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This is a blitz archetype from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” October 17, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

Free Minnesota Power of Attorney Forms - Word | PDF | eForms – Free ..
Free Minnesota Power of Attorney Forms – Word | PDF | eForms – Free .. | state of minnesota affidavit forms

TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Able-bodied acceptable black and acceptable to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

With below than three weeks to go until the mid-term elections, abandon is afire up again. Republicans in both Minnesota and the Accompaniment of Nevada accept been assaulted, in effect, punished for actionable the accustomed law, thou shall not argue efforts of the Larboard to accretion power.

Trace Gallagher has added on this developing adventure for us tonight. Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS: Tucker, in Minnesota, there were two abstracted incidents. Aboriginal today, GOP Representative Sarah Anderson says she confronted a man for blame bottomward her advance sign, and the man didn’t like it. Watch


SARAH L. ANDERSON, MINNESOTA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES MEMBER: He comes charging at me. And afresh gets amid me and the car door, so I couldn’t shut the car door. And I didn’t appetite to aloof – I froze basically.


GALLAGHER: That’s aback she says the man punched her, calling her an agitator and adage she should annihilate herself. Then, first-time applicant Shane Mekeland says he was at a restaurant in Benton County, Minnesota talking about advance issues aback he was blindsided. Listen.


SHANE MEKELAND, MINNESOTA HOUSE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE: This gal over actuality asked me something, and I was talking to her, and that’s aback this admirer absolutely aloof punched me out of nowhere.


GALLAGHER: Yes. Mekeland says he blacked out aback he hit the ground, and medical annal appearance he suffered a concussion. Badge are investigating both attacks.

Meantime, addition blackmail adjoin Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins, who, of course, casting the key vote for Amends Brett Kavanaugh. This time, a letter was beatific to Collins’ home addressed to her husband, claiming it independent the baleful adulteration ricin. Parts of Collins’ home and her dog are now in apprehension while a abomination lab checks out the letter.

A GOP applicant active for Vermont Accompaniment Legislator additionally got a aggressive letter evocative of a abstruseness novel.

The letter to Deserae Morin was fabricated up of words pulled out of printed actual to spell commendation here, “We are hunting you. My assembly will annihilate you and the Constitution. Socialism – socialism is here. Open division for Republican afterlife in Vermont.” Morin says her belvedere of low taxes and baby government allegedly makes socialists appetite to annihilate her.

Finally, it’s gloves off in the Nevada governor’s race. A Democratic accessible for a accumulation adjourned by George Soros is in bastille tonight afterwards allegedly assaulting the changeable advance administrator of the GOP candidate. Kristin Davison says the advance larboard her traumatized and horrified.


CARLSON: Trace Gallagher for us tonight. Acknowledge you, Trace.

Well you’d anticipate that violence, concrete attacks, and threats in our political arrangement would shock all of us. But at this point, unfortunately, cipher is absolutely surprised. It about seems normal.

It was aloof aftermost year that accelerating activists approved to annihilation an absolute acreage of Republican assembly practicing baseball. He acutely blood-soaked one of them. Strangely, you didn’t apprehend calls for gun ascendancy in the canicule afterwards that happened.

And at this point, we’ve about abandoned it anytime happened at all. And so the aeon has accelerated. Application force adjoin Republican officeholders and conservatives now seems like a affection of our political landscape.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We accept survivors!

SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: It was a delight. Excuse me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Beto is way harder than you dude.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We accept survivors.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We accept survivors.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No borders. No walls. Sanctuary for all.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No borders. No walls. Sanctuary for all.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace.


CARLSON: So what is this absolutely about? Suddenly, this affectionate of acerbity is everywhere. You’ve credible band like that for the accomplished several months. But who absolutely is it aimed at? What is the point?

Well Republicans, obviously, are the focus of best of it, conservatives, added generally, anyone abroad who descents from the one accurate acceptance of cultural Leftism. But absolutely the ambition is the country itself.

The Larboard is affronted at America. They say so all the time. This is not the Democratic Affair you grew up in or that you bethink if you’re over 30. That affair may accept stood for some bad ideas, and it did, but there was never absolutely a catechism about its axiological adherence to America or the bodies who alive here.

The affair of FDR and LBJ, akin of Bill Clinton, was basically a affectionate party. It was an American party. Not anymore. In 2018, anyone who considers America a audible concrete abode with allusive borders and its own history and traditions and accent and ability and belief won’t feel adequate in the Democratic Party. Indeed, may not akin be accustomed in that party.

To avant-garde Democrats, the leaders of the party, America is an abridgement with acreage attached. It’s a massive clandestine disinterestedness arrangement from which they are benefiting. Its bodies are changeable animal widgets to be alone and replaced aback their annual expires.

Was it consistently this way? Was this consistently what America was like, you ability ask? Shut up, they’ll explain. Afore Obama got elected, America was absolutely a abhorrent place, a nightmare. Watch New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo explain.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, D-N.Y.: We’re not activity to accomplish America abundant again. It was never that great.


CARLSON: It was never that great, said the guy who affiliated his job from his dad. Cuomo’s animadversion got some advantage on this access but they were hardly abnormal for Cuomo’s party.

Before she founded the #MeSioux movement, Senator Elizabeth Warren spent a lot of time cogent audiences what an abominable country this is. Here’s one example.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS.: The adamantine accuracy and afresh our bent amends system, it’s racist.

When I say our system, I beggarly all the way, I beggarly – I beggarly avant-garde to back.


CARLSON: Racist, avant-garde to back. In added words, our laws and our badge are adulterine and they’re immoral. Don’t anguish about actionable or blank them.

Texas Senate applicant Robert Beto O’Rourke agrees with this. He afresh told the army that badge in America annihilation and apprehend bodies alone because of their bark color. Now, that’s absolutely untrue. It’s ridiculous. And, of course, he didn’t akin try to prove it was true.

But it’s additionally a accusation on appropriate bodies of all colors who are aggravating their best to serve this country in law enforcement. O’Rourke’s adolescent democrats could accept said article about this but they didn’t. They’re not accustomed to. Cipher is. Avert America and you will be punished.

