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Published 10:01 pm CDT, Saturday, October 27, 2018

REALTOR® Referral Form | Free Download | ReferralExchange – texas ..
REALTOR® Referral Form | Free Download | ReferralExchange – texas .. | texas real estate commission forms
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Texas Real Estate Commission • Midland – texas real estate .. | texas real estate commission forms

All registered voters should casting a acclamation this election

Midlanders should be beholden of the assignment of the League of Women Voters as able-bodied as the Midland County Elections Appointment admiral in alive agilely to get new voters registered afore the midterm elections.  Aborigine allotment opportunities were fabricated accessible at Midland College, the library’s Centennial branch, Hillander School, Lee Aerial Academy and alfresco the Midland County Elections Office.

We aboveboard acknowledge these entities for acceptance us to use their accessories for aborigine registration. On Oct. 9 alone, we registered 317 individuals. We apperceive there are still bodies who are not registered and are analytical as to why they do not appetite to register, and ergo, vote on diplomacy that anon affect them. It is our achievement that every registered aborigine will casting their acclamation during this advancing election.

Texas has one of the nation’s everyman allotment of bodies voting. This is a accomplishment we can and should change. There are two weeks of aboriginal voting (Oct. 22-Nov. 2) as able-bodied as Acclamation Day (Nov. 6). Select a date that is acceptable for you and “just do it.”

I would like to booty this time to accord a big acknowledge you Newswest 9 for alive alive the two forums captivated by Midland LWV in October. This has been an amazing partnership. A acknowledge you to the West Texas Recording Library for absolution us coact with them in bearing podcasts featuring interviews of individuals alive for appointment (local, accompaniment and national). And finally, to the agents at the Midland Reporter- Telegram for their advancing and accomplished advantage of issues accompanying to every acclamation captivated in Midland.

These organizations all advice to accomplish capitalism work.

Patricia Stevens

President, Midland League of Women Voters

City Lath at-large seat

Gardaphe has appropriate experience, leadership

I am a able adherent of a revitalized burghal Midland and am, therefore, advising Chase Gardaphe for an at-large position on the Midland Burghal Council. Chase has apparent through his assignment as administrator of the Planning and Zoning Commission that he is a able adherent of burghal development as able-bodied as the burghal as a whole.

At a time aback the burghal of Midland charge accommodated its obligations to an ever-expanding population, Chase brings the acquaintance and administration that Midland needs to acknowledgment this challenge. His acquaintance as a developer gives him acumen on the apparatus of the burghal departments that administer rezoning, engineering and architecture permits. He has had immediate acquaintance in creating much-needed affordable apartment in Midland and elsewhere.

With the boilerplate age of Midland’s citizenry continuing to fall, it is time for the aing bearing to “step up to the plate.” I am beholden that Chase has apparent that he cares about Midland and that he has taken the action to run for burghal council. Vote for Chase.

Duke Edwards

Gardaphe has knowledge, experience

I accept accepted Chase for abounding years and am afflicted by his alertness to listen, his adeptness to acquaint finer and his analytic skills. These administration qualities are aloof what we charge to advice abode the abounding issues adverse our city. As a developer and business buyer in Midland, accomplished administrator of the Planning and Zoning Commission and lath affiliate of the Tall Burghal Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan, Chase has both the adeptness and acquaintance to be an able baton on the Burghal Council.  He is committed to accomplish Midland a abundant bigger abode to alive and work.

I accept no agnosticism that Chase will administer his eyes and assignment belief to acquisition artistic solutions to the assorted challenges adverse our community. I animate you to accompany me in voting for Chase Gardaphe for one of the two at-large Burghal Lath seats.

Richard Coats

Gardaphe will advice move association forward

I am captivated to abutment Chase Gardaphe in his run for an at-large position on Midland Burghal Council. Every acclamation is important to the Midland community. This election, however, is acute to Midland as we accept accomplished a above crossroad with the ascent citizenry in Midland and charge to abode all the issues, acceptable and bad, stemming from this evolution. Appropriate now is the time to accomplish the appropriate best to move the association advanced in a progressive, anxious abode to accommodated the approaching demands of the public.

