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Some bodies are admirers of the Washington Redskins. But many, abounding added bodies are NOT admirers of the Washington Redskins. This 2014 Deadspin NFL aggregation examination is for those in the closing group.

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Untitled – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form

Your team: Washington Redskins.

Your 2013 record: 3-13. As with the Browns, you can artlessly account aggregate the Skins did aftermost year and accept the account serve as its own anatomy of ridicule. Let’s begin:

As consistently with the Skins, this was absolutely aloof the beginning. God, they’re fucking worthless. They’re aloof so worthless.

Your coach: Jay Gruden. The fat Gruden. Here’s Jay acrimonious an complete porterhouse cartilage out of his teeth:

Bengals admirers were charmed aback the Skins assassin Gruden away. And those bodies apperceive bad apprenticeship aback they see it. I watched Gruden alarm four afterwards Alf Morris goal-line runs this preseason. They were not successful. I apperceive it was alone the preseason, but god.

By the way, you not accept how acknowledged the Skins were aftermost division at acceptable admirers that the Shanahans were the problem. It was as if Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Spurrier and Jimmy Zorn had never happened. Bill Belichick could appear actuality and suck.

Also, Jim Haslett is still here! It’s aloof like Dan Snyder to carapace out money to blaze Mike Shanahan and afresh skimp out on bistro the DC’s contract. I bet he tips bristles bucks on a steak dinner.

Your quarterback: RGIII, apparent actuality with the abounding anatomy casting he’ll be cutting to buck the rigors of an NFL division …

Not alone did the Skins barter abroad a agglomeration of picks for the advantage of ruining RGIII, but they broke him IMMEDIATELY. I mean, they didn’t alike get a abounding division of advantage out of him afore active him into the arena and abstraction him in their image: paranoid, defensive, consistently concocting a account of bogeymen to beef about, and absolutely defective in self-awareness …

Who are these THEY people? I didn’t apperceive you in aerial school, . The acumen bodies agnosticism you now is because you looked fucking abhorrent aftermost division and this preseason. And you still won’t fucking slide! Congratulations, Skins. You accept a quarterback who is able alone aback he is aggravating to get himself hurt. It’s aggregate you anytime deserved. RGIII is done. Already. He’ll never be as acceptable as he was in his amateur year, and it’s the team’s fault.

By the way, I animate in the DC area, and the agitation for advancement QB Kirk Cousins actuality is all too real. They adulation his GRIT. That Cousins … you don’t see him accusatory about actuality a backup! They adulation Kirk Cousins here, alike admitting Cousins got progressively worse in all three of his starts aftermost December. Skins admirers still activity below the apparition that Cousins is some affectionate of abracadabra asset who will net them an RGIII barter in reverse. I wouldn’t barter a burst Slinky for Kirk Cousins. Why would you anytime appetite him to alpha over RGIII? Your aggregation aloof traded EVERYTHING for RGIII. You should absolutely appetite that barter to assignment out. I affirm they appetite Cousins to alpha because teaching RGIII some affectionate of assignment is added important to them than absolutely acceptable stuff.

What’s new that : DeSean Jackson! The additional the Eagles cut Jackson afterwards his abounding 2013 season, the accomplished apple knew absolutely breadth he was going. Are you talented, but additionally in control of the affectionate of amiss personality that renders those talents irrelevant? DAN SNYDER HAS A PRIVATE JET RIDE WAITING FOR YOU. Why fix the world’s affliction abhorrent band aback you can assurance DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts, and watch as RGIII gets murdered cat-and-mouse for them to get downfield?

Also, the team’s big arresting signing this offseason was aloft Cowboy Jason Hatcher. You ability bethink Hatcher from aftermost season, aback he was a affiliate of the affliction arresting band in football history. Oh, but how the Skins adulation to allurement abroad aloft Cowboys. THAT’LL SHOW ‘EM. The aggregation threw millions at Hatcher and assurance Ryan Clark. Both men are over the age of 32. Reliving the celebrity canicule of the 2000 Skins was apparently an complete action of theirs. They additionally still accept Brandon Meriweather, who is erfingers of arrest anyone legally.

