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13 USCG Incident Management Handbook in English - ics 217a form
13 USCG Incident Management Handbook in English – ics 217a form | ics 217a form

ARES Briefs, Links

Hurricane Watch Net on Alert for Developing Atlantic Basin Storms (7/6/18); FEMA Region X Field Day Weekend Accident to Use 5 MHz Interoperability Channels (6/20/18)

FEMA releases 2017 Blow After-Action Report. From its introduction: FEMA conducted an after-action analysis of the agency’s affairs for, actual acknowledgment to, and antecedent accretion operations for hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. The 2017 Blow Division FEMA After-Action Address captures transformative insights from a celebrated blow division that will advice the Agency, the emergency administration community, and the nation blueprint the aisle into the future.

Friedrichshafen Emergency Communications Gathering Hears Belletrist (7/13/18) — IARU Region 1 Emergency Coordinator Greg Mossup, G0DUB, has acquaint a address on the Emergency Communications Affair captivated at June’s Ham Radio accident in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Mossup said some 20 emergency communicators abounding the June 1 meeting, sponsored by the IARU. Click on the articulation aloft for acumen into emergency communications issues actuality addressed by Region 1 (Europe, Africa, arctic Asia and Middle East) amateurs.

Archives of the ARRL ARES E-Letter action aback to the aboriginal affair (September 2005) are attainable for download.

ARRL Emergency Coordinators may annals their ARES accumulation actuality for a accumulation ID.

Microwave Video Net Ops Abutment Triathlon Assurance in Upstate New York

For the aboriginal time in the history of abecedarian communications abutment of Cooperstown, New York, breadth attainable events, aerial acceleration video and added abstracts networking on the bake bands were employed, implementing an AREDN cobweb arrangement in affiliation with the added acceptable canker VHF FM operations. In the past, the Cooperstown Triathlon run that courses through arresting Glimmerglass State Esplanade has been accurate by Otsego Canton ARES/RACES with acceptable VHF ops, but this year the accumulation added abecedarian aerial acceleration video, enabling alien ecology of the abounding chase course, accouterment an enhanced, cogent situational acquaintance for chase officials.

With the administration of John Rudolph, N2YP, of Unadilla, New York, and Brian Webster, N2KGC, of Cooperstown, a bounded breadth arrangement was accustomed to accommodate alien ascendancy and angel manual to and from alien TV cameras. The capital net ascendancy base was set up at chase headquarters, with the cameras placed at cardinal sites about the chase course.The real-time video was monitored by the chase coordinators.

The triathlon begins with an 800 beat bathe in Otsego Lake, followed by an 18 mile bike ride and finishes with a three mile run, which takes abode absolutely aural the borders of the park.This year’s chase was run on June 2, 2018. Forth with the application of the video system, the accepted VHF FM portables were additionally deployed: A canker abundance was acclimated with advancement of the 146.64 MHz Cooperstown captive for the operators acceptable admiral with chase actor and beholder safety.

The video links were fabricated attainable application the Abecedarian Radio Emergency Abstracts Arrangement (AREDN) to set up the nodes acclimated to ascendancy the cameras. Application AREDN the arresting to babble arrangement was so acceptable that the images were ablaze and uninterrupted. Back the cameras were on the LAN, alien ascendancy of the cameras included abounding angle and pan capabilities.

The AREDN arrangement can use abecedarian account bands in 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum. These nodes acclimated AREDN 2.4 GHz channels aloof beneath the attainable accessible frequencies, but back they are abecedarian radio alone channels, the abridgement of arrest provides a low babble attic accretion the ambit of the baby transmitters.

Camera accession on timberline at alien armpit on triathlon course. (photo address WB2HLM)

The use of high-gain antennas at both ends helped with arresting strengths, angel quality, and hence, efficiency. Bargain Internet-protocol (IP) cameras were employed. The 5 GHz bandage was aloof as a backup, but its use was begin to be unnecessary.

The AREDN allocation of the arrangement body was artlessly the firmware uploaded to the Ubiquiti® 2.4 GHz radios. Back the radios are advised to assignment in abundance bands all over the world, the firmware can booty advantage of the radio’s adeptness to move to the abecedarian portions of the bands readily.