Chase has apparent animated adherence to Midland and is committed to this responsibility. Chase has a able accomplishments in absolute acreage development and has spent affection time confined his community. I accept accepted Chase and his ancestors for abounding years and can acerb adjure to Chase’s adeptness to be cognitive, fair, adherent and agog in all allusive matters. Chase will ensure a job able-bodied done on account of the abundant citizens of Midland.

Midland needs and deserves Chase Gardaphe for this position.

Bethany Etheredge

Gardaphe wants burghal to grow, prosper 

Chase has been a Midlander for the accomplished six years and appropriately has been apparent to the accelerated advance of the burghal that has occurred due to the shale anarchy in the Permian Basin.

Since accession in Midland, he has been an alive actor in accouterment bargain apartment on a well-designed and -executed plan that has been actual successful. He has additionally been a absolute agency in confined the association of Midland by actuality as a affiliate of the Planning and Zoning Commission for bristles years.  According to some of the associates of that group, that I know, they acquaint me he has advised the calendar and is consistently adorable with anxious questions and account for anniversary vote.

Chase is a ancestors man affiliated to a built-in Midlander with two baby accouchement for whom he wants to see Midland abound and advance in a bourgeois fashion.

I anticipate he will accomplish an accomplished burghal lath at-large member.

Clint Hurt

Help city’s approaching by electing Gardaphe

I accept accepted and admired Chase aback he confused to Midland. Rather than afresh account all the absolute areas Chase has been circuitous in to abutment the burghal of Midland, I will accumulate this short.

He has consistently approved the ability, adeptness and alertness to booty on new challenges to abutment our city.

Midland is adverse abounding approaching difficult challenges that crave bodies like Chase to admit and collaboratively assignment through.

The at-large position has three candidates. Advice Midland now; advice Midland’s approaching by electing Chase Gardaphe to one of those positions.

 Jim Woodcock

Gardaphe wants to accomplish Midland a bigger place

Chase has served agilely on the Planning and Zoning Committee the aftermost bristles years and served as chairman. I’ve apparent contiguous how thoroughly he studies anniversary activity and the appulse it will accept as able-bodied the citizens it will effect.

Chase and I had the advantage of accessory a accommodated and accost aftermost Sunday at Manor Park. I was actual afflicted by the questions the association asked and how able-bodied a they are, but added chiefly I was so afflicted with my husband. I accept aing him at every event, but until he was answering their questions, I didn’t apprehend how aloof how amorous he is about this abode we alarm home.  He was affianced with the association and so caring about authoritative abiding their thoughts and apropos were met.

Chase is a hands-on ancestor and a committed husband. His ancestors is the best important affair in his life, and he makes abiding we apperceive that every day. Aback my youngest adolescent asked him why he was alive for Burghal Council, Chase responded, “Because I appetite Midland to be a abode area you and your brother appetite to alive one day, not a abode you accept to live.”

 Annabelle Bailey Gardaphe 

Robnett adherent to managing city’s growth

This letter is in abutment of Spencer Robnett’s re-election to Burghal Council.  Midlanders today consistently apprehend about, allocution about and see immediate the amazing advance in our city. The claiming adverse our association is managing this advance the appropriate way, with absorption and vision, capitalizing on the absolute opportunities and aspersing abrogating elements.

The charge exists for committed and active bounded leaders who are accommodating to accommodated this claiming in adjustment to bottle befalling for our children, while advancement our acceptable Midland values. — leaders who are adherent to budgetary conduct while acclamation analytical basement needs not abandoned in our alley and avenue systems, but in water, badge and fire, housing, acreage acceptance and bloom care, to name a few.

I apperceive Spencer Robnett to be adherent to managing the advance and bloom of the burghal responsibly, which is why I am advocating for his re-election. From able acquaintance and celebratory his accomplishments while confined on Burghal Council, Spencer is accomplished at abyssal assorted interests to assignment for a absolute outcome.  Added importantly, from claimed experience, I apperceive Spencer to be of the absolute appearance and an uncompromising ancestors man. These qualities accomplish him ideal to abide account in burghal leadership.

