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Apprehend the Spotlight Aggregation alternation on Aaron Hernandez that explains this argument exchange.

Free Florida Rental Application Form - PDF | eForms – Free Fillable ..
Free Florida Rental Application Form – PDF | eForms – Free Fillable .. | florida condo lease form free

Aaron Hernandez exchanged bags of argument letters from March 28 to June 9, 2013, while he was concealing his role in the murders of two men in Boston’s South End and the attempted assassination of a friend, Alexander Bradley, who was with him during that bifold killing.

The texts appearance aloof how abundant Hernandez was spinning out of control. Fearful that he and his ancestors were in danger, he had asked Patriots drillmaster Bill Belichick aloof weeks beforehand if he could be traded to a West Coast team, but that was rejected, according to his agent. Belichick asked a staffer to admonition Hernandez acquisition a new abode to live.

Even as he confronts a antagonistic nemesis in Bradley, Hernandez projects an upbeat attitude with teammates, accompany and family.

March 26

Hernandez needs anaplasty to adjustment a accept he afflicted in a game. The procedure, appointed for the aing day, will be performed by a surgeon who had operated on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s knee.

Tom Brady to Hernandez: “Good luck! I achievement aggregate goes well…love you my brother and achievement to see you soon.’’

Tom Brady and Aaron Hernandez

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

March 27

Hernandez to Brady: “Thanks and went well. Now time to balance and get aback to wat we all do best! Adulation ya and was aflame to bandy wit u all off division but [expletive] happens and I will be ready. Acquaint the ancestors I said hi and I’m abiding I’ll see ya soon.’’

Brady’s claimed trainer, Alex Guerrero, is managing Hernandez’s rehab.

Hernandez to Guerrero: “If u ain’t leave yet u could jus appear tomorrow cuz I’m dozin but if u r on u r way u cud come! these pills accomplish me ailing to my stomach.’’

Guerrero: “I will see you tomorrow night. You charge to eat aback you booty the meds.’’

Hernandez’s uncle, Vito Hernandez, checks in from their hometown of Bristol, Conn.

Vito to Aaron: “When you advancing home so i can see the ancestors we accumulate missing anniversary added luv ya.’’

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Aaron to Vito: “Haven’t been home in consistently an won’t be till prolly division but adulation u n will let u kno aback I get there.’’

March 2

Bradley — his acquaintance he had allegedly approved to annihilate — unleashes the aperture advance in a argument war that will acerbity for months. Bradley accuses Hernandez of cutting him in the face and abrogation him for asleep in Florida. Hernandez identifies Bradley in his contacts anniversary as “Lies.’’

Alexander Bradley

Richard Messina/Hartford Courant

Bradley to Hernandez: “Yo the crazy allotment about all this is u did that [expletive] for no acumen n me actuality the absolute acquaintance i was to u i didn’t try to ruin u akin afterwards u approved to annihilate me anticipate about how absolute that is so i was the absolute acquaintance at the end of the day n the tears should be in my eyes afterwards the way u betrayed me.’’

Hernandez: “I adulation u and u r not gonna anatomy me for some bread…Always will adulation u cuz u were my brother n u kno that but achievement the best for u.’’

Bradley: “I would never try to anatomy u u larboard me with one eye and a lot of arch agony u owe for what u did n its too bad u don’t apperceive me enuff to apperceive that this convo is clandestine amid us this ain’t for no advocate or cop to see we both apperceive what happened the accuracy is the truth…u too batty that’s what fabricated u do this bits u did.’’

Hernandez: “I will consistently be there for u till the day u die but not in the accompaniment of apperception ur in nd been in and I don’t kno wat gotten into u afterwards all the yrs we were inseparable but aggregate a ur consistently on my apperception and I adulation u and consistently will no .’’

Bradley: “Whats crazy is i accept that allotment is accurate u prolly do anticipate about how absolute of a [N-word] i am n how u akin addled on me but what sickens me is the actuality that u r abstinent this [expletive] like its for the advocate or cops you charge absolutely not apperceive me but i assumption i didn’t apperceive u either anniversary i woulda never anticipation ud try to end me.’’

April 1

Hernandez’s above University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow sends a blithe bulletin about Hernandez’s surgery. The appellation he uses about translates to “such is life.’’

Tebow to Hernandez: “2 tears in a bucket.’’

Hernandez to Tebow: “Suck it.’’

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and Hernandez

Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Je’relle Pierre, an ex-convict from Belle Glade, Fla., who was with Hernandez aback Bradley was shot, tells Hernandez that he was hit by battery himself in an altered incident.

Pierre to Hernandez: “I’m kinda [expletive] up appropriate nw I got attempt 2 anniversary ago but ah gone be str8 babyish affair to a behemothic doe.’’

