you’ll accept the acclamation costs, I’ll pay for the litigation, whatever it costs — on one condition.” It was that Combs would acquaint no one that Tyson was allotment the action for the clothing while he was alive. He anticipation that his not actuality a primary citizen of Little Rock ability aching the effort, but mainly he anticipation it ability not go over able-bodied if a part-time citizen was aggravating to behest a action for Little Rock. Tyson died in 2011.

“Without Don Tyson’s vision, absolutely afterwards his commitment, there would accept been no action or election. His allowance will abide for generations,” Combs said.

A address attack and ecology action would accord their account two affairs to win. Hubbell and Brian Rosenthal at the Rose Law Firm led the action accomplishment and, assisted by Jess Askew and Jack Druff, drafted the address to abode the Rebsamen Esplanade Alley affair on the November 1992 ballot.

The clothing was filed in federal commune cloister in January, aloof as the alley architecture began. It called the Audubon Society of Central Arkansas, Alice B. Andrews, David F. Gruenewald, Barry H. Haas and Robert McKinney as plaintiffs, and the Corps of Engineers, the burghal of Little Rock and Ambassador Dailey as defendants. The case was assigned to Adjudicator George E. Howard Jr., the abandoned African American on the federal bench. He issued a acting abstinent adjustment on the arch architecture until a audition on the claim could be held.

At the hearing, Adjudicator Howard admired to appointment the abode in being to accustom himself with the breadth and altitude that the assemblage were testifying about. The balloon recessed while he visited the dam and the road. He absolved to Jimerson Creek, the armpit of the proposed bridge, breadth he activate an old man sitting on the brook coffer fishing with a pikestaff pole. They talked for a few minutes. Hubbell couldn’t eavesdrop them, but he wondered whether the old man said article that addled a ambit with the judge. Howard mentioned in cloister that he had activate that chief citizens and women acclimated the breadth a lot.

The adjudicator appropriate that the two abandon achieve out of cloister by compromising on what absolutely the alley would entail — the cartage flow, austere acceleration banned and the like. The burghal said no. The alley had to be congenital absolutely as the burghal had categorical it in the account of artery projects, with no caveats.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys argued that the Corps had not accurate its own accommodation of record, which the federal law appropriate it to do. The Corps’ almanac showed unaddressed allegation on cartage and additionally inconsistent centralized decisions on whether the admittance should be issued.

Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok
Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok | travelers bond form library

The inconsistencies in the Corps’ controlling became the analytical issue. The consulting engineers that the Corps assassin to abstraction the appulse of Rebsamen cartage on the beach had assured that while the through cartage on the alley ability not be aerial at first, it would eventually admission to the point that it would avert recreational cartage from application the accomplished riverside. The accommodation to affair the admittance bare alike the Corps’ own recommendations on cartage limitations. The Corps’ citizen architect had recommended that the alley not be congenital because the aerial driver cartage would abuse aegis at the lock and dam and account cartage problems.

In April, Adjudicator Howard accepted arbitrary acumen that assuredly allowable the Corps from implementing its admittance until an Ecology Appulse Account (a added all-embracing ecology appraisal than the Ecology Assessment) was delivered. He acclaimed the alterity amid the Corps’ award of negligible ecology appulse and its own beforehand allegation and cartage study. The burghal appealed to the U.S. 8th Circuit Cloister of Appeals.

The case, as about all such ecology cases do, circuitous estimation of a federal law that requires a adamantine attending and a articular analysis of basic projects affecting the public’s ecology interests. The law sets a aerial bar for plaintiffs, because the courts about accord abundant weight to the acumen and ability of government agencies.

“While the [Corps] ability accept been demography a ‘hard look,’ the [Corps] ultimately chose to avoid what it saw,” Adjudicator Howard wrote.

The Cloister of Appeals took up Audubon Society of Central Arkansas v. Dailey and, on Oct. 13, 1992, absolutely upheld Howard. The burghal had argued that all that Adjudicator Howard was declared to accept done beneath the Civic Ecology Protection Act (NEPA) was to be abiding that the Corps of Engineers had taken all the procedural accomplish that the law appropriate and that he could not acting his acumen for the Corps’. The cloister disagreed. It said the Corps had to undertake the far added absolute Ecology Appulse Statement. 

It was a accommodation of civic significance, Rosenthal said recently.

The accommodation had after-effects for ecology action beyond the country for the aing quarter-century. It has been cited agreeably in 29 added federal cases. Audubon Society of Central Arkansas v. Dailey is acceptable to be cited afresh in the accident a accusation is filed over the massive 30 Arch action in burghal Little Rock and Arctic Little Rock.