Former Congresswoman Mary Bono absent her job aloof this anniversary as President of USA Gymnastics. What did she do wrong? Able-bodied she collapsed a buried criticism at Colin Kaepernick. That’s unacceptable now.

Kaepernick makes millions abusive our civic syms. He’s a hero. Nike assassin him. If you accuse about that though, you’re the villain, and you’re out. Defending America is aback a battlefront breach on the Left.

Mark Salvas abstruse this the adamantine way. Salvas wasn’t artlessly a loyal Democrat. He was the Head of Allegheny Canton Pennsylvania Democratic Party, additionally a aggressive veteran. You anticipate he’d be accustomed to stick up for America already in a while, but no.

He fabricated the aberration of autograph this in a Facebook post. “I angle for the flag. I kneel at the cross.”

Now, not so continued ago, best Democrats would accept nodded in acceding at that. Today, it’s abhorrence speech. And he absent his job. But tonight, their accident is our gain. And Mark Salvas joins us now.

Mark, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on the show. Did I blush that? I beggarly did you accept to leave your job active the County’s Republican – rather Democratic Affair because of those words on Facebook?

MARK SALVAS, FORMER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ALLEGHENY COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Able-bodied I was the Executive Director of the canton party. And yes, basically that’s absolutely what happened because of that post, which I admonish you was over a year ago that I acquaint that–


SALVAS: –I was asked to resign, yes.

CARLSON: So, you’re a veteran. You say you angle for the banderole and you were denounced as a racist for that.

SALVAS: Correct. The bodies who brought this to ablaze approved to tie it to the NFL players demography a knee.

CARLSON: So I’m – look, I’m confused. I’m – I’m not a Democratic voter, never accept been. But, you know, I’ve been actuality a continued time. I’ve accustomed a lot of appropriate affectionate Democrats.

It doesn’t assume like that continued ago it wouldn’t accept been awe-inspiring for the Head of a Pennsylvania Democratic Canton affair to say “I angle for the banderole and kneel afore the cross.” Would it accept been bristles years ago a crazy affair to say?

SALVAS: Absolutely not.

And – and I can acquaint you that akin aloof aftermost year, aback the Pittsburgh Steelers absitively to breach in the locker allowance instead of appear out for the Civic Anthem, one player, Villanueva, who’s an Army Ranger came out and stood by himself with his duke over his heart. And he was not advised a racist.

So this, akin as abundant as a year ago, it would not accept been exceptional of to apprehend somebody, a baton in the party, avert the flag.

CARLSON: So, what – I beggarly you’re the Executive Director – were the Executive Director of the party. You acutely apperceive a lot of Democrats in your County, a commonly Democratic county. What have–


CARLSON: –what accept your – your above co-workers said to you aback this happened?

SALVAS: I haven’t heard from any of them. I accept the affair band is that it is a cadre amount and I can annual that. However, those that are adopted admiral or affair associates who are not angry with my absolute array of alternation of command, if you will, I accept not heard from any of them.

CARLSON: That’s – that’s shocking. What does this say to you about how the party’s changed?

SALVAS: Well, it makes me admiration if there is allowance for abstinent Democrats in the Democratic Affair nowadays. There were some adopted admiral who said that they accede that they’ve accustomed me, and I’m not a racist. However, it was insensitive.

Republican Party of Minnesota Delegate Pledge Form and Affidavit ..
Republican Party of Minnesota Delegate Pledge Form and Affidavit .. | state of minnesota affidavit forms

And unfortunately, if my patriotism, and continuing up for family, friends, has become aloof afresh I anticipate we, as Democrats, allegation to stop and re- appraise absolutely what we angle for.

CARLSON: If continuing up for the banderole is advised racist afresh what happens to the country, do you think, activity forward?

SALVAS: That’s – that’s a acceptable question. I’m a little afraid about that.

CARLSON: What are you activity to do?

SALVAS: Well, I’d like to abide to accompany this to ablaze and abide to articulation affair for this actual issue. And afresh in the short-term, ironically, my son is activity in the Air Force in 60 days, so I’m activity to absorb some time with him. And in the – and I will abide to activity this annual as continued as I can and abide to bright my name.

CARLSON: God bless. And let – let me aloof say, again, I’m not a adherent of the Democratic Party, but I achievement you breach in that affair because I anticipate it needs accustomed people. And so–

SALVAS: Acknowledge you.

CARLSON: –you know, I achievement you remain. Mark, acknowledgment actual abundant for sharing. That’s a abominable story. Acknowledge it.

SALVAS: Acknowledge you.

CARLSON: What to accomplish of this? We’ll abide to breach it bottomward appropriate afterwards the break.


CARLSON: In a video acquaint today on Twitter, Nation of Islam President and adept Democratic Affair athletic Louis Farrakhan alleged Jewish bodies “Stupid.” But afresh he clarified. He said this. “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”

You see what he’s saying?

So Twitter, which bans bodies for far below has said it will not append Louis Farrakhan’s account. By the way, we’re not accusatory about that. We accept afresh adjoin and will abide to argue tech companies chief what can and cannot be said in public, akin aback it’s animal and cool as that was.

But we’re activity to accept added on this. What are the standards those companies use to ban speech? And who absolutely is accepting banned? We’re aggravating to acquisition out. We’re activity to accompany you the after-effects of that tomorrow.

Well whether you’re in a political assemblage or artlessly out to banquet with your family, it is acceptable accustomed acumen on the Larboard that anyone who disagrees is d for harassment. Akin Hillary Clinton says that amenity is pointless. How’s this working, by the way, for America and the Democratic Party?

Jon Summers is above Communications Director for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, and he joins us tonight. Jon, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on. So aboriginal tonight–


CARLSON: –I appetite to get your booty on the man we aloof batten to, who was the Executive Director of Allegheny Canton Pennsylvania Democratic Party, not some accidental apparatchik, but he ran the party.

And he was kicked out because he said and I’m commendation now “I angle for the flag. And I kneel for the cross.” What does that acquaint you that you can’t say that as a Democrat in 2018?

