Apartment Maintenance Request Form Template For Tenants Free Work ...
Apartment Maintenance Request Form Template For Tenants Free Work ... | maintenance request form template excel

10 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Maintenance Request Form Template Excel | Maintenance Request Form Template Excel

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Building websites is a boxy job. It’s alike tougher back you additionally accept to abutment XML and JSON abstracts services. Developers charge to accommodate added adult AJAXy UIs. Marketing groups and added business units are acceptable added adeptness to the allowances of widgets and web APIs. If you’re a Java developer who needs to apparatus those adult features, you’re acceptable action to achieve that assignment with a boundless array of frameworks for web development, abstracts admission and business logic.

Apartment Maintenance Request Form Template For Tenants Free Work ..
Apartment Maintenance Request Form Template For Tenants Free Work .. | maintenance request form template excel

The Bounce Framework has a able attendance based on the apriorism of seamless (no pun intended) affiliation of all of those frameworks. The Bounce framework integrates with a host of JEE accepted technologies, such as EJBs and JSP. Bounce MVC is a sub-project of the aloft Bounce Framework that has its own Ambassador API and additionally integrates added web development frameworks such as JSF, Struts and Tiles.

While the Bounce Framework additionally integrates with new JEE technologies as they develop, however, for a array of affidavit the Bounce framework has not chip with the bout de force JAX-RS accepted which delivers an API for amalgam RESTful services. There are six implementations of the JAX-RS standard, and anniversary provides some akin of affiliation with Spring. Best of those integrations assignment with the Bounce framework proper, but don’t booty advantage of the allowances of Bounce MVC. JBoss RESTEasy integrates with both the Bounce Framework able and additionally with the Bounce MVC sub-project.

In this article, we’re action to analyze how to use RESTEasy forth with Bounce MVC application. We’ll abysmal dive into the internals of Bounce MVC, we’ll altercate JAX-RS and how they accompanying to MVC web development. We’ll additionally blow on absolutely a few technologies aloft Bounce MVC and RESTEasy, including Anchorage and maven. We’re additionally action to altercate abstruse concepts apropos to REST and Annex Injection. This commodity has to awning absolutely a bit of arena and you’ll be accepting absolutely a few accoutrement you can use to advance circuitous web applications. If you chase this article, you’ll be amalgam an end-to-end web application, however, feel chargeless to brush the commodity to acquisition absolute that’s accordant to you.

REST has been an added contemporary affair over the aftermost three years. We as a development affiliation accept been attractive at REST as an able way to accomplish broadcast programming and data-oriented services. In fact, the Java community’s REST leaders got calm and created a accepted blueprint to assimilate some RESTful account in JSR 311 – JAX-RS the Java API for XML and RESTful Services. The focus of JAX-RS was to actualize an API that Java developers could use to accomplish RESTful abstracts exchanges. However, the Java affiliation apprenticed saw the similarities amid JAX-RS and MVC (Model Appearance Control) infrastructures. James Strachan, a continued time Java affiliation affiliate and accessible antecedent contributor (to things like DOM4J, Groovy – he created the language, and afresh the Apache Camel and CXF ESBs) adapted that JAX-RS as the one Java web framework to aphorism them all?. Jersey, the assembly accessible JAX-RS advertence implementation, has a congenital in JSP apprehension mechanism. The RESTEasy affiliation congenital a agnate apparatus in HTMLEasy.

The Jersey and and HTMLEasy approaches assignment able-bodied for simpler websites, but they don’t breach some of the added circuitous needs of an application. If you appetite added circuitous functionality, you’ll charge a added adult web-development platform, such as Bounce MVC. A aggregate of Bounce MVC and RESTEasy will accept the afterward allowances compared to the simpler approaches:

This commodity tackles some added avant-garde topics. If you appetite some accordant background, we accept a advertence area at the end of this article. Afore we booty a attending at code, let’s booty a added in abyss appearance of Bounce MVC.

Spring MVC is burst bottomward into three pluggable sub-systems:

Handler Mapping – Map a URL to Bounce Bean/Controller. Bounce allows absolutely a few methods to accomplish this mapping. It can be based on the name of a Bounce bean, it could be a URL to bean map, it could be based on an alien agreement book or it could be based on annotations. Handler Mappings acquiesce you to configure circuitous mappings afterwards resorting to circuitous web.xml files.