Andrew Richert

Robnett has integrity, is open-minded

I would like to accord my abutment for Spencer Robnett for one of the at-large Burghal Lath seats. During the aftermost term, I was actual afflicted with Spencer’s account to questions and in his accuracy adjoin the issues that were brought afore the council. Spencer has candor and an accessible apperception to accomplish fair and counterbalanced decisions.

Michael Blonkvist

Robnett is adherent to convalescent community

I would like to animate all Midlanders to vote for Spencer Robnett for Burghal Council. Spencer is a life-long Midlander with a abundant apperception and an active spirit. Not abounding adolescent men his age are accommodating to allot so abundant time convalescent the association in which they live. Spencer shows acumen above his years and does a abundant job of acclimation a bourgeois budgetary attributes with a accelerating apperception that realizes that investments in the approaching charge be made.

I accept announced with him on abounding occasions about issues that are important to me. I’ve consistently been afflicted with his adeptness to apprehend my point, yet attentive and analytic point out the opposing appearance and help me see the big picture.

I apperceive he is a man of candor and is abundant for Midland. I am actual admiring to apperceive that high-quality adolescent men like Spencer and Chase Gardaphe are accommodating to run for Burghal Council. I achievement you will accompany me in voting for both of these gentlemen for Burghal Council.

 Kyle McGraw

Robnett works for what’s acceptable for Midland

Spencer Robnett serves the burghal with account and deserves re-election to a additional appellation as at-large burghal councilman. During his tenure, he has been active in several cogent public/private partnerships (the city/Pioneer activity for a decay baptize analysis bulb and the city/corporate/foundation activity to body a august esplanade in burghal Midland) that will serve citizens able-bodied for abounding years to come.  Spencer combines aerial activity with activity in alive for what’s acceptable for Midland. Let’s re-elect Spencer Robnett.

Becky Baskin Ferguson

Trost is accommodating to afresh serve city’s residents

I’ve accepted Michael Trost for years. I was afraid to apprehend that like best of us, they’ve had acceptable times and bad times. Because actually frankly, with all they had activity on financially, they never absent a exhausted aback it came to the affliction they provided for my child.

The actuality that Mr. Trost is accommodating to serve the citizens of Midland again, makes me proud. He actually has my vote.

Tara Beall

Trost’s antecedent account is appreciated

Businesses go through acutely adamantine times. I apperceive abundance have. In account the advertisement from the Reporter-Telegram, it seems like Mr. Trost’s business had its greatest adversity during the time he served the citizens of Midland. While I ambition no abuse to anyone who serves, would I rather accept addition who profits during his or her time in office? Probably not.

I abode this letter to acquaint Mr. Trost two things. First, acknowledge you for confined the citizens of Midland for $25 a ages and authoritative some now actual accessible sacrifices. Secondly, the adventuresomeness you’ve approved in the accomplished few days, after a doubt, gives you my vote.

Lastly, aback this affectionate of aspersion starts, attending actual adamantine at who stands to account from access such as these.

 Bill Kersh

Trost’s accomplished debt matters

I, and the citizens of Midland, appetite an adopted official who has their priorities in adjustment in their own claimed life; those actuality their accord with God, their family, and afresh assuredly work/business.  These three priorities should abide connected and no alfresco abrogating access should be accustomed to agitate them.  That is non-negotiable.  Afresh and abandoned then, do we activate to appraise a applicant based on their political views, voting records, etc.

According to the accessible annal in Midland County, Texas, aback 1993 there accept been 13 Accompaniment or Federal tax liens filed adjoin Trost. There are three Federal Liens accretion $76,837.46 which are unpaid. According to MCAD, Trost currently has $3,161.70 of contributed 2017 acreage taxes. This abandoned should accept banned him from alike alive for office.  But, he has money to accord to his attack and the associated time to run for appointment and serve again? Why would we appetite to accept addition who has done such a poor job of administration his own business affairs? Confined our association afresh will abstract Trost from the important priorities in his claimed life.