Hernandez: “I feel u but if u charge annihilation holla at me no bulk wat da charge is an I’m around!’’

Hernandez’s above Bristol Central abettor Brandon Beam consoles him about his surgery.

Beam: “This alliance be blame your asss.’’

Hernandez: “This alliance bang everybody asss but affair is I be bustin dey appraise lol.’’

Patriots backbone drillmaster Moses Cabrera inquires about Hernandez, post-surgery.

Hernandez to Cabrera: “We’re alrite takin it day by day but nuttin is bigger than animate up see in my babe laughin.’’

Patriots abhorrent coordinator Josh McDaniels checks on Hernandez. He teases Hernandez about his adolescent bound end, Rob Gronkowski.

McDaniels to Hernandez: “Can you still t with accept or do I charge to alpha texting Gronk more?’’

Hernandez: “U [expletive] I achievement u apprehend the boom on my hand…. I’m on a [expletive] mission and I adulation u.’’

The boom says “CBS/WS – IWBTG,’’ which agency “Can’t be stopped/Won’t be chock-full — I Will Be the Greatest.’’

McDaniels dispenses activity advice: “You accomplish abiding you adulation that babyish babe and your fiancée everyday! There are abandoned a few important things in activity and they are one of them!! Accumulate alleviative them appropriate and get bigger for aing season!!! I appetite to bless a Super Bowl with you on the acreage with the confetti!!! Adulation you!’’

Hernandez: “Love u and yessir.’’

April 4

Hernandez and Patriots arch drillmaster Bill Belichick

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

In Belichick’s abandoned argument barter with Hernandez during this period, he alcove out afterwards the surgical procedure: “Just blockage in. Sounds like the anaplasty went well. Achievement you are accomplishing ok!! Let me apperceive how things are going. Best, BB’’

Hernandez: “Surgery went able-bodied and I’m accomplishing accomplished and accept been with Alex and will abide to be with Alex until it’s time to be aback for OTAs! [Organized training activities.] Achievement aggregate has been able-bodied on ur end. Can’t delay to get advantageous and be aback on the field. Ttys ill be in touch.’’

April 7

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Printable Residential Free House Lease Agreement | Residential Lease .. | florida condo lease form free

News has burst that Gronkowski has developed a post-surgical infection and may be abandoned to activate the advancing season.

Guerrero to Hernandez: “If it’s accurate about Gronk, we accept to get you accessible for the season.’’

Hernandez: “We should be aggravating to get accessible for alpha of division anyway.’’

Guerrero: “For sure!!!!’’

April 9

Belichick has asked a Patriots staffer, Kevin Anderson, to admonition Hernandez acquisition a new home because of Hernandez’s apropos about his family’s safety. Anderson believes he’s allowance Hernandez acquisition a home with academy security, potentially to alter his flush Arctic Attleborough home. Anderson believes Hernandez will at atomic appetite a abode with a aegis gate. He’s mistaken. Hernandez doesn’t assume focused on security, and ends up with a characterless accommodation afterwards accepted as his flophouse.

The accommodation in Franklin, Mass.

Gretchen Ertl for the Boston Globe

Anderson to Hernandez: “Hey Aaron, do you appetite to aces a date for you to analysis out places you may be absorbed in active over the advance of the division (or until you acquisition your added perm spot?).’’

Hernandez: “I’d rather jus attending for the apt for accessible ages aboriginal so I can accept a atom as anon as I get aback and appetite it absolutely furnished if possible!’’

Anderson: “Can you clarify? You appetite an accommodation for aback (what ages to what month)? Anon as you get aback as in aing anniversary or afterwards training camp?’’

Hernandez: “I consistently said I appetite an apt by may 15 that I can go aback to and accept a abode to break that is absolutely furnished and is off capital alley in a surrounding city.’’

Anderson: “You beggarly April 15? I consistently accepted that but the plan was for you to see them. I can’t aloof aces one. They’re all actual different…And I never knew about absolutely furnished. Anticipation the plan was to accept your things confused and you would break in this abode for majority of the division as you and your adult attending at added abiding places.’’

Hernandez: “I appetite it for alpha of conditioning whatever that date is and…that’s it! Sry for all abashing but I said already we get this abode while we are actuality we will attending for places to additionally accept for the division but appetite the apt thru division as able-bodied but all I’m afraid is about accepting a abode ASAP so I can break there aback I get back.’’

Anderson: “Furnished places aren’t too common. Any admiration to accept some of your actuality confused from the Arctic Attleboro spot?’’

Hernandez’s home in Arctic Attleborough

Jessica Rinaldi For The Boston Globe

Hernandez: “I would rather accept sutton furnished and doesn’t charge to be the nicest abode jus furnished.’’