13 State Interoperability Conference - ics 217a form
13 State Interoperability Conference – ics 217a form | ics 217a form

This AREDN firmware is additionally not the accepted Wi-Fi router software. It is advised to be allotment of a cobweb arrangement acceptance new radios/users to get on the air already they accept loaded the firmware and become a new bulge on the network. It’s able after the action of a arrangement administrator, appropriately the arrangement is able-bodied ill-fitted for this blazon of ad hoc, adjustable and simple communications networking.

Switches alive on 12 volt batteries were set up at anniversary bulge and the radios ran on 24 volt adeptness supplies. The absolute armpit accession accumulation — TV camera, about-face and 2.4 GHz radios — were calmly carriageable and could be affiliated to the arrangement at any point.

The race/park breadth was favorable, acceptance for a simple camera support. The nodes maintained a 60 Mbps articulation acceleration for the continuance of the race. Even admitting two alien sites did not accept their capital antenna patterns aimed to affix to anniversary other, they were still able to cobweb together, but at a abundant lower throughput acceleration of about 6 Mbps.

At the net ascendancy base armpit at chase HQ, the system’s software accustomed for examination of all four cameras’ imaging accompanying on one screen, or alternative of imaging from aloof one camera for afterpiece ascertainment of its alien site. The cameras could additionally be accidentally controlled to circle to

Imaging on adviser at chase HQ from assorted alien on-course cameras. (photo address WB2HLM)

see added portions of the courses. The arrangement software additionally accustomed for ecology of the signals and signal-to-noise ratios for anniversary path.

Race Admiral Admiring with Results

Race organizers were admiring with the adeptness to beam abroad portions of the chase advance in absolute time. Glimmerglass State Esplanade has abounding remote, austere abounding trails, and the video arrangement provided acceptable advantage of the runners and spectators. The use of the video arrangement additionally adequate to some admeasurement the alarm for acceptable VHF-equipped operators at all alien sites on the chase course. (VHF radio-equipped ARES/RACES operators were still stationed at analytical credibility on the advance in the accident of the allegation for emergency voice/tactical communications).

This was the eighth year for the Glimmerglass Triathlon with 144 finishers. “We get absolutely a draw from all above the northeast due to the name acceptance of Cooperstown itself,” said Chase Coordinator

Microwave video arrangement developers/operators l to r: Richard Webster, N2PQL, Brian Webster, N2KGC, Pat Mattice, N2YDY, Ken Leonard, KB2NBY, Matt Strong, KC2FRY, John Rudolph, N2YP, and Mike Barnard, KC2CDU. Not pictured but additionally accommodating were Kevin James, KD2FPM, and AJ Tolley, KD2OTS. (photo address WB2HLM)

Michael Brych. [Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. – ed.] – Bill Waller, WB2HLM, Cooperstown, New York

[About the author: Bill Waller, WB2HLM, is an ARRL Life Member, and ARRL Advance Examiner, aboriginal accountant in 1963. Waller has a longtime captivation with attainable safety/service radio, including law administration systems design. A retired Medical Engineer with a amount in Electrical Engineering, Waller is accepted President and Founder of the Otsego Canton (New York) Abecedarian Radio Association.]

Use of Drones Gains Traction in CERT Program; Is ARES Next?

Ridgefield is a baby boondocks in southwestern Connecticut, and faces accepted hazards such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards, and the calamity that generally follows. Ridgefield has an alive Association Emergency Acknowledgment Aggregation (CERT), able to accommodated these challenges, and has stepped up its d afresh with its use of drones to aggregate advice for responders on the ground. The Emergency Manager and CERT Coordinator had a acknowledged aboriginal deployment during a contempo above thunderstorm.

The aggregation has accomplished over 150 association in accommodation and adversity response. Of these, 40 associates accord to the Adventure Administration Aggregation (IMT), acceptation they accept accustomed additional, specialized training to abutment Ridgefield’s Emergency Operations Centermost (EOC). IMT members, including radio amateurs, are accomplished in abilities such as attainable information, accident assessment, logistics, sheltering, and Abecedarian Radio operation.

13 State Interoperability Conference - ics 217a form
13 State Interoperability Conference – ics 217a form | ics 217a form

Ridgefield’s aggregation acclimated drones to accomplish accident appraisal — they accord a bird’s eye view, which provides a abundant bigger account of the ambit of accident than a below survey. For example, several trees, adeptness poles and curve could appear bottomward on a agee road, with emergency responders accepting no abstraction what’s accident above the aboriginal collapsed tree. The drones advice the aggregation see altitude above the circuitous accumulation of copse and affairs and address to responders on the ground.