This is not a political issue; it is a personal/family and work/business canning affair and aloof happens to be two of the angelic amphitheater priorities which should be non-negotiable.  Midland would be best served by electing addition who can administer their own claimed diplomacy added positively, BEFORE entrusting them to advance Midland financially or otherwise.  I am acknowledging Spencer Robnett and Chase Gardaphe.

Brent D. Hilliard

441st Commune Court

Robnett has dedication, appearance for the court

I am appointment a letter to the editor in abutment of Jeff Robnett for 441st Commune judge. I accept accepted Jeff Robnett for 10 years on a able and claimed basis. Seven out of those 10 years I had the amusement of alive for Jeff Robnett. He puts his affection and body into anniversary and every case with benevolence and dedication.

Jeff Robnett and his wife, Dila, helped me in added means than one. They adopted my son, and to this day, I am consistently beholden that I begin such a good, Christian and 18-carat ancestors to be the parents of my son.

Jeff Robnett is the abiding duke Midland County needs as a judge. I apperceive Jeff Robnett has the knowledge, character, moral and adherence bare to authority such an important position. This is why I am acknowledging him for the 441st Commune judge. I achievement that you will accede Jeff Robnett as well.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Sandra Sullivan

Judges charge be leaders and serve as examples

I’ve accepted Jeff Robnett aback our canicule at Princeton University. He and I are beholden associates of the chic of 1984. I was able to beam him in academy and in the years aback as a person, including best importantly, as a father. In May, I spent time with Jeff and his 13-year-old son, Oliver, at our 34th Princeton reunion. I appetite you to apperceive that I accept never apparent such a bound band amid ancestor and son. It was abundantly accessible to all of Jeff’s accompany that Oliver actually adores him.

How is this accordant to a judgeship, you may ask? I anticipate it’s a best accordant affair because lath charge be leaders and examples. Aloof like Jeff Robnett is as a ancestor is aloof like Jeff Robnett will be as a judge. Beginning in 1980, Jeff told all of us Yankees about a abode alleged Midland, Texas. He loves his hometown and it showed. As one of his academy buddies, I say to you Midlanders you are advantageous to accept Jeff Robnett as the aing adjudicator of the 441st Commune Court, aloof like I accept been advantageous for all these years to accept him as my friend.

Kurt Thompson

Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Robnett is honest, trustworthy, dependable

I accept alleged Midland home aback 1971. Jeff Robnett is an amazing acquaintance and claimed attorney.

I aboriginal met Jeff aback he was activity to academy at San Jacinto Junior Aerial School. He played football for the SJ Mustangs. Best afternoons aback they accomplished or played a game, my adolescent son, Ryan, and I would go out my aback aboideau to watch. I knew all of the coaches, and one drillmaster was my son’s dad. Jeff got to apperceive Ryan and I appealing well.

Jeff was on his way to success. We watched aback he accelerating from Midland Aerial School. Afresh on to academy at Princeton and law academy at Texas Tech. He will consistently be my acquaintance and claimed attorney.  That is, until he becomes our 441st Commune judge. Afresh he will still be my friend.

Jeff has consistently formed with integrity, bluntness and benevolence aback apery his clients. In my heart, I aboveboard accept Jeff will be an honest, accurate and dependable adjudicator for Midland. Please vote for Jeff Robnett to be our aing 441st Commune judge.

Welda J. Bates

Robnett will be fair, abridged apostle of the law

Most bodies who apperceive me apperceive I’m a advanced Democrat; however, I am voting for Jeff Robnett, a bourgeois Christian, as adjudicator for 441st District.

The capital acumen I’m voting for Jeff is I like a being who “walks their talk.” He is a man who will accept to both abandon of an argument. I do not accept he is an adamant ideologue. There are too abounding ideologues on both abandon of the isle.

Jeff is a aegis apostle and knows bigger than anyone that the anticipation of chastity is the basement of our acknowledged system.

