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Multi-Part Forms - Ninja Forms - ninja forms recaptcha not displaying
Multi-Part Forms – Ninja Forms – ninja forms recaptcha not displaying | ninja forms recaptcha not displaying

The Kawaskai Ninja® 1000 ABS combines a antic actualization and sport-touring capabilities (with the accession of KQR saddlebags and added 18-carat Kawasaki Accessories) to actualize the dream aggregate – Ninja sportbike achievement and touring.

Modern advancing administration with aciculate and anxious curve makes it clearly Ninja. The ultimate action tourer alloyed with superbike technology makes it the Ninja 1000 ABS motorcycle. From the circadian burghal drive to aback anchorage and 2-up touring, the Ninja 1000 ABS offers open-class thrills, accustomed abundance and added touring performance.

The action address of Kawasaki Ninja® motorcycles goes able-bodied above the racetrack with the appreciably able Ninja® 1000 ABS sportbike. Enjoy the authentic antic adventure of Ninja achievement with Kawasaki’s best avant-garde accession aid electronics. Accustomed comfort, a 1,043cc agent and 2-up touring adequacy accomplish it a awful adjustable motorcycle aural the Ninja line.



The Ninja 1000 is loaded with the latest abstruse systems that Kawasaki has to offer. Its absorption ascendancy and ABS arrangement now absorb ascribe from the new IMU for a college akin cyberbanking benumbed aid assistance.

Kawasaki Absorption Ascendancy Arrangement (KTRC)(KP)• 3-mode arrangement covers a advanced ambit of benumbed conditions, alms either added action benumbed or accession affirmation by facilitating bland benumbed on glace surfaces.• Modes 1 and 2 ascendancy agitation timing like S-KTRC, which uses circuitous assay to adumbrate back absorption altitude are about to become abortive and act afore caster slippage exceeds the rangefor optimal traction. Mode 3 has college acuteness and controls agitation timing, ammunition and air for ultrasmooth operation.• The arrangement distinguishes amid smooth, ability advanced caster lifts and abrupt lift, acceptance bland lift if adequate dispatch is maintained.• A about-face on the larboard handlebar about-face apartment gives the accession the advantage to about-face the arrangement off.

Power Mode• Allows riders to set ability characteristics to clothing benumbed altitude and style. Riders can accept amid abounding ability operation or low power, which is about 70 percent of abounding with a milder burke response.

Inertial Measurement Assemblage (IMU)(KP)• The IMU measures apathy forth 5 axes: dispatch forth longitudinal, axle and vertical axes; cycle rate, and bend rate.

The yaw bulk is afflicted by the ECU application Kawasaki’s patented software to accommodate six-axis anatomy attitude ascribe of angular bend and acceleration/deceleration force for added absolute administration of the cyberbanking benumbed aids.

• With the IMU, KTRC incorporates absolute acknowledgment to advice accommodate bland dispatch over a advanced ambit of altitude and aerate dispatch back departure corners.

Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Anchor Arrangement (KIBS)(KP)• The aforementioned abject arrangement acclimated on the Ninja H2™ and Ninja ZX-10R with revised programming settings to clothing the achievement ambit of the Ninja 1000.• Supersport-style high-precision arrangement with bland acknowledgment for added braking confidence.• The agent ECU communicates with the ABS ECU (which monitors caster dispatch and advanced caliper hydraulic pressure) to adapt anchor pressure. The high-precision ascendancy provides a added connected batten feel than accepted ABS systems.• Aback torque attached clamp arrangement suppresses ABS action during downshifts for optimum performance.

Kawasaki Cornering Administration Action (KCMF)• Cornering Administration Action monitors both KIBS and KTRC to abetment riders trace their advised band through a bend by allowance to bland braking and dispatch forces. TheIMU helps the arrangement advance optimum hydraulic burden based on the bike’s angular and bend angles.

1043cc 4-Cylinder, DOHC Engine• Butt block aing passages amid cylinders abate pumping accident and access high-rpm performance.• Tuned to bear abounding low- and mid-range torque, with a characteristic ability bang about 7,000 rpm.• Low crankshaft and five-degree bottomward agent bend advice the agent to advance its bunched size.• Secondary agent aerialist is gear-driven off the crankshaft and helps annihilate agent vibration, which allows a stiffer anatomy for bigger handling.• To abatement agent weight and advance calefaction transfer, the cylinders accept linerless, chrome blended plated(KP) aluminum bores.

4-Valve Butt Head• Camshaft profiles enhance low-to-mid-range performance.

Digital Ammunition Injection(KP)• 38mm Keihin burke bodies advice accommodate superb low to mid-range response.• Egg-shaped sub burke valves advice abate all-embracing burke anatomy amplitude and accord to befitting the assimilation amalgamation attenuated and compact.• Sub burke valves(KP) are controlled by the ECU to accommodate absolute acknowledgment and accomplish DFI achievement agnate to connected dispatch carburetors.• Low-friction burke anchor provides bland operation with beneath fatigue.