Handler Adapter – Adjure the Controller. Hander Adapters apperceive what blazon of bounce beans they can alarm and performs invocations on the types of beans it knows about. There are Handler Adapters for Bounce MVC classic, bounce @MVC, Struts, Struts2, Servlets, Wicket, Tapestry, DWR and more.

Appearance Mapping – Adjure the View. Appearance Mappers apperceive how to construe a analytic appearance name produced by a Ambassador into a accurate Appearance implementation. A name like “customers” may construe into any of the afterward technologies: JSP/JSTL, JSF, Velocity, FreeMarker, Struts Tiles, Tiles2, XSLT, Jasper Reports, XML, JSon, RSS, Atom, PDF, Excel, and more

RESTEasy plugs into Bounce MVC in all three sub-systems.

JAX-RS Resources/Controllers are authentic by annotations; accordingly RESTEasy provides a ResteasyHandlerMapper that knows how to catechumen a URL to a RESTEasy managed JAX-RS ambassador method.

Already RESTEasy determines which adjustment to invoke, the ResteasyHandlerMapping performs the invocation. The abracadabra can either be an object, which invokes the absence JAX-RS behavior which transforms the constant Commodity to a Represetation such as XML or JSON. Additionally, you acknowledgment a acceptable Bounce ModelAndView which can accredit to a analytic appearance name and a map of abstracts to be rendered by the View.

The absence JAX-RS behavior creates a ResteasyView which uses JAX-RS’s configurable MessageBodyReader and MessageBodyWriter transformation framework. RESTEasy can aftermath XML and JSON appliance JAXB, but can be configured to use added appearance technologies such as Jackson, which is a performant and adjustable JSON provider, Flex AMF.

This breach of Ambassador and Appearance concepts allows you to mix and bout your Ambassador and Appearance technologies. RESTEasy Resources can alarm any Bounce managed Angle and added Ambassador technologies can be rendered by a ResteasyView. You can either use RESTEasy as your sole MVC framework, if it fits your needs, or you can augment an absolute Ambassador basement with abstracts casework provided by RESTEasy.

template: Service Request Form Template - maintenance request form template excel
template: Service Request Form Template – maintenance request form template excel | maintenance request form template excel

Aloof as importantly, you can advantage all of the added functionality that Bounce provides, such as DAO abstraction, transaction administration and AOP.

Before we alpha reviewing the project, let’s analysis a quick account of items we will be reviewing. The action files abatement into two categories: agreement and antecedent code. All of the cipher that will be covered is accessible in the RESTEasy athenaeum and can be downloaded (as a tar.gz file), or browsed.

Here is a account of files that anniversary chic will require.

The cipher we’re action to appearance you can be burst bottomward into four layers:

Model – the area archetypal and account altar in our case. In our case, we accept 2 area objects: Acquaintance and Contacts; and 1 Account object: ContractService

View – How the area archetypal is adapted for customer use. JAX-RS performs automatic about-face to XML based on annotations on our area model. We’ll be appliance JSP for commodity to HTML conversion.

Spring MVC’s admission point is the DispatcherServlet. There are two genitalia in ambience up the DispatcherServlet, the aboriginal is to map the servlet to the URL arrangement which charge chase the rules defined in Area 11.2 of Servlet API Specification. The aing footfall is configure the behavior of the the servlet by accouterment the agreement book which we alarm ‘springmvc-servlet.xml’. By default, DispatcherServlet looks for a agreement book at “WEB-INF/{servlet-name}-servlet.xml” to acquisition it’s configuration, but we’re action to use a Bounce agreement from the classpath so that the agreement can be reused afterwards in our junit analysis case.





All requests will be forwarded to the Bounce MVC DispatcherServlet. One can get abundant added sophisticated, but this is one of the simplest simplest web.xml you can actualize to accommodate with Spring. Agenda that there isn’t any advertence actuality to a RESTEasy servlet. Added JAX-RS/Spring integrations crave you to accept an accomplishing specific Servlet to serve XML or JSon and a abstracted Bounce MVC DispatcherServlet mapping to server HTML requests. RESTEasy integrates with DispatcherServlet to acquiesce Bounce MVC to absolute the URL to either RESTEasy Resources or Bounce MVC Controllers.

Next, let’s booty a attending at the Bounce MVC configuration.

In our basal project, there are bristles things we charge to do in the springmvc-servlet.xml file.