April 10

Tebow abjure that Hernandez has canceled affairs to appear Tebow’s anniversary alms accident in Florida.

Tebow to Hernandez: “I heard you backed out! I’ll absence u. Could accept been fun!’’

Hernandez apologizes and says he shouldn’t be aerial afterwards surgery.

Hernandez: “Yes wudda been abundant to t up an I’m abiding I’ll be there aing year but no acumen why we can’t t up ancient if wanted!…love ya and achievement aggregate works out for u at the event.’’

April 11

Bradley — still bent about actuality attempt — comes at Hernandez again: “U apperceive u did it n aback u approved 2 end me i will end u if u dont do what u gotta do.’’

Hernandez: “I ain’t do nuttin but if u anytime got me in agitation or ruin my activity for suttin I didn’t do I don’t akin wanna get aback at you but u will pay!!!’’

Bradley: “There u go abuse afresh u apperceive that dont alarm me tho if u knew how g eed up i am u wouldnt akin say that but im for absolute i aint abuse n u but hay aback u say that u apperceive what u gotta do if u dont appetite ur activity bankrupt n oh if u anticipate them wolves aint on accouter afresh try what u gotta try.’’

Hernandez: “I affirm to god akin kno ur aggravating to ruin my activity and annihilate me aback all I did was be there for u I still adulation u and no I will consistently adulation you.’’

Bradley: “Well we 6 able wit a lot of ammunition so hey u angry this convo into this.’’

Bradley describes some of his arsenal: “Choppers mac 11 mac 90…bulletproof vests.’’

Hernandez: “Lmfao u accept no clue……jus kno at the end of the day I will consistently adulation u NO MATTER WAT HAPPENS but I kno u kno abysmal bottomward I am not batty nor am I afraid and never accept been and if u do annihilate me like u said I still don’t affliction but I agnosticism it!!! I don’t akin wanna annihilate u never accept but accumulate goin wit all these lies and aggravating to accompany me bottomward as acceptable as I advised u if u appetite to! Acceptable luck.’’

April 12

Hernandez’s banking adviser, Steve Vujevich, updates him on his account.

Vujevich to Hernandez: “Your at 4.4 actor actuality now!!’’

Hernandez: “That’s tite. And I get 500,000 for conditioning benefit afresh 1 suttin in season.’’

Vujevich: “Perfect!!! 5 comminute club!!!’’

Hernandez: “Heyyyyyyyyy’’

Hernandez developed a aing accord in average academy with Ryan McDonnell, and aback they became adults Hernandez advised him added abnormally than best of his added Bristol friends. He cloistral McDonnell from his bent activity, his “thugging,’’ as Hernandez alleged it. He is actual aing to McDonnell’s family, abnormally his father, Tom McDonnell.

Hernandez and Ryan McDonnell (third from left)

Bristol Accessible Library

Hernandez to Tom McDonnell: “U accept to be my ancestor we are actual abundant akin lol except imma bedraggled [racial accusation for Hispanics]…why couldn’t I be white bodies would anticipate imma acceptable guy hahahhaha.’’

Tom McDonnell: “I anticipate your the best I consistently did except aback you went to Florida and maybe a few times…I achievement you apperceive that I was consistently [expletive] with you aback you were a kid if I didn’t like you you would accept accepted it we accept consistently admired you and accepting you about except aback you would alarm every 5 seconds.’’

Hernandez: “I accede aback I was in academy I was a wanna be blackmailer and now I’m aloof a blackmailer lol haha.’’

April 14

Hernandez has fabricated access to some adumbral characters in Belle Glade, Fla., through a above University of Florida teammate. One of them is Oscar Hernandez (no relation), who would afterwards be bedevilled of illegally aircraft accoutrements to Aaron. These texts are allotment of the gun-running conspiracy. Oscar is aircraft the accoutrements in a car to Aaron’s home in Arctic Attleborough. Oscar is listed on Aaron’s contacts anniversary as “Papoo.’’

Aaron: “Evrything goin smooth? Lemme kno aback da car is all set cuz u gon charge address.’’

Oscar: “Hell Yeah I about got aggregate ill let u apperceive wen im done…This bits a1 bro.’’

April 15

Bradley wants animus in the anatomy of money — again. He prods Hernandez to get his attorneys complex in adjustment negotiations.

Bradley: “I dont wanna see ur activity bankrupt n i dont wanna abuse u or see u afflicted i appetite u 2 atone me 4 what u apperceive u did.’’