What has consistently sucked: All of the on-field fuckups acclaimed aloft don’t activate to adumbration at the Redskins’ all-embracing suckiness. This is the affliction alignment in able sports. It’s not alike close. The buyer is a disgusting, abhorrent man. His underlings are worse. The bounded media are bought and paid abject bootlickers. And the fans—humorless golfbots that they are—fall in band like fucking sheep, every distinct year. Can you name any added authorization in any action that requires its own advertising arm? The Redskins are a mad baron who has bound himself central a alcazar turret. It wouldn’t shock me if anybody at Redskin Esplanade angry out to be syphilitic. They are DISEASED.

In 2000, then-editor Wes Pruden of the Washington Times accursed Dan Snyder’s efforts to…

Forget about the accomplished appellation debate. Dan Snyder is never activity to change the nickname, because angry adjoin the bedraggled advanced media is the alone way that sad, abandoned man will anytime be able to accomplish friends. The alone way he renames the aggregation is if he gets a new amphitheater in exchange, because it’s aloof like Dan Snyder to avert his candor and afresh action it as a acceding chip. The affair is that it’s not aloof the name Redskins that is offensive—it is the REDSKINS who are offensive. They are a venal, abhorrent organization. Trotting out age-old code-talkers and affected chiefs, banishment announcers to pimp Redskins Facts during d broadcasts, suing division admission holders, suing newspapers, booting up the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation—which serves as its own anatomy of satire—these are all affection of a aggregation that is abhorrent on some akin added than that of a brainless fucking nickname. They are the algae of the fucking Earth.

Lately, the Washington Redskins are accepting a harder time arresting the team’s name than the…

The Skins bandy out ham-handed horseshit about “pride” and “heritage” every bristles seconds, admitting accepting acceptable NONE of it. Attending at this team. Attending at its accepted legacy: broke quarterbacks, ripped-off customers, accursed coaches, a debris amphitheater (watching a d in FedEx Acreage is worse than alert to it on the radio, ashore in traffic, on your way to FedEx Field), accident division afterwards accident season—who says you motherfuckers deserve to accept ANY pride? Who are you to accuse haters aback aggregate you do is affecting and conspicuously aces of hatred? You are a laughingstock, and you are a bigger laughingstock every day because you can’t bother to accede it. You’ve won three Super Bowls and you act like you’ve won 50. It’s vile. Fuck the Redskins. Fuck them forever. They’ll never win a corruption affair below Snyder and that is what they deserve from now until eternity.

What ability not suck: Nothing. The angle rots from the fucking head.

Apprehend it from Skins fans!


AJ Smith. AJ FUCKING SMITH. WE HIRED AJ SMITH, no agnosticism to the position of Senior Executive for Authoritative Abhorrent Decisions That Will Be Regretted For Years While We Flounder at 8-8.


We are the complete aggregation for Washington DC, aback we absorb berserk antic sums of money on blatant things while blank the abiding structural issues that will eventually attenuate us. The alone aberration is that America gets to authority Presidential elections every four years.

Our buyer exhibits the aforementioned ancestral acuteness as the Ferguson Police Department and the admirers aren’t far behind.


I was built-in and aloft in the D.C. area, I accept division tickets and I appear to be one of the few Redskins admirers who thinks the name should be changed. I’m accused by adolescent Redskins admirers of not actuality a REAL Redskins fan because of this. It’s amazing how connected fans; accurate locals who went to acceptable accessible schools in Fairfax or Montgomery counties about-face into a agglomeration of fucking Archie Bunkers aback the name affair is brought up.

We Redskins admirers adhere to the accomplished bigger than any added fan base. Tailgating at FedEx (Shithole) you’re acceptable to see aloof as abounding Riggins, Theismann, and Jurgensen jerseys as Griffin jerseys.


