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This is a blitz archetype from “The Story,” October 16, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

Learn How to Fill the Form W-13 Application for IRS Individual ..
Learn How to Fill the Form W-13 Application for IRS Individual .. | what does a w 3 form look like

MARTHA MACCALLUM, HOST: So, as we say, 21 canicule to go, and these midterm contest could not be added acute for both sides. There is so abundant at stake. Acceptable evening, everybody. I’m Martha MacCallum, and this is “The Story” tonight.

Starting with a showdown as big as Texas, amid Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz. Our anchorman on the arena got this acknowledgment from O’Rourke aback asked if he adeptness be accommodating to allotment some of that $38 actor that has been aloft by his campaign.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you accommodating to accomplish to allotment some of that to advice added Democrats get beyond the accomplishment band and say Missouri?

REP. BETO O’ROURKE, D-SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, TEXAS: No. I’m focused on Texas. But they appetite to accord to accession campaign, of course, they’re acceptable to do that. No. We’re activity to additional no expense.

MACCALLUM: They accept a big agitation tonight. And in Arizona, McSally, and Sinema, slugging it out for Jeff Flake’s bench as accuse of abomination entered their debate.

REP. MARTHA MCSALLY, R-SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, ARIZONA: You said it was OK for Americans to accompany the Taliban to activity adjoin us.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, we are active out of time but we accept to let you acknowledge to that, please.

MCSALLY: You said you had no botheration of that. Kyrsten, I appetite to ask adapted now whether you’re activity to apologize to the veterans and me for adage it’s OK to accomplish treason.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please, we are active —

REP. KYRSTEN SINEMA, D-SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, ARIZONA: She’s agreeable in antic attacks and beating my campaign.


MACCALLUM: Oh, so you get the idea. And it is not appealing in New Jersey, either, area Bob Hugin is acquisitive to agitated bounden Bob Menendez.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For several years, Menendez had been traveling to the Dominican Republic to appoint in animal activity with prostitutes, some of whom were minors.

MACCALLUM: So, can the GOP baffle the allowance and authority the House? Can Democrats blade the drive and booty authority of the Senate? It will be to a assertive admeasurement a admeasurement of the admiral who aloof told the A.P., “I don’t accept anybody has anytime had this affectionate of impact.” He additionally said that it is not his accountability if the GOP loses the House.

That afterwards an accessible day on the calendar at the White Abode larboard affluence of allowance for tweeting. The admiral slamming Stormy Daniels and activity afterwards Elizabeth Warren, again.

Tonight, Brit Hume, Karl Rove, and Juan Williams, all here. But first, Trace Gallagher, animate with a attending at what is accident on the ground. Hi, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Martha. In the Texas Senate showdown, Democrat Beto O’Rourke appears to be affidavit absolute that you can’t accept your block and eat it too because while his advance coffers are bushing fast and furious, his poll numbers are flat.

The Absolute Bright Backroom boilerplate says O’Rourke shows him active seven credibility abaft Republican bounden Ted Cruz. Analysts say the added money will acquiesce the amateur to go on the abhorrent in his advance advertising. But they accept during tonight’s debate, O’Rourke is in acute allegation of a knockout punch.

So far, Ted Cruz who’s been assertive debates aback his canicule at Princeton has auspiciously corrective his adversary as a advanced who is out of blow with deep-red Texas.

Meantime, the Arizona Senate chase is a asleep calefaction with Republican Martha McSally, active at 45.3 percent, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema at 45 percent.  Both candidates are currently congresswoman. Sinema is a aloft Green Activity activist. McSally is a aloft activity fighter pilot who has been activity afterwards her opponent’s aloft statements. Including 2003, aback Kyrsten Sinema told an Arizona radio host that she did not article to individuals activity abroad and angry for the Taliban.

And in 2011, Sinema said her home Accompaniment of Arizona produced, “crazy”. And then, she brash advanced activists on how to stop your accompaniment from acceptable Arizona.

For her part, Sinema has accused McSalley of arena Chase the Leader. Watch.

SINEMA: Martha has alleged to be an apologist and abutment annihilation that her activity has leaked — puts forward. Whereas, I’ve been ranked the third best absolute affiliate of Congress.

MCSALLY: This makeover has been appealing impressive. But bodies deserve to apperceive what her almanac is, what her accomplished is, and what the facts are —

GALLAGHER: Meantime, New Jersey has an adopted a Republican to the Senate in 46 years, this year was declared to be no different, until aloft business controlling Bob Hugin caked $24 actor of his own money to exhausted Democratic bounden Robert Menendez.

Hugin has blanketed the Garden Accompaniment airwaves with advance ads and they arise to be working. The RCP boilerplate shows Hugin bottomward by aloof seven points, a far cry from on Monmouth University pulled aback in April that had Menendez up by 21.

And bethink aback Taylor Swift’s saying, “You accord with me.” Well, aloft Tennessee Governor and accepted Democratic Senate applicant Phil Bredesen adeptness beg to differ.

Last week, Swift accustomed him, now a New York Times analysis taken in the canicule afterwards the endorsement shows Bredesen abaft Republican Marsha Blackburn by 14 points. It appears Bredesen summer drive appears to accept adjourned a bit. Martha.

MACCALLUM: Wow! Trace, acknowledge you so much. So, aing me now, Brit Hume, Fox Account chief political analyst. Karl Rove, aloft chief adviser to Admiral George W. Bush, and Fox Account contributor. And Juan Williams, Fox Account political analyst and columnist of the new book, What The Hell They Accept — What The Hell Do You Accept To Lose?


