12 Things About United Healthcare | Invoice and Resume Ideas
12 Things About United Healthcare | Invoice and Resume Ideas | united healthcare provider application form

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UnitedHealth Accumulation Inc. (NYSE:UNH) Q3 2018 Antithesis Appointment Alarm October 16, 2018 8:45 AM ET

12 Things About United Healthcare | Invoice and Resume Ideas - united healthcare provider application form
12 Things About United Healthcare | Invoice and Resume Ideas – united healthcare provider application form | united healthcare provider application form


David Wichmann – Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Witty – Chief Executive Officer, Optum

Steve Nelson – Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare

John Rex – Chief Banking Officer

Brian Thompson – Chief Executive Officer, Medicare & Retirement

Dan Schumacher – President and Chief Operating Officer, UnitedHealthcare

John Prince – Chief Executive Officer, OptumRx, Inc.

Andrew Hayek – Chief Executive Officer, SCA

Eric Murphy – CEO, OptumInsight, Inc.


Matthew Borsch – BMO Basic Markets

Justin Lake – Wolfe Research

Kevin Fischbeck – Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Dave Windley – Jefferies

Sarah James – Piper Jaffray

Michael Baker – Raymond James

Zachary Sopcak – Morgan Stanley

A.J. Rice – Credit Suisse

Steve Tanal – Goldman Sachs

Ralph Jacoby – Citi

Lance Wilkes – Sanford Bernstein

Mike Newshel – Evercore ISI

Charles Rhyee – Cowen and Company

Gary Taylor – JPMorgan

Peter Costa – Wells Fargo

Ana Gupte – Leerink Partners


Good morning, and acceptable to the UnitedHealth Group’s Third Analysis 2018 Antithesis Appointment Call. A question-and-answer affair will chase UnitedHealth Group’s able remarks. As a reminder, this alarm is actuality recorded.

Here is some important anterior information. This alarm contains avant-garde statements beneath U.S. federal antithesis laws. These statements are accountable to risks and uncertainties that could anniversary absolute after-effects to alter materially from actual acquaintance or present expectations. A description of some of the risks and uncertainties can be activate in the letters that we book with the Antithesis and Exchange Commission, including the cautionary statements included in our accepted and alternate filings.

This alarm will additionally advertence non-GAAP amounts. A adaptation of the non-GAAP to GAAP amounts is attainable on the Banking Letters & SEC Filings above of the company’s Investors folio at www.unitedhealthgroup.com. Advice presented on this alarm is independent in the antithesis absolution we issued this morning and in our Form 8-K anachronous October 16, 2018, which may be accessed from the Investors folio of the company’s Web site.

I would now about-face the appointment over to the Chief Executive Officer of UnitedHealth Group, Mr. David Wichmann. Amuse go ahead.

David Wichmann

Good morning, everyone, and acknowledge you for aing us. Beforehand today we appear able operating and banking after-effects above our enterprise. Those after-effects accommodate a faculty of the accommodation to beforehand beforehand aural our businesses, capacities abiding in the above and adeptness of our business admission and aloft all in our mission allowance bodies alive convalescent lives and allowance accomplish the bloom arrangement assignment bigger for everyone.

Executing on this mission produces absolute bulk for the bodies we serve and for association in the U.S. and globally through college affection healthcare charge with bigger outcomes, at lower costs arch to bigger chump satisfaction. Executing on our mission additionally produces steadily advancing beforehand and banking value.

Third analysis revenues grew 12% to $56.6 billion, and third analysis adapted antithesis per allotment grew 28% to $3.41. We now apprehend our full-year adapted antithesis per allotment to admission $12.80, beforehand of about 27%. This increases our angle by $0.17 [ph] per allotment from the beggarly of our ambit aftermost quarter.

These after-effects are ashore and agilely applying three bulk competencies; information, technology, and analytic insights above our businesses. At no time in our history has our assignment in these three competencies captivated added affiance than today as they effectively amalgamate to alleviate healthcare bulk for those we serve.

We adapt and adjust abstracts both analytic and authoritative about the healthcare chump appliance proprietary accoutrement and technologies which appraise abstracts and affliction patterns adjoin evidence-based guidelines. Pairing awful alone abstracts and best accepted science, we activity aing best activity for consumers while accouterment them abounding accuracy into the affection and bulk of casework offered by their bounded bloom systems.

We appoint our own analytic affliction assets as able-bodied to anon abutment consumers’ alone healthcare needs. We added use abstracts to beforehand acquiescence with evidence-based anesthetic adopting all-embracing achievement with affliction and abbreviation accidental adeptness consumption. We added do this through active and affiliated chip affliction teams, and in added ambulant affliction settings administering this adeptness at analytical credibility of accommodation making.

Building and applying these competencies agilely to serve anniversary alone we touch, the broader communities and societies we are allotment of, and you our shareholders requires anxious continuing beforehand internally and in alignment with others through well-developed analysis and development, venture, and M&A capacities.

You can see the ample appulse of these competencies in anniversary of our bristles beforehand pillars. In affliction delivery, we use abstracts analytics in concert with our adeptness of bounded bazaar analytic achievement to get patients to the best doctors, affliction pathways, and sites of anniversary for accurate conditions, and to acquaint development of value-based affliction arrange for our active and affiliated-care providers. Increasingly, these are accumulated risks and performed-based relationships.

In consumer-centric bloom benefits, advice is powering avant-garde artefact designs to fortify achievement networks, tools, and allurement programs to beforehand affection and assurance convalescent adapted chump admission while abbreviation the bulk of healthcare. Specific examples accommodate our new on-demand healthcare and Colorado Doctors Plan offerings and our designs for the appropriately acceptable and Medicare advantage participants. All of these authority affiance for connected beforehand above our allowances businesses.

You see it in pharmacy-care casework above we accept chip medical and pharmacy advice and accommodate point-of-care technologies to abridge administration, beforehand biologic alternative and adherence, and abate not alone pharmacy costs but medical affliction costs as well, all added aural the analytic workflow of doctors.

You see it in calendar bloom above our chump calendar bloom belvedere Rally is now confined over 20 actor registered users. Rally is synthesizing advice and agreeable bodies to bigger administer their health, allowance consumers save money by selecting the accomplished affection affliction providers, compassionate their abroad costs upfront, and in some markets alike scheduling accessories for care. We will anon be absolution at scale, a first-of-kind absolutely chip and absolutely carriageable alone bloom almanac that delivers alone aing best bloom accomplishments to bodies and their caregivers.

And assuredly in all-around healthcare, we are bringing acquittal candor analytics and arrangement and artefact innovations to key clandestine healthcare markets in South America in abutment of both our bloom allowances businesses as able-bodied as our all-encompassing affliction charge operations. These are aloof a few examples of how we arrange these bulk competencies in our businesses. Taken added broadly, they accord you a faculty of UnitedHealth Group’s abeyant to drive distinctive, able change, abiding beforehand and achievement for those we serve.

Now let me about-face it to Andrew Witty to body on these comments and to amend on our Optum businesses. Andrew?

Andrew Witty

12 Things About United Healthcare | Invoice and Resume Ideas - united healthcare provider application form
12 Things About United Healthcare | Invoice and Resume Ideas – united healthcare provider application form | united healthcare provider application form

Thank you, Dave. Demography a mission and adequacy admission enables us to anticipate added acutely and holistically about the healthcare landscape. At Optum we are focused on architecture and developing a ample set of capabilities which abutment our eyes of carrying bigger healthcare added affordably. We’re still aboriginal in the adventure of absolution the abounding abeyant of our assets in both the calendar and bounded affliction environments.

Optum will beforehand by alms acutely chump focused, simple to admission aerial affection healthcare accomplishments and options. We are seeing all-encompassing opportunities to body out our capacities and are committed to dispatch up our clip of addition on anniversary of our audience and consumers.

Looking at third analysis results, our revenues grew $2.5 billion over aftermost year to 25.4 billion with beforehand accelerating to 11% from 9% in the added quarter. This acquirement beforehand was afresh able-bodied counterbalanced with able beforehand ante from both centralized and detached barter constant with contempo quarters.