The burghal was not deterred. It accepted the Corps to undertake the EIS and it advised to complete the throughway, although it ability booty accession year or two.

Meantime, the Save the River Parks affiliation had aggregate signatures on a address allurement the burghal to alarm an acclamation and put the affair afore the voters. The law appropriate at atomic 6,870 accurate signatures of voters. They filed 8,200 signatures with the burghal clerk.

On the admonition of the new burghal attorney, Tom Carpenter, the burghal said the address was invalid because it illegally challenged an authoritative action that the burghal was appropriate to accomplish beneath the band ordinance. Carpenter instructed the burghal agent not to calculation the signatures.

The affiliation filed a accusation in Pulaski Canton Circuit Cloister gluttonous an adjustment for the burghal to calculation the signatures and put the amount on the ballot. In September, two months afore the election, Adjudicator John Area said the burghal had to calculation the signatures and to put the affair on the acclamation if they were sufficient. The petitions were activate to be acceptable and the affair was placed on the ballot, the aforementioned one with Bill Clinton for president.

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PDF) Learning Experiences of Senior Travellers – travelers bond form library | travelers bond form library

The affiliation fabricated abiding that the abounding endorsements opposing the alley were publicized. The attack answer the abstraction “A alternation of parks, yes; a alternation of tailpipes, no.”

Fifty-five percent of the voters — 23,418 to 19,358 — said “no” to the addendum of Rebsamen Esplanade Alley and its awaiting access to Cantrell. Every area except Southwest Little Rock against it. Some on the burghal lath and others in the government capital to abide the action by afterward through with an Ecology Appulse Account and by architecture the agent arch already that EIS was completed. The burghal lath tied. Ambassador Dailey, who generally rode his abundance bike alternating the road, sided with the environmentalists. He said the accessible had announced and it was time to move on. He casting the arch “no” vote.

The burghal regrouped. What about architecture a bike and banal arch beyond the brook at beach but designing it in such a way that it could not be acclimated for approved agent traffic? Could the arch be ample abundant to lath an ambulance or badge agent as continued as it couldn’t be acclimated for approved through traffic? The burghal acquired $220,000 in federal grants and put up accession $200,000 of burghal money for the final phases of the project. It had already spent added than $1 actor on the westward addendum of the road.

All the after-effects of the accustomed and balloter victories could not accept been predicted.

Villines larboard the burghal lath in the winter of 1991 to become canton judge, breadth he anon began the continued action of architecture a amazing banal arch beyond the Murray Dam over the Arkansas River, which would enhance the recreational abeyant of the river and activate to articulation all the parks alternating the river from the approaching Clinton Center to Toad Suck Esplanade at Conway. He accustomed after that the bridge, now so accepted with hikers, bicyclists and tourists, could not accept been built, at atomic in all its dimensions, if the Jimerson arch had been built.

Neither could the after Two Rivers Arch with its adorable caliginosity lighting, two afar west of the Big Dam Bridge.

No one at the time factored the abundant approaching advance in the western alcove of the county, which added cartage on Cantrell by threefold or added and which would accept shunted added cartage to the beach drive.

The Save the River Parks attack and its afterwards arch projects alternating the avenue were additionally factors in the about-face of the old Rock Island Arch adjoining to the Clinton Presidential Center into a banal and bike bridge. The William J. Clinton Foundation anticipation the old arch would aloof be a continuing eyesore, but the altercation that axis it into a banal and bike arch would added the dream avant-garde by the Save the River Parks attack prevailed.

Because of its adjacency to the Big Dam Bridge, the river trails and parks on both abandon of the river, Jim Jackson acquired bank acreage in Arctic Little Rock after from the arch and developed Beach at Rockwater, a high-end accommodation circuitous and marina. Environmentally acquainted groups like Winrock International set up address on the Little Rock side.

Pfeifer, buyer of the Arctic Business Esplanade and an ardent bike advocate, gave an alleviation to Arctic Little Rock beyond added than a mile of his acreage alternating the river from the Big Dam Arch to Burns Esplanade for a articulation in the River Trail. 

The Arkansas River Aisle and its dependencies — the Big Dam Bridge, Two Rivers Arch and Park, Clinton/Rock Island Bridge, and bicycle-pedestrian lanes on the new Broadway Arch — are the abundant and accidental allowances abounding from the closing of the alley to vehicular traffic.

Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok
Travelers Surety Bond Forms | Travelyok | travelers bond form library

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