SUMMERS: It bothers me bluntly that this is article that he acquaint a year ago, and they assassin him anyway. So again, it’s not absent on me how old that column is, and they still chose to appoint him. So, I anticipate that’s accomplished that they absitively to appoint him akin afterwards that post. Bothers me that they absolutely accursed him a year afterwards because of it so–

CARLSON: Able-bodied but wait, I’m – I’m confused. What do you beggarly admitting the – what’s amiss with that post? I – I angle for the flag. And I kneel for the cross. I – I anticipate best Americans feel that way. What – why would that be a bad affair to write?

SUMMERS: Because we apperceive that this is acutely article that goes adjoin what Colin Kaepernick is continuing for so – or admiration for, as the case may be as we allocution about the injustices done to African-American people. But I do anticipate it’s important to bethink as we allocution about this–

CARLSON: Delay —

SUMMERS: –incivility on the Larboard that the Allegheny Canton – Canton affair is one of 67 canton parties in Pennsylvania–

CARLSON: Able-bodied sure, right, attending I’m not–

SUMMERS: –when a bags of canton parties beyond the country–

CARLSON: –OK, OK, look, I’m not adage – I’m not saying–

SUMMERS: –it’s a little this is one–

CARLSON: –he’s been nominated for – it’s one–

SUMMERS: –small example.

CARLSON: –wait, but authority on, no, but let’s – we can akin booty that out of this chat and get to what you are saying, which is that this is adverse because, and I’m commendation you now, “It goes adjoin what Colin Kaepernick is saying.” Is Colin Kaepernick in allegation of the Democratic Party? Isn’t he like the–

SUMMERS: I’m cogent that’s not at all–

CARLSON: –football amateur or a Nike agent like who cares what–

SUMMERS: –what I – yes, that’s not all what I said, Tucker.

CARLSON: –Colin Kaepernick says —

SUMMERS: What I said is that it bothers me that they absitively a year afterwards it was problematic, and it’s allegedly because they got a lot of heat. I mean–


SUMMERS: –we apperceive that the bodies who are complex in canton parties both on the Republican and the Democratic ancillary are the bodies who are complex in those are the best amorous activists–

CARLSON: Right. No, I agree. No, I get it–

SUMMERS: –that you can find. So, I doubtable that that’s a lot of —

CARLSON: –I get it. I get it–

SUMMERS: –what happened here.

CARLSON: –but I’m aloof aggravating – but abrogation a akin the Allegheny Canton party, I aloof admiration is it – simple question, is it OK to say that? If I say, you know, I angle for the banderole and I kneel for the cross, I’m a aboveboard Christian and a affectionate American, can I be a Democrat in acceptable continuing or am I a racist for adage that? That’s the question.

SUMMERS: No. You – you should be a Democrat in acceptable standing. It’s a big covering that – that, you know, advice that a lot of bodies are a allotment of and it should be a allotment of it. I’m agitated by the actuality that they – that they ancestor – agitated – sorry, accepting a adamantine time talking.

I’m agitated by the actuality that they – that they accursed him over this, particularly, aback it was article that happened able-bodied over a year ago. They knew about this. If that was aggravating then, afresh they should accept not assassin him in the aboriginal place.

CARLSON: Would it be OK – and, of course, I accede with that – that allotment completely, admitting they may not accept credible it. And I anticipate the party’s alteration admitting that maybe absolutely is the point.

But I’m agitated by this affair I accept credible which is absolutely not mistakable that anyone who says the country, you know, flawed, of course, had a Civil War over its flaws, abide to activity about its flaws, but basically it’s a acceptable place, bigger than any added place.

It’s not an inherently racist country. Our amends arrangement is not inherently racist. Cops aren’t cutting bodies because of their bark color. That may happen. But in general, it does not happen. That’s why so abounding Africans move here. If you say that, they’re like what? White supremacist?


CARLSON: I beggarly I’m serious–

SUMMERS: There – there is no better–

CARLSON: –what is that about? Why – why the abhorrence for America?

SUMMERS: –place than America.


SUMMERS: There is – able-bodied there is no hate. And there is no bigger abode than America. I anticipate we can all accede about that. But there are some problems that we accept here. There is–

CARLSON: I agree.

SUMMERS: –institutionalized racism. We apperceive we do have–

CARLSON: Really? So what – what is that?

SUMMERS: –situations area added African-Americans are pulled over by badge admiral than White people.

CARLSON: And that’s–

SUMMERS: We apperceive that. The abstracts is there–

CARLSON: But – but – but authority on so–

SUMMERS: –to aback that up.

CARLSON: –so – so that’s–

SUMMERS: But that doesn’t America–

CARLSON: We don’t apperceive that–

SUMMERS: –not great.

CARLSON: –actually. We don’t know.

SUMMERS: Yes, we do.

CARLSON: We – we actually, no, no, authority on–

SUMMERS: It’s not adamantine to acquisition the data. Thing’s alleged Google.

CARLSON: –no, no. It’s adamantine to adapt what the abstracts mean, actually. I – numbers are not the aforementioned as reality. They are a altitude of a abnormality but they don’t explain what the abnormality is acquired by. So actually, there’s a agitation about this. And to say institutional racism is not absolutely an explanation, it’s a slur.

So but – but I guess, why is it that so abounding Democratic candidates – able-bodied how can Beto O’Rourke, not his absolute name, Robert O’Rourke angle up and say our just, you know, cops annihilate bodies because of their bark color, aback that’s aloof not true. It doesn’t appear on a ample scale, at all.

SUMMERS: I don’t acquaint —

Free Small Estate Affidavit Form North Carolina | Resume Examples - state of minnesota affidavit forms
Free Small Estate Affidavit Form North Carolina | Resume Examples – state of minnesota affidavit forms | state of minnesota affidavit forms

CARLSON: We apperceive that’s not true. Why does cipher say annihilation about that?

SUMMERS: Acquaint me how the–

CARLSON: What about all the Black cops out there?

SUMMERS: –tell me how the Chair of the GOP Canton Affair in Kansas can get abroad with calling his adversary a aitionist left-wing kickboxing lesbian who he wants to accelerate aback to the – to the – to the Reservation. So I beggarly – –

CARLSON: I don’t akin apperceive what that —

SUMMERS: –you know–

CARLSON: –I don’t akin apperceive what you’re talking about. Addition said that?

SUMMERS: Yes, that’s alleged Google and it’s out there.

CARLSON: Yes, whatever.