Our metrics were apocalyptic of this beforehand above the businesses. OptumRx accomplished 331 actor scripts in the analysis breeding acquirement beforehand in antithesis of 9%. OptumHealth served 92 actor bodies with revenues accretion over 15%, and OptumInsight excess grew about 13% to $15.7 billion at analysis end.

Themes of abundance and operational arete connected in the third analysis as Optum’s operating allowance of 8% added 60 abject credibility over aftermost year with anniversary business acerb accretion operating margins year-over-year and sequentially.

Earnings from operations grew $334 actor or about 20% to $2 billion with backbone above OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx. This continues a abiding trend of proportionally greater Optum antithesis in the added bisected of the year and positions us able-bodied for 2019.

The businesses of OptumHealth appoint bodies in their bloom and wellbeing, advice them administer their bloom altitude and added accommodate affliction through our high-value clinicians and affliction charge sites. Beforehand at OptumHealth connected to be led by the development of the affliction charge businesses as a primary affliction apprenticed ambulant affliction system.

OptumCare provides primary affliction in 35 antecedence markets and serves 80 bloom affairs and 14 actor people, up 2.6 actor patients or 23% compared to a year ago. Patient beforehand was apprenticed by increases in our high-value sites of anniversary businesses and beforehand in our absolute primary affliction markets. And yet, abounding of our bounded efforts abide in an aboriginal beforehand stage. Architecture out this high-performing ambulant affliction arrangement will absorb for the aing decade as we progressively bear decidedly bigger outcomes, quality, and bulk to patients.

At OptumInsight, we serve bloom plans, affliction providers, activity science organizations, and governments with abstracts analytics, insights, and avant-garde solutions to accomplish bigger decisions and investments and to bigger administer achievement and affection in their bulk structures. Over the accomplished several years, we accept focused on added development and beforehand of our affliction provider casework and capabilities, an above breadth we see allusive opportunity.

Here in accurate I’d calendar acquirement management, outsourcing solutions and abstracts analytics and advising casework as important contributors to our contempo growth. I’m agog about OptumRx and its differentiated chip pharmacy affliction casework approach. This business enables us added to beforehand aerial quality, aerial bulk specialty pharmaceutical, e-commerce and armpit of anniversary initiatives accumulated with acceptable bounded bazaar dispensing all centered on accomplished actuality care.

Launching the nation’s aboriginal anytime scaled appliance of pharmacy discounts and a point of auction will added beforehand the bulk consumers receive. We are actively acknowledging efforts at HHS and CMS to transform pharmacy appraisement by agreeable in Allotment B biologic and armpit of anniversary management, blueprint approaches and added initiatives to accompany bigger healthcare bulk for people.

OptumRx is acceptable added adapted and able affair consumers above their needs are greatest with growing contributions from specialty medical administration to anon serve in aerial needs patients with analytical admission and adherent casework through community-based dispensing and delivery, to activity accomplishment casework for bound administration specialty drugs.

I see OptumRx is a best of the chump in an above breadth it’s difficult for individuals to accept a absolutely able voice. Through our abyss of acumen abstracts and analytic capabilities, we can advice acquaint and amplify their voice. Aural our pharmacy affliction casework admission stands an immense befalling to transform what has been a arduous above of the bloom arrangement and absolutely appulse people’s lives.

While it’s aboriginal in my time at Optum, I’m addled by the arduous admeasurement and abyss of the opportunity, adeptness and in accommodation Optum has to drive amazing addition above healthcare authoritative bodies convalescent and advantageous accomplish healthcare systems assignment better. Afterwards added than three decades in healthcare, I’ve never apparent an alignment with the abeyant of Optum.

And now I’d like to about-face the alarm over to Steve Nelson, UnitedHealthcare’s CEO.

Steve Nelson

Thank you, Andrew. UnitedHealthcare’s bazaar position is accurate by a foundation of chump bulk fatigued from the above and assorted arrangement of bloom anniversary choices, aggressive costs, characteristic affliction affection and bazaar acknowledgment of chump service. Together, these bear stability, accord of apperception and bulk to the about 50 actor bodies we serve.

Our calendar is to drive a college NPS and added bulk by advancing our anniversary experience, bazaar arch innovations and the absolute bulk of care. Our admission and mindset above the activity accredit UnitedHealthcare to serve anniversary alone with benevolence while acclamation the evolving healthcare needs of association active beforehand and allotment for shareholders.

In the third quarter, UnitedHealthcare revenues grew to $45.9 billion, an admission of 5.2 billion over aftermost year and accelerating to 13% growth. Over the accomplished 12 months, we accept been advantaged to serve 2.8 actor added bodies by way of amoebic beforehand and an broadcast attendance in South America.

UnitedHealthcare’s antithesis from operations were $2.6 billion with a 5.6% operating margin. Overall, medical bulk trends abide able-bodied managed, anticipated and constant with expectations.

In operations, we’re carrying a bigger and added avant-garde chump and affliction provider acquaintance while active abundance and affordability improvements in our bulk anatomy through technology, bigger processes and the allowances of beforehand and scale.

In UnitedHealthcare Medicare and retirement, we abide to innovate and grow. UnitedHealthcare served 125,000 added bodies through Medicare Advantage offerings in the third quarter, including the 65,000 associates of Peoples Bloom in Louisiana, the accomplished Medicare brilliant affection plan in that state.

We apprehend able beforehand afresh aing year. With the 2019 business fees now underway, we’re accepting absolute acknowledgment on our new offerings from brokers and consumers. This year added than 50 actor bodies civic will accept a best of assorted affairs from UnitedHealthcare. And we’re emphasizing our adherence and bulk for seniors.

Well added than 90% of our accepted Medicare Advantage members, added than 4.5 actor people, will see either no exceptional admission or a exceptional abatement alike as we accommodate alone navigation, acquaint new value-added allowances at no added costs and admission and beforehand admission for seniors to fettle and wellness services, basic visits and reliable busline for medical appointments.

Today, Medicare Advantage programs serve alone about 20 actor bodies nationally and a growing chief citizenry of 60 actor people. We bear Medicare medical allowances at an boilerplate bulk that is added than 20% lower than aboriginal Medicare with bulk in our college assuming markets as abundant as 30% beneath our aboriginal Medicare.

We catechumen these bulk advantages into awful admired allowances and casework for seniors bushing the cogent gaps in advantage aural aboriginal Medicare. Our programs focused on college acuity populations like Medicare Advantage abide an amazing beforehand befalling for UnitedHealthcare, because we can activity such able value.

UnitedHealthcare employer and alone accumulation served 65,000 added bodies through risk-based bartering articles in the third quarter. Our growing bazaar allotment in absolutely insured articles in contempo years reflects our ascent NPS with customers, consumers, affliction provider ally and our administration partners.

Strong chump assimilation ante and the accretion bulk we bear with consumer-centric products, tailored networks and greater chump assurance are important drivers of growth. In 2019 and 2020, we apprehend to acquaint added articles accurate by achievement networks and we’ll barrage avant-garde calendar capabilities accouterment alike greater personalization, artlessness and bulk for consumers.

In UnitedHealthcare Association & State, beforehand over the accomplished year was led by college charge and accordingly college acquirement associates such as those who were appropriately acceptable and participate in abiding casework and abutment programs. Medicaid associates grew organically by 5,000 bodies in the quarter, anniversary by the denial of our plan apery 85,000 community-based associates in New Mexico. We abide to focus on carrying bulk to our accompaniment ally by advancing bloom and convalescent our absolute bulk of affliction and operating bulk positions in Medicaid.

At UnitedHealthcare Global, our chip charge systems, primary affliction bloom centermost archetypal and accelerating use of advice and technology are creating bulk for our barter in South America. We abide our acclimatized admission of appraisement bloom allowances to their accepted costs and our hospitals in Brazil abide to beforehand their achievement as abstinent by bloom outcomes, NPS and banking returns.

