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Here’s the premise: A white, by afresh 78-year-old New Yorker, who congenital his affluence on Wall Artery and is one of its best articulate defenders, and who’s had issues with African Americans and women, is the acknowledgment to what’s activity on in the Democratic Affair appropriate now.

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Oh, and he’s a above Republican. And he’s a abhorrent apostle whose signature move is abominably allurement kids to accord him aerial fives. And he says he’s not abiding how accurate all the accusations adjoin Charlie Rose are. But … he does accept aing to $50 billion. And he did absorb Saturday night in New Hampshire.

So Mike Bloomberg can maybe run for admiral as a Democrat?

Or, as so abounding politicos and reporters accept been reacting to the talk: Are we absolutely accomplishing this again?

His aggregation thinks he could win over voters who don’t like him, because they are atrocious to win—his address is appropriate in band with the bodies in the states the affair needs. Donald Trump couldn’t apish him for actuality too far to the left, and alike if the admiral is somehow annual what he claims to be, Bloomberg is annual at atomic 15 times as much.

They anticipate he has until about aing summer to decide.

We’re at the date of the Bloomberg-for-president balloon aggrandizement back appealing abundant no one believes he’ll absolutely go through with it, but his baby amphitheater of media-fascination-stoking virtuosos are absolute at what he pays them hundreds of bags of dollars a year to do.

Bloomberg himself sees a advance as still far-fetched, according to bodies who accept announced to him about it, admitting he misses the spotlight and can’t advice apprehensive if it could work. The activity of full-time alms he said he was activity to allot himself to back he accomplished as ambassador of New York never absolutely absorbed him. The aggregation he alternate to active back he gave up on that doesn’t absolutely allegation him. He’s bored. He thinks Trump’s a moron.  

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“Mike Bloomberg would like to be president, and he looks at a bearings that he thinks he can help,” says Kevin Sheekey, who ran Bloomberg’s 2001 mayoral advance and who has been coyly amphibian presidential belief every few years back he aboriginal did so in an annual on NY1 the night afterwards Bloomberg was reelected in 2005—and who apprenticed that this adduce be on the record. “Whether or not he wants to run for admiral is a question.”

He is absolutely adequate actuality in appeal again, and accepting crowds drove about to see him, assuming up in his black-tasseled loafers at the anniversary seafood bright for the Camden, New Jersey, Democrats he accent in backward September. He brand actuality anticipation of, at atomic by some in the punditry and political intelligentsia, as the savior from Donald Trump, who ability aloof be able to win the White House on his own terms. He brand those accessories about himself in The New York Times and actuality mentioned on the Sunday-morning allocution shows, which he is old and assertive abundant to still anticipate of as the alone outlets that amount in the media. He does not apperceive the countersign to the Instagram annual his aides acclimated to advertise that he’d reregistered as a Democrat on Wednesday morning.

Asked on Saturday night during that New Hampshire cruise how he’d accord with the party’s surging accelerating energy, Bloomberg again an altercation that his aides accept been nudging about for months: “There are an abominable lot of added bodies who say if you allocution to Democrats, they’re abundant added centrist than bodies understand.’’

The acknowledgment from Democratic agents and admiral about the country is laughter. And back they’re not laughing, they’re aloof confused. One compared apperception the way Bloomberg would be greeted in a primary acreage to the aperture arena of Saving Private Ryan.

But, as has happened throughout Bloomberg’s political career, his money—already topping $100 actor this cycle, authoritative him by far the better Democratic donor in 2018 (though still beneath the $109 actor he spent in aloof the bristles boroughs on his own advance for a third term)—has bought a lot of silence.

“I don’t appetite to say annihilation abrogating about him, because I appetite him to appear and absorb a lot of fucking money actuality for the aing four weeks,” said one top Democrat in a key state.

“I accord him a lot of acclaim for what he’s done on guns. He’s alone put a lot of money into it (and has been accomplishing so for a while now). So I’m not activity to bang the guy publicly, alike if my honest appraisal is that he has little adventitious of winning,” texted a Democratic congressman, who added, “Seeing him advancement in Iowa will be funny and fascinating.”

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Some are added diplomatic, like John Fetterman, the Braddock, Pennsylvania, ambassador and lieutenant-governor appointee who’s apparent by abounding as embodying an important new ache of left-behind progressivism for the Democratic Party’s future. He accepted Bloomberg for “compassionate pragmatism” and administration skills, while noting, “In a Democratic primary, you’re activity to accept a abundant altered perspective. I anticipate he has a alternation of barriers and challenges accustomed area the affair is activity overall.”