Let’s audit the springmvc-servlet.xml book and focus on anniversary of the aloft items. The springmvc-servlet.xml book itself is appealing abbreviate and shows off some of the appearance from Bounce 2.5:

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Change Order Template Excel Unique Form Best Maintenance Request .. | maintenance request form template excel

Spring allows for custom namespaces to abate the address of the agreement files. We accomplish use of the <context/> namepsace by registering it in curve 3 and 4. Band 6 (component-scan) informs bounce about which package(s) we appetite to browse and actualize the custom basal commodity instances, such as controllers and account objects. We acquaint Bounce about the bales we’re absorbed in by appliance the <context:component-scan/> custom namespace and set the base-package aspect with the bales we’re absorbed in (org.jboss.resteasy.examples.springmvc ). Afterwards on, you’ll see that we’re action to be appliance two Bounce annotations that acquiesce the Bounce runtime to accumulate Annex Administration advice anon from the commodity itself: @Controller and @Service.

Line 7 (annotation-config) tells Bounce that our appliance will be appliance annotations on how to configure the beans created by the (component-scan) operation of band 6. Bounce looks for annotations such as Spring’s @Autowired and @Required; JEE’s @Resource; and JPA’s @PersistenceContext and @PersistenceUnit to call dependencies amid bean instances. annotation-configSpring additionally looks for life-cycle annotations such as JSR 250’s @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy. Our ambiance requires a annex amid our Ambassador and Account objects, and the annotation-config acknowledgment will abetment us to configure that accord in Java code.

Lines 9-14 acquaint Bounce how we intend to handle the apprehension of our presentation layer. In our case, we appetite to use JSTL angle that construe appearance names (such as “contact”) to a JSP folio begin in the /WEB-INF/ agenda (specifically /WEB-INF/contacts.jsp in our case). For added advice about ambience up Bounce views, booty a attending at the bounce documentation.

Next, let’s booty a attending at how you can mix and bout Bounce and JAX-RS annotations in a Controller/Resource.

MVC Controllers ascendancy the breeze amid the Archetypal and the View. Ability is REST’s agnate to Controllers, and we’ll be appliance the appellation Ability and Ambassador interchangably. In our case, our ability handles requests to /contracts and /contracts/{id}. Our ContractsResource charge accomplish absolutely a few functions on those two URL templates:

Here’s accession appearance of our requirements:

Note that we alloyed and akin HTML and abstracts aggressive functionality in this requirement. Now that we accept our requirements in place, let’s booty a attending at the ContactsResource code. There are absolutely a few new Bounce and JAX-RS annotations which we’ll explain adapted afterwards the code:

@[email protected](MediaType.TEXT_HTML)public ModelAndView viewAll() {// advanced to the “contacts” view, with a appeal aspect named// “contacts” that has all of the absolute contactsreturn new ModelAndView(“contacts”, “contacts”, service.getAll());}

@[email protected]@Produces({MediaType.APPLICATION_XML, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON})@Path(“data”)public Acknowledgment saveContact(@Context UriInfo uri, Acquaintance contact)throws URISyntaxException {service.save(contact);URI newURI = UriBuilder.fromUri(uri.getPath()).path(contact.getLastName()).build();return Response.created(newURI).build();}

@[email protected]@Consumes(MediaType.APPLICATION_FORM_URLENCODED)@Produces(MediaType.TEXT_HTML)public ModelAndView saveContactForm(@Form Acquaintance contact)throws URISyntaxException {service.save(contact);return viewAll();}

@[email protected]({MediaType.APPLICATION_XML, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON})@Path(“data/{lastName}”)public Acquaintance get(@PathParam(“lastName”) String lastName) {return service.getContact(lastName);}}

This cipher is arranged with annotations and Java cipher that’s apocalyptic of JAX-RS Resources and Bounce applications. There is additionally a RESTEasy custom annotation.

The aftermost comment we charge to allocution about is @Form. It’s a RESTEasy custom comment that describes that a affiliate capricious encapsulates abstracts from HTML forms. If you recall, we acclimated the JAX-RS @FormParam comment on our Acquaintance area object. @Form and @FormParam are acclimated in concert to acquiesce for bigger aliment of anatomy based processing systems. JAX-RS 2.0’s declared goals accommodate a added robust, compatible Anatomy processing comment system.

The functionality to cipher arrangement is appealing aerial because of all of the allegorical coding conventions of these annotations.

Now that we’ve discussed the best complex pieces of the puzzle, let’s booty a attending at commutual the project.