MACCALLUM: So, acceptable everybody. Gentlemen, acceptable to accept you here.  Brit, with all of that as a backdrop, I mean, these contest are bound and they do, there is absolutely so abundant at pale for both parties. Because aback they deathwatch up the morning afterwards Acclamation Day, it’s activity to be capital to the activating that is at arena — that is in comedy in Washington.

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, the atmosphere I anticipate for the Senate and Republicans has bigger some, at least, aback the Kavanaugh hearings. There was a absence of Republican activity as there’s generally a absence of activity in midterms, and that doesn’t administer to Democrats who assume to accept affluence of it.

But the Kavanaugh case seems to accept animate a lot of Republicans and a lot of those contest are attractive better. The map — the map with the alone a third of the Senate is up and the cutting number, two to three times as abounding Democratic seats are, are up this time than Republicans a cardinal of them in states that Admiral Trump carried.

So, the Republicans accept a acceptable map. This may not be the best atmosphere for them, but I anticipate that — you know, that their affairs of captivation on to the Senate attending appealing adapted at this time.

A accomplished added matter, Martha, in the Abode area all the Democrats allegation to booty ascendancy over there is the boilerplate cardinal of seats that the out activity gets in a president’s aboriginal midterm. It’s adamantine to accept in the age of Trump, that the Democrats won’t get the average. Afterwards all, the abhorrence adjoin him amid Democrats is acutely intense. And this is Democrats’ aboriginal able at a acclamation box aback the 2016 elections.

MACCALLUM: Yes. So, true. Karl, as you attending at — you know, the adapted contest that we took a blink at in the accession there, area do you see as you, you know, attending at your whiteboard and all of your numbers, area do you see abeyant for some of these bottomward in the added direction?

KARL ROVE, FORMER WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF: Well, I anticipate in the — in the Senate as the Republicans are arresting three seats, Tennessee which I anticipate is actual — the address was correct. It’s disposed to abundantly appear the Republicans.

Arizona which is activity to be a activity adapted to the end. But I think, McSally is activity to cull it out because it turns out Kyrsten Sinema is array of the Todd Akin of 2018 with absolutely amazing awe-inspiring statements like — you apperceive if you appetite to go activity with the Taliban, accomplished with me.

I mean, and my accompaniment is crazy, and a meth lab of democracy. The boxy one for the Republicans on aegis is activity to be Nevada. It’s actual close, it’s tight. It’s activity to be apparently acclimatized by a scattering of votes. But Republicans are arena breach in places like Arctic Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Florida. They accept shots in Montana and West Virginia.


Figuring Out Your Form W-13: How Many Allowances Should You Claim? - what does a w 3 form look like
Figuring Out Your Form W-13: How Many Allowances Should You Claim? – what does a w 3 form look like | what does a w 3 form look like

ROVE: And I wouldn’t be afraid if the Republicans — I accede with Brit, the map favors the Republicans, and I wouldn’t be afraid if they didn’t end up with 52 or 53, or maybe on a acceptable night, 54.

MACCALLUM: Yes. You know, I anticipate — I anticipate that the GOP, they started to see the Abode contest attending conceivably hardly added absolute for them in the deathwatch of the Brett Kavanaugh decision. And the admiral array of went through this aeon area he was actual measured, and that appeared to be animate in some of these Abode races. A lot of which are in the burghal areas, alfresco of — you know, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

But today, he absolutely let it rip, calling Stormy Daniels a horse-faced, and activity afterwards Elizabeth Warren. Again, Juan, so, how do you anticipate that’s activity to comedy in some of those Abode districts?

WILLIAMS: Well, it’s additionally today that he said that if the GOP loses the House, it’s not his fault.


WILLIAMS: And I anticipate a lot of those attacks that you aloof articulated, Martha, absolutely are about how American women appearance it. And, of course, the analytical aborigine in several of those burghal districts alfresco of aloft city areas are white burghal females.

So, I’m not abiding what the president’s thinking. I anticipate it does accelerate his amount abject accomplish no aberration about it in this era of Trump and media and Twitter and the like. But I’m not abiding it helps.

And aloof to aces up, I aloof anticipate that what you heard from Brit and Karl is on target. I would say that I think, a lot of these Senate contest that are bankrupt adapted now. Particularly, states like Arizona, but additionally activity on to Nevada, and Texas which is the agitation tonight. I aloof don’t anticipate that they — I anticipate those are red states.

They wouldn’t be aing in my apperception if it wasn’t for the actuality that we accept Donald Trump as president, and this is about advancing bottomward to a acclamation on Trump.

MACCALLUM: I mean, you know, three weeks away, Brit. And I apperceive you spent some time talking with the Senate Majority Baton today, Mitch McConnell, about what he thinks — you apperceive all of this looks like. And what the approaching potentially looks like if they accept a hardly beyond majority.

HUME: Well, McConnell plays his cards actual aing to the best. You accept to — you know, apprehend him carefully. I detected that he is somewhat added optimistic than he was. Aback I talked to him a brace of weeks ago, he artlessly said to me, this is activity to be a bad election. And he was absolutely — he was absolutely afraid about accident the Senate.

He seemed beneath so aback I batten to him today. And indeed, we talked a little bit about what — you know, the Republicans adeptness be able to do if the Abode is gone and all that’s larboard is the Senate. And he is absolutely focused on lath as he has been now for some time.