SUMMERS: Fortunately, they accursed him over that. But we do accept actual absolute problems here. And I anticipate the things that you’re pointing out are not aloof issues on the Left, but we see the – this – these sorts of attacks–

CARLSON: No. No, that – that’s – that–

SUMMERS: –on the Appropriate as able-bodied and that includes–

CARLSON: –that’s aloof not true.

SUMMERS: –threats.

CARLSON: That – that’s not true. Actually, bodies are not – look, yes there are wackos on the Right, for sure, obviously, but there are not a lot of bodies accident their jobs at companies beyond America because they’re too Left-wing. That’s aloof not accident appropriate now. And you apperceive it as able-bodied as I.

Kickboxing, huh? I’m activity to attending that up. Jon, acknowledge you.

SUMMERS: You bet.

CARLSON: Abundant to see you.

SUMMERS: You too.

CARLSON: Treasury Department agent has aloof been answerable criminally for aperture advice accompanying to the Russia probe. There are new developments in that analysis which is still ongoing, and tells you a lot about how our government absolutely works.

Well the Russia analysis is done, maybe added than annihilation else, to betrayal how the government works at a akin below democracy, the akin it feels advantaged to behest what the country does, behindhand of what you vote for.

Call it what you want. It’s discussed at abundant breadth in a new book alleged Ship of Fools, which is accessible appropriate now. Breach tuned.


CARLSON: Prosecutors accept answerable a chief Treasury Department agent with illegally aperture claimed coffer annal of Paul Manafort and, his deputy, Rick Gates, to the press.

Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards is accused of aperture those abstracts to BuzzFeed, a semi account armpit which appear them in a alternation of stories. Edwards is aloof the latest affiliate of the authority to be bent betraying the accessible assurance to empower the #Resistance.

Mollie Hemingway is Chief Editor of The Federalist and she joins us tonight. So Mollie, accord us a faculty of the calibration of the abomination here. These are coffer almanac – why – why would she accept admission to their coffer annal and what array of betrayal is it to aperture them to the press?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, THE FEDERALIST: Yes. This woman was a Chief Analyst at the Treasury Department’s Financial Bent Administration – Crimes Administration Network. She had admission to so abounding of these documents, which are actual arcane about coffer records, anytime there’s apprehensive activity that gets advised by the Treasury Department.

She was begin to accept had – she was begin to accept put tens of bags of them on a beam drive to be administration them over the advance of a year with a BuzzFeed reporter.

And one of the things that’s absorbing in the affirmation is it says that there’s a – there’s a abettor complex who is her bang-up at the Treasury Department. We approved calling the Treasury Department’s accounts – FinCEN appointment and allurement them which – which allotment of the appointment was she in, so we could actuate who her bang-up was, and they wouldn’t acquaint us.

So they are actuality actual tight-lipped about this. But it is akin a – she’s a chief person, but it’s akin her bang-up as able-bodied that is active in this crime.

CARLSON: So leaks are accepted in journalism. This appearance is the almsman of abounding leaks, I’m beholden to say, including akin today.

But you don’t allotment them with the accessible unless you anticipate the accessible there’s anecdotic acumen for it, the accessible has an absorption in this, there’s a appropriate to know. Is there any believable acumen that the coffer annal of these guys should accept been appear to the public?

HEMINGWAY: She herself said aback she was bent today that she was accomplishing this as a bigmouth that she was administration it with the reporter, so that they – these annal would be cautiously kept with him. And she claimed that she did not apperceive he was publishing belief about that. Able-bodied that doesn’t – that doesn’t angle to acumen that that is a reasonable explanation.


HEMINGWAY: She was – she was administration a lot of advice that accurate this Russia bunco narrative. This abstraction that–

CARLSON: Russia.

HEMINGWAY: –this abstraction that Trump had – was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to abduct an election. And the way that adventure has been fed has been through these types of careful leaks.

And it is – it has gotten a lot of bodies bent up in it who, you know, should not accept had their government conspiring adjoin them with the media to actualize this narrative. And it additionally allegedly shouldn’t accept taken a abounding year to apperceive this was activity on.

BuzzFeed belief were absolutely appealing bright that they were accepting these apprehensive activity reports, which do not appear from a lot of places in the government. And they had been publishing adventure afterwards adventure afterwards adventure of these activity aback to October of 2017.

They weren’t well-hidden who – area these – area this appointment was that was aperture it. And I’m absolutely affectionate of afraid it took so continued for bodies to assuredly t up with the bodies who were leaking.

CARLSON: Do you anticipate there’s any affectionate of behavior that can’t be justified in – in agreement of afraid Trump–

HEMINGWAY: Able-bodied that’s what —

CARLSON: –that the Larboard wouldn’t resort to?

HEMINGWAY: –we’ve credible this with this – this set of leaks and so abounding of the added sets of leaks that there is no norm, there’s no – there’s no band that cannot be beyond or abandoned in account of afraid President Trump.

And you accept had a lot of bodies say it’s crazy to anticipate that there’s a Deep Accompaniment that would be conspiring with the media to – to attenuate the President. And yet, you accept belief like this. This is not the aboriginal actuality to be arrested for aperture or lying about leaking.

You had James Wolfe, the Senate Staffer who was sleeping with a anchorman and administration advice with assorted reporters. You had Absoluteness Winner who was administration information. There are a lot of bodies who accept not akin amorphous to be bent such as the bodies who–


HEMINGWAY: –did bent aperture accompanying to Mike Flynn. And, in fact, I don’t anticipate the FBI has been accomplishing a decidedly acceptable job of tracking these leaks. This one today–

CARLSON: Yes, I noticed that.

HEMINGWAY: –was absolutely abundantly acknowledgment – it was the Treasury Inspector General. So there’s a lot to be done actuality if bodies affliction about accepting a government that makes faculty and is not conspiring adjoin the President.

CARLSON: Yes, and doesn’t drove abhorred citizens because it doesn’t like who they voted for. Mollie, abundant to see you tonight. Acknowledge you–

HEMINGWAY: Abundant to see you.

CARLSON: –for that bright explanation.


CARLSON: Able-bodied it’s activity to be 4/20 every day arctic of the border. Canada is legalizing marijuana nationwide. Potheads are psyched. How should you feel about it? It could be advancing here. What would that beggarly for us? That’s next.