UnitedHealthcare All-around is creating bulk with our Medicare colleagues in Chile, Peru and Colombia with aboriginal beforehand in citizenry bloom management, analytic administration and analytic capabilities. Antecedent focus areas accommodate the acceptance of evidence-based analytic guidelines and armpit of affliction strategies for aerial utilizing patients.

Looking ahead, we apprehend abiding able beforehand and bigger antithesis achievement from UnitedHealthcare. Our investments in avant-garde products, capabilities and the chump acquaintance will added be brought to bazaar alike as we focus on carrying bazaar arch absolute bulk of care, and we accept UnitedHealthcare is abnormally positioned to serve in the aerial growth, college acuity submarkets like Medicare Duals or patients with circuitous and abiding conditions.

Now I’ll about-face the alarm over to John Rex, UnitedHealth Group’s Chief Banking Officer.

John Rex

Thank you, Steve. To accompany all the antecedent comments together, this morning we appear 56.6 billion in third analysis revenues, beforehand of 12.4% over aftermost year. Antithesis from operations of 4.6 billion grew 12.3% on able operating margins of about 8%. Adapted antithesis per allotment added 28% to $3.41.

Third analysis adapted banknote flows were 6.1 billion or 1.9x net income. Of note, we fabricated a $2.6 billion acquittal to the U.S. treasury in October 1 for our customers’ allocation of the nation’s bloom allowance tax for 2018, which will agency into our fourth analysis banknote breeze results.

With nine months of 2018 complete, our aboriginal angle for bartering medical bulk trend of 6% added or bare 50 abject credibility is biasing aloof hardly lower than 6%. In the third quarter, our circumscribed medical affliction arrangement of 81% compares to 81.4% in the year-ago analysis and reflects the appulse of the bloom allowance tax anniversary by changes in business mix and development.

Medical assets developed agreeably in the analysis by 50 million. Aural that result, we had about 120 actor of favorable development for 2018 and 70 actor in abortive above-mentioned year development.

Our third analysis operating bulk arrangement of 15% added alone 30 abject credibility over aftermost year admitting address about 1 allotment point of bulk admission from the acknowledgment of the bloom allowance tax as able-bodied as college investments in addition and business development. We anniversary that accountability with operating bulk conduct above the lath and able acquirement beforehand in lower operating bulk arrangement businesses such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Turning to our antithesis sheet. Acknowledgment on disinterestedness for the third analysis accomplished about 26% and our debt to absolute basic arrangement was 38.9% at September 30. We accept repurchased 3.7 billion of banal year-to-date for about $233 per allotment and we abide to administer basic to our businesses through M&A, adventure investments and amoebic development to strengthen our offerings for barter and added alter our enterprise.

Taken together, our able and adapted growth, acclimatized bulk administration and cardinal use of basic are accumulation to aftermath addition year of allusive banking performance. As Dave mentioned, we now apprehend 2018 adapted antithesis aing $12.80 per share, beforehand of about 27%.


David Wichmann

Thank you, John. As we bankrupt out the third quarter, absorption artlessly turns to 2019. We will assets the majority of this chat for our November 27 Broker appointment but I can activity a few high-level observations at this time.

The ambiance in 2019 will accommodate as consistently a mix of elements accepted to the ample exchange and those altered to us. Overall, our alone businesses are architecture from a fundamentally able foundation and we abide to actualize able drive afresh afresh to aing year.

We will abide to beforehand NPS acknowledging connected beforehand above our businesses. Our accelerating beforehand levels will armamentarium the charge of acute innovations in 2019 and 2020. And as we appraise the abounding opportunities we see over the aing cardinal of years, we accept our abiding achievement will abide accumbent with our abiding appetite of antithesis per allotment beforehand of 13% to 16%.

We access 2019 with activity and optimism for the approaching and I would activity at this ambit the accepted bazaar accord appraisal for adapted antithesis per allotment captures our 2019 angle aural a about sized range. As always, we will seek to accomplish to our abounding potential.

united healthcare claims form - Nuruf.comunicaasl
united healthcare claims form – Nuruf.comunicaasl | united healthcare provider application form

Advancing distinctive, able change in healthcare is an astronomic and circuitous undertaking. We accept we accept a lot to activity advancing added bulk for consumers while mitigating bulk for those who pay for care. Our strategies do not depend or abide on a distinct allotment of technology, database, administration system, analytic approach, allotment apparatus or any added atypical appearance of what it takes to accomplish a abiding and allusive aberration in healthcare.

Rather our abeyant resides in the accumulated of our assorted bazaar presence, our data, technology and analytic competencies, the compassion, candor and abysmal healthcare adeptness and abilities of our about 300,000 people, the millions of trusted relationships we accept becoming over time and our compassionate of and abounding alignment to the rapidly advancing standards of performance, individuals and bloom systems common appeal from their healthcare.

Our bodies in this acutely motivated, restless, assorted and adjustable administration aggregation are absolutely affianced in convalescent bulk for association and carrying constant characteristic banking results.

Let me aing now and attainable up the alarm to your questions. One catechism per actuality please, so we can acknowledge to anybody in the alternation this morning.

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions]. We’ll booty our aboriginal catechism from Matthew Borsch with BMO Basic Markets. Amuse go ahead. Your band is open.

Matthew Borsch

Thank you. Acceptable morning. If you could animadversion on your angle for the Medicare attainable acceptance season, and aloof aural that, the trend in 2018 has been actual heavily skewed in favor of the ample attainable companies. I’m apprehensive if you can animadversion on that as it relates to above-mentioned years, and if you apprehend that to continue. Acknowledge you.

David Wichmann

Matt, acknowledge you for your question. Obviously, it’s an above of backbone for our organization. We accept performed awfully able-bodied in growing in the Medicare Advantage market, both the alone as able-bodied as confined accumulation accounts as well. It takes a lot of planning and execution. Our aggregation is actual able in that regard, and I anticipate we apprehend a actual nice aftereffect to beforehand for 2019 as well. Let me ask Brian Thompson to add to that.

Brian Thompson

Thanks, Dave. Brian Thompson here. Yes, Matt, ’19 is abstraction up as a absolutely abundant year I anticipate for seniors at ample and the MA industry. Specifically, we are absolutely optimistic about our articles and how they compare, what we’re seeing in the exchange is constant with our apprehension and absolutely gives us aplomb about our positioning. We apprehend to drive addition actual able year of MA beforehand and abide our drive that we’ve approved now for several years. I anticipate as we admission the year, what we’re seeing in the exchange looks like what we had expected, actual admiring with our position, absolutely no surprises, and I anticipate you can apprehend added beforehand from us in 2019.

Matthew Borsch

All right, acknowledge you.

David Wichmann

Next question, please.


We’ll go aing to Justin Lake with Wolfe Research. Amuse go ahead. Your band is open.

Justin Lake

Thanks. Aboriginal on that, I apologize, on the Medicare Advantage, the CMS is ciphering 11.5% beforehand for aing year. Aloof analytical if you accede with that. And afresh my question’s absolutely on the PBM side. You acquired two specialty pharmacies in the quarter. I basic to get your adapted appearance on the PBM business accustomed all the agitation in the breadth about the sustainability of margins and economics in accepted and the approaching of rebates in particular. Thanks.

David Wichmann

Thank you, Justin. Of course, we accept our own credibility of appearance about what we accepted the beforehand bulk to be in the Medicare Advantage market, and of beforehand CMS’ cardinal was absolutely a bit college than that. I anticipate we’re still indexed on a lower expectation, but we absolutely would be admiring to see that beforehand bulk overall. Brian, if you accept annihilation to add to that.

Brian Thompson

No, I anticipate you said it right, Dave. As we’ve said in antecedent quarters, we attending at the abiding industry beforehand bulk for MA added in that 7% to 8% range. As I said aftermost quarter, Justin, our planning is absolutely to outdistance that bulk as we accept now for four or bristles years. As Dave said, a lot of optimism but a lot of ranges about what the beforehand bulk adeptness be for 2019. I don’t anticipate it will be adorning for us to bell in on what that allotment adeptness be, but absolutely optimistic, absolutely affidavit for it to strengthen and we’re admiring with how we’re positioned as we admission ’19.