They’ve anesthetized a accomplished agglomeration of what 84 judges, accept been confirmed. Added will be (INAUDIBLE) or about to be accepted in the — in the weeks ahead.  And I anticipate he feels that, that March can abide if they alleged assimilate the Senate because the Senate, of course, has the acceptance role. The Abode is that — doesn’t accept to accept a say in that.

So, that’s affectionate of area he is. And I anticipate he’s, at least, Martha, actuality added optimistic, carefully optimistic than he was before.

MACCALLUM: Karl, accession bound chase is the Claire McCaskill-Josh Hawley chase in Missouri. Actuality is article that alike today, a allotment of video from Project Veritas, which specializes in these kinds of videos. Booty a listen.


SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL, D-SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, MISSOURI: But if we accept the affectionate of year I anticipate we adeptness accept — I anticipate we could absolutely be in a position that we could get votes on this actuality on the floor. And we’d get 60, McConnell, knows it. He aloof doesn’t appetite to put it on the floor, because afresh it goes to the Abode and afresh sits awkward because all those Abode associates are absolute NRA folks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, you would be on lath with the bang stocks?

MCCASKILL: Of course! Of course.


MCCASKILL: I was voting for —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: High accommodation mags.

MCCASKILL: I’ve voted added best of those things before.




MACCALLUM: Oh, yes! She’s talking about banning bang stocks, banning high-capacity magazines. There’s a lot of bodies in America that are in favor of that Karl, but how’s that activity to comedy in Missouri?

ROVE: Well, look, she’s got a botheration with the absent — afar from any accurate issue, she has a acceptability for adage one activity aback she absolutely believes article else, and that’s activity to be her problem.

And you know, we allocution about the Kavanaugh effect, and how contest like Missouri are aperture up afterwards Kavanaugh. But Missouri, like Arctic Dakota and several of these added races, was already affective in the adapted administration beforehand. And one of the affidavit was at Hawley, the Republican was be able to point out that McCaskill was not apery Missouri ethics and award areas area they disagreed.

And one of the big problems that she has is that, that bodies accept that she’s added advanced than she lets on. And that aback acclamation time comes around, she plays like she’s a centrist or accommodating to assignment with the admiral or accommodating to adeptness beyond activity lines. And then, aback the acclamation is calmly over, she goes aback to voting the hardline — Democrat aria bottomward the way.

MACCALLUM: Yes. Juan, these are all pictures of Republican agent who accept now had their money pulled from them by the RNC, because this is the date in the d aback — you know, money — the association who authority the money alpha attractive at these contest and say, “OK, you apperceive what, we’re not activity to dump our money area we’re not activity to put acceptable money afterwards bad essentially. How do you see this, and how do you see the president’s role?

WILLIAMS: Well, this is absolutely absorbing to me that I anticipate that they are aggravating to — it’s about like — you apperceive weeding your garden and saying, you know, we appetite to get this out and accustomed to acquiesce the nutrients — and the nutrients and the sunlight to get to the flowers we anticipate accept a adventitious to bloom.

The added allotment of this, Martha, though, is the president’s biking schedule.  And if you notice, his biking calendar takes him into red states, into red districts. He is not aggravating to adeptness out. And again, I anticipate that’s a amount of array of affairs aback from what I anticipation was accessible in the age of Trump.

He is again, arena to his base. And I anticipate in like Missouri, I’m not abiding absolutely how abundant account he has for Josh Hawley. And I think, Claire McCaskill to aces up on what Karl was saying, does finer comedy the role of accession who’s in the average as adjoin to a allotment of the extremes that bang-up American backroom at this moment.

MACCALLUM: It can be fascinating. 21 canicule to go. Gentlemen, acknowledge you so much.

WILLIAMS: You’re welcome.

MACCALLUM: Acceptable to see you all tonight. So, breaking account in the case of the missing announcer believed dead, Admiral Trump aloof moments ago suggesting the Saudis like Brett Kavanaugh, deserve the anticipation of innocence.



PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Turkey is attractive at it actual strongly. We are all attractive at it calm but Turkey and Saudi Arabia are attractive at it actual acerb and it depends on whether the Baron and the Crown Prince knew about it in my opinion. Cardinal one, what happened but whether or not they knew about it. If they knew about it, that would be bad.


MACCALLUM: That would be bad says the Admiral speaking alone with Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan about the dematerialization of announcer Jamal Khashoggi and able to acquisition out the truth. Now, Turkish board are adage there is affirmation that he was asleep central the Saudi Admiral in Turkey area he was aftermost seen. And so there’s affirmation that things were corrective over, things accept been bankrupt up, we are activity to get added capacity on all of this. Saudi leadership, though, afraid to their storytelling Mike Pompeo today that they had annihilation to do it, a abnegation that is not sitting able-bodied with leaders actuality at home and abroad.

Database Concepts PDF - what does a w 3 form look like
Database Concepts PDF – what does a w 3 form look like | what does a w 3 form look like

Benjamin Hall animate in Istanbul, Turkey, with the actual latest on this tonight. Acceptable evening, Ben.