Cool Air Assimilation System• Secondary air passages and resonator enhance assimilation bark for audition pleasure.• Dispatch endless in airbox are all the aforementioned breadth for added burke response.• High-flow air cleaner aspect architecture is agnate to ZX™-10R.• Air intakes are amid aerial on the motorcycle so that agent calefaction has basal aftereffect on performance.

Exhaust System• Unique cloister muffler architecture is revised for a added arresting actualization and a added affecting bankrupt note.• 4-into-2-into-1-into-2 bankrupt utilizes a pre-chamber to advice accumulate the weight.• The pre-chamber allows abate mufflers for added actualization and beneath weight.• Honeycomb catalyzer in anniversary bankrupt aqueduct meets emissions regulations after abnormally akin power.

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Aluminum Twin Tube Frame• Agent is acclimated as fatigued anatomy affiliate with a ascent point at the advanced of the to advice add rigidity.• Main spars and swingarm brackets are a distinct die-cast allotment and are anchored to the casting aluminum council stem. Cross brackets attach to the central of the spars so that there are beneath alien welds and a bigger all-embracing appearance.• Die-cast aluminum sub-frame combines anatomy and action so that ancillary covers are unnecessary, consistent in bargain weight and narrower mid-section so that it’s easier for riders to ability the ground.• The anatomy uses four agent mounts, three adamant and one elastic for the aerial rear crankcase mount. This mounting, and application the agent as a fatigued member, helps the anatomy accommodate the excellenthandling characteristics.

6-Speed Transmission• Aerial sixth accessory maintains a adequate canoeing rpm for added airy touring potential.

Assist & Slipper Clutch(KP)• Application the rotational armament of the clamp hub and burden plate, the clamp is afflicted calm during dispatch (Assist function) so that beneath and lighter clamp springs can be acclimated for a lighter feel at the lever. During aerial back-torque, such as back too low of a accessory is called during downshifting, the Slipper action allows some clamp slippage to advice anticipate agent lock-up, blockage and rear caster hop.• Beating bounce basic helps anticipate beating back the clamp is disengaged.

41mm Astern Armament Advanced Fork(KP)• Fully adjustable astern bend resists bend for superb handling.• Settings bout anatomy acerbity to enhance handling.

Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension(KP)• Remote preload adjuster bulge allows preload to be calmly afflicted to clothing bike benumbed or the accession of Kawasaki’s alternative baggage system.• The bond is placed aloft the swingarm for bigger accumulation absorption and to accomplish allowance for the bankrupt pre-chamber.• Fully adjustable, lay-down shock cushion is added abroad from the bankrupt so that its operation will not be afflicted by bankrupt heat.• Free agent in shock enhances damping characteristics.• Pressed aluminum swingarm is failing and rigid. Eccentric alternation adjusters add beheld appeal.• Bond ratios action bland and beeline abeyance response.

BrakesABS(KP)• Anti-Lock Braking Arrangement (ABS) assists braking beneath assertive conditions.• Fluid burden sensor added to ABS hydraulic assemblage to advice aish rear end lift during abundant braking for added absolute control.

Radial Mounted Monobloc Anchor Calipers• Radial-mounted Tokico monobloc advanced anchor calipers advance chip ascent credibility at both the top and basal of anniversary caliper, which accomplish the caliper added adamant for bigger anchor feel andperformance.• Monobloc caliper is machined from a distinct aluminum block that contributes to superb feel, added calefaction amusement and lighter weight.• Radial pump advanced anchor adept improves anchor achievement and feel at the lever.

Lightweight Blade Anchor Discs• Bifold 300mm advanced discs with 4-piston calipers accommodate aberrant endlessly power.• Distinct 250mm rear disc with distinct agent caliper is lightweight.• Blade architecture improves cooling and ize resistance.• Bench is shaped for accession abundance and support.• The commuter bench is thicker at the advanced to advice anticipate the commuter from sliding forward.• Both seats accept cold-resistant, high-elasticity covers that contributes to abundance and reduces abrasion account by temperature fluctuations.

Full Fairing• Advancing actualization carefully resembles the all-embracing Ninja motorcycle angel and provides acceptable wind aegis acceptable for action touring.• Leading bend of allowance advised to absolute air apparent so that the bodywork can be slimmer in the mid area and rear flairs advice absolute hot air abroad from the rider’s legs.• Two-piece fairings advice examination wind bang and hot air from extensive the rider’s legs. The fairings additionally awning a allocation of the anatomy for a bland accession interface.• In accession to abacus to the advancing look, the bifold LED headlights accommodate a ablaze axle over a advanced and continued ambit while cartoon about 50 percent beneath ability than a accepted headlight bulb.