Hernandez: “U will apprehend from them in aing two canicule cuz I am not aggravating to ruin my name over this balderdash [expletive] and jus aback u go to beddy-bye kno kno iTS UR BROTHER and I MISS U AND LOVE YOU and still watch videos of us accepting fun every distinct day and can’t accept this and will accumulate adage I can’t accept all of this cuz I absolutely can’t accept all of this [expletive] is goin on!!! I admired u with all my affection and still do but jus anticipate how abundant I admired u and anticipate if I would absolutely try and annihilate u aback we were that close!!’’

April 16

Peter Wininger, Hernandez’s basketball drillmaster at Bristol Central Aerial School, has aback become the school’s principal.

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Free Florida Residential Lease Agreement | PDF | Word ( | florida condo lease form free

Wininger to Hernandez: “Just saw the address on your shoulder. Achievement your healing up and at atomic able to authority Avielle…She charge be accepting big. Aloof started afterward you on twitter. Nice Pumas that’s old academy stuff! Adulation it.’’

Hernandez: “Lol they accept some air-conditioned stuff! How accept u been and how’s the fam’’

Wininger: “Everything is acceptable here. Little Alliance division actual busy.’’

April 17

Ryan McDonnell is activity from Connecticut to appointment Hernandez in California. Ryan’s ancestor expresses concern.

Tom McDonnell to Hernandez: “Hey I apperceive that Ry is advancing out I aloof appetite to acquaint you boys to be acute and safe no thugging about and I adulation u both.’’

Hernandez: “I never blackmailer aback I’m with ry lol and I will consistently booty affliction of ur boy.’’

April 19

Oscar Hernandez, the Belle Glade gun runner, is accepting accessible to address the weapons arctic in a acclimated Toyota that Hernandez paid for.

Oscar: “I charge the actuality name who is gonna be at the bassinet wen it get there’’

Aaron: “Shayanna Jenkins…My babyish motha.’’

Jenkins afterwards accustomed accepting the addition but denied animate there were accoutrements involved.

Shayanna Jenkins and Aaron Hernandez

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globee

April 22

Hernandez offers to pay for a California vacation for Ryan McDonnell’s parents. Ryan’s ancestor is beholden but suspects Hernandez is authoritative the activity to amuse Ryan and has told Hernandez he doesn’t appetite him to feel obligated.

Hernandez to Tom McDonnell: “I affirm in my father’s grave and my adulation for anybody I adulation I asked u because it was on my apperception and cuz I adulation y all!!! I did jus get off buzz wit ry and told him I asked to see what he anticipation and he seemed blessed I asked and said u would adulation it!!! It came from my affection and achievement u absolutely do appear cuz it would beggarly a lot to me cuz I adulation u guys and will feel acceptable to appearance u guys a acceptable time.’’

April 29

Hernandez needs to assurance the charter for his Franklin apartment, which has no appropriate security. His banking adviser, Vujevich, asks if he should accelerate the paperwork to Hernandez’s fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins.

Hernandez to Vujevich: “Hell no…I don’t appetite her knowin nuttin bender it.”

May 2

It’s not abnormal for affluent athletes to acreage requests for banking admonition from bodies in their past. In this case, it’s DaQuan Brooks, who played aerial academy basketball with Hernandez.

Brooks to Hernandez: “When you gonna get me a Bugatti or a Lamborghini?…Or I gotta be your claimed abettor to get put on? Lol.’’

Hernandez: “Lol nd prolly neva’’

Brooks: “Lol adumbral :’(‘’

Hernandez: “I’m adage neva dem cars but ya neva on PA too lol.’’

Brooks: “If I bought a [car] or put money bottomward could you cosign? My mom acclaim .’’

Hernandez: “Can’t brotha that was capital affair my banking dude said neva do.’’

Brooks: “What’s the acumen so I won’t anytime do it lol.’’

Hernandez: “Cuz say u anytime [expletive] up it kills my acclaim and afresh I accept to pay for it or it will annihilate my acclaim and acclaim is aggregate cuz u can’t do [expletive] afterwards credit.’’

May 5

Tanya Singleton

Dominick Reuter/Pool

Hernandez’s cousin, Tanya Singleton, reminds him to alarm her son, Jano, whose ancestor is Jeff Cummings. Aaron Hernandez has become a ancestor bulk to Jano afterwards Cummings larboard Singleton for Aaron’s mother, Terri Hernandez.

Singleton to Hernandez: “Hi ercup alarm Jano n ambition him a blessed bday adulation you.’’

May 6

Patriots staffer Kevin Anderson was appointed to accommodated Hernandez at the Franklin apartment. Hernandez was a no-show.

Anderson to Hernandez: “Please let me apperceive aback I will see you next. Was at your accommodation today with a barter abounding of furniture, a absolute acreage agent, actuality to put in the blinds.’’

Hernandez: “I’m apologetic my new car bankrupt bottomward an jus got buzz answerable but ill be in tomorro aboriginal and will go beeline to u! I’m apologetic for the altercation was not ntended.’’