CARLSON: Able-bodied Canada has become aloof the additional country in the history of the apple to absolutely approve the auction of marijuana, as able-bodied as the recreational consumption.

Much like adolescent Americans, adolescent Canadians added can’t acquiesce to buy homes or alpha families or akin accept cars. Added and added of them are ashore active at home with their parents, whom they will accomplish below than as they get older.

These are huge problems. No one’s akin cerebration about how to fix them. But, at least, adolescent bodies will be too aerial to notice, maybe they won’t complain.

Is this abstraction advancing to the United States? Of course, it is. Mason Tvert is a agent for the Marijuana Activity Project. He joins us tonight. Mason, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on tonight. Does it–

MASON TVERT, AMERICAN MARIJUANA RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Acknowledge you so abundant for accepting me.

CARLSON: –of course. Does it bother you aback big business and government adjust to accomplish adolescent bodies added acquiescent and compliant?

TVERT: Able-bodied it bothers me aback government creates cool laws that abort the lives of endless adolescent and earlier bodies alike, for application a actuality that’s considerately below adverse than alcohol. And, you know–


TVERT: –marijuana is out there, so rather than banishment it into the underground market, criminalizing bodies for application it, let’s absolutely ascendancy it. Let’s adapt it. Let’s amusement it added like booze and – and do what we can to abbreviate the abeyant abuse about it.

CARLSON: Right. I beggarly we’re not accomplishing annihilation to abbreviate the abuse about it, obviously, we’re never activity to do that. In fact, it’s become added potent. And, by the way, I would accept that in a lot of agency booze is added aggressive than marijuana, for sure. But it’s additionally below deadening.

And that’s affectionate of the point about marijuana. Government isn’t in the marijuana business because it wants to abbreviate harm. It wants to accomplish money in tax revenue, but it additionally wants to accumulate adolescent bodies acquiescent and brainless and below acceptable to accuse and defection aback the abridgement they’ve created doesn’t serve adolescent people. You don’t see this?

TVERT: I anticipate it’s absolutely affectionate of a – a – an cool angle seeing as marijuana’s continued been associated with adolescent bodies revolting. I beggarly marijuana became accepted in the 60s during the Anti-war movement and–

CARLSON: Hey Mason, do you – do you smoke a lot of weed–

TVERT: –has continued been said to do article revolutionary–

CARLSON: –Mason? Appear on now, appear on now, I grew up in California. I apperceive what marijuana is. It does not accomplish you–


CARLSON: –more acceptable to do annihilation is the truth, as you know. I apperceive firsthand–

TVERT: I anticipate that’s a foolish–

CARLSON: –and I apperceive you do too.

Free Minnesota Affidavit of Heirship Form | PDF - Word - state of minnesota affidavit forms
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TVERT: –stereotype. That’s like adage anybody who enjoys–

CARLSON: It’s not a cool stereotype. It’s reality.

TVERT: –that’s like adage anybody who enjoys a cocktail afterwards assignment with their accompany is a lush. It’s aloof not true.

CARLSON: Able-bodied I’m not – no, no, but I’m not, but authority on–

TVERT: There are endless advantageous bodies who use cannabis.

CARLSON: –I’m not arguing that.

TVERT: It’s not a big deal.


TVERT: I beggarly the aftermost few presidents, the last, you know, we’ve had Supreme Court Justices, we’ve had endless businesspeople I beggarly it – it’s not–

CARLSON: No, no, you’re – you’re absolutely missing it–

TVERT: –a botheration for adults to use it–

CARLSON: –you’re – you’re absolutely missing it.

TVERT: –responsibly.

CARLSON: I’m not – I’m not arguing that. I’m not arguing it is a botheration for bodies to smoke marijuana occasionally. I don’t anticipate it is. I’m not a prohibitionist by attitude at all, and I’m not a neo-Puritan clashing anybody on the Left. I’m aloof adage if you accomplish it acknowledged abounding added adolescent bodies will use it abundant added often. This we know. It’s accurate of everything.

TVERT: That’s not what – no – able-bodied that’s actually–

CARLSON: No, authority on —

TVERT: –not what we’re seeing. If you attending at–

CARLSON: Able-bodied it is what – I beggarly it is what–

TVERT: –if you attending at Colorado, Washington–

CARLSON: –we’re seeing —

TVERT: –Oregon, Nevada, every state–

CARLSON: –right yes. Additional me–

TVERT: –that’s fabricated marijuana acknowledged has not credible an access in boyhood use.

CARLSON: Really? That’s not true, actually. And additional me the affected numbers–

TVERT: It’s a – it’s a fact.

CARLSON: –but let me – OK. It’s absolutely not a actuality by the way.

TVERT: Able-bodied allocution to the accompaniment governments in anniversary of those states.

CARLSON: OK. OK. But let me aloof ask you though, over populations, it is accurate that marijuana, and this is a analytic amount that has been advised longitudinally of a lot over decades, makes bodies below acceptable to act. It makes them added passive.

And I’m aloof adage if you were active a arrangement that was not confined adolescent people, confined them so badly, a lot of them became socialists, wouldn’t you appetite them acquiescent and absent and out of it? And wouldn’t you additionally appetite to aggregate the tax acquirement and abide your accord with awful big cannabis companies? I beggarly that’s affectionate of what’s activity on–

TVERT: Oh man I–

CARLSON: –right?

TVERT: –I – honestly, I anticipate it’s camp that you appetite the government to use this as a way to criminalize a accomplished citizenry of bodies and ascendancy the people. You appetite it to be illegal–

CARLSON: But that is what they’re doing–

TVERT: –you appetite it to be a abomination for adults to use a actuality below harmful–


TVERT: –than one that’s acknowledged for you or me or–

CARLSON: No, no, no–

TVERT: –anyone to use.

CARLSON: –no, no, no, but what I’m – what I’m adage is marijuana already was finer decriminalized in best abode – not every place, and there are people–

TVERT: Well–

CARLSON: –who did bastille agreement for weed.

TVERT: –no.

CARLSON: No, yes.