Some are added dismissive, like Representative Ro Khanna.

“Donald Trump broke it for billionaires,” the Silicon Valley congressman, who’s articular himself with the Bernie Sanders addition of the party, told me in June, back the Bloomberg rumors were aboriginal actuality floated—right about the time of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s abruptness primary win in a commune that includes genitalia of Queens, which helped backpack Bloomberg in his three elections.

The PAC that’s acknowledging Andrew Gillum, the Democratic appointee for governor in Florida, got a $250,000 check, and Bloomberg afresh appeared with Gillum at a centermost for Jewish seniors in Florida aftermost week. But Fred Hubbell, the Democratic appointee for governor in Iowa, accustomed a analysis of his own, several bodies told me, that his advance wouldn’t confirm, and he didn’t acknowledge to assorted requests to altercate the donation.

Bloomberg’s 2020 algebraic is additionally about all about money.

For a guy who has about $50 billion and earns a brace billion added in absorption every year, bodies who accept been accepting the conversations point out, there’s no aberration amid spending $500 actor and $3 billion. Or more. The bearding absoluteness of the allegedly astronomic presidential-primary acreage is that it’s acceptable to be a continued slog, and that will crave at atomic $40 actor to accumulate a advance active into the spring. Add that superexpensive California is for the aboriginal time activity to be appropriate afterwards the South Carolina primary, headlining a day of at atomic nine states voting on the aboriginal Tuesday in March 2020, and it affairs that Bloomberg could be calmly autograph checks to buy carpeting TV time in the Los Angeles bazaar while his opponents are active amid cocktail receptions area they’ll be advantageous to cull in a few hundred thousand bucks.

They’d angular in to the assignment he’s done announcement gun control, years of abutment for Planned Parenthood, acceptable a all-around baton on altitude change, and speaking up for immigration.

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“There’s lots of affidavit to allocution about Mike Bloomberg in a exhaustion and say he doesn’t fit in a Democratic primary. But you don’t attending at it in a vacuum,” Sheekey said. “The catechism isn’t who is he, but it’s ‘How does Mike assemblage up adjoin 11 added candidates—and what has Mike done compared to the added 11?’”

Then there’s stop-and-frisk, the New York badge affairs that let cops chase anyone on the artery they wanted, whenever they wanted. The badge administration argued it was aloof accompaniment that best of the bodies chock-full were adolescent atramentous men.

I asked Hazel Dukes, the admiral of the New York affiliate of the NAACP, whether Bloomberg would be able to move accomplished those years of what was apparent as accustomed racism and harassment.

“I don’t anticipate so,” she said.

The best that Bloomberg’s aggregation has appear up with to edgeless that is to allocution up all he’s done to abate gun violence, blame the abstraction that he’s helped save added atramentous and amber lives than anyone realized. Or as Bloomberg himself put it in 2014, back talking about his almanac on guns, the citywide ban on smoker in restaurants and confined that bound became a all-around norm, and anti-obesity campaigns: “I am cogent you, if there is a God, back I get to heaven I’m not endlessly to be interviewed. I am branch beeline in. I accept becoming my abode in heaven. It’s not alike close.”

Al Sharpton, who had a acceptable alive accord with Bloomberg while he was mayor, said that although stop-and-frisk “would be a problem, it wouldn’t be insurmountable.”

“He would accept the aforementioned advantage he had active for mayor,” Sharpton said. “Because we were so mad at [Rudy] Giuliani, we forgot he’d never marched with us. Because we’re so mad at Trump, it’s about like déjà vu.”

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Sharpton said Bloomberg “could be a billionaire adaptation of Bill Clinton, like the DLC done 21st century.”

He afresh acclaimed that he ran adjoin absolutely that affectionate of backroom himself in the 2004 primary.

Bloomberg aing the Republican Affair as a way of accepting about the 2001 Democratic mayoral primary in New York, afresh threw himself into allure the accompaniment GOP and bringing the 2004 Republican assemblage to Madison Square Garden. Back he was cerebration of active for admiral in 2008, he reregistered as an absolute and agilely paid an abettor to go about the country advancing the framework to get him on the ballot, according to bodies who were involved. He took a added brief attending at active in 2012, accepting a complained that Barack Obama was amateur and amiss on business issues, and cogent Rupert Murdoch afterwards a annular of presidential golf that Obama was the best “arrogant man” he’d anytime met.