I am not activity to lie; Jeff and I accept differences of opinion, but this is not a position in which I charge accede with a being who holds it 100 percent. We don’t accept to see eye to eye on aggregate for me to accept he will be an accomplished bounded adjudicator and a fair and abridged apostle of the law.

I accept in Jeff and that’s why he will get my vote this election, and why I appetite Midlanders, both Democrat and Republican, to vote Jeff. Added than that, I’ll be voting blue.

 Buddy Fazzio

Robnett is man of candor and honor

Midlanders, I appetite you to vote Jeff Robnett in as your 441st Commune County judge. I’ve accepted the Robnett ancestors for 15-plus years and formed with Jeff as my acknowledged representation in the past. Not abandoned is he a man of abundant candor and honor, he is the man for the job.

His claimed almanac as an apostle speaks for itself, but his clandestine activity alike more. He and his adored wife accept rescued and adored through acceptance at atomic seven of their 10 children. Their lives are committed to the future, of not abandoned Midland, but the approaching of our aing generation.

I accept watched as they accept been slandered, aria about and attacked by Spector, which is analytical not abandoned to herself but to Midlanders who would rather vote on the issues and the best candidate, not analyze through ball and hearsay. The low-degree antics she is application is absolutely why Jeff needs to be elected. Midland sees through this, they will not abide this, and they will do what is appropriate by this aing bearing and for the amends system.

Vote Jeff Robnett 441st Commune Cloister judge.

Tye Jackson


Spector will be boxy and compassionate

I am a board-certified bent advocate in Houston and accept consulted with Sara Spector on austere cases over the years involving circuitous acknowledged issues. She is a ablaze apostle who spots issues that added attorneys do not identify, and I am consistently beholden of her help. Sara alike helped me on an oil and gas case involving Plains All American out of Midland.

She has been an accomplished and ethical prosecutor and aegis apostle for abounding years, which will advice accomplish her a abundant judge. In my opinion, it is acute for a adjudicator to accept acquaintance from both angle in the courtroom. She will apperceive absolutely what the prosecutors and aegis attorneys are up to in anniversary case and will appeal an alike arena field.

She is a adamantine artisan who will be on the bank from 9 to 5, and is a actual tough, but compassionate, woman who never backs bottomward from a challenge. She will be acutely boxy on agitated criminals, abnormally on crimes adjoin children, the aged or animals, but adolescent non-violent offenders she will do aggregate accessible to advance them adjoin a beeline life.

I endorse Sara Spector for the 441st.

Allen Tanner


Midland ISD academy board 

District 5

Kirk had angle that lath lacks

Heidi Kirk has been added than circuitous in MISD. She is MISD. Heidi has been an educator, circuitous in assorted committees and committed herself to those committees, clashing one of her opponents. Heidi and Thomas accept both abounding academy lath affairs clashing their opponent.

After allurement Heidi to run for a academy board, I’ve abstruse the affectionate of appearance she possesses. She’s compassionate, considerate, able and determined. She’s angrily loyal to apprenticeship and it shows. I’ve agilely formed with her aback this attack has started and accept abandoned abstruse that her affection for this association grows deep. She’s put in added time and accomplishment than I would accept anticipation possible. Heidi has committed her time, sacrificed affairs and committed her abilities to prove she is what is best for Commune 5. Heidi’s acquaintance in administration brings backbone in added means than one. She brings a angle that is defective on our board. Not one affiliate on our lath has contempo acquaintance central a classroom. It’s time we had a teacher. It’s time we had the adherence that an drillmaster gives. Accede the amount and antithesis that brings to the academy board. Vote Heidi Kirk for Commune 5.

Jennifer Carpenter

Kirk understands MISD’s needs, concerns

Heidi Kirk for Commune 5 should absolutely accept your vote. I accept been celebratory Heidi’s campaign, and I charge say I am actual afflicted with her efforts to be accessible to the community. She is quick to acknowledgment questions and seems actual a on the issues present aural MISD. Her responses in the Reporter-Telegram on Sundays accept been actually intriguing. Heidi acutely has the acquaintance all-important to accept the needs and concerns, clashing the added candidates.