David Wichmann

And a actual astute catechism also, Justin, on the specialty pharma acquisitions. We are actual aflame about those. There’s a lot of adeptness for those above assorted aspects of our business. Andrew Witty, would you like to comment?

Andrew Witty

Thanks, Dave. So again, acknowledgment for the question. Yes, during the analysis we acquired both Avella and Genoa, both of which are activity to be potentially actual important additions to our specialty pharmacy portfolio. They fabricated actual baby addition in the analysis itself, but activity avant-garde we see them alms characteristic contributions in the behavioral amplitude as able-bodied as in the specialty, decidedly the oncology space. To your added accepted catechism about the role and the accent of PBMs, I anticipate it’s important to reflect on absolutely the axiological role the PBM offers which is to accumulated aggregate and to ensure a appraisement conduct aural the biologic breadth afterwards which there absolutely wouldn’t be any affectionate of conduct about biologic bulk accretion phenomenon. As you know, biologic companies are chargeless to admission prices at will. The PBM acts as a apparatus to conduct that process. Historically, that’s been through the rebating mechanism. As we attending forward, we’re attainable for whatever change of that exchange adeptness booty place. The about-face of the OptumRx portfolio into a absolutely adapted portfolio of pharmacy casework is absolutely displayed in its connected beforehand rate, development of the Briova beverage business as one example. We’ve apparent a cogent set of absolute change there. To the bulk to which there is change in the PBM environment, I’d appear aback to my aboriginal point. It’s analytical that any ambiance ensures that there is a adorning apparatus for bulk increases in the U.S., and whether that’s through abatement or any added mechanism, we’re attainable to appoint with whatever changes adeptness appear along.

David Wichmann

So, Justin, I may aloof add. You apparently noticed or the markets accept noticed a axis for us from a PBM to a pharmacy affliction services-based business, and I apperceive we’ve been talking about that for some time, but added added over the beforehand of the aftermost brace of years or so, with Andrew actuality – Andrew Witty, he’s taken an absolutely avant-garde and avant-garde set admission alike added so for us absolutely acceptable our cerebration in this area, and I anticipate what you can apprehend from us is that we’ll be acutely anxious about how we appoint and participate broadly but additionally accept aplomb that we’ll cross through this change agnate to the way we accept above added changes in healthcare in the past. Aing question, please.


And we’ll go aing to Kevin Fischbeck with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Amuse go ahead.

Kevin Fischbeck

Hi. Thanks. I appetite to go aback to MA if I can and absolutely aloof thoughts about the margins sustainability in that business, it seems like every aggregation is absolutely attractive to abound MA as a key disciplinarian activity forward, every aggregation seems to allocution about growing faster than the industry and I anticipate the CMS comments about 11% cardinal I anticipate is to some bulk apprenticed by the appearance that companies are abundantly convalescent allowances which all abroad according I assumption would betoken allowance compression. So we’d aloof adulation to apprehend your thoughts about how aggressive that exchange is and the adeptness to affectionate of beforehand margins and abound the way that you’re targeting over time?

David Wichmann

It’s a abundant question, Kevin. Obviously, we accept abundant aplomb in our adeptness to sustain our margins and abide to abound the business. It has consistently been a aggressive exchange and acutely there’s a lot of new access into that bazaar as well. I anticipate those new access in the aggressive acreage accomplish us aloof that abundant better. We’ve had some characteristic capacities in this class and I anticipate that that what makes us altered and absolutely enhances our adeptness to abide to abound and sustain margins by creating absolute value. And I’ll ask Brian Thompson already afresh to animadversion on what some of those capacities are and accommodate added context.

Brian Thompson

Sure. Thanks, Dave. As Dave said, absolutely admiring with the angle for what we see in 2019 but absolutely appetite to point out the able drive that we’ve demonstrated. This is the fourth year of outpacing the industry beforehand bulk absolutely advisedly and I anticipate it’s a arresting that our bulk is resonating in the marketplace. Over the aftermost four years, anniversary adherence as able-bodied as the enhancements we’ve added, our focus on a hassle-free calendar demography out the complications for those we serve our anniversary archetypal which we alarm our Advocate For Me anniversary model, our actual accepted HouseCalls program, the assorted affliction administration programs, we accept all about Optum enabled are absolutely resonating and we’re seeing that bulk with our members, with our physician ally and our administration access at ample and we’re absolutely admiring to accept that array of clue almanac and drive as we access what’s actualization to be a actual optimistic analysis for seniors.

David Wichmann

Thank you, Kevin. Aing question, please.


Our aing catechism comes from Dave Windley with Jefferies. Amuse go ahead.

Dave Windley

Hi. Acceptable morning. I basic to about-face over to OptumCare. Apprehensive how you or how abounding markets do you accept abundant build-out above say a actual allocation of your allowances been on the UnitedHealthcare ancillary in those anniversary areas above you best to attempt would be abounding through OptumCare? What affectionate of accumulation do you see from appliance OptumCare? And afresh how do you apprehend the build-out of consecutive markets, of added markets to that akin of influence?

David Wichmann

That’s a abundant question, Dave. I anticipate the calligraphy covered some of that aback we were apropos to Medicare Advantage articles and decidedly the bulk that are created about to aboriginal Medicare and we talked about the aerial banned of that actuality 30% or so accumulation category. That’s absolutely what we were apropos to is the abysmal relationships that UnitedHealthcare, bluntly others accept with the OptumCare activity which is a angrily multi-payer business confined abounding payers as we categorical in the calligraphy as well. We accept Andrew Hayek here. He’ll acknowledgment the antithesis of your questions.

My Account User Guide - united healthcare provider application form
My Account User Guide – united healthcare provider application form | united healthcare provider application form

Andrew Hayek

Thanks, Dave. So to add to what Dave accumulated aloof a aerial level, we’re absolutely admiring with the achievement of OptumCare in agreement of convalescent quality, abstinent by stars, adhered measures, our chump acquaintance for averaging in that apostle anniversary of 71 above OptumCare and OptumHealth and the absolute bulk of affliction savings, accumulation to be arrangement by active bigger health, by preventing accidental admissions, by practicing evidence-based care. And to Dave’s point aback we do these things we’re seeing the accumulation in the acclimation of consequence of 30% compared to acceptable Medicare in a growing cardinal of our complete markets. As was referenced earlier, we’re present in 30 markets above OptumCare. There are capricious levels of abyss in those markets but all of them are on the alleyway appear value, value-based contracting, value-based analytic programs, culture, how we acclimatize our physicians. We’re deepening our attendance in those communities that we serve afresh at altered credibility forth the continuum but we’re all deepening and growing and we’re optimistic we’re in the aboriginal stages as Andrew Witty accumulated of the abeyant of OptumCare. And as we accomplish these kinds of after-effects for the communities we serve, the patients we serve and our 80 bloom plan partners, we see connected and growing absorption to access new markets and to deepen our attendance in our accepted markets.

Dave Windley

Thank you.

David Wichmann

Thank you, Dave. Aing question, please.


And we’ll go to Sarah James with Piper Jaffray. Amuse go ahead. Your band is open.

Sarah James

Thank you. I basic to go aback to your animadversion on 2019 attractive aural the ambit of the abiding beforehand which you’ve advanced said was 13% to 16%. So there were bullish comments on Medicare and Optum beforehand and afresh we accept the HIF break, so stacking up to be added tailwinds than headwinds. So can you run us through any headwinds or tailwinds that maybe missing from that and fasten out the appulse of the HIF tailwind? I anticipate this year it was $0.75 headwind to ’18, so how abundant is it rolling off for the anniversary to ’19? Thanks.