May 7

Hernandez indicates Guerrero has accustomed him some activity advice.

Alex Guerrero

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

He texts Guerrero: “Thank u for today akin kno at the end of the day its all up to me to be a big abundant man to accomplish the changes! U hit it on the arch today which fabricated me deathwatch up an hopefully it woke me up abundant to break on a aisle that I appetite to be on and not hit a amiss about-face over time like I consistently accept in the past!’’

Guerrero: “You are actual welcome. I apperceive you accept it in you.’’

May 8

Hernandez tells Guerrero he’s too active for adjust today because he’s ambidextrous with his new house.

Guerrero to Hernandez: “If u don’t like abode move in wit me.’’

May 9

ESPN anchorman Acreage Yates texts Hernandez that he’s No. 77 on the NFL Network’s anniversary of top 100 players.

Hernandez to Yates: “Top 50 aing year tho.’’

Hernandez alcove out to his brother, Jonathan Hernandez. He texts, “I’ll consistently be there for u and achievement u kno that adulation u.’’

Jonathan: “I know. Adulation u too. Accept strep throat again. Home relaxin :/’’

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Free Rental Lease Agreement Templates – Residential – florida condo lease form free | florida condo lease form free

Aaron: “Ma told me and ya u should relax that Sucks.’’

Jonathan Hernandez

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staf

May 13

Hernandez alcove out for the aboriginal time in this accumulation of texts to Ernest (Bo) Wallace, an ex-convict from Bristol, Conn. Hernandez has assassin Wallace as a paid abettor and bodyguard. They align for Wallace to aces him up at The Appropriate Touch, a spa in Arctic Attleborough.

May 14

Hernandez complains to Vujevich, his banking adviser, about Jenkins contacting Vujevich about a agriculture project. Hernandez is not absorbed in the agriculture and is aggravating to tune out Jenkins.

Hernandez to Vujevich: “She’s bugging…not aggravating to apprehend her.’’

May 16

Jenkins expresses annoyance with Hernandez: “I’m so affronted with you – like all this [expletive] I accept to do and you accept no abstraction about how I’m activity today – I assumption ill aloof charge to end up in hospital for active myself bottomward until I accept no activity … These are the times breadth you’re annihilation but selfish.’’

Hernandez to Jenkins: “Jus got all ur pics and ur bulletin and I’m apologetic but I additionally had a lot to do and still do but apologetic for actuality selfish.’’

Shayanna Jenkins

Ted Fitzgerald/Pool

May 18

Jonathan Hernandez has been animate as a alum abettor on the University of Iowa’s football apprenticeship staff.

Jonathan to Aaron: “I played the ability brawl 600 actor n I’m gonna win…I affiance watch.’’

May 19

Jenkins has accessories to boutique for a bells dress. She texts Hernandez: “Should I accommodate your mom in on this?’’

Hernandez: “It would accomplish her blessed but kno wat u gotta accord with.’’

Later that day, Jenkins indicates she has abstruse through alternate accompany about women had Hernandez been with previously. She texts him, “U accept too abundant baggage…I’m austere – skeletons are starting to appear out and all I’m aggravating to do is advise your accompany …I should’ve accepted … I’m good.’’

Hernandez: “What u beggarly skeletons?’’

Ninety account later, Jenkins to Hernandez: “We charge to affirm our bells date – if it’s still accident and …’’

Hernandez waffles.

Jenkins settles on a date herself: “April 11 2015.’’

Hernandez: “Ok that sounds good’’

As it turns out, Hernandez will be continuing balloon for annihilation that day.

May 20

Official training sessions accept amorphous for the 2013 Patriots season.

Hernandez to Jenkins: “Feels crazy brawl started again’’

Jenkins: “You should be aflame — this is the year for you I can feel it.’’

Hernandez: “I aloof achievement I break healthy.’’

Jenkins: “You accept to anticipate absolute — an abrasion chargeless year.’’

Hernandez: “I achievement so an a abundant year for us.’’

Jenkins: “Hope so.’’

Hernandez: “Let’s be absolute lol.’’

Deion Branch

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Hernandez’s above Patriots abettor Deion Branch is a chargeless agent. He isn’t accessible to retire.

Branch to Hernandez: “Man ima footfall out that one added yr bruh. Aloof clarification the few teams that’s been calling. Annihilation acceptable absolutely so I ain’t in no blitz at the moment. Ima delay on that appropriate alarm afresh strike.’’

Hernandez: “That’s smart.’’

May 22

Branch, a advanced receiver, jokes that he may become a arresting aback and shut bottomward Hernandez on defense. Hernandez plays along, cogent him it will never happen.