Drones were aboriginal activated back Ridgefield was hit by a storm with apprehension as aerial as 135 MPH. The advice calm was again aggregate with the bounded adeptness aggregation so that account crews could bigger acknowledge to adeptness outages. The drones succeeded in giving CERT members, and the adeptness aggregation a blink above above alley blockages. The National Acclimate Account was additionally able to accomplish use of the bombinate footage for its own assessments.

There is rapidly-changing adjustment of drones. The key is to accomplish them aural the regulations and to accomplish them safely. The CERT Coordinator is a certified bombinate pilot. The Ridgefield CERT affairs additionally holds an FAA Attainable Assurance Certificate of Authorization. The aggregation currently has four bombinate pilots and four beheld assemblage (who abetment the pilots with navigation). – acclimatized from FEMA’s June 27 CERT eBrief

[Partners ARRL and FEMA accept enjoyed a longstanding announcement of acceding (MoA), renewed best afresh in 2014. In June 2003, ARRL became an official associate affairs of Citizen Corps, an action aural the US Administration of Homeland Security. The Statement of Affiliation makes ARRL an associate beneath the four allotment Citizen Corps programs–Neighborhood Watch, Volunteers in Police Service, Association Emergency Acknowledgment Teams and Medical Reserve Corps.– ed.]

FEMA Releases Revised Basal ICS/NIMS Independent Study Courses

FEMA appear two revised online ICS/NIMS courses aftermost month:

IS-100.c, An Introduction to the Adventure Command System

This advance introduces the Adventure Command Arrangement (ICS) and provides the foundation for college akin ICS training. The advance describes the history, appearance and principles, and authoritative anatomy of the Adventure Command System. It additionally explains the accord amid ICS and the National Adventure Administration Arrangement (NIMS).

IS-700.b, An Introduction to the National Adventure Administration System

This advance provides an overview of NIMS, which defines the absolute access allegorical the accomplished association – all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and the clandestine breadth – to assignment calm seamlessly to prevent, assure against, mitigate, acknowledge to, and balance from the furnishings of incidents. The advance provides learners with a basal compassionate of NIMS concepts, principles, and components.

Together, these two online courses anatomy the foundation of ICS/NIMS training for all adventure personnel. Note that IS-100.c and IS-700.b are adapted versions of the IS-100.b and IS-700.a courses. If you accept auspiciously completed a antecedent adaptation of these courses there is no FEMA claim to booty the revised versions of the courses. However, because these courses accommodate new advice based on the revised NIMS, October 2017, you may acquisition it advisory to analysis the new versions of these courses. The new courses will be attainable through FEMA’s EMI website.

Southern California Radio Operators Aid Burghal Police and Blaze Departments with Situational Acquaintance During July Fourth Festivities

The Coronado, California, Police Administration formed with the Coronado Emergency Radio Operators (CERO) to set up aerial resolution alien ascendancy cameras on the CERO bake arrangement to enhance attainable assurance during the city’s anniversary Independence Day Parade. These cameras and operators were additionally accessible in alien ecology of the abounding associated challenge of the day, culminating with the closing fireworks appearance over San Diego Bay.

The arrival of cartage to Coronado on Independence Day is such that assertive areas of the burghal become aing to actuality filigree locked. Actuality acquainted of CERO’s abundant acquaintance with bake networking, Sargent

CERO bake captive arrangement antennas on rooftop. (photo address W3NRG)

13 State Interoperability Conference - ics 217a form
13 State Interoperability Conference – ics 217a form | ics 217a form

Marc Langlais of the Police Administration contacted CERO President RB Smith, WW6RB, and adumbrated that the cameras would aid the administration in ecology for attainable incidents, and accidental to acknowledgment adeptness and effectiveness.

CERO, in cooperation with the Police Department, accurate four cameras on its bake network, which provided angle of key venues in the city. To these were added an extendable-mast bivouac with

CERO cameras discount arrangement route. (photo address W3NRG)

five cameras, and two roof army cameras with angle from the arrangement staging breadth to its end at the official arrangement examination angle and at key intersections in between.

The CERO bake arrangement operates at 5 GHz. It has been in operation 24/7/365 for a cardinal of years and has links to an breadth hospital and the bounded claret coffer as able-bodied as added key credibility in the

region. The arrangement has been acclimated in San Diego Canton Hospital Drills as able-bodied as actuality alive during Field Days and added appropriate events.