TVERT: Hundreds of bags of Americans–


TVERT: –are arrested every year–

CARLSON: No, that’s not–

TVERT: –for marijuana because–

CARLSON: –no, no–

TVERT: –that’s how it’s been activity on —

CARLSON: –yes, no. No one in best places is arrested for a joint. Look–

TVERT: OK. Allocution to the FBI, Tucker.

CARLSON: –we had a Don’t Ask, Don’t Acquaint activity in a lot of places. I accept —

TVERT: Several hundred thousand–

CARLSON: –I accept —

TVERT: –Americans are arrested every year–


TVERT: –for marijuana. They appear it.

CARLSON: But you could–

TVERT: It’s a fact.

CARLSON: –but authority on. You could actual easily, in effect, approve it for baby amounts afterwards legalizing, which agency every time I airing through Times Square, addition is hitting a vape or smoker a joint, which is what it is now. I’m adage it’s a absolutely altered thing, as you know. But big companies–

TVERT: It’s actionable in Times Square. Don’t you see–

CARLSON: –want to accumulation from this.

TVERT: –what you’re adage is that it’s actionable in Times Square. The point is the access does —

CARLSON: I’m adage it’s already been decriminalized–

TVERT: –not annihilation —

CARLSON: –as you know, like in New York City and – and Washington D.C., it’s acknowledged and bodies smoke it on the street. Bodies smoke more–

TVERT: It’s not acknowledged to smoke it on the street. And if you do–

CARLSON: –when there’s below of a sanction.

TVERT: –you’re activity to get cited aloof like you would–

CARLSON: You’re wrong.

TVERT: –it you were drinking–

CARLSON: You’re absolutely wrong. You know–

TVERT: –a beer on the street.

CARLSON: –I anticipation you did this for a living. That’s not true. You don’t get – annihilation happens to you–

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Minnesota Last Will and Testament Form – Will Forms : Will Forms – state of minnesota affidavit forms | state of minnesota affidavit forms

TVERT: Tucker, I will accord you a actor dollars–

CARLSON: –when you smoke edger in New York.

TVERT: –if you – if you can prove it’s acknowledged to use marijuana on the street–

CARLSON: No. It’s not – no, but you’re not–

TVERT: –in New York City or D.C.

CARLSON: –you’re missing my point. It’s not enforced. As you know, de Blasio said to cops, I aloof talked to him about it. It’s not enforced, now. That’s bigger than legalizing it. The alone affair that will do is–

TVERT: This is the most–

CARLSON: –make it added common–

TVERT: –absurd affair I’ve anytime heard. You’re abstinent the facts–

CARLSON: It’s not a —

TVERT: –it’s a actuality that thousands–

CARLSON: –no, you’re abstinent reality.

TVERT: –and bags of bodies are arrested in New York every year–


TVERT: –for marijuana possession. It’s aloof a fact. And – and I aloof don’t understand–

CARLSON: What you are accomplishing – you’re – what’s – what’s —

TVERT: –like you anticipate it’s this cabal to impaired down–

CARLSON: –no, it’s not a conspiracy.

TVERT: –America.

CARLSON: Able-bodied it’s absolutely that but it’s additionally a cabal for people–

TVERT: That’s funny.

CARLSON: –like you to get affluent from affairs it. Let’s be honest. This is big corporations–


CARLSON: –trying to get affluent from accepting kids to smoke added weed, and I’m abiding you’ve got a allotment of it. Don’t accord me that claimed abandon garbage. This is another–

TVERT: So, do you anticipate that – do you anticipate booze should be illegal–

CARLSON: –corporation aggravating to profit–

TVERT: –do you anticipate it to be actionable —

CARLSON: –no, of course, I’m not adage it should be illegal–

TVERT: –do you anticipate – do you anticipate Coors and Anheuser-Busch–

CARLSON: –we’re already actuality —

TVERT: –are – are angry corporations and that they’re – they’re aloof out there to destroy–

CARLSON: Yes, I anticipate that bodies who put–

TVERT: –the apple and accomplish money?

CARLSON: –no, not to abort the world.

TVERT: You – do you anticipate that?

CARLSON: But I anticipate bodies accept pushed–

TVERT: –you anticipate that – you anticipate that–

CARLSON: –out —

TVERT: –alcohol should be actionable and that–

CARLSON: No, I’m not adage it should be illegal. I’m saying–

TVERT: –that these companies should–

CARLSON: –there’s a average way.

TVERT: –not be there to provide–

CARLSON: Yes. I’m not – I’m not flacking–

TVERT: –a artefact that’s —

CARLSON: –right, yes. A product, it’s aloof a product, no, it like destroys people. I’ve credible it. Anyway, we’re out of time. I ambition we could accumulate activity because you know–

TVERT: Anytime. Please have–

CARLSON: –what I’m adage is true.

TVERT: –me back.

CARLSON: Acceptable to see you.

With the abatement acclamation nearing, we’re demography a afterpiece attending at the candidates that Democrats accept put up in key contest beyond the country.

Up next, we’ll booty a attending at the man they’ve alleged to be the aing Governor of Florida. He’s avant-garde in the polls, apparently, which would accomplish you afraid already you apprehend the details. Breach tuned.


CARLSON: Able-bodied recently, you’ve allegedly credible absolutely a few of the accepted chintuggers on television accusatory Saudi Arabia for the dematerialization and credible afterlife of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Trump Administration, they’re cogent us, isn’t accomplishing abundant in acknowledgment to this. Why? Well, of course, because Trump loves dictators. He aloof does, loves the dictators.

It’s not absolutely true. The absolute acumen that Trump is actuality bendable on the Saudis, if he is, in fact, actuality bendable is because the bodies who beleaguer him are blame him to do that. Neo-cons adulation the Saudis because the Saudis argue Iran. It’s that simple, and annihilation that’s happened in the aftermost anniversary is activity to change that.

Now, we’re not actuality to endorse Saudi Arabia. It’s acutely a base medieval arid theocracy. But we should abeyance for a moment and point out the affectation from our own press. Saudi Arabia has been in the account for a continued time like a 100 years.

And none of them anytime assume to affliction about Saudi association in 9/11, Saudi government allotment aitionist Islamic credo about the world, allotment insurgents in Syria, aitionist Imams in the West, they about akin covered the Saudi – Saudi aggressive advance in Yemen, which has been horrifying.

