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When Alan Barton aboriginal accustomed at Whiskey Creek Mollusk Birthplace in 2007, he wasn’t assured to break actual long. The hatchery — the second-largest in the United States — was in trouble, adversity from historically aerial bloodshed ante for their diminutive ability larvae. But Barton knew that in the ability industry, agitation is aloof addition allotment of the job.

Skin Care Client Consultation Form Success | Luxury Makeup ..
Skin Care Client Consultation Form Success | Luxury Makeup .. | facial intake form template

As administrator of the ability ancestry diplomacy at Oregon Accompaniment University, he had already helped one ability larvae ancestry operation cross through some boxy years in 2005, aback a bacterial infection appeared to be causing problems for their seeds. To action the issue, he had created a analysis arrangement that could aish vibrio tubiashii, an abominable analgesic in the ability industry, from the water.

Barton fabricated the ambagious two-hour drive up the Oregon bank from Newport to Netarts, cerebration his machines could calmly break whatever was afflictive Whiskey Creek. But aback Barton’s $180,000 apparatus angry on, annihilation changed. The birthplace was still adversity massive larvae mortality — months area about every one of the billions of tiny larvae housed in the hatchery’s all-inclusive arrangement died afore it could ability maturity.

Two-hundred afar up the bank in Shelton, Washington, Bill Dewey was additionally stumped. As administrator of accessible diplomacy for Taylor Shellfish, the country’s bigger ambassador of farmed shellfish, he couldn’t bulk out what was causing the hatchery’s tiny larvae to die in huge numbers. He knew about vibrio tubiashii, so aback the die-offs began, Dewey alleged Barton and asked if they could install his machines at Taylor Shellfish’s own birthplace in the Puget Sound. And like at Whiskey Creek, the machines did little to stop the abstruse after-effects of afterlife that were arresting the hatchery’s ability larvae.

Back in Oregon, a Civic Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-vessel rocked by assiduous summer apprehension was aing Newport. Dick Feely, a arch scientist with NOAA’s Pacific Abyssal Ecology Laboratory, was aloof center through the first-ever analysis meant to admeasurement the bulk of carbon dioxide in the apparent amnion of the Pacific Coast. Already, he could acquaint from the few samples they had calm that he and his aggregation had the actual for a above accurate paper. He alleged his bang-up at NOAA to acquaint him that there was article amiss with the water. It seemed that an access in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, propelled by the afire of deposit fuels, was additionally accretion the acidity of the water.

Eight years later, Barton stands on the ancillary of the aforementioned ambagious littoral artery that brought him from Newport to Netarts, attractive out beyond the bay.

“I anticipate this is the prettiest bay in the Northwest,” he muses.

Netarts Bay stretches out afore him, alteration from ablaze to aphotic dejected and aback afresh as it expands from the bouldered shoreline. It’s an aboriginal September day archetypal of the Pacific Northwest coast — sunny and airy with a arctic dew in the air.

Barely a basal from area Barton stands, the alley drops bottomward into the bay — a rocky, bit-by-bit abruptness maybe bristles anxiety connected arch bottomward into the ablaze dejected water. At the basal of the slope, a white aqueduct hums as it in baptize from the bay, alteration it below Barton’s feet, below the highway, and aback to the birthplace some 200 anxiety from the bay.

Less than a decade afterwards the baby business counterbalanced alarmingly on the bend of ruin, the birthplace is surviving. Up at Taylor Shellfish, things are clearly better, too — the aggregation acquaint almanac assembly in 2009. In 2013, the Washington accompaniment assembly set a millions of dollars in the accompaniment account committed to alive the botheration that Dick Feely and the aggregation of scientists detected so a the bank aback in 2007. In contempo years, assembly from Washington accept catholic about the country and the world, teaching added littoral communities about the dangers of and abeyant solutions to the access of acidity in ocean amnion acquired by the assimilation of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, additionally accepted as ocean acidification.

“It’s one admirable adventure of how science and government and industry assignment together,” Feely said. “This would accept never formed out anywhere else, but it works beautifully here.”

But as all-around carbon dioxide emissions abide to cascade into the atmosphere — and bleed into the water — other states are alpha to face the blackmail of ocean acidification in their own waters. By the end of the century, below a business-as-usual carbon emissions scenario, some scientists anticipate the acidity of the world’s oceans could double. If that happens, can the Pacific Northwest’s bounded success advice adviser a all-around action adjoin the impacts of ocean acidification?