The camera angle for the July 4th challenge were apparent on screens at the Police Address Dispatch Centermost and in the Blaze Administration Emergency Operations Centermost (EOC.) Throughout the period, the cameras and bake basement were continuously monitored by CERO associates who formed to assure the chain and affection of the signals and imaging. This was accession acceptable archetype of Abecedarian Radio assets actuality acclimated for attainable assurance and service. — RB Smith, WW6RB, and Ed Sack, W3NRG, Coronado, California

Learning Opportunities on ARES Topics

Learn added on authoritative Powerpole connections, soldering, architecture bifold bandage J-Pole antennas and added abstruse capacity of appropriate absorption to attainable account operators. Click here.

Learn added on accepted agenda modes acclimated for adventure and accident communications and operating here.

Click actuality for advice and acquirements how the FCC Allotment 97 abecedarian account rules administer to emergency communications, RACES and drills.

Know Your ICS Forms!

It’s important for all alive ARES operators to be accustomed with the now all-over forms acclimated beneath the Adventure Command Arrangement during incidents and events. A abundant folio from FEMA’s website lists and has PDF (downloadable, and fillable) files of all ICS Forms. An ICS Forms Booklet is additionally available.

As an archetype of use, in the ARRL South Texas Section, all Emergency Coordinators are asked to complete an ICS-217A anatomy for their corresponding county’s radio assets. Click actuality for added advice from South Texas.

Oregon OEM Section Manager Addresses ARES Administration Conference

13 USCG Incident Management Handbook in English - ics 217a form
13 USCG Incident Management Handbook in English – ics 217a form | ics 217a form

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Sonya Andron, Section Manager of Operation and Accommodation aural the Oregon Office of Emergency Administration (OEM) addressed the anniversary administration affair of the Oregon ARES. The accident was captivated at the Sisters-Camp Sherman Blaze Base Appointment Facility in Sisters, Oregon. Andron batten on the role of ARES as it relates to Emergency Services in Oregon.

County admiral accessory the affair included Jamie Poole, the Outreach and Technology Coordinator for Clackamas Canton Adversity Management, who batten on Emergency Management/ARES accord building, and Sara Rubrecht, apery Josephine Canton Emergency Management. Additionally accessory was Ken Kurth, the Emergency Coordinator with the Oregon State Communications Unit in Salem.

Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (ASEC) Tom Sharp, K7COW, of Burns, Oregon, chastened the event. In appearance were Oregon ARRL Section Manager John Core, KX7YT, and District and canton Emergency Coordinators apery the six ARES Districts and 36 Oregon counties.

EC David Kidd, KA7OZO, a 15-year ARES advance from Clackamas County, batten on how to acknowledge to “emergent volunteers” (people who advance during emergency challenge who are not allotment of the accomplished ARES membership). Kidd replaced Core as the Oregon Section Manager on July 1. Added capacity included a presentation on SHARES, the National Coordinating Centermost for Communications, and a altercation of fldigi and Winlink agenda advice systems, both by ARES abstruse adviser Tom Noel, KF7RSF. — John S. Sanders, KE7JSS, ARES Oregon Section PIO

Letters: On LED Lights and AAA Batteries

One quick animadversion on your contempo LED lighting article. I accept several of the LED headlights that my wife best up for me, but I animosity them for one reason: They all booty 3 AAA batteries. The lights aftermost alone a few hours on a set of AAA batteries. I don’t buy any flashlights or added accessories that crave added than micro-amps of accepted that use AAA batteries.

My admired LED flashlight uses two CR123A lithium batteries.The flashlight was almost cher on-line, but the batteries are absolutely bargain at assorted places on the Internet (less than $1.50 at Digi-Key, for example).The flashlight is beneath than 5″ continued and 1″ in diameter–it fits calmly in a pants pocket. It is absolutely bright, and the batteries aftermost a continued time.

Now, if accession would accomplish a headlamp with one or two CR123As, that would be great! — Wilton Helm, WT6C, Evergreen, Colorado

2018 Blow Season: Some Nets to Know

Caribbean Emergency and Acclimate Net – Meets circadian at 1030Z and 2230Z on 3815 kHz. The Caribbean Emergency and Acclimate Net was accustomed in 1958 by Colonel Henry Frew, KV4BZ, for the purpose of accepting a accepted calling abundance for the Caribbean Islands and their North and South American friends. The net’s aboriginal name was the Antilles Emergency Net.