Hernandez: “[N-word] u got a bigger adventitious joinin da KKK…it’s ya boy ayyyyyyy.’’

Branch, a above Super Bowl MVP for Patriots, never plays addition NFL game.

And, there is added ball at home.

Hernandez to Jenkins: “I abhorrence how there is consistently suttin and no clue how it gets like this but I [expletive] abhorrence it and it stresses me out but Idk I assumption annihilation will change in our accord jus like u said I’ll never change but Idk all I could do is achievement for the best and break absolute and see breadth that takes me.’’

Jenkins: “I don’t apperceive what u appetite me to acquaint u – u accumulate acting like things are accomplished so so be it … You haven’t taken the time out of ur canicule to affliction what was amiss accumulate captivation chat like annihilation .,, you don’t affliction – why should I – you never try to dness annihilation you aloof accelerate me one of these argument ALL the time – I’m still activity to airing about actuality the blessed babe you’ve apparent me as … I can’t admonition addition who is never accommodating to change or appetite a bigger relationship.’’

Hernandez: “OK.’’

May 24

A Florida auto banker has begin Hernandez an armored car: “Yo I begin a cast new Chevy burghal 2013 for abandoned $110,000 including aircraft windows assignment on both sides, upgraded suspension, brakes, able abettor and bigger armor than the other. Atramentous on atramentous leather. Absolutely loaded.’’

Hernandez: “Is it all black’’

Dealer: “All black.

May 25

Free Florida Residential Lease Agreement Template – PDF – Word - florida condo lease form free
Free Florida Residential Lease Agreement Template – PDF – Word – florida condo lease form free | florida condo lease form free

Hernandez is accepting Pop Warner’s anniversary Inspiration to Youth Award at a feast in Boston. His agent’s assistant, Austin Lyman, spends abundant of the day apprenticeship him on the abrupt accent he needs to deliver.

Lyman: “Speech should affect the kids to accumulate animate adamantine in the classroom, accent the accent of academics.’’

Hernandez: “Give me some bigger ammo credibility amuse lol’’

Lyman: “Lol I’ll address it out…3-5 account tops. You’ll annihilate it…A adolescent Pop Warner amateur will present you with the Inspiration to Youth Award.’’

Hernandez asks Lyman to accept a car aces him up at his Franklin apartment. But he is acutely bromidic by the affection of the vehicle.

Hernandez to Lyman: “Next time I will not ride in a car account wit no tints’’

May 29

At 2:40 a.m., Hernandez texts Jenkins: “Happy altogether I adulation you.’’

She replies at 3:35 a.m.: “Thank you adulation you.’’

By 1:30 in the afternoon, however, things accept taken a turn.

Hernandez to Jenkins: “I absolutely don’t kno wat I did amiss an all I appetite is u to accept a acceptable altogether and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that appear but consistently seems like I do suttin amiss and don’t beggarly too but adulation u.’’

Jenkins: “Nothing’s wrong- acknowledgment adulation u.’’

Bradley comes at him again: “Listen afresh I abhorrence that it has appear to this but u can’t go thru activity aftereffect chargeless aback u do assertive [expletive].’’

No texted acknowledgment by Hernandez.

Julian Edelman

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Julian Edelman, who six weeks beforehand went out to banquet with Hernandez in California, plays a chat game, conceivably sending him some affectionate of message: “Word of the day: bluff (fa-sod). The front/side of a building. Or, the “face” that bodies appearance to others, as altercate to what they absolutely do. Gotta body that vocab, son!’’

June 3

Bradley turns up the heat. He tells Hernandez he will be a Gillette Amphitheater aback Hernandez gets out of practice. Hernandez has his babysitter Wallace poised.

Bradley to Hernandez: “Yo accept on some absolute [expletive] if u were acute and affliction about your career u would acquaintance me immediately’…Matter actuality watch this ill be in accumulation appropriate about breadth u at aback u get out lmao aloof accomplish abiding u about for me.’’

Hernandez: “Call me whenever ur up here.’’

Bradley: “Vested up breadth dem goons be?…On my way! Now homes ill accommodated u anywhere but at ur house…Just affirm on ur ancestor u won’t get me awash anniversary I affirm on my aggregate ain’t nothin badge about me.’’

Hernandez: “Jus be up actuality [N-word] an ur da aing affair to da badge afterwards actuality da police!’’

Hernandez and Bradley

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe, Brian Snyder/Pool

Bradley: “How I’m da badge n u still walking about u complete like a weirdo…Ill be there advance out n ambience up boutique in about 45 min…N affirm on ur ancestor u won’t acquaint on me like I never would on u anniversary its bouta about-face up on ur ass boy.’’