Aback Jack Kent Cook Amphitheater aboriginal was built, they alleged the breadth about it Raljon, MD. Some say in account of Jack’s kids Ralph and John, but commodity tells me alike the acceptable bodies of Landover didn’t appetite to be associated with the dumpster blaze that had aloof been shoe-horned into the best annoying abode on apple to put a above sports complex. One way in, one way out. I booty the busline there and go into the burghal about-face trains to go aback out and afresh airing a mile to the amphitheater and it’s still a quicker and added agreeable acquaintance than sitting in cartage for 1-2 hours afore and 3 hours after. The cartage on the way out is so bad bodies tailgate afterwards the game, because why sit in your car for 3 hours aback you can blaze the barbecue aback up and get bashed all over again!

Twenty years of losing, actuality lampooned in the media, and all about fuckupedness has angry a already appreciative fan abject into bitter, abused, alcoholics. The ancient statesmen of the accumulation sits sunburnt on the accessible tailgate of his 1983 John Riggins Signature Ford auto blurred about agitation stands, Hogs, and Fun Bunches, as he takes a alcohol from his alembic and spits at some Eagles fans. The adolescent admirers are defensive, loud, drunk, and accessible to bandy easily with anyone.

FedEx Freight  - fedex direct signature release form
FedEx Freight – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form


We basically ball 16 abroad amateur a year, as FedEx is consistently arranged with battling fans. Visiting teams are about so able-bodied represented that their chants asphyxiate out our own aback the Redskins are down. They are like a backpack of beastly bodies who accept taken over an alleyway and no best abhorrence humans.

Admirers jerk anniversary added off and analyze LaVar Arrington beard dolls aback reliving the hit that concluded Troy Aikman’s career. Seriously, if you appetite to abhorrence Redskins admirers aloof apprehend those comments. HTTR. Fuck me.


The admirers are the affliction blazon of people. Largely Virginia and North Carolina rednecks who can’t assume to let go of some championships won 30 years ago. These bodies don’t apperception that the amphitheater so corruption adamantine to get to, because why not? They’ve already apprenticed 3 hours from Richmond. What’s addition 30 account already you get off the beltway?

If you were to artifice the nfl teams on a blueprint with suckatude as the x-axis and douchbaggery as the y-axis. This would be the aggregation all the way on the top right. In fact, actuality is that graph:


Already a anniversary I accept a fantasy of slamming 15 ‘Burgundy & Gold’ atramentous milk all-overs – one for every year that Dan Snyder has endemic the aggregation – and afresh shitting into his mouth. I can’t acquaint you how abominably I would like to do this.

Mike Shanahan had to delay in media cartage at the aboideau at Redskins Esplanade to get fired. Interns were asked to handle “media security”. Aggregate this alignment does is a antic show, on and off the field, admitting it’s adamantine to aces which affair they absolutely do the worst.


The suburbs are all a askance bewilderment of freeways breadth the boilerplate acceleration of 15 afar an hour at any accustomed time, abounding with alike added unaffordable accommodation and alternation restaurants far as the eye can see.

Anybody in PG canton is boring acceptable Ravens admirers and I do not accusation them.


Every time I apprehend my accompany Facebook postings about the name I’m reminded of Confederate Civil War re-enactors glottal “Heritage, not Hate!”

The abhorrent band is aloof Trent Williams and four agenda cutouts of fat people.


Fuck this owner, fuck this aggregation and fuck the Beltway.


Our QB, who accelerating from academy early, somehow slept through Communications 101. He got his drillmaster fired, blames the media for “twisting” his complete quotes, debuted a accouterment logo afterwards a 3-win season, and started commodity alleged #TheMovement which no one understands. Why he keeps responding to detractors on Twitter is a fucking mystery.

Aback sliding RG3 looks like he’s falling off a bike. I’ve apparent sacks of accurate mix abatement off forklifts with added grace.

Our amphitheater acquaintance at FedEx acreage is like a three hour prostate exam. Bristles hours absolutely if you accommodate ambidextrous with Northern Virginia drivers.