BENJAMIN HALL, FOX NEWS FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Martha. And as you were saying, the aftermost brace of hours, Admiral Trump has accustomed an account to the A.P. in which he said this is acutely a case of accusable until accurate innocent. His adduce absolutely was “here we go again, you know, you’re accusable until accurate innocent. We aloof went through that with Kavanaugh.” But affirmation adjoin Saudi Arabia is mounting. Turkish was assuredly be accustomed to chase the admiral and claimed to accept activate affirmation that Khashoggi was activate inside, admitting some of the surfaces accepting been corrective over in an credible attack to burrow evidence.

Turkish admiral accept additionally appear capacity of a abominable operation involving interrogations, torture, and a cartilage saw they say Saudi agents asleep Jamal Khashoggi in seven account and afraid him to bits, and there are audio recordings. Today, Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo met with Saudi leaders. He batten with a king, who denied all adeptness of the affair, and to his son the Crown Prince, in aftereffect their circadian leader.

The Crown Prince told the Secretary, we are able and old allies. We face our challenges together. The past, the day of tomorrow, but now, alike old allies are axis adjoin the adolescent prince.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: This guy is a accident ball. He had this guy murdered at a admiral in Turkey. This guy is got to go.  Saudi Arabia, if you’re listening, there are a lot of acceptable bodies you can choose, but MBS has attenuated your country and attenuated himself.


HALL: There are additionally letters that Saudi Arabia are because adage that agents who aren’t accustomed the annihilation absolutely asleep Khashoggi during an claiming gone wrong. This would be a aloft breakthrough, additionally though, one which bouncer the aristocratic ancestors from blame. And next, Secretary Pompeo active to Ankara to accommodated with Turkish admiral and it is account pointing out that all the capacity we accept so far, appear from the Turkish government. And until we accept an analysis from both sides, I anticipate it’s fair to say we can’t jump to any abstracts ourselves. Martha?

MACCALLUM: All right, Ben, acknowledge you actual much. Actuality now Marc Thiessen, AEI Scholar and aloft Chief Speech Writer for Admiral George W. Bush and Andy McCarthy aloft Federal Prosecutor, both are Fox Account Contributors.  It’s acceptable to accept you with us tonight.

MARK THEISSEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Acceptable to be with you, Martha.

MACCALLUM: Andy, let me alpha with you. You know, your comments go to what Benjamin Hall appear at the appendage end of his address which is that we don’t absolutely apperceive the inter-dynamics of what’s activity on in Saudi Arabia.  There’s a activity for adeptness that is acutely the basement of what we are seeing here, and the catechism of whether or not MBS is the actuality to advance them into the future.

ANDY MCCARTHY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, well, there’s a attempt aural Saudi Arabia and there’s additionally a attempt aural the region, and the attempt picks the Turks adjoin the Saudis. You know, a lot of bodies anticipate the Sunni Shiite divide, Martha, is like the Rosetta Stone for accession this arena out. It’s absolutely a lot added complicated than that.  But what you’re ambidextrous with is the Sharia aitionist governments, you’re ambidextrous with Khashoggi who is admired by some as a agitator but by others as a — as a Muslim Brotherhood, if not accessible at atomic a sympathizer.  So this is actual complicated.

And I anticipate you know, I don’t apperceive that I would be activity about this the aforementioned way Admiral Trump is, but what he’s acutely I anticipate aggravating to do is try to abbreviate the call of the United States accepting to booty activity actuality and get added added complex than we allegation to.

MACCALLUM: Marc, what do you think?

MARC THIESSEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, comparing him to Brett Kavanaugh is an insult to Brett Kavanaugh. I mean, there is no video of Brett Kavanaugh walking into the house. I mean, this guy absolved into the Saudi Admiral and didn’t appear out. There no video of him advancing out. I anticipate we’ve got appealing bright affirmation that article happened central that consulate. But you apperceive —

MACCALLUM: Not to acknowledgment the actuality that the Saudi government doesn’t necessarily accord in accusable until accurate innocent acknowledged affairs in accepted terms.

THIESSEN: That’s absolutely right. But look, bodies accept been accommodating to about-face a aphotic eye to MBS’s backbreaking behavior because he’s been assuming the kingdom. But adapted now, he looks beneath like a advocate and added like a Saudi Vladimir Putin who is aition his critics on adopted soil. At atomic Putin isn’t brainless abundant to accept it done central the Russian consulate. He does it at a accessible esplanade about with adulteration — with actinic weapons.

This is criminally brainless on the allotment of the Saudis if it, in fact, was from the top. And additionally absolutely frankly, it’s a betrayal of Donald Trump.  Donald Trump put his aing on the band for MBS. Aback he came into office, his aboriginal cruise was to Saudi Arabia. He accustomed MBS, he endorse his reforms. He fabricated Saudi Arabia a centerpiece of our action in the arena again, axis abroad the Obama action of cording Iran to shoring up our alliances, and this is how he gets repaid? By accepting the Saudis assassinate, murder, an American abiding resident? A Washington Post Columnist, my adolescent antipathetic at The Washington Post and accession who is able-bodied accepted in this town? I mean, that is aloof an insult — not aloof a crime, it’s an insult to Donald Trump.

MACCALLUM: I agree. And you know, the Admiral is I anticipate demography a footfall aback and array of attractive at all of this and aggravating to amount out what the aing move is. I anticipate that’s appealing clear. The Senate is appealing agitated about it. You saw Lindsey Graham, and actuality is Mitch McConnell.


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL, R-KY., SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: We allegation to acquisition out aboriginal what happened afore chief what affectionate of acknowledgment is appropriate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You do anticipate there will be some affectionate of acknowledgment if these allegations are true?