David Wichmann

Sure, Sarah, acknowledge you. So maybe what I’ll accord you a faculty of is the about speaking the headwind and tailwind as we see and afresh I’ll ask John Rex to awning the HIF which I’m abiding there’s a lot of absorption in. So about headwinds end up actuality affairs that are beneath specific to us so I’ll alarm them industry-related headwinds, but we absolutely accept things that are altered to us as well. I anticipate it’s absolutely important consistently as we anticipate about planning and we’re in the bosom of it appropriate now that we consistently alpha with a abysmal anniversary for medical bulk and additionally about accession in a bourgeois aspect on appraisement to ensure that we absolutely accede those medical costs in that pricing. Aing to that I’d say the capability of government allotment is consistently a affair accurately in an ambiance above budgets activate to bind and our citizenry continues to age. That’s activity to put accountability broadly on budgets. So our acknowledgment to that is to abide our all-encompassing advancement activities that we had in this above to ensure that the choir of those that depend on Medicare and Medicaid are heard and able-bodied heard. At the aforementioned time you’ve heard a lot of chat this morning about managing absolute bulk to affliction and actuality actual active about active greater bulk to the market. So we acutely acknowledge to that capability of government allotment alarm by authoritative abiding that our costs are independent and that Medicare consumers in accurate accept added bulk for their exceptional dollars. The bloom allowance tax is an absorbing item. I’ll accord my booty on it aboriginal and afresh as I said I’ll ask John to at the end of this to animadversion on it as well. But I see it as a negative. I see its acknowledgment as a abrogating for people, for the industry, for business, for association broadly. If it returns, the industry is activity to charge to already afresh body it into premiums and that’s activity to drag them to a point of annoyance amid consumers. We saw that aback it came aback actuality for 2018 in particular. It affects our NPS. It causes accidental alternation for those we serve, decidedly our Medicare associates who are on anchored income. Above that, the blow of the items are appealing altered to us. But I’d alarm out one in accurate which is about the pacing of investments. As you apperceive we accept NPS ambitions in this company, we accept beforehand ambitions in this company. We accept ethics about how we can add bulk to the bloom arrangement broadly over time, so we accept new R&D, our analysis and development capacities. And you’ve heard us allocution about a lot of startup abject businesses. OptumCare is still a startup, apparently midstream in its all-embracing development, article that will booty about two decades to absolutely develop. But you additionally heard us allocution about things like affairs the Colorado Doctors Plan. And while we didn’t allocution about it today, we are additionally entering into new geographic markets for Medicare and additionally for our bartering abject business and all of those things booty abysmal investment. But they are investments that are all-important in acclimation sustain that abiding and I accentuate abiding beforehand bulk 13% to 16% over time. You’re absolutely right. We accept a lot of tailwinds and they beat our headwinds and that’s why we can activity up the backbone of that 2019 advice that we have. Those accommodate advances in NPS bulk ascendancy and the addition that’s a authentication of this company. All those things abide to ammunition growth. We apprehend a able year for Medicare Advantage as you heard from Brian. But we additionally apprehend connected able beforehand in allotment from our bazaar aggressive bartering offerings. And as I said aftermost quarter, we were a bit annoyed with our adeptness decidedly in the civic accounts bazaar to beforehand our self-funded business. I anticipate that’s activity to axis in 2019 and activate to aftermath beforehand in 2020. Our Medicaid businesses do actual able-bodied on the Duals and with the abiding casework in sports populations I anticipate they can do a lot bigger – accomplish a lot bigger with the abject Medicaid affairs as well. OptumCare is activity to access into added new markets. It’s activity to additionally beforehand its risk-bearing capacities. We talked about OptumRx. That had a acknowledged analysis afresh this year but has a lot of drive decidedly in specialty and carrying ample accumulation alternation value. OptumInsight’s assuming absolutely able-bodied on acquirement aeon administration and bulk ascendancy curve and our all-around businesses abide to aggrandize above both allowance and deliveries. And we’re activity to abide to arrange basic in the business and abound as you’ve appear to apprehend from us in the past. So comestible all that absolutely requires a cogent beforehand and so what we do is we carefully plan about what beforehand capacities we accept so that we can beforehand and abide to sustain that affectionate of 13% to 16% abiding antithesis beforehand bulk over time. And our abstraction is to accommodate the best acknowledgment attainable for association and afresh additionally our shareholders. With that, maybe I’ll ask John aloof to blow on the mechanics of the HIF tax as well.

John Rex

Sure. Sarah, acceptable morning. Aloof a few apparatus actuality as we anticipate about the HIF tax and our appearance on it and expectations activity into aing year that adeptness be instructive. So I anticipate the aboriginal affair to anamnesis is aback we laid out our antecedent $0.75 aback in November, that was above-mentioned to a actual important accident that occurred afterwards on which was the abridgement on the accumulated tax rate. That advisedly aerial the impact, the headwind appulse of the bloom allowance headwind for us this year. And I apperceive you’re acquainted of that one. That’s a cogent reduction. There are added true-ups and assorted items as the year goes on but by far in a way that would be the bigger component. So with nine months of actuals now, we admeasurement 2018 year-over-year headwind is aloof over bisected the akin or about bisected the akin we’d initially accepted aback then, afresh all-inclusive majority to that aloof due to the accumulated tax reduction. As we alpha because things and elements for 2019 amid things we’ll accept to accede and be alert for is aback and how any abstracts are fabricated for the reintroduction of the tax in 2020 additionally as that would accept appulse on the 2019 year. So all of them will be in comedy [ph], but aloof appetite to affectionate of additionally accommodate a little advice on above we anticipate it’s – the appulse it’s had on 2018 also.

David Wichmann

Thanks for the question, Sarah. You got apparently added than you asked for in the answer.

Sarah James

Fantastic. Acknowledge you.

David Wichmann

Thank you. Aing question, please.


And we’ll go aing to Josh Raskin from Nephron Research. Amuse go ahead.

David Wichmann

Josh, you may be on mute. Josh, are you on mute?


We’ll move on and we can go to Michael Baker with Raymond James. Amuse go ahead.

Michael Baker

Thanks a lot. I’m attractive for an amend on the about-face from fee-for-service to fee-for-value both in agreement of above you guys are at now as able-bodied as on the Optum IT side, the systems that you’re carrying to A providers and payers in that move?

David Wichmann

Okay, able-bodied I anticipate the about-face from fee-for-service to fee-for-value I’ll accept Dan Schumacher, President of UnitedHealthcare altercate and afresh maybe Andrew if you appetite to tie into that as well.

Dan Schumacher

Sure. Acknowledge you, Michael, for the question. To your acceptable point, we accept connected been advancing the alteration and greater acclimatization appear bulk over volume. And we’re accomplishing it in a brace of ways. First, aggravating to get an accretion bulk of absorb beneath value-based constructs but afresh chiefly added alive to accomplish abiding that that absorb migrates appear managing the bloom of the citizenry adjoin aloof alone affection metrics. So as you anticipate about anniversary of those apparatus on the bulk overall, today we accept about $69 actor in value-based constructs that represents a little beneath bisected of our absolute medical, surgical spend. And we had set a appetite to get to 65 billion and we got there early. So we’ve displace our architect appear $75 billion by 2020. So we’ll abide to beforehand the absolute aggregate of absorb that comes beneath value-based constructs. And afresh central that, we’ve been actual acknowledged in that clearing appear citizenry orientation. If you attending at above that sits today, about bisected of our value-based absorb is in the added accelerating relationships that acclimatize about citizenry outcomes and that’s up from about 38%, 39% if we attending aloof bristles years ago. And so we’ve got a lot of focus on deepening of partnerships. Some of our added accelerating relationships are absolutely with our ACO ally and in those relationships we assignment to allotment data, allotment insights, drive bigger coordination, aing gaps and affliction for people. And as you attending at that, we’ve had some actual acknowledged outcomes with our ACO partners. In total, we’ve got about 1,000 ACOs underway. And as you attending at it above Medicare, Medicaid and commercial, we’re able to drive beneath in-patient stays, lower readmission rates, added primary care, beneath ER and added antitoxin screening. So overall, we’re admiring with our beforehand there and we abide to do added assignment and we’ll attending to body on it in future.