Alan Barton knows how arduous the ability business can be.

“You consistently accept agitation in this business, it’s not an accessible affair to do. It’s like a phenomenon if it works,” he said.

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Client Consultation Form | Salon UniQue | Pinterest | Skin Care .. | facial intake form template

But the die-offs he witnessed aback he came to Whiskey Creek — a family-run birthplace endemic by wife and bedmate duo Sue Cudd and Mark Wiegard — were different.

“We had two abominable years in a row.” Barton said. “And this is a baby business, so that’s about the end.”

Whiskey Creek ability be a baby business, but it’s a acute articulation in the $270 actor Pacific mollusk industry. As the second-largest bartering mollusk birthplace on the West Coast, it provides hundreds of baby to medium-sized ability farms with the diminutive larvae they allegation to achieve their operations work.

Oysters accept been developed commercially on the West Bank aback the mid-to-late 1800s, advancing in the abhorrent baptize begin in the shallow, air-conditioned estuaries forth the Pacific Coast. By the 1890s, oystermen were affairs 200,000 bushels a year out of the Puget Sound. But the bang was followed by bust, as over-harvesting and crumbling baptize affection decimated the built-in citizenry of Ostrea lurida, or Olympia oysters. In the 1920s, as a way of extenuative their industry, the West Bank ability growers began importing Crassostrea gigas, or Pacific oysters, from Japan. The Pacific oysters thrived, and ability farmers began growing the breed in ample numbers.

But clashing the built-in Olympia oyster, the Pacific ability was never able to carbon absolutely as auspiciously in the wild — so in the 1970s, the mollusk industry began installing hatcheries forth the Pacific Coast, in adjustment to accumulation ability farmers with the berry bare to sustain their businesses. In 1978, the Whiskey Creek Mollusk Birthplace set up boutique aing to Netarts Bay, bristles afar southwest of Tillamook, Oregon. A family-run business, it eventually grew to accumulation Pacific ability larvae to 70 percent of the West Coast’s ability farms addition from Canada to South America.

When it comes to agriculture mollusks, Washington accompaniment leads the country — in 2005, Washington had 174 aquaculture farms specializing in clams, mussels, geoducks, and oysters, 20 added than second-place Florida. For counties like Pacific and Mason County, forth Washington’s bank and the bank of the Puget Sound, the mollusk industry is an bread-and-er lifeblood. In Pacific County, the mollusk industry is the bigger clandestine employer, responsible — directly or indirectly — for 600 jobs. In Mason County, the mollusk industry is the second-largest clandestine employer, amenable for 625 absolute or aberrant jobs. Throughout the absolute accompaniment of Washington, mollusk aquaculture was amenable for 2,710 jobs in 2010, breeding $77.1 actor in action assets for the state.

“If we don’t aftermath larvae again there’s farms that go out of business and bags of jobs gone in those rural communities,” Barton said.

For two years, Barton fought the airy foe killing the ability larvae at Whiskey Creek, but annihilation seemed to axis the losses. Again he started seeing affidavit by Dick Feely, anecdotic how anthropogenic carbon dioxide was abacus to the artlessly carbon dioxide affluent baptize upwelling off the Pacific Coast, accretion the ocean’s acidity.

And Barton started to admiration if the botheration with his larvae wasn’t bacilli afterwards all.

Before he started belief carbon in the ocean, Dick Feely advised clay in the ocean. And while he begin it interesting, he additionally came to apprehend that it wasn’t necessarily the foundation of an illustrious career in ocean science.

“My bang-up said I wasn’t action to be able to achieve a career belief clay in the ocean,” Feely said from his lab. “And I had to accede with him. So I started to anticipate I capital to alpha a diplomacy on carbon.”

Feely’s ablaze dejected eyes peered out from abaft annular glasses as he explained his history with ocean acidification. A glint of mid-morning sunshine shone through the windows of his appointment at the Pacific Abyssal Ecology Laboratory in Seattle, bouncing off of the accumulating of affected awards that lined the walls. Feely paused afore action on, leaned aback in his seat, and apologized — he had been up through the night witnessing the bearing of his aboriginal grandchild, and afraid his answers ability be adversity from his abridgement of sleep.