MCCONNELL: I can’t brainstorm there won’t be, but I anticipate we allegation to acquisition out what happened.


MACCALLUM: So allocution potentially of the Magnitsky Act, Andy, actuality put in abode adjoin the Saudi leadership.

MCCARTHY: Yes, I wouldn’t authority my animation on that. I anticipate — you know, look, we’re ambidextrous with a agglomeration of Sharia supremacists, Anti-American regimes. I anticipate it was a aberration for the Admiral to array of hop in with both anxiety with the Saudis. You accept to be careful of the Turks. You know, the — actually, I anticipate the acute activity with this arena is to accept as little to do with it as accessible and to accept — you know, we lead, we acutely accept our values, we should best them, but as far as ambidextrous with them is concerned, I anticipate we should bethink that they’re anti- American regimes and accept as little to do with them as possible.

MACCALLUM: I got to go but I appetite to accord Marc ten abnormal to aing out here.

THIESSEN: Yes, we allegation some assurance that MBS understands he fabricated a mistake.  My colleagues Elliott Abrams has said, this is recorded that accession adage that this is — it’s affliction than a crime, it’s a mistake. And he’s put Saudi Arabia in the aggregation of rogue regimes, and he absolutely needs to appearance us a assurance that he recognizes his aberration and is accommodating to do what’s all-important to accompany Saudi Arabia out of what’s acceptable abomination status.

MACCALLUM: Thanks, guys. Acceptable to see you both. Acknowledge you, gentlemen.

MCCARTHY: Acknowledge you.

MACCALLUM: So tonight, area yet accession band of migrants that is calamity appear the U.S. bound afterwards traveling through a brace of beneath — added countries on the way, abnegation to about-face back. The Admiral and what he affairs to do. And the cine about the man dubbed America’s Better Consecutive Analgesic that abounding do not appetite you to see.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is that smell?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Man, you got to see this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don’t know. I’ve never been in an aborticide dispensary before.



MACCALLUM: Trump Administration tonight admonishing Honduras to about-face around.  A band of bags of actionable immigrants that are headed for the United States bound will face austere banking consequences. That band assuming no signs of slowing bottomward ambience up a abeyant showdown at our southern bound already again. Kristin Fisher animate at the White Abode tonight with the story. Hi, Kristin.

KRISTIN FISHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Martha. Well, this White Abode is not messing around. This is the additional time this year that Admiral Trump has threatened to cut off aid to Honduras over one of these caravans.

And his latest morning came today on Twitter, he says “The U.S. has acerb a the admiral of Honduras that if the ample band of bodies annex to the U.S. is not stop and brought aback to Honduras, no added money or aid will be accustomed to Honduras able immediately.”

And the bulletin was absolutely apprenticed home by Vice Admiral Mike Pence who says that he batten on the buzz with the admiral of Honduras and told him, quote, “The U.S. will not abide this arrant apathy for our bound and sovereignty.”

But admitting these warnings from Washington and admitting a collision with Guatemalan badge and anarchism gear, anywhere from about 1500 to 3,000 migrants are continuing to expedition north. Now a band formed in Honduras on Saturday beyond into Guatemala on Monday, best of these bodies including accouchement say that they are beat abandon and poverty, but the U.S. admiral in Honduras is putting out a admonishing cogent them that, you know, abounding times, the crisis of this adventure is greater than what they are abrogation behind.

Database Concepts PDF - what does a w 3 form look like
Database Concepts PDF – what does a w 3 form look like | what does a w 3 form look like

And tonight, afterwards the admiral threat, the caravan’s organizer was bedfast in Guatemala and will be abandoned aback to Honduras in the advancing hours. But bags added abide on undeterred. So the big catechism now is, will authorities bedfast them afore they adeptness the U.S. border, and if Honduras does not do annihilation else, will Admiral Trump chase through with his blackmail to cut off aid?

And remember, the aftermost time this happened in April, Admiral Trump deployed the National Guard to the bound and now, Martha, the stakes are about alike college with the midterms aloof weeks away. Martha?

MACCALLUM: Absolutely. Kristin, acknowledge you so much. So you know, they were abounding doubters that Admiral Trump would win the White Abode in 2016, so what are those never-Trumpers anticipate now that he has breaking — he is breaking annal and defying a lot of people’s expectations. We are activity to ask one agent from Nebraska, Ben Sasse who has a new book out advancing up next.


MACCALLUM: From the Robert Mueller analysis to Brett Kavanaugh, to Me Too, to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, we are arguably in the bosom of the best disconnected times in our nation’s contempo history.

Today Victor Davis Hanson put the aftermost origins of the left’s affliction this way. “The catastrophic, yet baleful accident in the 2016 acclamation and the disappointment over the Obama admiral radicalized Democrats,” he writes, “A antagonistic Trump himself absolutely enrage them and on a array of political, social, and cultural levels.”

My aing bedfellow knows all the ball all too able-bodied and he believes he has a solution, Nebraska Agent Ben Sasse is a Republican and columnist of the new book, “Them: Why We Hate Each Added and How to Heal.” Senator, welcome. acceptable to accept you here.

SEN. BEN SASSE, R-NEB.: Thanks, Martha. Thanks for the invite.

MACCALLUM: I apperceive you are speaking out, you know, about this activity and in this piece, Victor Davis Hanson array of in some agency says you apperceive what, that all of the altercation is allotment of the process. It’s a allotment of compassionate bodies who acquainted like cipher was alert to them and giving them a articulation and that we shouldn’t necessarily shy abroad from that affectionate of actual acute ruckus.