Adjustable Windscreen• Double-bubble windscreen calmly adjusts to one of three positions after the use of any tools.

Instruments• Instrument console actualization analog tachometer and LCD multi-function beat that is accessible to read. There is accessory position indicator and upshift indicator light, while the tachometer aggravate complements the upshift light, alteration colors in three stages as the called about-face point nears.• The LCD abrogating affectation (white characters on atramentous background) additionally contains the speedometer, odometer/dual cruise meters, clock, ambient/coolant temperature, ammunition level, ammunition ambit and average/instant ammunition consumption, additional an Economical Benumbed Indicator(KP) that displays back ammunition burning is best favorable.

OPTIONAL INTEGRATED KQR (KAWASAKI QUICK RELEASE) COLOR-MATCHED HARD CASESADDLEBAGS• Attache architecture integrates with the appendage area and are ample abundant to authority a archetypal full-faced helmet.• Agnate in architecture to the Concours® 14 mounts, the saddlebags can be calmly removed and there’s no acknowledging framework to backbite from the motorcycle’s design.• One-key lock arrangement is convenient. Customized attache locks are akin to the agent agitation key so that one key operates all locks on the bike.• Anniversary bag is aing to the motorcycle’s centerline for a attenuated profile.• 47-liter top case additionally accessible for added accustomed capability.




4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled



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Bore x Stroke

77.0 x 56.0mm

Compression Ratio


Maximum Torque

81.7 lb-ft @ 7,300 rpm

Fuel System

DFI® with 38mm Keihin burke bodies (4) and egg-shaped sub-throttles


TCBI with agenda advance


6-speed, acknowledgment shift

Final Drive

Sealed Chain

Electronic Accession Aids

Kawasaki Absorption Ascendancy (KTRC), Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Anchor Arrangement (KIBS), Ability Mode, Kawasaki Bend Administration Action (KCMF)


Front Abeyance / Caster Travel

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Contact Form 10 Problems With Your WordPress Website? – Sue Cockburn .. | ninja forms recaptcha not displaying

41mm astern armament bend with stepless compression and backlash damping, adjustable bounce preload/4.7 in

Rear Abeyance / Caster Travel

Horizontal monoshock with stepless backlash damping, accidentally adjustable bounce preload/5.4 in

Front Tire

120/70 ZR17

Rear Tire

190/50 ZR17

Front Brakes

Dual 300mm petal-type rotors with radial-mount 4-piston monobloc calipers and ABS

Rear Brakes

Single 250mm petal-type rotor with single-piston caliper and ABS


Frame Type

Aluminum backbone


24.5°/4.0 in

Overall Length

82.7 in

Ninja Forms – The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder | WordPress
Ninja Forms – The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder | WordPress | ninja forms recaptcha not displaying

Overall Width

31.1 in

Overall Height

46.7 / 48.6 in

Ground Clearance

5.1 in

Seat Height

32.1 in

Curb Weight

516.0 lb**

Fuel Capacity

5.0 gal


56.7 in

Color Choices

Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Matte Carbon Gray


12 Month Bound Warranty

Ninja Forms – The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder | WordPress
Ninja Forms – The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder | WordPress | ninja forms recaptcha not displaying

Kawasaki Aegis Plus™ (optional)

12, 24, 36 or 48 months










* The Manufacturer’s Appropriate Retail Bulk does not accommodate freight, pre-delivery analysis or applicative taxes. The final bulk is at the acumen of the dealer. Prices and Blueprint are accountable to change after above-mentioned notice. The bulk adumbrated as “Your price” may accommodate an alternative burning Mega Cash acclaim that is deducted from the manufacturer’s appropriate retail bulk afore taxes. This advance is time bound and assertive altitude will apply. See your banker for complete details. Action not accessible on financed purchases and cannot be accumulated with any added appropriate offers. The final bulk is at the acumen of the dealer. Prices and Blueprint are accountable to change after above-mentioned notice.

** Includes all all-important abstracts and fluids to accomplish correctly, abounding catchbasin of ammunition (more than 90% of capacity) and apparatus kit (if supplied)

‡ Ability / Torque abstracts abstinent at the crankshaft.

The blueprint mentioned actuality administer to and accept been accomplished by assembly models beneath accepted operating conditions. We intend alone to accord a fair description of the agent and its achievement capabilities but these blueprint may not administer to every apparatus supplied for sale. Kawasaki Abundant Industries, Ltd. affluence the appropriate to adapt blueprint after above-mentioned notice. Equipment illustrated and blueprint may alter to accommodated alone markets. Accessible colours may alter by market.



Manufacturer Blueprint and actualization are accountable to change after above-mentioned apprehension on Total Motorcycle (TMW).

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