It wasn’t the aboriginal time the appellation of “grandpa” had been activated to Feely — in the field, he is playfully accepted as the “grandpa of ocean acidification,” abundantly because he articulate the anxiety connected afore best bodies anticipation ocean acidification could become a absolute problem.

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Pin by Luciana Bartlett on lashes | Pinterest | Spa, Salons and .. | facial intake form template

“He’s the guy bouncing his fist, and anybody anticipation he was crazy for 20 years,” Barton said.

Ocean acidification is sometimes referred to as “the added carbon problem,” the aboriginal carbon botheration actuality all-around altitude change. The two are like siblings, in that they are built-in from the aforementioned thing: An access in the absorption of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And while carbon dioxide in the atmosphere accessories heat, alive all-around warming, some of that carbon dioxide additionally ends up in the world’s oceans.

About 30 percent of the carbon dioxide that bodies absolution into the atmosphere gets captivated by the ocean, and aback that happens, it reacts with baptize to anatomy carbonic acid, which is the aforementioned affair that gives soda its signature buzz and hardly acerb bite. In the oceans, carbonic acerbic is not a actual abiding actinic compound — it tends to breach into abate actinic pieces adequately quickly, basal both a bicarbonate ion and a hydrogen ion. As the absorption of hydrogen ions increases, the pH of the ocean decreases, accretion the acidity of the water. Over the aftermost 250 years, the boilerplate pH of upper-ocean has abandoned from 8.2 to 8.1 — and while that ability attending like a about baby drop, it translates to about a 30 percent access in the absorption of hydrogen ions.

For years, Feely and colleagues conducted surveys assuming how carbon dioxide appear into the atmosphere by bodies was alteration the allure of the oceans. But the 2007 analysis was the aboriginal time advisers had a real, data-driven faculty of aloof how abundant anthropogenic carbon emissions were impacting the allure of the baptize off the bank of the Pacific Northwest.

Part of what makes the Pacific Bank an ideal abode for ability agriculture is article alleged littoral upwelling, a melancholia accident acquired by the arctic apprehension that draft forth the bank from aboriginal bounce to backward fall. As the apprehension carry bottomward the coast, they actualize apparent currents that breeze not abandoned to the south, but additionally adopted to the west. To antithesis that adopted flow, cold, nutrient-rich, high-salinity baptize comes to the apparent a the bank from abysmal in the ocean.

While that baptize is abounding of nutrients, it additionally tends to be old, acceptation that it has been arresting carbon from the atomization of all the amoebic matter — the plankton, the sea vegetation, the fish — that has died and sunk to the bottom, absolution carbon dioxide as it break down.

It’s in this already carbon-rich ambiance that anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions appear into play. As Simone Alin, an oceanographer alive with Feely at the PMEL, explained, the absolute arrangement was already dangling on the bluff of accepting too abundant carbon dioxide in the water. It abandoned took the slight nudge of animal action to accelerate it over the edge.

“In this system — perhaps because it was artlessly assertive at the bend of altruism of a lot of organisms — it doesn’t booty a lot of acidification arresting to achieve a bad day worse,” Alin said. “It ability not booty abundant to achieve it appealing arduous for a lot of organisms. I anticipate that’s why we’ve absolutely apparent it disentangle actuality first.”

At the Pacific Bank Mollusk Growers Association’s anniversary affair in 2008, Barton heard Feely allocution about how upwelled, carbon-rich amnion and anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions were bond to access the acidity of ocean baptize forth the Pacific coast. Cerebration that there ability be a affiliation amid Feely’s allegation and Whiskey Creek’s losses, Barton went aback to the birthplace and began affairs calm logs, aggravating to draw correlations amid the times aback the hatcheries were experiencing losses and wind patterns creating upwelling events.

But the birthplace abandoned had basal pH testing equipment, and Barton bound accomplished that while pH was an indicator of ocean acidification, it wasn’t cogent the absolute story.

“PH by itself wasn’t a acceptable indicator — it’s a apparent indicator that tells how favorable it is for the oysters to achieve their shell,” Burke Hales, a assistant and actinic oceanographer from Oregon Accompaniment University, explained.

Hales helped Barton and Whiskey Creek admeasurement the carbonate allure of their water — the antithesis of carbonate and bicarbonate — with the aforementioned attention that NOAA scientists acclimated for a division of the cost.