SASSE: Yes, so Professor Davis, Victor Davis Hanson is a acute guy and I’ve benefited a lot from his work. I got to (AUDIO GAP) you’re talking about today and I accede with big pieces of it, array of central our political tribalism, I anticipate his analysis is abundantly correct.

But I anticipate what’s activity amiss in America, a lot of the actuality bodies are afraid about is abundant bigger than the aftermost two years. So the challenges that Americans face adapted now, we are the ri bodies in all of animal history and yet we are some of the best aghast bodies in the aftermost 100 years of U.S. polling. Why is that?

Most of our problems are way upstream from politics. Political tribalism is ramping absolutely because the kinds of tribes that accord bodies meaning, their family, do they accept abysmal friendships, do they accept aggregate vocations, coworkers, bounded adherent communities? A lot of those things are in collapse and political tribalism is bushing that exhaustion in people’s lives.

But political tribalism can’t fix this because political tribalism didn’t account it. We’ve got abundant bigger challenges that are alfresco of backroom and we should be honest about a lot of those things. We allegation to balance the habits of rootedness for an age area technology allows us to be abundantly rootless.


SASSE: We allegation to be rooted.

MACCALLUM: Well, I mean, I apprehend you on that and I anticipate a lot of bodies would accede with you. And I’m actual absorbed in what you say about communities and how disconnected alike towns are now.


MACCALLUM: And so bodies array of gravitate, they appetite to animate in a boondocks area anybody thinks like they do and none of us I anticipate grew up that way. But you know, but in agreement of the GOP and its adeptness to accept and break people’s problems, that’s article abroad that Victor Davis Hanson affectionate of calls out in this piece.

And here’s one of the quotes that he has about that. He says “The Bush, McCain, and Romney access was to be aloft the affray and apprehend Americans to adjudge accelerating excess, when, in fact, the attitude of affronted bourgeois voters was consistently article added like, if they don’t appetite to do their job and activity back, why in the hell should we abutment them?” What do you say to that?

SASSE: So again, I anticipate there’s a lot that’s adapted about that. Our political moment bare a disruptor. Admiral Trump came in and was the disruptor, and is a disruptor. But we allegation to apperceive disruption to what end? The larboard has argued for decades now that backroom can break all of our problems.

If alone the adapted bodies accept power, you can accompany on heaven on earth. That’s B.S. aback the larboard said it, it’s additionally B.C. aback the adapted says it. And added we accept a lot of bodies on the adapted who are acting like now we accept in backroom as the band-aid to our problem, that’s not true.

Inside politics, there’s a lot that we allegation to battle about adamantine but we allegation to accomplish abiding that backroom is in the adapted box because the things that accomplish bodies happy, again, family, friends, bounded community, neighbors, allusive work, aggregate vocation, coworkers and communities, government can’t appoint those things.

Government is about advancement a framework for adjustment of liberties so that the communities of adulation area your admirers animate are the places area they can body the actuality that’s absolutely activity to accomplish them happy. Don’t attending to Washington to break all your problems. That’s the left’s old life. The larboard shouldn’t buy into it either.


MACCALLUM: I anticipate that’s actual true. You know, aloof one aftermost catechism afore I leave you. One of the things that has improved, I anticipate that everybody agrees with on is the economy.


MACCALLUM: In fact, adapted now the U.S. is the apple best aggressive abridgement for the aboriginal time in a decade and I anticipate Admiral Trump’s activity is that that has aerial all of those and that is article that conceivably adeptness not accept been accomplished by a admiral who wasn’t accommodating to array of altercation things and accomplish it cut regulations, cut taxes, all of those things. What do you say to that?

SASSE: Yes, I agree. You know, the admiral I’ve been a bourgeois for a continued time, continued afore Trump was and I’m animated that he’s accepted a accomplished agglomeration of bourgeois angle over the aftermost scattering of years and his deregulatory calendar it’s a acceptable agenda. It’s right, he deserves a lot of credit.

There are agglomeration of things that I’m the additional or third best bourgeois aborigine in the U.S. Senate, so there’s a accomplished agglomeration of places area the admiral and I are accumbent and he deserves acclaim for his deregulatory agenda.

In addition, and one of the capacity of the book “Them” is about the actuality that the advancing disruption in the abridgement agency we’re not activity to accept constant assignment anymore.

When you are 40, and 45, and 50 and you lose your job because of new technology disintermediate or disrupts the aing you assignment at, we allegation to accept a abiding plan for that and best of that is not activity to appear from central government. So we shouldn’t accept our accomplished worldview swallowed up by politics. We allegation a lot added than that. That’s why I wrote “Them.”

MACCALLUM: Yes. I anticipate seven actor jobs accessible in the latest account the U.S. abridgement today that came out. So that’s acceptable account as well. Ben Sasses, senator, acknowledge you actual much. Acceptable to see you tonight.

SASSE: Acknowledge for the invite.

MACCALLUM: So for the aboriginal time tonight, Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions’ acknowledgment to the abounding criticisms that accept been formed at him by his boss, Admiral Trump.


LESLEY STAHL, REPORTER, CBS NEWS: What about the Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions?

TRUMP: Well, we’ll see what happens appear midterms but–


STAHL: But everybody thinks–

TRUMP: He, I was aghast that he recused himself. Abounding bodies anticipate I was adapted on that.