David Wichmann

So as I anticipate you know, Andrew Hayek and his aggregation in OptumCare in accurate are enabling all this by putting the abysmal basement in bounded markets from primary affliction through development of ambulant affliction systems to accredit the added ancillary of that bread if you will that Dan had aloof described. So accepting heard from Andrew, I anticipate we’ll aloof go to Eric Murphy to put some comments on the Optum IT side.

Eric Murphy

Thanks, Dave, and acknowledgment for the question, Michael. Aloof piggybacking up on what Dan Schumacher accumulated is payers and providers abide to about-face from fee-for-service to value-based affliction arrangements. OptumInsight offers the bazaar what we accredit to as a plan/build model. On the plan ancillary we’ve got one of the bigger adviser consulting casework organizations in the healthcare industry above a cardinal of our accountable amount experts abetment payers and providers with how to body those arrange so they can move from free-for-service to value-based care. On the body side, we accept Optum achievement analytics which we’ve talked about abounding times on this alarm in the accomplished is one of the bazaar arch platforms to accredit payers and providers to not alone authorize risk-based relationships but absolutely administer both the bulk and affection of care. So we see a connected about-face in the exchange from fee-for-service to value-based affliction and feel actual able about the enablement capabilities of OptumInsight.

Michael Baker


David Wichmann

Thank you. Aing question, please.


And we’ll go aing to Zach Sopcak with Morgan Stanley. Amuse go ahead.

Zachary Sopcak

Hi. Acknowledgment for the question. I basic to ask on your acquaintance now on point-of-sale rebates, I anticipate it was about six months ago that you appear that you were activity to do it for 2019 for your accident book. How are those audience been demography it? Are they compassionate what has to be done to catechumen to that? And accept you apparent any added absorption in your fee-based book and activity to point-of-sales rebates for 2019?

David Wichmann

Thanks for the question, Zach. It’s acutely actual appropriate one as able-bodied accustomed all the anniversary about this. We did aback in March – alpha of March this year accomplish a accommodation for the 7 actor to 8 actor bodies that are in our absolutely insured employer abject business to catechumen them to a point-of-sale abatement format. I’ll ask Dan Schumacher to animadversion on that. And afresh John Prince if you accept any observations about how the bazaar is adopting these ethics as well, I’d acknowledge it. Dan?

Dan Schumacher

United Healthcare Enrollment Forms D | Nayvii - united healthcare provider application form
United Healthcare Enrollment Forms D | Nayvii – united healthcare provider application form | united healthcare provider application form

Good morning, Zach. So we did, as Dave mentioned, we appear our change beforehand this year and that absolutely goes into aftereffect alpha 1/1/2019 for all new and renewing groups avant-garde in our absolutely insured accumulation portfolio. So at this point it’s advancing up on 1/1/’19 above we’ll see that aeon into place. And the acknowledgment from our chump abject and the agent association has been strong. I anticipate it adds a akin of accuracy to consumers and helps to acknowledgment the bread-and-er allurement associated with the rebates to them at the point of auction and that’s decidedly important aback bodies are in aerial deductible offerings above they’re administering the aboriginal dollar accountability of healthcare added broadly. As it relates to our self-funded applicant base, we abide to see added absorption in that alms and acutely they’re aggravating to anticipate about how it all balances out in the ambience of how they set their addition strategy, their anniversary activity that underpins that. But we accept apparent some added interest. We’ve apparent some beat up in sales. And let’s see if John Prince can activity annihilation from his perspective.

John Prince

Sure, Dan, thanks. It’s John Prince. In agreement of the broader bazaar we’ve apparent acceptable uptake. We’ve been accomplishing this in a bazaar for several years in agreement of our ample adult clients. We’ve apparent a absolute fee change this accomplished year with aboriginal with UnitedHealthcare accomplishing their absolutely insured book. We accept added actor lives that are acrimonious up in the self-insured market. We additionally accept added bloom plan audience that are activity to accept it afterwards in 2019, 2020. In agreement of a chump experience, we’re seeing a bulk of about $150 of bulk delivered aback to an alone chump aback they accept – aback it’s all rebate. So accurately on the high-deductible bloom plan there’s a lot of bulk from a chump acquaintance of accomplishing point-of-sale rebates, but all-embracing actual solid uptake.

Zachary Sopcak

Great. Acknowledge you.

David Wichmann

Thank you for the question, Zach. Aing question, please.


And we’ll go aing to A.J. Rice with Credit Suisse. Amuse go ahead.

A.J. Rice

Hi, everybody. I adeptness booty a minute to ask you about your MLR trend in the quarter. You were 81%. That was bigger than we were cerebration and I anticipate bigger than that consensus. A brace of affective genitalia there. I assumption I’d be absorbed to apprehend your animadversion on first, if there’s any way to alike out a little bit added granularity amid the business curve and what you saw in MLR, whether one decidedly outperformed or was there any above breadth you had any issues? And second, I assumption in that, the development. We knew that you would not accept apparently as able a development as you had aftermost year but we didn’t absolutely accept that you’d accept absolutely the abrogating of development you had in 2017. Accompanying to 2017, any animadversion on that? And afresh I anticipate assuredly on MLR trend impact, I anticipate aftermost analysis you accent that we should be acquainted that Latin America, decidedly Biomedica [ph] accept a abrogating MLR appulse in the added and third analysis because of the winter and it’s adamantine to see that in the accumulated results. I admiration if that played out like you accepted or did you accept some abnormal favorable trend bottomward there?

David Wichmann

Thanks, A.J. All acceptable questions. In the absorption of time I’ll – it’s aloof a melancholia acclimation in South America, and so they’re affective into the bounce and summer months now. So we’ll absolutely see that as we move into Q4 and into Q1. John Rex, would you like to animadversion on our achievement on MLR and development?

John Rex

Good morning, A.J. John Rex here. You had a few comments on that. So I’m activity to try to aces up the assorted apparatus there and hopefully I will hit on them all. One aspect I heard you accredit to was development. In the quarter, so net 50 actor of favorable development in the analysis and aural that we talked about 120 actor of that actuality in year and 70 actor of that apropos to above-mentioned year. Annihilation absolutely cogent aural those above-mentioned year apparatus I would acquaint you. The way we attending at that that’s almost on $130 billion of medical absorb from 2017. So very, actual bashful aural the arrangement of things. There’s consistently altered abode in the year. You get allocation of allowances impact, you get added little impacts that appear in, but aural the arrangement of our medical bulk of 0.05%, so almost modest. I attending aback over the accomplished three years; so 70 this year, it’s 110 favorable in ’17, it was 110 actor abortive in ’16; actual baby amounts that formed through there and annihilation that cogent that I’d point out. In agreement of above the curve of business also, annihilation absolutely allusive to point out above the altered lines. If I were to bent it aloof a little bit, I’d bent aloof hardly to the employer based businesses in agreement of above some of that development was occurring in the beforehand of the quarter. You apparently heard me animadversion during my able comments that we were biasing our trend angle in bartering bottomward a bit. And aural that in agreement of trend, we abide to see absolutely what’s active best of trend is still assemblage bulk as the capital disciplinarian adjoin utilization. And if I were to breach bottomward the apparatus in agreement of what we’re seeing adjoin what we staked out aback in November in agreement of the alone trend components, I’d characterize that apparently pharmacy and in-patient are advancing at the low end of the accepted ranges that we’ve provided at that time.

David Wichmann

Okay, that was acknowledging [ph]. A.J., acknowledge you for the question. Aing question, please.


We’ll go aing to Steve Tanal with Goldman Sachs. Amuse go ahead.

Steve Tanal

Good morning, guys. Maybe aloof chase up on that aloof on the bartering side, I assumption aboriginal it array of sounds as admitting medical bulk trend may accept decelerated during the quarter. Is that a fair read? And if so, can you animadversion on array of above you’re seeing the change in the second, if not for the buckets you aloof array of listed? And afresh would additionally aloof anniversary on any basic comments on how the ’19 affairs analysis is abstraction up in the bartering book and maybe a little bit of your angle for the bulk trend as able-bodied as the – absolutely the bulk trend on the forward?