Alongside George Waldbusser, an ocean ecologist at OSU, Barton and Hales apparent that aback the baptize at Whiskey Creek was low in carbonate ions, the hatchery’s ability larvae died. That’s because the hydrogen ions that are eventually created aback carbon dioxide reacts with seawater do added than aloof lower the ocean’s pH — they additionally acknowledge with artlessly occurring carbonate ions to anatomy bicarbonate, abbreviation the absorption of carbonate ions in the water. That’s bad account for shellfish, like oysters, that depend on carbonate ions to achieve their shells.

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“Oyster larvae go from no carapace to 80 percent of their anatomy actuality carapace in about four hours, and so there’s this huge aqueduct area they allegation to be able to achieve carapace easily,” Barton said.

Using Hales’ ecology techniques, Whiskey Creek started to cull baptize into the hatcheries abandoned aback the absorption of carbonate ions was high. It wasn’t a absolute strategy, but it worked — for the aboriginal time in years, Whiskey Creek’s assembly numbers started to improve.

With the success of Whiskey Creek’s ecology program, added hatcheries and scientists looked to apparatus the testing of seawater on a beyond scale. In the winter of 2009, the Pacific Bank Mollusk Growers Association submitted a angle to Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), allurement for allotment to aggrandize the ecology diplomacy to added alarmingly important areas for the bartering mollusk industry.

In Cantwell, the mollusk industry begin its aboriginal political best in the action adjoin ocean acidification. With $500,000 in federal money, the industry was able to put in abode a able-bodied ecology arrangement up and bottomward the Pacific Northwest coast, from the Lummi Birthplace in Bellingham, Washington bottomward to the Whiskey Creek Mollusk Birthplace in Netarts. Altogether, the Pacific Bank Mollusk Growers Association set up seven ecology stations at bristles altered sites, giving both industry workers and scientists real-time advice about the carbonate allure of the water.

“Most of the ocean acidification ecology was action on out there — what’s accident in the ocean, what’s action to appear 50 years bottomward the road,” Barton said. “We said no, we appetite to adviser here — right out there, at the end of our assimilation pipe.”

With abstracts advancing in circadian from the ecology system, hatcheries were able to install absorber systems — tanks that pump sodium carbonate aback into the baptize to manually accession the absorption of carbonate ions.

“That angry things about about anon for us in the hatcheries,” Bill Dewey of Taylor Mollusk said. “We went from 75 percent bloodshed to almanac assembly about overnight.”

But while ecology and buffering helped save the hatcheries from years of afflictive production, anybody knew that they were little added than concise fixes. As the atmospheric absorption of carbon dioxide continues to increase, the cardinal of favorable canicule for ability breeding will abide to decrease, absorption from 50 percent of the time to abandoned a division of the time.

“What we’ve got is no agnosticism a acting workaround,” Dewey said.

And so the mollusk industry connected to complete the alarm, cogent their adventure of near-collapse and adjustment to anyone that would listen — including then-Washington governor Christine Gregoire (D). Jay Manning, now a accomplice at Cascadia Law Group in Washington, was Gregoire’s arch of agents during a decidedly important appointment to Taylor Mollusk in 2011. He remembers how Bill Dewey told Gregoire the adventure of the huge collapses they had suffered in 2007 and 2008, answer that the botheration was accompanying to an arrival of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The industry was rebounding, Dewey explained, and had appear up with a cardinal of concise fixes, but its approaching was still in danger.

Gregoire convened the country’s aboriginal Dejected Ribbon Console on Ocean Acidification that afterward year, and asked Manning if he would serve as chair. All the key players — Dick Feely, Bill Dewey, and Burke Hales’ OSU aide George Walbusser — were aing by added than 20 scientists, industry professionals, and bounded and civic representatives. Many of the politicians on the console were from conservative, rural districts. They weren’t the affiche accouchement of ecology activism, but were accommodating to participate because the mollusk industry was a acute bread-and-er disciplinarian for their districts — and the blackmail of accident jobs was abundant to accompany a bipartisan affiliation to the table.

“Industry led the charge, and they had absolutely acceptable bodies accomplishing it who had pre-established political relationships with these about bourgeois representatives,” Manning said. “They were able to argue them that article had to be done and article had to be done quickly.”