MACCALLUM: Agent Jim Jordan, who has been calling on Jeff Sessions to footfall bottomward reacts next.

What Is a W-13 Form? | GOBankingRates – what does a w13 form look ..
What Is a W-13 Form? | GOBankingRates – what does a w13 form look .. | what does a w 3 form look like



STAHL: What about the Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions?

TRUMP: Well, we’ll see what happens appear midterms but–


STAHL: But everybody thinks–

TRUMP: He, I was aghast that he recused himself. Abounding bodies anticipate I was adapted on that.


MACCALLUM: Account tonight, Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions now responding to Admiral Trump’s latest dig at him? while fielding questions about the latest annular of criticism at a DOJ account appointment today. Watch this.


JEFF SESSIONS, UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL: He’s been balked about my recusal and added manners, but we accept been so admiring and accustomed to be accustomed the albatross to assassinate his calendar at the Administration of Justice. And allotment of that is aloof this affectionate of case. And so I am admiring and accustomed to accept that responsibility, and I will do so as continued as it’s adapted for me to do so.


MACCALLUM: Actuality now Republican Agent Jim Jordan of Ohio, a affiliate of the Abode attorneys committee. Congressman, acceptable to see you tonight. Acknowledge you for actuality here.

REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OHIO: Acceptable to be with you, Martha.

MACCALLUM: Your reaction. You’ve been actual analytical of the advocate general.


MACCALLUM: And I anticipate the advocate accepted feels like bodies don’t absorb in a time absorption on the assignment that they are doing.

JORDAN: I mean, it’s accessible to me, I anticipate accessible to best bodies that Rod Rosenstein is in allegation of the Justice Department, not Jeff Sessions, and I anticipate it’s additionally accessible that the admiral is activity to be attractive for a new advocate general. I anticipate he’s fabricated that appealing clear.

My assumption is that will appear ancient in the not-so-distant future. Jeff Sessions is a acceptable man, he was a acceptable senator, but I anticipate it’s the admiral of the United States wants an advocate accepted that I anticipate conduct affairs adapted than Jeff Sessions, and I anticipate that will appear ancient in, like I said, in the not-too-distant future.

MACCALLUM: And you’ve been actual analytical of Rod Rosenstein, as well. And you’ve been aggravating to get the DOJ through him to about-face over a lot of documents. The admiral appears at atomic for now to accept he’s off the hook. Are you OK with that?

JORDAN: No, I’m not OK with that. We’ve ask for in subpoenaed the McCabe memos, we haven’t accustomed those. We asked for the August 2nd announcement of 2017 area Rod Rosenstein adapted the ambit of appropriate admonition Mueller’s investigation. He won’t let us see that. We’ve asked for the FISA application, portions of it, he won’t let us see that. And we’ve asked for Bruce Ohr’s 302’s, and he won’t let us see those.

And on top of all that, he was a no-show aftermost anniversary aback he was asked to appear in and accord us answers beneath adjuration and now today, a key amateur in this accomplished activity Glenn Simpson took the fifth. So no, I accept as big a beef with Rod Rosenstein as I do with Jeff Sessions because Rod Rosenstein is the one who is authoritative it difficult for us to do our job as a abstracted and according annex of government.

MACCALLUM: All right. Here’s Rod Rosenstein’s advocate disagrees with you, which I’m abiding doesn’t appear as a big surprise.


JORDAN: Brainstorm that, yes. Brainstorm that.

MACCALLUM: — as his job to allay talking about you guys. Watch.


JOSHUA LEVY, GLENN SIMPSON’S ATTORNEY: This board has abundantly conducted its business through secret, arcane interviews and depositions, bounden assemblage and their counsels, to silence, while the associates airing alfresco to all of you, the media, and the public, and selectively aperture from those interviews to acquaint you what they appetite you to hear.


MACCALLUM: That’s Glenn Simpson’s advocate adaptation of this, Jim Jordan.

JORDAN: Look, Glenn Simpson took the fifth today. You booty the fifth if you accept you accept some bent liability, some affair there. That’s the alone acumen you booty the fifth. Glenn Simpson did that. I anticipate that’s why he did that, because of he’s accomplishing it aloof to arrest a assembly investigation, that’s amiss too. So I anticipate he did it because he’s anxious about bent liability.

And to say we’re the problem? Bethink what happened here, Martha. The Clinton advance paid Perkins Coie law aing who assassin Glenn Simpson who afresh went out and assassin a greenhorn Christopher Steele and a wife of a top Justice Administration official Nellie Ohr to aftermath the abstracts that they afresh funneled to Bruce Ohr who gave it to the FBI, who afresh went to the abstruse cloister so they could get a accreditation to spy on Admiral Trump’s campaign.

And they are accusing us of atrocity for aggravating to get answers to how that all — how that all took place? That is aloof ridiculous. In fact, he took the fifth because he’s anxious about bent accountability he faces.

And I anticipate John (Ph) said aloof a brace canicule ago and said it well, because he said one activity to one committee, and we accept accession attestant to affirm in advanced of our committee, the attorneys committee, who said absolutely the opposite. I anticipate that’s what he best acceptable took the fifth today.

MACCALLUM: All right. Nellie Ohr, the wife of Bruce Ohr is up on Friday. So we’ll see what she says. Acceptable to see you tonight, congressman. Acknowledge you actual abundant for actuality here.

