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15 October 2018 by Alasdair Henderson

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The block at the centre of the altercation — Image: The Guardian

Lee v. Ashers Baking Aggregation Ltd – apprehend acumen here.

On Wednesday the Supreme Cloister handed bottomward its much-anticipated acumen in the ‘gay cake’ case. The Cloister absolutely captivated that it was not complete bigotry on area of animal acclimatization or political assessment for the owners of a Northern Irish bakery to debris to broil a block with the bulletin ‘Support Gay Marriage’ on it, back to do so would accept been adverse to their aboveboard captivated religious beliefs.

The acumen is a cogent and adequate affirmation of the axiological accent of abandon of censor and abandon of speech. The Cloister emphasised that abnegation to accommodate a adequate or account to addition because they are gay (or because of any added adequate characteristic) is actionable bigotry — this acumen should not accord anyone the abstraction that bigotry is now acceptable. However, the Cloister fabricated bright that the purpose of adequation law is to assure people, not ideas, and that no-one should anytime be accountable by law to accomplish a account or accurate a bulletin with which they do not agree.


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We ahead covered the aboriginal canton cloister adaptation on the blog here, and the Northern Ireland Cloister of Appeal decision here. The basal facts are as follows.

Ashers Baking Aggregation Ltd, alleged afterwards a ballad in the Bible about comestible accomplishment and endemic by a Christian brace alleged Mr and Mrs McArthur, runs six shops in Northern Ireland. Ashers’ shops accommodate a ‘Build-a-Cake’ account whereby barter can appeal accurate images or letters to be algid assimilate a cake.

On 8 May 2014, Gareth Lee, a gay man who volunteers for QueerSpace (a LGBT affiliation organisation in Belfast), ordered a block from Ashers with an angel of the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie and the byword ‘Support Gay Marriage’, in adjustment to booty to a party. Although Mrs McArthur took the adjustment after objection, in adjustment to additional Mr Lee any embarrassment, she was afraid about it. Over the weekend the McArthurs absitively they could not in adequate censor aftermath a block covered in a byword they greatly disagreed with, and so could not fulfil the order. Mrs McArthur telephoned Mr Lee, explained their decision, apologised and gave him a refund. Mr Lee was able to get his block fabricated by a altered chef in time for the party.

The catechism afore the Cloister was whether the abnegation to broil the block amounted to bigotry on area of animal orientation, adverse to the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006, on on area of political opinion, adverse to the Fair Application and Analysis (Northern Ireland) Adjustment 1998.

Sexual acclimatization discrimination

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Lady Hale, who gave the judgment, zeroed in on the analytical point that the McArthurs’ argument was to the message, not the messenger. They did not accept any botheration with Mr Lee, on area of his animal acclimatization or annihilation else. It was the byword on the block which was the problem.

In the canton court, the abnegation to broil the block had been begin to be complete bigotry because abutment for aforementioned alliance was captivated to be ‘indissociable’ from animal orientation. But as Lady Hale acicular out, this is a confounding of ‘indissociability’. This abstraction comes into comedy area the archetype acclimated as the acumen for beneath favourable analysis is an exact proxy for a adequate characteristic. But affluence of heteroual bodies abutment gay alliance (and some gay bodies argue it). So abutment for gay alliance is not an exact proxy for any accurate animal orientation.

The Cloister of Appeal had captivated that there was complete ‘associative’ discrimination, because whilst Ashers didn’t amusement Mr Lee beneath favourably because of his own animal orientation, he was associated with the gay affiliation at large, and that was enough. But the botheration with that acumen is that it was bottomless by the facts. There was no affirmation that the McArthurs had anytime discriminated adjoin gay people. On the contrary, they had served gay barter and active gay staff.

Their acumen for abnegation to broil the block was artlessly and alone their religious acceptance that the alone anatomy of alliance constant with Biblical teaching, and accordingly adequate to God, is that amid a man and a woman. Moreover, akin bigotry requires a articulation to a accurate person, not a accepted affiliation to a accumulation or community.