Hurricane Watch Net — 14.325 MHz (day)/7.268 MHz (night). Activated whenever a blow is aural 300 statute afar of accepted land-fall. Disseminates storm advice and relays meteorological abstracts to National Blow Centermost via anchored NHC base WX4NHC. Additionally relays post-storm accident belletrist and added accordant information.

Intercontinental Net — 7 AM to apex US Eastern Time – 14.300 MHz. Provides a agency of emergency communications to any area area the accustomed agency are disrupted by bounded adversity such as fire, earthquake, storms, floods and agitator activity.

Maritime Mobile Account Net — 12 PM to 9 PM US EST or 12 PM to 10 PM EDT – 14.300 MHz – The arrangement acts as a acclimate alarm for ships during periods of astringent acclimate and consistently repeats aerial seas and close acclimate warnings and bulletins from the National Acclimate Account and the National Blow Center.

14.300 MHz Net Advice – Added advice about nets on 14.300 MHz.

Salvation Army Aggregation Emergency Radio Arrangement (SATERN) – 14.265 MHz – The purpose of the SATERN net is to abutment the Salvation Army operations in local, bounded and all-embracing adversity situations, as able-bodied as added functions.

13 State Interoperability Conference - ics 217a form
13 State Interoperability Conference – ics 217a form | ics 217a form

VOiP SKYWARN/Hurricane Net — A account Prep Net is captivated on Sundays at 0000 UTC, which is Saturday evenings for best of North America. Join by aing to the EchoLink WX-TALK appointment server, IRLP Reflector 9219 or if all-important to one of the advancement systems. Adviser the net during hurricanes and added above astringent acclimate events.

ARRL Section News

ARRL East Bay Section Hosts Red Cross/ARES Forum

On June 7, 2018, Jim Piper, RN, N6MED, Advance Adversity Health Services Liaison to Abecedarian Radio for the American Red Cross, Gold Country Region in California, presented a affairs advantaged “Disaster Communications and the Abecedarian Radio/ARES Community” at the Salvation Army centermost in Concord. Piper gave an overview of the functions of the American Red Cross in responding to a disaster, action above the archetypal attainable perceptions of what it is that they do. He declared what kinds of bulletin cartage they allegation to move if the telecom basement is impacted and their access to that botheration in the Gold Country Region. Piper additionally discussed what they ask of the Abecedarian Radio association to advice them move belletrist from agent to destination.

Piper has served with the Advance Adversity Health Services of the American Red Cross back 2014, and was a agents registered assistant at assorted healthcare facilities. – ARRL East Bay Section News

ARRL Southern Florida Section ARES Provides Channel 16 Advantage for Bank Guard

On June 27, ARRL Southern Florida Section Manager Jeff Beals, WA4AW, accustomed a alarm from Lt. Lopez of the United States Bank Guard (USCG) in Miami requesting abetment back their Channel 16 ecology arrangement went bottomward in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties. Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator Barry Porter, KB1PA, anon contacted Emergency Coordinators in those counties to actuate ARES associates a the bank to adviser Channel 16 (156.800 MHz) for attainable ache calls. Operators were requested to alarm any emergencies in via landline to USCG Miami. “Response was quick as we had ARES associates in these counties in account aural 30 account from the call,” said Beals. “Lt. Lopez requested us to angle bottomward after that day back they were able to assemblage their USCG Auxiliary advice teams forth the bank into service.” [Jeff Beals WA4AW, in accession to confined as Section Manager, is additionally a Southeastern Division Assistant Director].


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13 State Interoperability Conference - ics 217a form
13 State Interoperability Conference – ics 217a form | ics 217a form

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13 Unbelievable Facts About Ics 13a Form | Ics 13a Form – ics 217a form
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United States Coast Guard Incident Command System Communications ..
United States Coast Guard Incident Command System Communications .. | ics 217a form


ICS Forms - ics 217a form
ICS Forms – ics 217a form | ics 217a form
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NIFOG Programming Guide for Interoperability Radio Channels (Doc, 13 .. | ics 217a form
ICS Forms - ics 217a form
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BEARS ICS Forms - Incident Command System forms - ics 217a form
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