Hernandez: “Ur adage that so abundant I’m afraid about u an…ur da [N-word] dat angry allegation I’m gonna break a blade FOREVER and ill alarm u.’’

Bradley: “I’m already at the accumulation accompaniment band almost.’’

Hernandez: “First of all u kno I ain’t do [expletive] but I’m over that but the actuality I knew acclimated to accumulate it artery (strictly) but acquiescent millz said all u academy [N-words] break in academy and all u ancestors men break wit ur motha [expletive] family…I ain’t givin no abode so I could get awash jus be up and watch me cull out amphitheater and chase me and we’ll handle whatever or u acquaint me breadth or chase for n breadth while u up actuality all aboriginal and let me kno.’’

Bradley: “U apperceive what it is I been dying for this that’s why I’m up actuality all aboriginal anniversary the aboriginal bird gets da snake or the colossal worm.’’

Hernandez: “Hahahaha.’’

Bradley: “What’s the haha about.’’

Hernandez to Ernest Wallace: “Keys will be in the car.’’

Bradley to Hernandez: “I’m on da accumulation pike now’’

Hernandez to Wallace: “Txt me aback u get actuality car is in parkin lot accessible and told ur breadth evrything is.’’

Hernandez to Bradley: “Jus kno I’m up actuality and I’m NOT HIDIN.’’

Wallace to Hernandez: “K.’’

Bradley: “If we not talking ill be lurkin in breadth jus like u should be lurkin.’’

Hernandez: “I got annihilation to say to u afterwards u aggravating this [expletive] suing to a [N-word] dat did annihilation but do aggregate I possibly could for u and showed u added adulation den Ne actuality anytime did and over suttin I absolutely had nuttin to do wit…U ain’t appear abandoned u ain’t stupid.’’

Bradley: “So u ain’t tryna talk…so u apperceive I am abandoned me da Mac n da belong huh?…U acting like I’m afraid of u or sumthn.’’

Hernandez: “Come to amphitheater parkin lot.’’

Hernandez to Wallace: “!?????’’

Wallace to Hernandez: “On my way’’

Bradley to Hernandez: “Man that ain’t safe I’m not [expletive] wit amphitheater badge and security…all them ex cops and cops and agents u put me on to that. That’s sumthn I abstruse from u.’’

Hernandez to Bradley: “Nobody’s afraid about badge or callin them an if we are talking Wtf is the affair accomplish ur apperception up.’’’

Wallace to Hernandez: “U ready…Talk 2 me!!!’’

Hernandez to Wallace: “I’m ready…coming out in 5.’’

Hernandez afresh goes bashful with Bradley, and Bradley continues texting in frustration. He assuredly proposes an bulk he wants Hernandez to pay him.

Bradley to Hernandez: “1,333,333 n won’t accept a say in how it’s broadcast wether to me or my kids anniversary the accomplished apple apperceive how able-bodied I booty affliction of them.’’

No texted acknowledgment by Hernandez. The adventure ends afterwards them meeting.

June 4

Bradley comes at him again, aboriginal by forwarding Hernandez a declared argument from his advocate in which the advocate says Hernandez’s advocate has not alternate his calls: “You should allege to Hernandez and acquaint him that if his advocate does not acknowledgment my calls I shall accept no best but to arise an action, or maybe he should get a altered advocate who is added responsive.’’

Bradley to Hernandez: “That’s my attorneys argument to me this morn so man I ain’t about talkin [expletive] to u no added I ain’t tryna beef wit or altercate witchu no added if [you] don’t affliction neither do I if its [expletive] me afresh whateva happens happens be accessible man.’’

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No texted acknowledgment by Hernandez. He affairs to accommodated with his attorneys about it.

Hernandez gets in agitation with Belichick for assuming up backward for practice. He texts about it to his Patriots abettor Brandon Spikes, who played with him at the University of Florida: “Jus got outta convenance and came in backward today and bill was like Wtf is amiss wit u Florida boys lol he was hot.’’

Brandon Spikes

Elise Amendola/Associated Press

Hernandez was declared to be at Gillette Amphitheater for analysis at 6:45 a.m. and accustomed at 8:40 a.m.

Hernandez to Spikes: “He gon accomplished me.’’

Spikes credibility out that the convenance was allotment of organized training activities, which are autonomous for players. Spikes himself has called not to attend.

Spikes: “Smh [shaking my head].’’

Hernandez: “They told me they was aggravating to let me go but they r gonna accord me one added year to align out lol.’’

Spikes: “U serious.’’

Hernandez: “On my father.’’

Spikes: “No way they can alter u tho.’’

Hernandez: “They said they couldn’t acquisition addition wit 80% my aptitude but easier to accord with that will accomplish up added 20% but aback they could there gonna if I don’t align out but I ain’t trippin.’’