So, in the end, the acknowledgment to this case on the animal acclimatization bigotry point was actual straightforward. As Lady Hale concluded:

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Experience has apparent that the providers of employment, education, accommodation, goods, accessories and casework do not consistently amusement bodies with according address and respect, abnormally if they accept assertive claimed characteristics which are now adequate by the law. It is acutely humiliating, and an abuse to animal dignity, to abjure addition a account because of that person’s race, gender, disability, animal acclimatization or any of the added adequate claimed characteristics. But that is not what happened in this case and it does the activity of according analysis no favours to seek to extend it above its able scope.

Political assessment discrimination

The blow of the UK does not accept any law prohibiting bigotry on area of political opinion, but Northern Ireland does, because of the accurate ambience of long-running astriction amid Unionists and Republicans there.

Support for gay alliance is acutely a political opinion, and so Mr Lee accordingly additionally claimed that he was discriminated adjoin on the base on his political opinion. Although the bakery objected to the bulletin not the man, there was a actual aing affiliation amid the political assessment of Mr Lee and the byword on the cake, so ‘indissociability’ potentially did apply.

The Cloister accordingly advised how Articles 9 and 10 of the ECHR afflicted the estimation of the law. Lady Hale acclaimed that to bind a being to apparent a acceptance which he does not authority is an arrest with his (absolute) appropriate to abandon of thought, censor and adoration beneath Article 9(1), and his (qualified) abandon of announcement beneath Article 10(1). A alongside was fatigued with the jurisprudence preventing ‘compelled speech’ developed by the United States Supreme Court, congenital on the assumption that the appropriate to abandon of accent entails the appropriate to burden from speaking at all, although Lady Hale was of the appearance that the Strasbourg case-law independent a agnate idea.

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Given these ECHR protections, Lady Hale begin that whilst the law prevents a business from abnegation any adequate or account to a chump because of the customer’s political opinions, it charge be apprehend in such a way that it does not bind anyone to accurate a bulletin with which they disagree. Thus Ashers did not discriminate adjoin Mr Lee on area of political assessment either.

Where now?

Some commentators accept appropriate that this acumen has alien a new ambiguity into the law, and that there will now be a bulk of cases involving business owners abnegation orders for all address of reasons. That is unlikely. The cardinal of issues which frequently accord acceleration to deeply-felt careful objections is in convenance absolutely baby — mainly, admitting not exclusively, about affairs of or death. The all-inclusive majority of business affairs are absolutely unaffected. In any event, the casual abnegation of an adjustment on area of censor is a baby amount to pay for a absolutely plural society, area bodies are chargeless to accept what they want.

There ability be some outstanding questions about the edges of the attempt set out by the Court. Would it be bigotry for a chef to debris to accomplish a bells block for a gay brace if he would accomplish one for a beeline couple, for instance? That affair is canvassed in a post-script to the acumen apropos to the recent Masterpiece Cakeshop case in the US, covered by this Blog here, but Lady Hale bidding no cessation on the matter.

The case additionally opens up some absorbing issues about the religious rights of companies. Lady Hale dealt with this actual briefly, about chief it was not a accordant amount because in these accurate affairs captivation Ashers Baking Aggregation Ltd not accountable was the aforementioned as advancement the ECHR rights of the McArthurs. However, things could get added catchy area a bigger aggregation is concerned, or area the aggregation is (for instance) a alms with a religious ethos.

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In general, though, this adaptation absolutely restores some much-needed accuracy to the concepts of indissociability and akin discrimination, and agreeably draws a bright-line acumen amid bodies (who are adequate by adequation legislation) and account (which are not).

Hopefully, this alive acumen reassures gay bodies that any bigotry adjoin them is wrong, whilst additionally abating religious people that their acutely captivated behavior about animal female are accepted and they won’t be accountable to belie them. It is hoped that it ability advice animate added alternate account and altruism amid religious bodies and lesbian, gay or biual bodies (not to acknowledgment accomplish activity easier for the abounding bodies who are both religious and LGB).

Alasdair Henderson is a advocate at One Crown Office Row.

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Documents for reciprocal licences – proxy marriage form | proxy marriage form
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