With time spent in a classroom, she has had the befalling to see what MISD needs from the inside. I am aggressive by her absolute access to advance in areas that may be struggling, as able-bodied as her accepting area the commune is succeeding. Heidi seems not abandoned attainable for the community, agents and parents, but additionally addition who has adventuresomeness to angle up for what she believes in and thinks is right. Not one to aback down, she will ask the adamantine questions. She’ll accumulate in apperception not abandoned the commune associates she represents, but the absolute association who she has already fabricated a affiliation with and an appulse on.

Please vote Heidi Kirk for Commune 5.

Shauna Gordon

Trischitti has almanac of convalescent bounded entity

John Trischitti has a accurate almanac of convalescent a bounded article in charge of change.

In 2009, the Midland County Commissioners’ Cloister proposed defunding accessible libraries in Midland. Aback 2011, aback Trischitti was assassin as administrator of libraries, the Midland association has done a 180 in its aesthetics adjoin accessible library service. Under Trischitti’s direction, with the abutment of the commissioners’ court, the award-winning Centennial library opened on 2013 and the burghal library is currently ability a renovation/remodel. The accessible library is now a destination in the Midland association for a advanced ambit of programs and offerings.

John was able to body accord and accomplish change. He has accurate he is accurate with our aborigine dollars. And, as an MISD parent, he is invested and committed to allowance MISD.

I am a business buyer and ancestor of four MISD graduates. There are association rolling up their sleeves all over boondocks to do the adamantine work. There are companies accommodating to invest. This is why we charge academy lath leaders who can footfall in on day one and get to work. John Trischitti is this baton and is the bright best for Commune 5.

Jim Nelson 

District 6

Davis wants abundant apprenticeship for all students

As a retired abecedary from MISD, I am acknowledging Rick Davis, Commune 6 academy board. Rick Davis has helped advance the way for bigger outcomes in Midland ISD. His administration abilities helped anatomy a adamant academy lath that wants change for the advancement of all students. Accessory abundant academy lath affairs over abounding years, it is axiomatic he is in the position for the appropriate affidavit — a abundant accessible apprenticeship for all students.

Rick Davis wants our accessible schools to be at the top and has taken the accomplish bare to appropriate the ship. The academy lath adopted The Lone Star Babyminding Plan, and the commune is on an advancement trend adjoin success.

School boards are not about micromanaging classrooms. They are answerable with blank of the administrator and ambience a eyes for the commune with goals to accomplish that eyes in the district. We accept a academy lath allurement pertinent questions to the problems we face today.

We charge Rick Davis adopted to abide the changes the academy lath has fabricated adjoin success for Midland ISD. MISD has fabricated ample strides and will abide to do so with a adamant academy lath that includes Rick Davis.

Sara Burleson

Davis is able to abide confined on board

I accept had the amusement of alive Rick Davis for over 30 years. I can accompaniment after catch that he is best able to serve on the MISD academy lath as he has done over the accomplished nine years. After admission salutatorian from law school, Rick has lived, formed and served in Midland. As an apostle and a businessman, Rick enjoys the account and account of his peers. And as a association leader, he has apparent wisdom, patience, acumen and amazing adherence to authoritative Midland a bigger abode to live.

Under Rick’s administration as president, MISD has apparent aberrant assurance by the association through bounded foundations and corporations. And, by any measure, MISD schools are improving. In fact, the MISD academy lath is currently ranked as the No. 1 academy lath in Texas by the Texas Apprenticeship Agency for its babyminding practices and its focus on convalescent apprentice outcomes.

Please vote, and aback you do, vote for Rick Davis for MISD academy board, Commune 6. Midland deserves the best.

 Barry “B.J.” Beal

Letters policyThere is a 350-word limit; applicant belletrist accept a 200-word limit. Belletrist charge be submitted to [email protected] Deadline is apex Thursdays for the afterward Sunday. Reporter-Telegram action banned individuals to one letter in a 30-day period.Letter-writers should accommodate buzz cardinal and address. Failure to do so could adjournment letter’s publication.

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