John Rex

Steve, it’s John Rex actuality again. So with attention to the buckets as I anticipate is what you’re allurement in agreement of trend, the apparatus above we’re seeing adjoin our antecedent expectations we laid out aback in November were absolutely pharmacy and in-patient in agreement of advancing at the lower end of the ambit as it relates to in-patient. It’s been a actual abiding abatement in in-patient. I anticipate we’ve had nine years or so of crumbling in-patient utilization. So that has been a abiding trend. But both those apparatus were the buckets above we would accept apparent the lower end of the ambit and above we’re seeing some deceleration.

David Wichmann

And I don’t anticipate we’re in any accurate altered abode on trend and MLR this analysis adjoin above we were last. There’s no watershed moment that occurred in the Q3. I anticipate it’s acutely constant in agreement of all-embracing achievement as able-bodied as – as we attending at how we baddest our affluence and the development that comes as a result. Dan, you appetite to aces up the aftermost piece.

Dan Schumacher

Thanks. Steve, I anticipate you asked about how the ’19 affairs analysis was abstraction up and I accept that that orients appear the self-funded exchange aloof accustomed above we sit in the year. I’ll breach that into a brace of pieces. As it relates to aboriginal the civic accounts bazaar segment, as I’ve accumulated for the aftermost brace of quarters, the affair there is absolutely one about incumbency. We’ve done able-bodied to win aback accustomed the befalling but the absoluteness is we do accept a above abject that we’re arresting central that. We were acknowledged afresh this year in converting our retirees to accumulation Medicare offerings. Obviously, those are a able bulk for audience and consumers as able-bodied as for our enterprise. So for the self-funded allocation of the civic accounts segment, we do apprehend acceptance to abatement in 2019 and our aggregation is absolutely focused on, as Dave mentioned, redoubling our efforts about absolute bulk of affliction and importantly, our capability in demonstrating that acutely to audience and consultants. As you attending at the broader self-funded market, we abide to accomplish actual able-bodied in the average bazaar segment, so audience with advisers up to 3,000. And our attainable breadth achievement has apparent some actual nice beforehand for 2019 including some ample wins. So aback we put that altogether and attending at the self-funded bazaar overall, we apprehend some actual able year-over-year beforehand and that should aftereffect in a bashful beforehand contour in 2019 and we’d attending avant-garde to breaking afar the pieces and discussing it added at the Broker appointment in November.

David Wichmann

Thank you, Steve. We accept several calls larboard in the alternation and I’d like to see if we can get through this in the aing 15 anniversary or so, so we’re activity to go avant-garde and booty the aing catechism but we’ll apparently – you’ll apparently apprehend us bind up our responses a bit here. Aing catechism please.


And we’ll go to Ralph Jacoby with Citi. Amuse go ahead. Your band is open.

Ralph Jacoby

Thanks. Acceptable morning. I aloof appetite to get a little added description on the HIF. Seemingly, you priced it through to barter and the tax – acutely the tax anniversary came after. So it’s array of the mindset that you accept to and you apprehend to array of pay it aback in 2019, is that why it adeptness not be the array of the consequence of tailwind we initially anticipation or advice us anticipate through that? Thanks.

David Wichmann

John Rex?

John Rex

Yes, Ralph, so in agreement of – absorption on the 2019 aspect or as my comments were accurately accompanying to 2018 and the appulse that the abridgement in taxes and the accumulated tax bulk had.

Ralph Jacoby

So that benefited to you about in 2018 adjoin aback we bulk the book. So in 2019, are barter allurement for that aback or how do we anticipate that through?

John Rex

So that was a cogent headwind and that’s allotment of what came into our antithesis angle aback we revised antithesis in January. So that a allusive allotment of that. And afresh we did not accept to afresh bulk on renewing books, accept to bulk that in to any renewing books that were advancing on at that point. So cogent anniversary for our barter in agreement of how we admission the bazaar and how we were able to canyon on that anniversary to our customers. Absolutely that’s additionally a anniversary that our barter are accepting in 2019 because of the absence of the HIF and we would achievement to additionally accept that anniversary as we move into approaching years. As Dave acicular out, the bald actuality of the bloom allowance tax is a headwind for a healthcare cost. So we attending for that to accumulate to our customers.

David Wichmann

Thank you, Ralph. Aing question, please.


And we’ll go aing to Lance Wilkes with Sanford Bernstein. Amuse go ahead.

Lance Wilkes

Yes, I’ve got aloof a catechism on the PBM and it’s affectionate of three abbreviate credibility but actual tight, don’t worry. The aboriginal one is aloof if you could allocution a little bit about the mail assimilation bulk and how you’re accomplishing with specialty aeronautics there, how that adverse with above-mentioned years. I assumption accompanying to that how are you cerebration about e-commerce and potentially abacus online pharmacy options like Amazon? And afresh aural the ambience of that if you appetite to allocution a little about PBM sales for 2019 both absolute and the bulk sales with the ample self-funded groups? Thanks.

Welcome - united healthcare provider application form
Welcome – united healthcare provider application form | united healthcare provider application form

David Wichmann

Thank you. I will absolute it beeline to John Prince.

John Prince

Great. Lance, it’s John Prince. I’ll awning the affairs analysis first. We’ve had – we’re aloof wrapping up the 2019 affairs season. If you attending at the analysis we had added RFP volume, so it was up year-over-year. In agreement of applicant sales, we’ve absolutely awash added audience in 2019 for a business than we did in 2018 affairs season. So we accept added audience year-over-year aloof in band with our expectations. So we’re aflame about our sales. We’ve had a brace of acceptable accompaniment wins, a brace of new bloom plans, unions and as able-bodied a brace of ample employers. Assimilation is additionally actual solid if we attending into 2019. We’re activity to accept assimilation of 98% or college as we go into 2019 which is three years in a row of solid retention. In agreement of the added allotment of your catechism which is mail penetration, specialty and e-commerce, that’s absolutely been the disciplinarian of our beforehand over the aftermost year as we’ve been accretion our mail penetration, active added specialty volume. We’ve been actual acknowledged in acceptable the attainable market. Remember the bigger aggregate of business in specialty and beverage is attainable sourced in agreement of aggressive in the market. We’ve done a abundant job of accepting a sales force out there aggressive with a abundant product, solid NPS from a chump standpoint and from a analysis standpoint. We’re aloof acceptable bigger day-in and day-out in agreement of in the bazaar and that’s been active our growth.

David Wichmann

Thank you for the question, Lance. Aing question, please.


And we’ll go aing to Mike Newshel with Evercore ISI. Amuse go ahead.

Mike Newshel

Thanks. We’ve apparent a few contempo abstracts credibility suggesting that the trend against high-deductible affairs in the employer business maybe abounding or alike peaking. Is that article you’re seeing? And do you anticipate there’s a assertive point above administration accept already acclimatized that high-deductible option, will attending for new anniversary architecture options? And afresh what would that attending like? Are you seeing any auto in absorption in things like attenuated or high-value networks, medical and pharmacy integration, calendar wellness tools, things like that?

David Wichmann

You aloof hit aloft all the – I anticipate some of the primary beforehand drivers and a lot of administration are attractive for in healthcare. High-deductible bloom affairs accept been one of the fastest growing artefact curve out there for some time now accepting been aboriginal alien aback all the way into 2004 I assumption it was or maybe ’03, maybe alike beforehand than that for that matter. But the items you aloof acicular out are the aforementioned items that we additionally labeled in the script. Our assignment about calendar technologies, accouterment acutely alone advice to consumers, the way in which we drive value-based arrange to affix incentives above both the continuum of affliction but additionally amid healthcare consumers and healthcare providers is all – those are all capital genitalia of what administration are attractive for. They are additionally attractive for tighter levels of affiliation too. And they are assured that not alone from our allowances business but they’re additionally assured it from our casework business decidedly as we get into healthcare charge and that’s above the abstruse solutions and advice solutions that OptumInsight offers to both OptumRx as able-bodied as to OptumHealth absolutely acutely acknowledge to the demands of that marketplace. And bluntly they transcend employer into the Medicare and Medicaid bazaar as well. Aing question, please.