And then, alert in the accomplished two years, this country, the United States austere Syria, akin admitting no credible American interests were at pale there. Why did we do that? Able-bodied in allotment because Saudi Arabia pushed us to do it. And you apperceive what the media said? They admired it. Watch.


JUSTIN TRUDEAU, PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA: It was appropriate to booty absolute aggressive activity to abase the use of – of actinic weapons by the arduous Assad regime.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It’s actual bright to me that this President afterwards application such address on Sunday has to booty able – stronger aggressive activity than we did aftermost year.

JAMES ANDREW HIMES, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE FOR CONNECTICUT’S 4TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, DEMOCRATIC PARTY MEMBER, NEW DEMOCRAT COALITION CHAIRMAN: We accept a baton who is now a war bent accurate by the Iranians and the Russians. That demands a able and chancy response.

If the West won’t angle up aback a baton uses gas assorted times adjoin his own people, we alive in a actual alarming world.


CARLSON: You apperceive what you aloof heard? You aloof heard the Saudi band on adopted policy. And all those little robots were repeating it uncritically, as they accept for decades. Now they’re whipping about and adage that Trump is sucking up to the Saudis because he’s got a bendable atom for strongmen.

Well, really? If you’re anxious about sucking up to strongmen what do you accomplish of what the media and the Larboard added broadly has done with the better and best abhorrent and powerful, by the way, absolutism in the apple every distinct day? That would – of course, would be the Chinese government.

China has murdered far added bodies than Saudi Arabia akin advised beheading. The columnist doesn’t care. And, in fact, as that – they beef that the President – our President has been too adamantine on China. Boohoo.

So someday, in the actual a future, aback China surpasses the United States in the admeasurement of its abridgement and aggressive power, they’ll be accessible to bow bottomward to their new overlords aloof like Kent Brockman on The Simpsons.





SHEARER: And I, for one, acceptable our new insect overlords. I’d like to admonish them that as a trusted TV personality, I can be accessible in rounding up others to application in their underground amoroso caves.


Legal Affidavit Forms - 10  Free Documents in Word, PDF - state of minnesota affidavit forms
Legal Affidavit Forms – 10 Free Documents in Word, PDF – state of minnesota affidavit forms | state of minnesota affidavit forms

CARLSON: Yes. Amoroso caves, that’s aloof in the cartoon. In absolute life, he’ll be alive in a Foxconn Factory. Accept fun.

Well continuing our advantage of above Democratic candidates in the lead-up to the mid-term election, tonight we booty a afterpiece attending at the gubernatorial applicant in Florida.

His name’s Andrew Gillum. He’s the Mayor of Tallahassee. He’s currently avant-garde in the polls, amazingly. And if elected, he has an calendar that Florida has never credible before.

So, Florida has added than bisected a actor actionable immigrants active aural the state’s borders. His acknowledgment to this is to call clearing administration of any affectionate as immoral. He’s alleged for abandoning ICE, for example. Watch.


JOHN BERMAN, CNN NEW DAY CO-ANCHOR, CNN: Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee, had a account aftermost night about you, Andrew Gillum. He says you appetite to abate ICE. You do, correct?

MAYOR ANDREW DEMESE GILLUM, TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA: We appetite to adapt ICE with the Department of Justice.


GILLUM: An article that has not been blah in the aforementioned way as – as ICE has.

BERMAN: So – so afresh – he – so that – he – he says you appetite to abate ICE, you say you appetite to adapt it. That’s basically the aforementioned thing.


CARLSON: Yes. That’s basically the aforementioned thing. And he’s not ashamed of it. Why would he be? He additionally has abiding ties with a accumulation alleged the Dream Defenders. It’s a aitionist Left-wing accumulation based in the Accompaniment of Florida.

Dream Defenders accept denounced the actual actuality of, well, let’s say, badge and prisons, and alleged for the aishment of civic borders. They accept additionally alleged America, “The planet’s better bully.”

Gillum’s acknowledgment has been to blow about cheating aliment to the Defenders aback they active the basic of Florida. Gillum is additionally a big fan of radical, absolutely radical, billionaire George Soros. Watch this.


CHARLES DAVID TODD, AMERICAN TELEVISION JOURNALIST, CURRENT MODERATOR OF NBC’S MEET THE PRESS, HOST OF MTP DAILY ON MSNBC, NBC NEWS POLITICAL DIRECTOR: –you were accurate by two billionaires who came in and helped your campaign. And – and abundantly your advance aboriginal on was adjourned by them, George Soros and Tom Steyer. How do you aboveboard array of a populist, accelerating advance that wants to get big money, you know, amid added things, get big money out of politics, get aphotic money out of politics, and yet it’s billionaires that accept to prop up your campaign?

GILLUM: Well, I’ll acquaint you, I – I’m acutely acutely beholden of – of Mr. Soros, as able-bodied as Mr. Steyer, both men whom I’ve accustomed for some time.


CARLSON: Able-bodied he’s not shy about it anyway. And although, it has annihilation anon to do with active the Accompaniment of Florida, Gillum thinks that Trump is a racist, racist, who charge be impeached.


GILLUM: This President is amiss for Florida on about every issue. And, as Governor, I will activity adjoin anniversary and every one of his wrong-headed, racist and ist policies.

Donald Trump should be accusable now.


CARLSON: Racist. That guy could be active the Accompaniment of Florida. Not a baby thing, it’s not a baby state.

Lisa Boothe is a Fox Account Contributor. She’s been afterward this chase carefully and she joins us tonight–


CARLSON: –for an update.

BOOTHE: –terrifying, isn’t it?

CARLSON: Able-bodied little bit because that, you know, bisected the citizenry of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey is now active there to get abroad from the lunacy. And then, out of nowhere, Andrew Gillum looks like he could be the aing governor. So actual quickly, did we mischaracterize that? I don’t appetite to be unfair.


CARLSON: And does he absolutely accept a attempt to win?

BOOTHE: He – he does. Look, the – the chase is aural the allowance of error, so there’s still achievement for Florida. So if you’re a Florida – Floridian at home, there’s still achievement there. But look, the guy’s a socialist. He hasn’t absolute alleged himself that, but he’s accepted the endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

There’s absolutely no aurora amid his behavior and Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez alfresco of the actuality that she would about be extraneous as one of 435 admitting he would be the Governor of Florida, as you mentioned, an important state.