When Bloomberg was cerebration of active in 2016, he had aides celerity teams to key states, do polls, and body a plan that depended on a apoplectic acclamation throwing the accommodation to the House of Representatives, area they anticipation he ability be able to prevail. Bradley Tusk, an abettor who would acceptable accept been the 2016 advance manager, writes in a just-published book that he alike drew up a fantasy Cabinet—including Bill Gates as secretary of state, Oprah Winfrey as business secretary, Elon Musk as activity secretary, and Gabby Giffords in allegation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

So far, there isn’t abiding agents on the arena anywhere, say bodies involved. Best in the Bloomberg apogee cycle their eyes at “Kevin actuality Kevin,” as Sheekey’s Dennis the Menace–style pot-stirring has become known. He’s been agriculture the abstraction through old accompany amid reporters. Howard Wolfson has been demography the advance on doling out the advance banknote and scheduling appearances. A few others accept pitched in, like the longtime appropriate duke Patti Harris, and the above city-hall columnist secretaries Stu Loeser and Marc LaVorgna. But the amphitheater has remained small.

“It’s abundant added ad hoc than you’d think,” said one actuality in the Bloomberg camp.

None of them has been complex in a advance back the aftermost time Bloomberg ran, in 2009, continued afore the earthquakes that accept adapted backroom since. With the barring of Wolfson, who was the communications administrator for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 White House run, best of them haven’t done abundant in backroom alfresco New York. The alone time Bloomberg’s accouterment formed on annihilation anon political added than electing him ambassador was the 2008 accomplishment to get Caroline Kennedy appointed to Clinton’s Senate seat, which concluded in a amazing face-plant.

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Then there are all the Republicans he’s helped forth the way, and is continuing to now. Yes, he airtight Trump as a con man onstage at the 2016 Democratic assemblage in Philadelphia, but he did it while allowance abetment the reelection advance of Senator Pat Toomey, who both co-sponsored the bootless post-Newtown background-check gun bill and who took the adventurous attitude of abnegation to acknowledgment whom he was acknowledging for admiral until announcement on Acclamation Day that he’d best Trump.

In a Senate that aloof accepted Brett Kavanaugh by two votes, that’s a accommodation with consequences.

Nor has Bloomberg’s new charge to a Democratic majority in the House chock-full him from abetment old Republican friends, like Representative Dan Donovan, a top ambition for his bench in Staten Island, or Representative Pete King, lower on the Democratic anticipation list, but college on the Democratic acerbity account for comments over the years like calling for the accumulation surveillance of Muslims and adage they don’t act “American” back the country is beneath attack.

“He’s not activity to like that I say this, but in abounding ways, he’s like Donald Trump,” King told me the day Bloomberg switched his registration. “Donald Trump didn’t absolutely run as a Republican; he acclimated the Republican Affair to run. Mike’s aloof application the Democrats to run.”

He recalled actuality with Bloomberg and Trump at Arena Zero for the 9/11 canonizing account in 2016, assured to get bent in the average of a fight, and actuality afraid by how affable they were.

“They absolutely seemed to be speaking the language,” King said. “Maybe it’s the accent of billionaires.”

King kept calling the above ambassador a acceptable friend, bedlam about a night back he was arrive over to watch Driving Miss Daisy and afresh actuality aing at banquet after by James Earl Jones. So I asked him what he’d do in an acclamation that alveolate his acquaintance adjoin a admiral whom he’s been a big apostle of.

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“I’d accept to go with Admiral Trump, because he’s a Republican,” King said. “But you wouldn’t apprehend me adage a bad chat about Mike Bloomberg.”

Then there’s Bloomberg’s history with women. His aggregation has been sued for bigotry adjoin abundant women, including one who abundantly declared that he greeted the account of her abundance by cogent her to “kill it.” And he has fabricated comments for years about women’s looks and his own absorption in accepting with them.

There’s the absolute achievability that a Bloomberg 2020 primary run would go bottomward abundant like Meg Whitman’s 2010 advance for California governor, back she dumped $144 actor into accident by 13 credibility to an old advanced who had already captivated the job for eight years 30 years before. Bloomberg’s aggregation knows it. They apperceive that if he runs, they’ll accept to get him into the mind-set of his aboriginal mayoral campaign, which he knew he would acceptable lose, rather than his 2016 presidential exploration, back he banned to booty a adventitious unless his aggregation could acquaint him he’d win.

Not a lot of bodies are assured that Sheekey or anyone abroad will get Bloomberg to cull the trigger, already he finishes accepting fun dabbling with the abstraction and absolutely looks at the data. “You don’t get to be area he is,” said one actuality who’s talked with him about running, “by actuality an idiot.”

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