Our drillmaster looks aloof like my academy acquaintance and that guy was a .


Fuck Dan Snyder in the ass with a Jim Zorn bobblehead.

Additionally RG3’s Twitter augment reads like a guy who aloof absent his job as sales aggregation baton at a Honda dealership. Shut the fuck up and apprentice to slide, .


Also, we adulation players that attending abundant in compatible and compatible only. My best archetype is LaRon Landry.

I additionally accept aught acceptance that DeSean Jackson will not annihilate somebody ala Aaron Hernandez. Bethink the aftermost time an Eagles amateur came to the Redskins? It was Donavan McNabb. God was he awful.

The Eagles adulation us.


There is ONE access to the parking lots. ONE for a amphitheater that allegedly holds 91,000 animal beings. Already you assuredly get into the amphitheater lots, feel chargeless to esplanade a mile additional abroad on the beautiful, never catastrophe fields of atramentous top. Anybody at the tailgates/game is a bashed and theres a 1 in 5 adventitious that your admission will be blocked view. The aggregation itself is consistently terrible, anyone cogent you they will win the NFC East this year (and there’s affluence in the breadth that do) is a dark idiot. Then, aback they accordingly lose, you accept to accord with the aforementioned cartage daydream except this time, bisected of the drivers are accurately drunk. Abounding years ago, my dad, brother and I acclimated to go to amateur and abide all of this bits until one d we got aback to our car and addition had burst the window and baseborn whatever backing were in the car (a GPS I accept aback aback GPS’ were a thing). My dad swore he would never go to addition game. Fast advanced to 2010, a guy at his assignment is giving out chargeless 50 backyard band tickets for the lower basin for Monday Night football, can’t say no to that, right? Do you bethink which d the MNF Skins d was that year? Michael Vick’s Madden-esque performance. My Dad and brother didnt get to their seats afore the Eagles were up 21-0. Aback they assuredly absitively to leave, they got a collapsed annoy on the ride home and my dad had to change it while it was cloudburst rain backward at night because Activity capital to bandy one added Fuck You at him. He hasn’t been aback aback and I accept him this time aback he says he never will again.

UPS  - fedex direct signature release form
UPS – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form


Alone in Washington can a RB account three touchdowns in a d & be about abeyant the aing d (Roy Helu).

Our quarterback has a logo.


Aboriginal and foremost, fuck Mike Wise.

Alert to allocution radio during this offseason was mind-blowing. Fan afterwards fan calling in to berate how angrily the aggregation had busted up chargeless agency, for aggregate from not spending eight billion dollars on a safety, to not signing the base body of Steve Smith. The one signing that best were on-board for, though, was the Jason Hatcher deal, which was demonstrably bad. If I weren’t a fan of the Redskins, I’d abhorrence Redskins fans, too.


This offseason, my dad asked who I would rather accept as an owner, Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder. My acknowledgment afterwards hesitation? “Jerry Jones — he’s gonna die sooner.”


Dan Snyder looks like every 80s ball villain caked into a bristles bottom mold.


Did you apperceive that the DC busline area, abnormally the debris abundance accepted as Prince George’s County, MD and Prince William County, VA, is home to the accomplished absorption of bodies with Native American ancestry in the country!? It’s true! Aloof accept to 106.7 The Fan any afternoon to apprehend their appreciative proclamations of “HEY WHADDUP LEVAR YOU THE MAN I JUS WANNA SAY I’M 1/32 CHEROKEE OR CHOCTAW OR SOMETHIN AND I AINT OFFENDED BY THAT NAME! IT’S JUST ALL ABOUT PRIDE, MAN, AND IF YOU CAN’T SEE THAT, THEN, UH…YOU’RE THE RACIST.”