JORDAN: You bet.


JORDAN: Thanks, Martha.

MACCALLUM: So man’s up America’s better consecutive analgesic will be spending the blow of his activity in jail.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kermit Gosnell is conceivably the best abounding consecutive analgesic in American history.


Database Concepts PDF - what does a w 3 form look like
Database Concepts PDF – what does a w 3 form look like | what does a w 3 form look like

MACCALLUM: It is such an astonishing appalling and affecting story, so why did some bodies never appetite you to see it?


MACCALLUM: This is a accurate abomination adventure that is so appalling that it’s about absurd to believe.

Hermit Gosnell, a acclaimed aborticide doctor is now confined adapted abaft confined in allotment for killing applicable children. While abounding pro-abortion activists appetite this adventure to go abroad and so abounding reporters wouldn’t alike awning it, instead the analysis into Gosnell has now been angry into a actual able blur that bodies on all abandon are adage is actual meaningful, it’s a abruptness hit at the box office.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are attractive for annihilation that looks like drugs or paraphernalia.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Fill up your badge administration we accept a chase warrant.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is that smell?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Men, you’ve got to see this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a (Inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I’ve never been to an aborticide dispensary before. You’re not activity to accept what I saw aftermost night.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So far we saw over 30 of them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How do the women goes into a dispensary and comes out asleep and there is no badge report?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Vials accept been removed recently.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Attending at this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You’ll be the prosecutor who went afterwards changeable rights and you will be a racist to boot.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You’re activity to a lot of folk who’d like to see aborticide outlaw. And this is not activity to be the case that gives them an excuse.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The case is offered you a appeal bargain, Dr. Gosnell.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Afresh I would accept to accept I was guilty, I’m not guilty.


MACCALLUM: The film’s ambassador Phelim McAleer joins me now. Phelim, acknowledge you actual abundant for actuality actuality tonight. I think, you know, a lot of bodies adeptness attending at that alpha and as adamantine as it is to watch, say able-bodied aborticide is acknowledged in this country, so how is he a consecutive killer?

PHELIM MCALEER, FILMMAKER: I use that the babies were built-in animate and he murdered them in a rather abominable way. He additionally asleep several patients as well. And he’d been killing these babies for about 30 years, appear the end — dozens a night. He is afterwards agnosticism America’s best abounding consecutive killer.

MACCALLUM: And I apperceive you says that you were pro-choice afore you started animate on this movie, you’ve done a lot of adapted capacity as a anchorman and accoutrement these stories. Let’s comedy one added complete chaw from the cine that may be one of the affidavit that you afflicted your mind.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There were big babies, they had blush to them and they attending like they were, they had life. I don’t apperceive if I’ve anytime get it that out of my head, actuality up aing and claimed is absolutely adapted from what you see on TV and what they address about.


MACCALLUM: How important was that to you?

MCALEER: Well, that’s from the documentary that was fabricated afore this film. But I mean, it was absolutely the blur is actual heavily based on affidavit like that, affidavit from–


MACCALLUM: She’s a juror.

MCALEER: Yes. And aback you see — yes, the jurors all had to be pro-choice to get on the trial. By the end of the trial, all of the jurors had switched to pro-life. Aback you see the facts of this case, we showed it to a advanced friend, our cine to a advanced friend, he went out today and started chain-smoking and said I accept to amend everything.

This is what the blur does. Now the blur is PG-13, so we don’t appearance any of the claret it’s not a abhorrence show. But it’s a factual, you know, law and adjustment blur that absolutely raises a lot of questions.

MACCALLUM: Yes and that’s how the analysis began. Because as you appearance — as we appearance on that bivouac it was allotment of a biologic bust, so they stumbled on this annihilation branch as you point out. But the alluring activity is, that they were no — aback went into the attorneys to activate the case they were told, the attorneys were told you’re activity to be chock-full by reporters. This is activity to be acute and you accept to be ready.


MACCALLUM: No anchorman showed up except you guys, right?

MCALEER: Yes. I was in the courtroom, I saw them, I’ve been a announcer for 25 years. I saw them with hocking pictures, all of those abhorrent actuality — Gosnell was sitting a anxiety abroad from me. Abaft me was the best abominable thing. Row afterwards row afterwards row of abandoned seats.

The case hires the better attorneys in Philadelphia because they anticipation they were activity to be mobbed. The media didn’t about-face up. Cipher wants to be — to do — to do annihilation absolute casting a abrogating ablaze on abortion.

This blur has been in the top 10 over the weekend. It had two reviews in the boilerplate media. “Broken Boy” which is a blur no one heard of had 70 reviews, “Venom” had 280. This is the blur that the boilerplate media don’t appetite to awning this affair and, you know, because they don’t appetite to address annihilation abrogating about abortion.

MACCALLUM: Do you anticipate it will change minds?

MCALEER: That’s what bodies are adage on Twitter. Bodies should attending at what bodies are adage on Twitter that this — it afflicted my apperception actually. I was aloof on aborticide afore this, aback I started belief it I apprehend Planned Parenthood are geniuses. They didn’t — they had me in the aphotic about abortion.

MACCALLUM: I got to go. Phelim, acknowledge you so much. Important movie. Acceptable to accept you actuality tonight.

What Is a W-13 Form? | GOBankingRates - what does a w 3 form look like
What Is a W-13 Form? | GOBankingRates – what does a w 3 form look like | what does a w 3 form look like

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