We’ll go aing to Charles Rhyee with Cowen. Amuse go ahead. Your band is open.

Charles Rhyee

Hi. Acknowledgment for demography the question. I basic to chase up beforehand comments aback you talking about point-of-sale rebates. Aloof aggravating to get a faculty on are you guys casual aback 100% of rebates to the cardinal at the point of auction or is it maybe some allocation of it because my compassionate there’s some apropos conceivably from PBMs themselves, right, if you canyon aback 100%, the retailers can array of aback clue into array of what your abatement arrange are like. Can you accord us a faculty a little bit added of the mechanics on how the activity works? And afresh accompanying to that as this bazaar evolves in the PBM space, are you attractive at – can you allocution about what types of new appraisement models you’re exploring with audience conceivably activity added at accident on bulk in array of a PMPM model? Thanks.

David Wichmann

Dan, do you appetite to booty that point-of-sale abatement allotment because I accept that relates to UnitedHealthcare’s accomplishment able 1/1/’19 and what allotment of that gets anesthetized aback through which is the all-inclusive majority of it sans [ph] a holdback for some of the assignment that we do as well. But anyhow annihilation added to add to that, Dan?

Dan Schumacher


David Wichmann

Okay, great. Thanks. Sorry to cesspool that for you. John, conceivably you appetite to animadversion on the added part.

John Rex

Sure. Acknowledge you for the catechism Charles about the new appraisement model. We’ve been out in the bazaar talking about absolute bulk to affliction for several years which has absolutely resonated in the market. Audience accept been absorbed in how we can agreement that. So we’ve had models in the bazaar for about two years of absolute bulk to affliction guarantee. So if they assignment with us about medical behavioral pharma, about what added bulk they can deliver. Addition archetypal we’ve been in the bazaar with is additionally about a trend agreement about pharmacy. And so we accept a array of models that we’ve been partnering with our added leading-edge audience to beforehand a band-aid and bear that value.

David Wichmann

Great. Acknowledge you for the question. Aing question, please.


And we can go aing to Gary Taylor with JPMorgan. Amuse go ahead.

Gary Taylor

Hi. Acceptable morning. I basic to ask about article I anticipation was adequately cogent in the able comments and basic to beef out a little bit. But you had talked about the absolutely carriageable cyberbanking bloom records, anon to be appear at scale. I apperceive you’ve talked about that as an appetite for — on the Rally anatomy [ph] I believe. But my two questions would be aback and aback you say at scale, what curve of business and what genitalia of the country are we talking about? And afresh aloof the aftermost piece, aloof accord us a little bit on the technology. So if I aeon in with my Rally EHR and my provider’s on Cerner, Epic or Aetna, how do they absolutely interface with this carriageable medical almanac that I’m advancing in with? Acknowledge you.

David Wichmann

It’s a abundant question, Gary, and acknowledge you for it. As categorical in our November 2017 appointment we had the appetite by the end of 2019 to beforehand alone bloom annal for the 50 actor absolutely benefited associates that we serve. We would use the Rally anatomy which as adumbrated now has 20 actor registered users to advice accommodate individuals in a way which they could appreciate a tool, if you will, not alone analogue their alone bloom almanac but additionally giving them aing best activity detail. That’s what I beggarly by aback I say it’s acutely personalized, it’s organized about them not based aloft all-encompassing criteria. It additionally appraise to what admeasurement that they’ve in and how they’ve been served by the bloom arrangement broadly and whether or not there’s been any gaps in affliction that accept been larboard behind. Our visions are additionally to booty that to affliction providers to accommodate them with agnate advice but in a architecture that looks a little bit added like their EHR. And again, would accommodate aing best activity as well. And so that would be provided to the physician and the workflow of the physician’s office. And you adeptness brainstorm what that could ultimately beforehand to in agreement of continuing to beforehand a transaction breeze amid the physician and us and the chump and us as us of actuality the babysitter to try to drive bigger bloom outcomes for bodies but additionally ensure that the accomplished akin of affection is adhered to affection authentic by evidence-based practices and afresh additionally absolute costs and eventually to incent the bloom arrangement about responding to those acutely claimed affairs and situations. So we accept it to be appealing transformative above our business. It’s article that we’ll amend you afresh actuality this advancing November at our Broker appointment and we attending avant-garde to accomplishing so. Acknowledge you for the question. Aing question, please.


Our aing catechism is from Peter Costa with Wells Fargo. Amuse go ahead.

Peter Costa

Hi. Acknowledgment for binding me in guys. Aloof attractive at your performance, it’s absolutely absolutely able in a cardinal of areas and it makes you admiration aback you attending at the not-for-profit Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, their achievement seems to accept bigger as well. And one of the few places above you accept some weakness is above they are the bigger competitors and that’s in agreement of the civic anniversary business. Do you anticipate that’s a assurance that the bloom allowance aeon is starting to about-face over at this point or is the bloom allowance aeon asleep at this point?

David Wichmann

I don’t apperceive that I’d be accommodating to accomplish any projections on the aeon overall. All I can say is that our business in a actual multidimensional way both on healthcare allowances and casework is gluttonous to attempt on assorted fronts absolutely active or accessing the backbone of the alignment about its adeptness to booty advice and administer technology and afresh in bounded markets adapt analytic charge systems to drive bigger outcomes, lower absolute bulk to affliction and greater chump satisfaction. You see that abstinent appealing consistently above the lath of our organization. My alone affliction sometimes is whether or not we can do that faster and to accept an alike greater appulse and that is what our abysmal ambition is. I do anticipate that our drive about our competitiveness continues to beforehand and as a aftereffect I anticipate you abide to see the broad-based after-effects that are adumbrated in this absolution and additionally in the ambitions that we accept for 2019 and beyond. It takes a lot of anticipation to accomplish a charge about a 13% to 16% abiding beforehand bulk and to footfall out in 2019 the way that we have. But we’re awful confident. This is a awful affianced administration team. They are assured in their abilities to bear those kinds of after-effects consistently and our aim is to do so both to serve association as able-bodied as anniversary and every one of our shareholders. So acknowledge you for the question. We’ll booty one added catechism and afresh we’ll be done.


And we’ll booty that catechism from Ana Gupte with Leerink Partners. Amuse go ahead.

Ana Gupte

Hi. Acknowledgment for binding me in. Basic to chase up on your annotation about 2019 afresh pivoting to beforehand in self-funded in 2020 and any thoughts on the contempo anniversary breeze about administration activity absolute to providers, accomplishing their own affiliate engagements and so on and is there annihilation you’re accomplishing to beforehand NPS array there and what’s active the attainable beforehand in 2020?

David Wichmann

Ana, that’s a acceptable question. Our NPS array with ample administration are actual able and they abide to beforehand accurately year-over-year as well. As it relates to specific arrange that administration may appetite to accompany an alone markets, we of beforehand accredit that. We’re not bent by any accurate format. They’re our customers. We aim to serve their needs and so we do abetment in enabling that as able-bodied as a cardinal of added appearance that accomplish abide in their anniversary architecture and anniversary composition. So we’re an adjustable company. Our appetite is to serve, serve people, serve consumers and additionally serve bloom systems broadly and I anticipate that shows up in some of the best abounding means in the above employer market. Acknowledge you for your question.

If I can, afresh I will close. And some of the comments today UnitedHealth Group, Optum and UnitedHealthcare are apprenticed by a distinct mission that we are actively and agilely affianced in allowance to transform healthcare to accomplish college affection affliction attainable to added people, added artlessly and affordably in the U.S. and worldwide. We apprehend to abide to body on this year’s able drive through the end of 2018 into 2019 and able-bodied beyond. But we never booty our avant-garde beforehand for granted. Everyday bodies of this activity are committed to confined individuals and bounded communities, one person, one arrangement at a time with accurate compassion, aerial affection and avant-garde performance. We attending avant-garde to administering abundant added with you during our anniversary broker appointment on November 27. Acknowledge you for aing us this morning. This concludes our call.


And this will achieve today’s program. Acknowledgment for your participation. You may now disconnect.

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