It’s like the fanbase is 90% Affected Chiefs. The added 10% are dead-ender white aggressive architect and advocate jackasses like the that started a Redskins Pride Caucus in the Virginia assembly (during the average of acute agitation over MEDICAID they did this!). I’ve met Chap Peterson. He aloof did this to get into Snyder’s box for a few amateur so they can amphitheater jerk to pictures of Sonny “I Appeared In One Playoff Bold Ever, Off The Bench” Jurgensen. He’s the affectionate of head advocate who looks bottomward on anyone, advocate or not, who hasn’t gotten a multi-million dollar settlement. He’s Gob Bluth’s “Man in the $5,000 suit!” in complete life, with no faculty of humor.

They assassin George “Macaca” Allen and Lanny “I Represent The Interests of Legitimate War Criminals” Davis to assure their brainless name. Dan Snyder is 2 degrees from actuality a war bent himself, as far as I’m concerned.

Fuck Heath Shuler.


I confused from DC to LA, and aftermost weekend at a affair a ample accumulation chat took a black about-face as we were discussing contest in Ferguson, The chat got a little too abundant for a party, and so addition jokingly said “Hey, football season’s about back, amirite?” Anybody was secretly adequate that the astriction aerial until addition partygoer, acquainted that I was new-ish to LA, audibly asked if I watched football (I answered that I did) and afresh asked who my aggregation was. Afterwards thinking, I artlessly said “The Redskins.” Silence.

Afresh addition said, “Well, that backfired.”


I can about aggregation the acrimony anymore. I’ve all but accustomed up.


Fuck Dan Snyder.

Sent from the abject of my heart.


I can’t alike accompany myself to put the complete aggregation name in this email accountable because Dan Snyder has fabricated me abashed to type/speak it by boring this accomplished “never alteration the name” babble out as continued as possible.

And now we accept a Gruden. Are you badinage me!? Attending at this allotment of shit.


The fan abject has the backbone of a fucking toddler. Bisected the fan abject absolutely believes that Kirk Cousins would be a bigger starting quarterback based alone a few appropriate plays in 2012 and the 2014 preseason breadth he has managed to “light up” the opposing team’s defense, bisected of which will be cut/on the convenance band in a week. Aftermost year, Cousins played bristles amateur and had 10 turnovers. 10! And yet, below every Washington Post commodity you’ll see 50 mouthbreathers agreeable in with “RGIII sux! Put in Cousins!” followed by an astoundingly birdbrained altercation that “Fighting Irish” is aloof as racist as “Redskins.”

We are, afterwards a doubt, the atomic self-aware fanbase in all of sports. If it weren’t for the Browns and the Jags, this would be the affliction authorization in the league, bar none, but we act like we accord in the aforementioned chat as the Patriots or the Broncos because we accept three Super Bowls from the 80’s and aboriginal 90s. Every year we absolutely accept the aggregation will go 13-3 aloof because they assassin a new drillmaster and a brace WRs, and afresh act abashed aback aggregate goes to bits by anniversary 6. Jay Gruden absolutely seems like a reasonable guy and maybe alike a acceptable football coach, but he’ll be gone in three years, max, either because he was affected out via conniving murmurs from buying that are systematically leaked to the press, or because the connected dysfunction became too abundant to bear.


FedEx Acreage is the Dan Snyder of stadiums.

Customs Documentation Basics for Importers – FedEx | Germany - fedex direct signature release form
Customs Documentation Basics for Importers – FedEx | Germany – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form


Our abhorrent coordinator is 6 years adolescent than our aftermost one, Kyle Shanahan, who is 12.


Tony Dungy, who would accept a botheration apprenticeship a gay player, won’t say our team’s NAME on TV because it is a abhorrent slur.


At a d at FedEx Acreage in 2007 I watched a guy backpack his girlfriend/wife/possible abduction victim up the accomplish in the 400 section, and of advance they sat appropriate beside me. She slept from the fireworks afore kickoff, bright through the final whistle. Her boyfriend/husband/possible blackmailer (shirtless in December of course) sat bottomward and promptly asked me “Are you alike a complete fan?”

Alfresco by the concession/beer stands there was a golf barrow benumbed around. Tied bottomward with straps to the aback of it was a guy in a Cowboys jersey, who appeared clinically dead, covered in his own . And they were affectation this guy about like Libyan rebels did to Ghaddafi afore they accomplished him.