A year later, the Dejected Ribbon Console produced a diffuse abode analogue 42 key aboriginal accomplishments that the accompaniment could booty to action and acclimate to ocean acidification.

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The Real Reason Behind | Invoice and Resume Template Ideas – facial intake form template | facial intake form template

Shortly thereafter, accompaniment agent Kevin Ranker, who represents Orcas Island, set about implementing the recommendations that had appear out of the Dejected Ribbon Panel. In her departing budget, Gregoire had allotted $3.3 actor to abode the panel’s top recommendations — Ranker managed to get $1.7 actor of that included in the Washington accompaniment account that anesthetized in 2013. That money went appear the conception of the Washington Ocean Acidification Center, based out of the University of Washington, as able-bodied as the Abyssal Assets Advisory Council, a continuing board tasked with advising the accompaniment on issues apropos to abyssal assets and ocean acidification. Each year, Ranker continues to accommodate money in the state’s account committed to ocean acidification, and has been able to advantage clandestine money to bout the state’s contribution.

“It is alive well,” Ranker told ThinkProgress. “It has formed able-bodied and it continues to assignment well. We’re absolutely the advance for the country, if not the world.”

Michael Devin, a abyssal biologist and mollusk birthplace administrator who additionally happens to serve in the Maine accompaniment legislature, has a saying: “Tourists do not appear to the bank of Maine for a craven sandwich. “

It’s a account that has become his action cry as he attempts to accumulate abutment in Maine’s action adjoin ocean acidification. As a birthplace manager, he knows about the struggles that Washington and Oregon accept had to weather — in 2011, he heard Bill Dewey allege about the Pacific hatcheries’ troubles at a appointment in Rockport.

In 2013, Devin submitted a bill to the 126th assembly allurement for the conception of an ocean acidification commission, agnate to Washington’s Dejected Ribbon Panel. It was the aboriginal time a administrator on the East Bank had alien a bill ambidextrous with ocean acidification and, at first, legislators were afraid to abutment it.

Tourists do not appear to the bank of Maine for a craven sandwich.

“My own leaders in my own affair didn’t alike accept it,” Devin, a Democrat, said. “I don’t anticipate they accepted what ocean acidification was, and what appulse it could accept on our fisheries.”

But Devin had a plan to about-face the course in his favor. Like Washington state, bartering fishing is badly important to Maine’s economy — aside from copse articles and tourism, bartering fishing is the state’s bigger bread-and-er force, with lobster abandoned accidental as abundant as $1.7 billion to the state’s abridgement in 2011. And so Devin, with a atypical focus, spent months educating his colleagues on the abeyant impacts that ocean acidification could accept on their bartering fisheries.

Unlike Washington state, however, Maine is currently helmed by a Republican governor, Paul LePage, who already accepted altitude change as an befalling for the accompaniment to accessible new aircraft routes. Devin knew that apropos ocean acidification to altitude change wasn’t action to get him anywhere with LePage, or with Maine’s bourgeois delegation — so, like in Washington, Devin focused his bulletin on jobs.

“I was actual determined about accepting a laser point focus on ocean acidification and its impacts to bartering fisheries, so that it was a jobs and abridgement issue,” Devin said. That focus helped the bill appear into session, area it eventually passed.

In 2014, Maine became the aboriginal East Bank accompaniment to authorize a agency answerable with belief the abeyant appulse of ocean acidification on their bartering industries, conspicuously their lobster fisheries. Throughout the process, the agency looked to Washington for guidance, alike anecdotic a subcommittee tasked with reviewing the Washington Dejected Ribbon Panel’s assignment and award recommendations that could anon construe to Maine. In the end, Maine adopted 23 recommendations categorical in the Washington Dejected Ribbon Panel. In February, the agency issued its final report, analogue six achieve that the accompaniment should booty to action ocean acidification.

Devin is additionally acquisitive to canyon two bills this accessible affair that booty a folio out of Washington’s playbook: One would actualize an ocean acidification ecology system, the added would authorize a analogous board to ensure the accompaniment continues to assignment adjoin compassionate and mitigating ocean acidification.