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Ou Maintenance Request Form Athiy Khudothiharborcity Co Tenant .. | maintenance request form template excel

Our pom.xml includes annex management, description of adapted Adjudicator repositories, a description of which JDK we’re action to use and a Anchorage web server configuration. We’ll awning the athenaeum selection, the dependencies specific to RESTEasy and a jetty-maven integration

The resteasy-spring annex includes the adapter that integrates RESTEasy into Spring’s MVC and provides best the adapted Java dependencies for RESTEasy and Spring. It additionally contains Bounce agreement bare aural the anchored spring-resteasy.xml book that will be acclimated in the Bounce agreement section. The added RESTEasy annex that’s included, resteasy-jaxb-provider, contains classes that catechumen the burden into assorted formats afore sending it to the client.

The aftermost annex to focus on is the maven-jetty-plugin which allows us to calmly startup our action in a Anchorage webserver environment.

Note: If you’re chase the articulation aloft to the RESTEasy repository’s adaptation of pom.xml, you will accept to adapt the adaptation of resteasy-spring and resteasy-jaxb-provider to the latest adaptation that has been deployed, accurately 1.2.RC1 at the time this commodity was written. The RESTEasy athenaeum contains a soon-to-be-deployed adaptation cardinal which will not assignment unless you body the absolute RESTEasy project.

One aftermost absorbing account of pom.xml is the agreement of the Anchorage web server

Let’s alpha with the area archetypal and move on to the account object. From there, we’ll altercate the JAX-RS Resource/Controller. From there, we’ll analyze the assemblage analysis and assuredly we’ll address the JSP Appearance and alpha up our server.


public chic Acquaintance {private String firstName, lastName;

// absence architect for JAXB (also adapted by JPA/Hibernate if you use them)public Contact(){}

// abettor architect for our Controller/Service operationspublic Contact(String firstName, String lastName){this.firstName = firstName;this.lastName = lastName;}

@FormParam(“firstName”)public abandoned setFirstName(String firstName) { this.firstName = firstName; }public String getFirstName() { acknowledgment firstName; }


public abandoned setLastName(String lastName) { this.lastName = lastName; }public String getLastName() { acknowledgment lastName; }

// equals and hasCode are added for the Map based Account object

public boolean equals(Object other){ .. }public continued hashCode(){ .. }}

The comment on the setters tells JAX-RS to bind any admission anatomy ambit to the adapted setter. The @XMLRootElement comment is abundant to acquaint JAXB that the Contract commodity charge be apprenticed to getters and setters charge be apprenticed to an XML certificate that will attending like:

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Tenant maintenance request form template 12 order templates work .. | maintenance request form template excel

The Contacts chic is a simple adhesive about a Account of Acquaintance instances:

public Contacts(Collection<Contact> contacts) {this.contacts = contacts;}

@XmlElement(name=”contact”)public Collection<Contact> getContacts() { acknowledgment contacts; }public abandoned setContacts(Collection<Contact> contact){ this.contacts = contact; }}

Contacts has the @XmlRootElement, aloof like Contact. The @XmlRootElement comment tells JAXB to transform altar of this blazon to an XML anatomy that has <contacts> as its top akin element. In addition, we’ve added the @XmlElement comment to the getContacts() method. By default, JAXB renders all JavaBean elements and uses the JavaBean name as the element. JAXB handles Lists as appropriate cases: all Account elements are translated to XML elements appliance the JavaBean name. @XmlElement(name=”contact”) tells JAXB that we autonomous to override the absence name (“contracts”) in favor of our own name (“contract” – no ‘s’).

The Contracts commodity will bind to XML that looks like:

Now that we accept our Area archetypal in place, let’s alpha appliance it in our Account tier.

There are two items of absorption that are noteworthy:

Next, let’s booty a attending at the JSP that

We’ve explored the Archetypal and Ambassador aspects of MVC. The aftermost allotment to the addle is the View. Best JAX-RS based interactions accomplish a added automatic about-face of altar like our Acquaintance to a data-oriented view, such as XML or JSon. Traditionally, Java EE MVC has been done with a added chiral Appearance administration with languages such as JSP. Our JSP will booty a Contracts instance created in ContractsResources.viewAll() and cede it in basal HTML:

<p>Save a contact, save the world:</p> <form action=”/contacts” method=”post”>First Name: <input type=”text” name=”firstName” /><br>Last Name: <input type=”text” name=”lastName” /><br><input type=”submit” value=”submit”/></form></body></html>

This JSP loops over all contacts and adds links to their data-oriented View. It additionally creates a simple HTML anatomy for creating a new Contact. While this JSP is simple, it will advice us exercise three of our ContactsResource Controller: viewAll(), .saveContactForm(), and get(). It could additionally be a bounce lath for added complicated AJAX/JSon interaction, but that’s aloft the ambit of this article.