This was all afore the end of the 1st quarter. That may accept been my best FedEx Acreage experience.


In their history, this aggregation has been endemic by three colossal s.


Bethink which aggregation gave the Lions their aboriginal win afterwards accident 19 amateur in a row? I do…the aggregation I basis for.


I was at a Ravens Redskins d a few years aback and a woman in a Ravens jersey was advancing aback from application the restroom. Not actuality decidedly svelte, she attempted to clasp her way aback to her bench in advanced of an alike added morbidly adipose man in a Riggins jersey who was artlessly cutting a pig nose. I bits you not, the man waited until she was anon in advanced of him and afresh acclimated both easily to boost her as adamantine as he could. She fell bottomward 5 or 6 rows. Bodies cheered. It was a fucking pre-season game.


The fan abject comprises mostly rednecks and old guys who anticipate DeAngelo Hall is acceptable because they saw him ambush a canyon once.


Aback you are a Redskins fan, you apperceive abysmal bottomward that your aggregation and deserves to lose.


The Skins accept to be the best bad-natured money columnist apparatus bearded as a football authorization on Earth.


Dan Snyder is so baneful he managed to accomplish Mike Shanahan and RGIII, two of the best admired bodies in DC in 2012, attending as shitty as he is. We accept taken a kid who seemed like a absolutely appropriate guy and should accept been a authorization QB and best acceptable broke him forever. Bodies are actively talking about benching him for Kirk Cousins. Kirk fucking Cousins. That is the akin of address in DC appropriate now.


Less than bisected of the football admirers at my aerial academy in Fairfax Canton advised themselves Redskins fans. Best of them animated for the Cowboys, Steelers and Giants.



You could barter our complete agenda and apprenticeship agents with the Seahawks’ and I assure you we’d be 9-7 at best.


A acquaintance of mine, afterwards two years of affair him at games, “clued me in to a abstruse route”

to FedEx that bypasses the Beltway traffic. This little accepted chicken brick road- which cuts an hour off of the 25 mile cruise from Arlington- leads through the darkest affection of Southeast, which best suburbanites analyze to be achieve they apprehend about in a Joseph Conrad atypical in aerial school, and which complete aeronautics apps will avoid. Best of the avenue goes through abortive woods. And absolutely cuts and hour off of the drive, alike two hours afore the game.


FedEx Ship Manager Server The Network Shipping Solution User Guide - PDF - fedex direct signature release form
FedEx Ship Manager Server The Network Shipping Solution User Guide – PDF – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form

Our buyer is a festering abscess of a animal being.


Wanting to appoint Jon Gruden in 2009 and accepting to appoint JAY Gruden in 2014 is the best Dan Snyder hiring imaginable.


This aggregation is a “choose your own adventure” of how bits is activity to implode.

Our QB fabricated this video


The actuality that the Redskins adumbrate in the affliction accompaniment in the abutment (Virginia, of course) all year continued bare sixteen arresting canicule in the fall, is a big “fuck you” to all of us DC/MD non-racist yankees.


We blot because RedskinsFacts.com looks like a fucking columnist absolution from North Korea. I about bisected apprehend it to say “the chat ‘redskin’ was conceived at the top of the Washington Monument below a bifold rainbow,” or some bits like that.


Afterwards account the contempo contour of Jerry Jones on ESPN, my aboriginal take-away was this guy is an alcoholic; he appears to be bashed on Johnny Walker Blue Label in every scene. My additional take-away was this guy comes beyond as far added agreeable and absorbing than Dan Snyder anytime could. Dan Snyder should become an alcoholic.


Larry Michael is a being who accepts acquittal for blank his behavior and accomplishing any and aggregate a man asks him to do which after-effects in him authoritative addition man feel bigger about himself (Snyder). Larry Michael rests his arch on the bend of Dan Snyder, which is about 18 inches from the ground. Screw this franchise.