This guy, as you mentioned, supports abandoning ICE. He supports single- payer –payer healthcare system. He wants to accession taxes on job creators in the accompaniment by a billion dollars, authoritative the tax amount college than New York and California.

So, all those businesses that accept flocked to Florida to try to get abroad from college taxes are activity to be branch in the adverse direction. And I anticipate the best troubling, Tucker, is the Dream Defenders group.

As you mentioned, this is a accumulation that wants to abate the badge that wants to abate prisons. They accept in a bound chargeless world. So, I beggarly this is a actual aitionist and alarming group, and he active their manifesto. He active their pledge, the abandon papers.

CARLSON: It aloof – it scares me for what it says about the country, if addition like that wins. Lisa, acknowledge you actual abundant for that, I acknowledge it.

BOOTHE: Acknowledge you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Able-bodied Google, the best able cartel in the world, says it will not assignment with the U.S. Pentagon for ethical reasons. But there’s no botheration allowance the absolutism of China repress its own people. Not authoritative that up, unfortunately. That story’s next.


CARLSON: Able-bodied tech monopoly, Google, afresh banned to assignment with the United States Pentagon. It cited ethical apropos for abnegation to do that. Whatever belief the country has admitting do not accumulate it from alive with China’s absolutist government.

The CEO of Google accepted afresh that Google is, in fact, alive on a censored chase agent that will advice the Chinese government repress its own people. Potentially, it could acquiesce the government to clue who is application it, who is authoritative those searches, arguable ones.

Well Roger McNamee has watched the change of the tech area from the actual beginning. He was an aboriginal Facebook investor. He’s the – additionally the columnist of the book Zucked, and he joins us tonight.

Roger, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on.


CARLSON: So the – able-bodied abrogation a whether it’s appropriate or amiss to advice Google – to advice China repress its own population, should a aggregation that is accommodating to do that accept ascendancy of all of our abstracts in this country?

MCNAMEE: Tucker, I anticipate you’re absolutely appropriate to focus on this issue. The – the botheration you accept actuality is China’s an astronomic bazaar and Google allegedly cannot abide the allurement to do business there.

And the botheration is you can alone do business on the country’s terms, which crave not alone censorship but advertisement anyone who makes searches that are advised inappropriate by the government.

And the Google employees, I think, are actual anxious about this. I anticipate there’s a lot of centralized dissent. But I anticipate that the administration team, for whatever reason, is bent to go avant-garde with this. And I don’t anticipate Google, 10 years ago, would accept done this. I anticipate this is–

CARLSON: But is that —

MCNAMEE: –a new thing.

CARLSON: Is that absolutely the – you know, it’s a big market. I beggarly that’d be like saying, you know, I’m affairs Fentanyl to kids but like a lot of kids appetite Fentanyl, so like–

MCNAMEE: Absolutely —

CARLSON: –I should advertise it to them.

MCNAMEE: I – I don’t anticipate there is any added account for it. I beggarly these bodies are attractive at this as they are bigger than any one country. They – remember, Google’s mission has consistently been to accept all of the world’s information, right, to ascendancy all the world’s information?

And so they appearance China as a huge allotment of the apple and they appetite to ascendancy all of it. I beggarly I – I anticipate they would acquaint you this has been their amount mission. And, in my mind, it’s absolutely inappropriate. I aloof I – it absolutely bothers me.

I apperceive it bothers a lot of advisers at Google. And I don’t apperceive how this is activity to about-face out. But I achievement in the end, advance back, from you and from others are activity to accomplish them aback off of this.

CARLSON: So, Google is, amid added things, you know, one of the best technologically avant-garde companies in the world. This technology is far added adult than annihilation the Pentagon has. So why wouldn’t, at some point, Google become a blackmail potentially to the U.S. government? Why shouldn’t our government be afraid about this?

MCNAMEE: Able-bodied I – I – I am afraid about it. I’m decidedly afraid about bogus intelligence because Google’s acutely approved a complete charge to accomplishing business in China on – on Chinese terms.

And they accept put themselves avant-garde to our government is the arch bogus intelligence developer in the country, and they appetite the government to accounts Google to advance added bogus intelligence for our civic security.

And in my mind, it is absolutely inappropriate to be accomplishing the aforementioned affair for China they’re accomplishing for us, I mean, for the actual affidavit you’re describing. It doesn’t accomplish any faculty at all.

CARLSON: So we’ve alone got 30 abnormal left, but I – I aloof appetite to know, why are American assembly aphasiac in the face of these accessible threats to U.S. then?

MCNAMEE: Well, to be clear, I anticipate there are a lot of assembly who are anxious about it. I anticipate that appropriate now, for whatever reason, Congress is focused on added issues, and this one is gigantic.

And you apperceive there was a audition in Washington and Google did not appearance up. And this was not the amount focus. But it was issues like this one, and Google chose not to go as admitting they are somehow accustomed from accepting to affirm in avant-garde of our Congress.

And – and, in my mind, it’s aloof absolutely inappropriate. And that stuff’s got to stop.

CARLSON: Aback you’re that big you can do what you want, I guess. Roger McNamee–

MCNAMEE: No, absolutely you shouldn’t be accustomed to do it your way. I’m sorry.

CARLSON: I agree. I absolutely agree.

MCNAMEE: This – this is America. You got to – you’re either on the aggregation or you’re off the team, you know.

CARLSON: That’s the attitude that they don’t have. Acknowledge you.


CARLSON: God absolve you for adage that.

MCNAMEE: Booty care.

CARLSON: That’s it for us tonight. We’ll be aback tomorrow 8:00 P.M., to the appearance that is the sworn, and cheerful, adversary of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. DVR it if you haven’t already. Tomorrow is activity to be a abundant show. We accept an analysis underway into censorship online, and we’ll acquaint you what we found.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, alive from New York. Hey, Sean?

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Minnesota temporary custody forms affidavit suitable representation .. | state of minnesota affidavit forms

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: All right, Tucker. Hey, abundant appearance as always. I’m attractive avant-garde to that report.

CARLSON: Thanks.

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