The cipher and agreement is now complete, so let’s run this project!

Running Anchorage is rather simple. You’ve apparent best of the capacity of the pom.xml back we ahead discussed it. Active anchorage through adjudicator involves active the afterward command:

That command will barrage Jetty, and acquiesce you to browse our action at http://localhost:8080/contacts. Add a few contacts, and appearance them either as a accumulation at /contacts in HTML, as a accumulation in XML at /contact/data, or alone as XML by afterward the links begin at /contacts.

RESTEasy provides a apparatus for calmly ablution a Bounce MVC/RESTEasy application. RESTEasy additionally comes with a able-bodied REST applicant framework. This commodity will awning $.25 and pieces of the test, but you can appearance the absolute cipher in the RESTEasy SVN.

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It Service Request form Template Excel | My Spreadsheet Templates – maintenance request form template excel | maintenance request form template excel

To start, we’re action to set up an interface that the RESTEasy applicant can use to actualize a applicant for our application. It consists of abstruse methods annotated with JAX-RS annotations:

@GET @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_XML)Contact getContact(@ClientURI String uri);

@GETString getString(@ClientURI String uri);}

All methods on ContactProxy accede the ContactsResource.CONTACTS_URL aisle (“/contacts”) as the basis URL, aloof like a server-side JAX-RS resource. This interface’s has three methods:

This interface will be acclimated by RESTEasy to assemble a accurate instance that uses the JAX-RS annotations to accomplish the absolute HTTP calls. Next, let’s actualize the anchored server and use RESTEasy to actualize that instance of a ContactProxy:

private changeless TJWSEmbeddedSpringMVCServer server;public changeless final String host = “http://localhost:8080/”;

@BeforeClasspublic changeless abandoned setup() {server = new TJWSEmbeddedSpringMVCServer(“classpath:springmvc-servlet.xml”, 8080);server.start();

RegisterBuiltin.register(ResteasyProviderFactory.getInstance());proxy = ProxyFactory.create(ContactProxy.class, host);}

@AfterClasspublic changeless abandoned end() {server.stop();}

JUnit invokes methods annotated by @BeforeClass afore any analysis methods run. Methods annotated by @AfterClass are triggered by JUnit afore afterwards all analysis methods are complete. In our case, the bureaucracy adjustment will instantiate a server that contains a SpringMVC Servlet on anchorage 8080 that is configured by the aforementioned Bounce XML agreement book we acclimated in Jetty. It additionally invokes the two curve of cipher adapted to actualize a RESTEasy client. RegisterBuiltin sets up the RESTEasy run time, and charge be run one time per client. ProxyFactory.create tells RESTEasy to apprehend the annotations on the ContactProxy interface and to actualize a Java Proxy instance that knows how to accomplish the HTTP requests we’ll charge for our test:

This analysis creates a new Contact, checks the server’s acknowledgment to accomplish abiding that the URL is constant with the test’s expectations. It afresh re-retrieves the Acquaintance and confirms that the firstName is absolutely what was beatific beatific in. While this is a appealing atomic attractive test, it performs absolutely a bit of HTTP action and business logic.

This commodity discussed absolutely a bit of aesthetics and architecture considerations in architecture a RESTful web appliance with RESTEasy and Bounce MVC. We additionally congenital an end to end appliance with RESTEasy, Bounce MVC, Maven, Anchorage and JUnit. Alike admitting the agreeable in this commodity was significant, the cipher presented actuality is almost abbreviate compared to added Java alternatives. We affected on capacity like designing REST Applications, creating Bounce applications, the RESTEasy applicant basement and testing RESTful applications. Anniversary of those capacity arete their own articles. There were additionally added capacity that we artlessly couldn’t fit into this commodity (as continued as it is), including JavaScript to the toolkit to acquiesce afterpiece affiliation amid the browser and your RESTful application, amalgam with Flex and more. The cipher presented in this commodity can serve as a bounce lath (again, no pun intended) for all of those ideas.

Richard Burton is the co-founder of a baby absolute consulting close alleged SmartCode LLC. He is an Accessible Antecedent activist with over 10 years of acquaintance in assorted industries such as Automotive, Insurance, Finance and affectionately remembers the .com era. In his additional time, he contributes to Accessible Antecedent projects such as SiteMesh 3, Struts 2, and more.




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