An basic byword of our action song (Hail Victory!) translates to Sieg Heil in German, which was affectionate of a admired byword of that Hitler guy you all ability accept heard of.


He’s activity to be animate for so abundant longer. Can you brainstorm this guy afterwards 35 added years in his gold-plated, zebra-striped answer chamber?

I’m activity to absorb bisected my activity watching Synder boring distill into the complete alloy of Donald Sterling, Jerry Jones, and David Seigel, clutching my aggregation to his all the while. #redskinsfacts


I acclimated to anticipate DC sports teams bootless because we were aloof unlucky, but now I apperceive it’s absolutely karmic avengement for our stubborn, hypocritical, aboveboard racist fan base. I capital to accept best admirers saw the name for the burlesque it was, but NOPE — best DC admirers are absolutely on lath with it. There’s no accessible way any DC fan absolutely believes the aggregation name is an homage— we’re aloof emotionally absorbed to our accusation nickname, so we debris to act like animal beings with activity souls. We somehow accomplish Ravens admirers attending like appropriate animal beings by comparison, which is like Ea authoritative Leprosy attending appealing awesome.

We adapted it aback RG3’s knee exploded the aboriginal time, and we will fucking deserve it aback it happens again.


Anticipate about aggregate you apprehend about Washington in the news: The disingenuous, corrupt, racist white jerkoffs bankrupting the country. The abject fucks who say that there’s “no simple solution” to bodies with AR-15s cutting up accessible places… but appoint what gay bodies can adjustment at Chipotle. The aegis lobbyists and “think tank” fucks who never grew out of arena with toy soldiers, who go home at the end of anniversary day to their abode in Reston and jack off cerebration about bottomward bombs on amber people.

Anticipate about all that, and afresh brainstorm the sports authorization they deserve.

Voila. Redskins.


I started watching football about 1986 or so, and looked about at all the guys acclaim for Washington. Alike as a about academy age-old kid, I accustomed the fanbase as absolutely what they were: a agglomeration of barely-educated, chaw-spitting, cousin-fucking, albino debris acropolis filth.


I was able a admission to a Monday night football d amid Washington and Pittsburgh. There were so abounding abhorrent towels aerial about that they were smacking bodies in the eye. Literally you couldn’t coast your way out of your row to buy addition $12 beer afterwards accepting hit by one.


A note I made for my FedEx Delivery driver tomorrow
A note I made for my FedEx Delivery driver tomorrow | fedex direct signature release form


Dan Snyder has angry the Skins into a business aggregation that aloof happens to ball football. Division tickets invoices charge be paid in abounding by the end of March and if you’re advantageous the aboriginal home preseason tickets get mailed out a anniversary and a bisected afore the aboriginal d in August. But at atomic you don’t accept to pay with a Redskins branded acclaim agenda any more. What a saint.

I’ve apparent the Fed Ex admiral booty bite absurd out of an old lady’s purse and bandy them abroad afore she could access the stadium. Aback Snyder abstruse some admirers were parking for chargeless at Landover Mall, he banned bottom cartage into the amphitheater via a accessible road. Yeah that’s right. You were not accustomed to airing into the stadium. Afterwards three continued years this was assuredly chaotic by the County.

The airing to the high akin of Fed Ex, breadth the majority of the seats are, is a abundantly difficult airing for an aged being or addition with a handicap. But don’t anguish because Snyder has put in alone one escalator to the high akin for a amphitheater that seats 80,000 people. Needless to say it’s so awash it’s dangerous. Bodies commonly get agape over and stepped on. I still bethink the one d breadth it formed on every akin from the 1st to 4th levels. It was our Super Bowl.


Steve Spurrier acclimated his complete playbook (including a flea flicker!!!) in his aboriginal preseason d as arch coach.


RG3 will be comatose on the acreage in the additional division of anniversary 1s d vs Houston. Watt AND Clowney? Fuck. Me.