Spikes: “Exactly we’ll go to the aforementioned aggregation and eat they ass alive.’’

Hernandez: “U already kno dat’s wat I want.’’

June 5

The Patriots accept asked Hernandez assorted times to appear an accident at the Roger Clap Innovation Academy in Dorer, breadth Robert Kraft will present a $50,000 analysis for bloom and fettle accessories on account of NFL Play 60. But there is no assurance of him. Patriots media relations arch Stacey James to Hernandez: “Hi Aaron, it’s Stacey James. We are apprehension your accession at our loading breadth at 195 Boston St. Mr Kraft asked me to acquisition out if you are coming. Amuse let me apperceive ASAP. Acknowledge you.’’

No texted acknowledgment from Hernandez.

Tanya Singleton texts Hernandez: “Can you acquaint my bedmate [T.L. Singleton] to alarm me acknowledge you adulation you ercup.’’

Hernandez to Guerrero: “Jus so u kno I am out of collective pills and I am out of adrenal pills.’’

Guerrero: “I will accompany pills tomorrow. Adulation ya.’’

Hernandez additionally asks Guerrero for a compound for a comestible shake.

Guerrero: “Almond or attic milk, attic seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, beat seeds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, arctic blueberries, almond er.’’

June 6

This is the aboriginal advertence in Hernandez’s texts to Odin Lloyd, his almost new friend. Lloyd is dating Shaneah Jenkins, the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee, Shayanna.

Shayanna Jenkins to Hernandez: “Did you allocution Odin into accepting Neah go get him?’’

Hernandez is contrarily active at the time. Wallace has apprenticed him to the Prudential belfry in Boston to accommodated with his agent, Brian Murphy, and his attorneys at Ropes & Gray about Bradley. Murphy already formed at the law firm. Murphy and Hernandez are accepting agitation aing afore the meeting.

Hernandez: “I’m in garage.’’

Brian Murphy

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

Murphy: “That’s helpful! Appear to the tower….Where ropes and gray is and the top of the hub.’’

Hernandez: “That’s helpful!!!!!!!!! I’m in parkin barn walkin up.’’

Murphy: “Are you walking to antechamber or to their appointment at the 39th attic ! Let’s go…I accept put on 50 lbs aback I was aftermost apparent here. I charge to get in the appointment allowance quickly!’’

A rental car aggregation is block Hernandez. An investigator animate for the aggregation texts him: “Aaron I accept fabricated assorted attempts to admonition you dness this matter. I will acquaint Hertz of your abnegation to cooperate.’’

Jenkins, 25 account later: “Aaron u accept to accord with this car bearings I’ve been cogent you ceaseless and they won’t stop texting [and] calling my phone!’’

June 8

A acquaintance from Bristol, Conn., is attractive for some marijuana from Hernandez: “Ayo im tryina get some of that bud u had, if i appear up there can i get some???’’

No texted acknowledgment from Hernandez.

Jonathan Hernandez has visited with Aaron.

Jonathan to Aaron: “Had a abundant time with you this week. Adulation seeing you, the baby, n everyone. N I acknowledge all u do for me.’’

Aaron: “Love u had a abundant time.’’

Hernandez texts Ryan McDonnell, the adolescence acquaintance he protects from his artery life. Actuality he is playfully extensive out to McDonnell.

“Hi I’m Aaron Hernandez I met u aback I was 10. I was aloof on Internet aggravating to acquisition bodies from my admission chic and came beyond u! Long time no see or allocution so accord me a alarm if u bethink me whenever. I was gonna address u some LETTERS but begin ur cardinal so absitively I should text. Achievement to apprehend from u in the aing decade. Peaaaccceee.’’

June 9

The texts end today, eight canicule afore Odin Lloyd’s murder. There are a babyish cardinal of final messages, including one from Herrnandez’s mother, Terri, at 5:32 a.m.: “Good morning what’s up?’’

There is no texted reply.

At 6:47 a.m., Ryan McDonnell checks in: “U up.’’

Hernandez at 6:54 a.m.: “Yessa.’’

The argument chat ends there.

At 8:54 a.m., Hernandez receives the aftermost allusive argument of the 10-week period. It’s from Jenkins, “Babe I’m sad.’’

There is no texted reply.

June 17

Hernandez — forth with Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, two accompany from Bristol — are complex in the annihilation of Odin Lloyd a his home in Arctic Attleborough.

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June 26

Hernandez is arrested in the annihilation of Lloyd.

Source: Spotlight acquired these texts through accessible annal requests of cloister and law administration files. The texts were extracted from Hernandez’s Blackberry by the US Bureau of Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Bob Hohler can be accomplished at [email protected] The Spotlight Aggregation can be accomplished at [email protected]

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