“Certainly we are application [Washington] as a arrangement and as an example,” Devin said. “But there are two things that are actual different: How we are impacted by ocean acidification and how it occurs, and the assets that we accept accessible to put advanced adjoin it.” With a Republican governor, Devin added, funds for belief ocean acidification — or for implementing adjustment technology — are sparse.

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Imposing Client Intake Form Templates Template For Massage Therapy .. | facial intake form template

“In a way, I’m appetent of what has happened in Washington,” he said.

In a way, I’m appetent of what has happened in Washington.

Maine isn’t the abandoned abode that has been afterward Washington’s lead — in 2014, Maryland convened a assignment force to abstraction the abeyant impacts of ocean acidification on their waters, and in 2015, the console appear a abode calling for broadcast ecology and partnerships amid industry and government. Like in Maine, the Maryland abode absolutely calls out the Washington Dejected Ribbon Panel’s recommendations for acknowledgment and adaptation.

Across the Atlantic, France’s ability industry has been adversity massive die-offs aback 2008. Earlier this year, a affiliation of Washington mollusk experts, including Bill Dewey, visited the country to acquaint the farmers that it ability be added to the adventure than the bacterial infection they accept been blaming for their losses.

“The way we accept set things up there, California is aggravating to set it up bottomward in California, and the East Bank is accomplishing the aforementioned thing,” NOAA’s Dick Feely said. “They’re all attractive to us to say, ‘How did you achieve this?’”

But for all of Washington’s successes, anybody knows that its accepted accoutrement is little added than a acting application on a growing problem. Without annoyance greenhouse gas emissions, the ocean will artlessly abide to blot added and added carbon dioxide, accretion its acidity and authoritative it below accessible to abyssal life. As a state, Washington is demography achieve to abate its carbon emissions, led abundantly by Gov. Jay Inslee’s efforts to put a statewide cap on carbon. Bill Dewey and Taylor Mollusk accept additionally become alive in the accessible action arena, allowance best behavior that would barrier carbon emissions.

“Human beings accept a best to make, and that best is are we action to do article about this now, and bottle what we have, or are we aloof action to bake aggregate and see what happens,” Feely said. “That’s all our choice, and we accept to collectively appear to that decision.”

If that doesn’t happen, scientists like Feely and Alin anguish that ability larvae ability aloof be the beginning — scientists at NOAA are alpha to attending into how ocean acidification ability appulse added abyssal organisms, like pteropods, tiny abyssal collywobbles that are the primary antecedent of aliment for adolescent apricot during their aboriginal year. Preliminary studies accept apparent that added acidity in ocean amnion can actually eat abroad at a pteropod’s shell, endangering a analytical allotment of the abyssal aliment web. Scientists like Alin are additionally aggravating to accept how ocean acidification interacts with things like algae blooms and asleep zones, and whether acidification or temperature access could access up the toxicity of potentially adverse blooms.

“There are affluence of indicators suggesting that we don’t appetite to go bottomward this road,” Alin said.

Back at Whiskey Creek, the September wind has started to bang up. In the afternoon sun, Netarts Bay shimmers below the arctic wind.

“I’m not a politico guy,” Barton says, his boring still anchored adjoin the bay. He’s not a “wacko liberal,” either, he adds, aloof a guy that stumbled into a botheration that he couldn’t ignore. He doesn’t get joy out of the circadian monitoring, out of the amaranthine annoying about the baptize conditions, out of the abstruse buffering and accurate fixes. He was belief to be an oceanographer, afore acceptable a birthplace manager, and had absitively adjoin it because he didn’t appetite to be in advanced of a computer all day.

He hopes that article will be done, eventually, to barrier carbon emissions and stop ocean acidification from accepting worse. And while he acknowledges the absorption that his industry has with politicians in the Pacific Northwest, he thinks that it will booty bigger choir dispatch up — people like earthbound farmers, guys that are “big money” — before behavior are put in abode that barrier carbon emissions for good.

Until then, he explains, there’s abandoned so abundant he can do. The baptize keeps accepting worse every year, and the birthplace has to accumulate “checking things off the list,” Barton says, analytic the problems as they come.

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spa client intake form template Archives – Southbay Robot – facial intake form template | facial intake form template

When asked what keeps him action in the face of those challenges, Barton shrugs.

“Stupidity,” he answers, laughing.

“No, I mean, this is what I adulation to do,” he says. “I like oysters, you know. I’m not action to stop.”

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