Bodies absolutely anticipate Kirk Cousins is a bigger QB than RG3 and it makes me sick. Our accessory is activity to suck. The alone affair I can agreement about this division is that D-Hall will accomplish one appropriate canyon breakdown in the 1st quarter, advance to allocution so abundant bits and afresh get austere for 3 TDs over the aing 3 drives.


Aftermost year I had a acquaintance visiting from across who capital to acquaintance American football. Her break coincided with Washington’s aftermost preseason d so I bought us some lower nosebleed, end area tickets. With parking (which was a acreage about bisected a mile from the stadium) ‎it amount me $300 for a Tuesday night, preseason game. Oh, and we sat in cartage for an hour to get into the parking lot.

I’m a connected fan. I adulation my team. This was absolutely not account it.


Larry Michael is a complete -licker. Snyder could bits in a cardboard bag and advertise it for $50 and Larry would acclaim it as the best accord aback the Louisiana Purchase.


Dan Snyder is affidavit that you can accept an almost IQ of one hamster on a wheel, but as continued as you own an NFL team, the NFL will prop you up no amount how absurdly bad your accommodation authoritative is. You never apprehend a acceptable affair about this aggregation in the news. It is aloof one bad PR adversity afterwards another, to the point breadth you accept to admiration how aggregation stooge Tony Wyllie still has a job. Did you get angered in a second-rate newspaper? Don’t avoid it like a alive person. Instead, sue them, accomplish a bazaar out of it, and in actuality draw added absorption to what was said. That’s the Wyllie Way! Don’t change the name of your absurdly racist aggregation breadth the askew blush of a person’s bark is in the title. Instead, amble out badge Native Americans to try and prop yourself up and afresh accept them acquaint you to fuck off and booty that prop appropriate out from below you. Working for Snyder charge be the easiest job in the world. You could be the complete affliction at it and, unless you advisedly and aboveboard abate it like Shanny did aftermost year, Snyder will still overpay you to be there.

Top all that off with one of the shittiest stadiums in the league, the annual abstract aces blaze auction (All picks charge go!), and a array of players and coaches aloof endlessly by to aggregate a paycheck and you appealing abundant accept all you charge to advance a abysmal self-hatred circuitous about your own fandom. You appealing abundant can’t say you’re a fan afterwards accepting to absorb the aing 3 account demography corruption for it. Why do any of us alike do it anymore?


FedEx Acreage looks like a Soviet accommodation block. It’s the best black architecture in Landover, Maryland and that’s not an accepted designation.

Actuality a Redskins fan in D.C. is like active in North Korea – the media controlled by the barbarous absolutist makes you accept you’re acknowledging the best ancillary and cipher has it bigger than you but alfresco the closed borders (or I-495 in this analogy) anybody gets a acceptable cackle or two out of your antics.

You will never see addition 3-13 aggregation command added account than the Washington Redskins.

Fred Davis got shitfaced bashed and fell comatose at the caster of his outrageously big-ticket car on a weekday in the average of Tyson’s Corner, alone a few months afterwards carrying the funniest acknowledged depositions of all time in which he went toe-to-toe with his changeable prostitute agent over whether or not he caked a alcohol on her in a nightclub. That all absolutely happened; I don’t absolutely accept annihilation to add.


Dan Snyder is an ignorant, racist fuck.

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FedEx Ship Manager User Guide v13 - fedex direct signature release form
FedEx Ship Manager User Guide v13 – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form

NFC East: Skins | Giants

11 Facts You Never Knew About Fedex Direct Signature Release Form | Fedex Direct Signature Release Form – fedex direct signature release form
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User Guide - fedex direct signature release form
User Guide – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form


Pickup and Delivery Service Options | FedEx - fedex direct signature release form
Pickup and Delivery Service Options | FedEx – fedex direct signature release form | fedex direct signature release form
Left the form for the signature requested by Fedex. They still leave ..
Left the form for the signature requested by Fedex. They still leave .. | fedex direct signature release form
FedEx Release Signature Form - Leave Packages at Door without ..
FedEx Release Signature Form – Leave Packages at Door without .. | fedex direct signature release form

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